Friday, December 31, 2004

it's new year's eve. i'll talk about my day first before i proceed into deeper stuff.

first and foremost.

great frens since sec sch and still great frens now in the same poly. always complaining that u cant put on any weight even though u eat a lot. u skinny bastard. i hope u get really fat and obese. hahaaahahaha. jk. do get a life and stop only reading ur textbooks. lol. the world doesnt revolve around grades only u noe. sheesh. lol. would love to go out with u and the gang again. see you around in the campus.

got to know this sweet girl in poly and she still is sweet. i asked her wad she wants for her birthday and she said to tell her that she's pretty. bleah. well. i told her that today when i saw her in sch. now i no need buy her a present. yay. hahaha. You are beautiful.


today is new years eve. half day for school. that means i only have to come to school for a one hour lecture at 12noon. sat with fizah and talk some crap. we both agreed that theres this one girl in the lecture who got this one heck of an annoying face. its like those face that u wanna smack. haha.

after lecture, went to meet sharif at city hall. my favourite hangout is city hall. i go there like almost everytime. anyway. we wanted to watch 'meet the fockers' which starts at 1.50pm at marina square. however, this guy came late and we couldnt make in time for the movie. so we had to switch to another movie at the nearest timing. we had 3 movies in mind. namely, meet the fockers, oceans tweleve and kunfu hustle. in the end we watched kungfu hustle cause it was shown at 2.30. thats like in 30 minutes time. so we bought our food and went in shortly. kungfu hustle was a nice show. it had great effects. it was also damn lame and corny. but it was still funny. i give it 4 stars out of 5. if u're in for simple mindless humour, this is it. very funny kungfu with special powers. nice show. recommended by me.

after that. we went to suntec. sharif wanted to get a cap. he's now botak due to NS and feels that it'll look better with a cap. i second that. but first, we went to the fountain of wealth(that big fountain) at suntec. finally i get to touch the water, make my wish and circle it three times. i hope my wishes come true.

then later we decided to have some dessert. i remembered a place that serves great gelatos that i went to last time with jasmine. its called olio bites. located between sizzler and pastamania. both the sales person were butch. and they were very nice. haha. i've got a thing for butches. haha. i had a lovely coke float topped with tiramisu gelato. sharif had some chocolate brownie and chcolate ice cream thingy. we both agreed that the food there was great and was worth future visits.

later we went to royal sporting house. sharif finally got a decent looