Sunday, June 27, 2004

You see the would in Red, Green, and Blue
To you, the world is logical. Everything happens
for a reason, life is scientific. You like to
find solutions. I doubt you needed to take this
quiz in order to realize this.

What color do you see the world in?
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Friday, June 25, 2004

Dear Mr Journal

well.. apparently i've recieve confirmation that there are still people visiting this bloody blog.. well.. thanx for the effort.. but i'm sorry to tell you that nothing interesting has been happening lately for me to update..

i did some quizzes and that's as interesting as it goes.. well, feel free to entertain yourself with the quizzes..
Your: Wondering eyes. Your not quite focused and your quite the day dreamer. Your a bit odd and as many say
Your: Wondering eyes. Your not quite focused and
your quite the day dreamer. Your a bit odd and
as many say "Your head is in the

What type of eyes do you have?
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your asshole.

What swear word are you?
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cute but psycho
you are the cute but psycho happy bunny. You
adorable, but a little out there. It's alright,
you might not have it all, but there are worse

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innocent kiss
innocent kiss - you're cute and sweet and like it
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yours truly,

dear mr journal

havent been updating much recently.. nothing much has happen anyway.. and even if i did, nobody bloody reads it.. anyway, bout the malaysia trip, i cant be bothered to update bout it too.. u jus go look at the fotos.. it practically tells u the whole story.. well, till at least smthing worth blogging appear in my life, this blog will be updateless.. maybe i should insert jokes, lyrics or wadeva snort so that if anyone bloody visits this site, they'll have smthing to read.. well.. i think dats bloody aite for this entry..

~~~~~Joyfully I Asked For A New Gift~~~~~
===for you have stolen my heart of glass===
~~~~~~~i am merely A Loving Idiot~~~~~~

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Dear Mr Journal,

its late.. but i cant seem to sleep.. so i think i might as well give an entry bout my trip to malaysia.. well.. firstly the trip was suppose to be from 19th to 23rd June which is today to coming wednesday... however, at last minute my dad's boss said that he can only take leave earlier cause during the date we were expecting to go, there were important guest expected.. so yeah.. it was made to one week earlier.. so it became last sat to last wed... almost the same la... but then during that time, there was another aunt already staying at the house.. the house by the way is a family house.. any family member can jus like go there and stay la.. but that they have to make sure the place is kept tidy and stuff la... so anyway.. that aunt was to leave on sunday.. so it didnt really matter much... u see, i have this problem of not being that sociable with my relatives... i donno why.. i jus dont seem to click with them... it doesnt matter as i have perfected the art of self-entertainment... lol..

anyway... i found out later on that another uncle was supposed to have arrived the same day if my dad's boss didnt pull the leave forward... but this uncle is one that i super duper dont click with... and they have 5 children... whoah... wad a riot.. so the change of plans was kinda a blessing in disguise...haha... well, as i believe that everything happens for a reason...

anyway, let me begin with details of Day 1... it was a saturday and we off to leave for malacca on those tour bus.. it was supposed to be a 4hr journey.. or so i've been told... anyway.. the bus was to leave at 10am.. yes.. AM.. ave maria... shish... why so early... i oso donno la.. so i struggled out of bed.... and packed my stuff into my luggage bag.. u noe those with wheels and u can pull one... yeah.. so i got everything ready... i was so happy.. then i started to pull the bag everywhere around the house... and guess wad... the bloody wheel gave way... the little shit died on me... i cant bloody pull the bag anymore... and u cant exactly carry it as it is that much... ditto.. so i had to rearranged everything into another bag... but this one didnt have wheels... those kind u carry type.. darn it... after unloading the stuff from the previous luggage, i needed like 2 bags to fit my stuff.. darn it.. i cant imagine carrying those two bags... darn.. my father told me i die die can only bring one bag.. darn it.. where to put all my stuff... well my mother said that the amount of stuff i was bringin for a 5 day trip to malaysia was like i was moving overseas to study or smthing... well aparently i found that i shouldnt have brought like 15 sets of clothes.. so i reduced it to 10 sets.. well it was a squeeze.. but i will manage..

anyway... so we were all ready and stuff.. and left for the bus station.. i have no idea where it was located... but the station was the place where all the singapore-malaysia buses were.. and the only thing i remembered bout the location was that it was beside singapore casket... lol.. well talk about an omen... so the ride began... after a while i realized that i wasnt feeling quezy at all.. no motion sickness... wooohooo.. anyway.. after the custom checks and stuff, i fell asleep watching so many trees along the road on the way in malaysia...

the next thing i knew when i woke up was dat we have reached a stop.. u noe those type of place where u can go toilet, eat or watever... we were given 20mins.. how sufficent.. well.. jus had drinks and went to piss... after that it was continuing the ride... anyway.. to jus cut everything short here.. the driver took some detours along the way cause there was a number of ppl who wanted to get down at Muar... so that took a slightly longer time... anyway... when i knew it.. we reached malacca at the house at 5.. so its was like 6 hours trip.. well how fun is that right...

so when we reached, my relatives were not home.. maybe they went out or wadever... we were hungry and it was about time to have dinner.. well.. so we settled our bags at one place and left for the shops near thr house... thankfully, we're not living in those ulu ulu kampong area... the house was located in the town area of malacca... so there was a lot of shops.. cool.. found a nice shop... had some food and stuff.. and yeah, the food was really cheap... but okok onli la in taste.. so after that when we returned, the relatives we not there yet.. so we unloaded our stuff into the room.. after that we watched tv and stuff la.. so like around 11+pm, they all came back.. all eight of them... lol.. they went to the night safari there thats why they were late.. so the elders chatted while the young ones either ran around the house screaming or sat in front of the tv... u'd guess wad i most probablly do.. haha.. so yeah.. jus chilled and watch tv till like 1am.. then my father, uncle and cuzzins wanted to watch Euro soccer thingy... so yeah.. i went to sleep... great first day...

hmm.. i think i update about day 2 and so on, on other days... so thats it for now... there are fotos of the trip under the PHOTOS link under portals... so yeah check it out kk... so till next update, toodles..

yours truly,

Dear Mr Journal

~a little something i came up with again, i find it therepeutic to do so...

Funny how one can learn
To grow numb to the sadness
And block it away
I left the worst unsaid
Let it all dissipate
And I try to forget

But I closed my eyes
Steadied my feet on the ground
Raised my head to the sky
And though time's rolled by
Still feel like a child
As I look at the moon
Maybe I grew up
A little too soon

okok.. about the malaysia trip thingy.. i'll try to update asap... i jus updated the fotos.. and it took me ages and now feeling kinda hungry... so i'm off for lunch... if i have time sooner or later, i'll update it.. promise..

yours truly

Thursday, June 17, 2004

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anybody miss me?????!!!!!!!!!! hahaha... well.. i'll update about my trip soon... cant update now... cause later going out with the love of my life... hahaha... in other words my k la... update sooooon...


Friday, June 11, 2004

Dear Mr Journal,

Jenniffer Lopez jus got married
suprising indeed...
and this time its to Marc Anthony, a latin singer... well... i hope it last... yeah hope... but... i wouldnt bet on it...

haven been blogging much lately... well... nothing much to update... hmm.. will be going to malaysia this saturday if everything goes as planned... there, i'll do some 'light hearted' shopping and should reach back to singapore by either wednesday or thursday... since i'll be taking a bus there... it'll be like 4 hours++ of hardcore motion sickness... all those plastic bags filled with puke... hmm... so looking forward to that part... well... hopefully, i'll have smthing nice to update when i return... and till then, ur dear blogger wishes to take a break from the glamourous(bleah) life of his...

yours truly
the ever thrustful
ali johari
signing off

Monday, June 07, 2004

kembalikan keindahan

setitis air mata
gugur ke bumi
menjadi lautan kaca
harus ku renangi

tak rela bersedih
dihimpit duka
berkaca hati merintih
pecah tak ku duga

inikah cinta menghiris jiwa
kau biar hidup ku jadi melara
sucikah cinta kau cemar janjinya
bertarung aku dengan sengsara

kembalikan keindahan
cahaya dihatiku
sinar dan senyuman
ku setia menunggu


that was a little poem i came up with, unfortunately it was in malay but i'll translate it to english for those who dont it goes


restore the bliss

a teardrop
fell to the ground
creating a sea of glass
that i have to swim in

cannot bear the sadness
confined with grief
a glass heart cries
never expected to be broken

is this love that pierces the heart
that left my life to be torn apart
is love so pure that is has to be ruined
fighting alone amidst the pain

restore the bliss
the light in heart
shines and smiles
loyally i await


Sunday, June 06, 2004

Dear Mr Journal,

its been quite some time that i have updated... considering that it has been a school holiday, i should have more time to blog, but instead i got lazy.. haha.. so sue me..

anyway... where did i last stop... i talked about the temasek jc's play... yeah.. that was it.. so what happened after that... well that happened on a saturday... so now i move on the the following monday... i went out with wei liat.. we decided to meet at bugis junction... initially we've decided to have sakae sushi dat day... so he was late... haha.. aiyoh ppl.. nowadays ar everytime when i meet my fren they late one... last time it was me who usually arrived late.. but it was called fashionably late... hahaha... but now i've turned over a new leaf... away from the glitz and glamour and have become more punctual.. so ppl... u better buck up kk.. dont be late anymore..

anyway... so we went looking for ths sakae sushi which was somewad at a secluded place... then found it.. it was beside seoul garden... well.. then there was this sudden pull inclining towards seoul garden... it was like some 'qi' pulling us to eat at seoul garden.. haha.. so after giving it a short amount of thought... seoul garden was it.. so we ate and ate.. i wasnt dat hungry though... i gobble more of the seafood then the meat... there was this two gals sitting at the table next to us... they were somewad big size to put it nicely... you shuold have seen their table.. it was filled with food... and everytime they placed more prawns at the counter.. one of them will get up to get more prawn... lol.. very funny la.. they were indonesians by the way they speak but were singaporeans by the way they were kiasu.. lol..

k la... after that... we walked walked at bugis junction cause i wanted to check out the great singapore sale that was on... the prices were ok ok la... quite reasonable too.. anyway... got bored... so decided to go bugis village to check out some t-shirts and stuff... i love bugis village as they have this really cool street wear at cheap prices.. so i love shopping there... so bought like 3 t-shirts... so thats it la.. was starting to sweat like hell at that place.. so moved back to bugis junction... there we jus did some mild shopping and stuff... after that wei liat had to go off cause of some reason la... so we went home.. reached home around 8+ dat day...

kk.. now wad else did i do... oh yeah.. during vesak day i jus rot at home.. haha.. typical.. then wad else.. well thursday... i went out with winnie... and winnie alone... no ppl.. it wasnt a date... sadly... muahaha... no la... hehe.. so we decided to go causeway point... oooh wait.. in the morning i went to geylang with my mum... not to pick prostitutes, dummy.. we went to the market... it was a malay thing.. i dont understand it... malays from pasir ris to jurong, from woodland to marine parade all flock to the geylang serai market to do their grocery shopping.. why? why the need to go sooo far... we can conveniently find a supermarket near our house or even a wet market... but we have to go that far for wad?... well according to ma mum, it was because that place is geylang, the place of the malays... they've got great food... and fresh groceries.. and like it had a certain ambience.. well.. i wouldnt understand this things much la... maybe cause i find it redundant.. lol.. maybe in the future the onli time i go geylang serai would be when it's nearing hari raya.. lol.. okok la

well reached home at 1 and needed to meet winnie at 2 at woodlands mrt... wad a rush... need to take a quick shower again.. caused i smelled like fish or smthing haha... anyway... got ready and met winnie there.. i was slightly late... and she was slightly early... sorrie.. she walked walked around.. jus did mild shopping... there was really nothing much there... so decided to watch a movie, but there was nothing that we both could agree on and the time slots was way beyond wad we expected... so den went to arcade.. i played jurasic park shooting game.. and time crisis... like dat lor... dat was all.. after that felt like having sushi since that urge i've been having since ages... so went to the basement and to cold storgae.. they sold sushi... bought like six... and munched happily on them beside the fountain place... while we entertained ourselves by taking fotos... haha... then we walked walked.. we saw wei liang, poly classmate... he was working at metro booth thingy... so said hi and stuff and left cause he was busy...

after that, we were looking around for a cafe to chill out at... but there was none... then i remebered faintly that there was a cafe at the woodlands civic centre aka woodlands library which was a building beside causeway point... so went there... and was thrilled to find this cafe there called 'CG' aka Cafe Galelieo... so bought cookies and cream milkshake and oreo cheesecake and jus chilled... while entertaining ourselve with taking fotos with winnie's camera... so yeah.. jus sat there for quite some time... then somebody wasnted to go home cause didnt want to miss the 7 o clock chinese show... so we left and i reached home around 7.30...

well,that was it.. wad else happen this week ah... hmm.. well saturday... that was yesterday... went on a little heritage tour... and smthing dreadful that happened on my way home... hmm... hey... look at the time... it gonna be 6.30 soon... need to leave for dinner... well i update about this heritage tour maybe tmr la.. sorie for the suspense la..

well ppl... ppl have been telling me that its been taking quite some time to upload my blog due to the fotos i place on the blog... hmm.. true la.. so i've decided not to place fotos on the blog itself... instead i have used thje help of and established a foto journal... i've placed all fotos, new and old there... well, fotos of the heritage tour is there and stuff... so check it out kk.. its under the 'PORTAL'column... and under the 'PHOTOS' link.. like duh... haha... kk... erm.. ppl please write smthing in my tagboard can... at least i noe got ppl visit my blog... jus write anything... anything at all.. k la... need to get ready to go off liao... will update soon and stuff... so till then... toodles...

yours truly,

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Dear Mr Journal,

i've finally found some time to get off my lazy ass and write down an entry... well, nothing much has been happening lately... maybe i update about wad happened on previous saturday...

on saturday i had a play to attend to that night with samuel... this was a play created by Temasek Junior College's Drama Club called Identities.. well tickets have already been pre-booked by one of my good friend during sec sch, kim leng... he's currently in TJC drama club and called me up one day out of the blue to tell me about a play and we chatted for a while about our life la.. anyway so i promised him that i'll go if i found someone to come along... and i found samuel and he agreed... so we were set to meet that day at 6pm at bedok mrt station and from there we took a 196... btw the play was at 7.30 and was held at Marine Parade Community Club... so at around 5, when i was sbout reay to leave my house, i received this sms from samuel... he said he was tired and didnt feel goin for the play... dots..-____-".. i tried to find other ppl to replace him at last minute but still to no avail... so in the end i die die forced samuel to go or else... so he concerted.. and by the time we met in the end it was 6.45... we then had to skip dinner and waited for the bus... we waited and waited for like 20 mins and still haven come... and like we were running late.. and we had to meet kim leng at 7 to get the tickets from him and now it was 7.05... dots... so we decided to take a cab... and in a flash, we reached MPCC...

at the cc, we called kim leng and met him at the entrance as he was the usher... so we could only say hi cause there was quite a lot of ppl and he was kinda busy... so then we were ushered to our seat by another usher who reminded me of a little bunny... and no, she was fury... she had bunny eyes or was it the hair... lol... but cute la.. lol... we got our seats.. was a nice location, not too close to the front and not to far either... so while waiting for the show to commence we decided to entertain ourselves by taking fotos... lol... so heres one...

after that the play began, first play was called 1900-DESPERATE... it was about ppl who chose to be someone else on the fone... second play was about whether life is a stage and we are all merely actors... third play was about family and that the past can never be returned... well.. it was a 3-in-1 play and overally(if there's such a word), the play was kinda abstract and literature and i had to kill so much brain cells to understand the show... but then it was nice la... here are some fotos that i took during the plays...

that was the play.. after that it was like 9.30 and we decided to go parkway parade.. since it was a stone throw away according to someone... but if only someone could throw a stone like that far... anyway after much walking, we reached... had dinner or now u can call it supper at banquet aka the malay haven... why? cause all the food at banquet is halal... and for the first time we malays are spoiled for choice in choosing which stall to eat and not wad food from the stall to eat... so i had lovely wanton noodle... yumz... after that we wanted to walk around a bit but like all the shop we closed... so we decided to go home la.. since it was like 10 plus.. so we wanted to take a bus but we cant seem to find a bus stop that had buses that seemed familiar... so in the end we decided to take the cab... the taxi stand had a long queue so we decided to walk a bit further and try to flag down a cab by the road... and it took up ages to get a cab... so since samuel lived in sengkang and i live in amk, i decided to take the cab to somewhere near my house then maybe i take a bus home... so then i alighted somewhere near hougang there but quite near to my house.. took 74 home...

so that was the only bustling event recently... have another update for monday which was yesterday's yesterday but i've yet to upload the fotos to my com yet... so i update it later la... well today is vesak day... so wishin all buddhist a happy vesak day and wadeva la... and to all non buddhist a happy holiday... well, for me today i jus sit at home and watch tv.. lol.. fun life huh.. k la till next time.. see ya

yours truly,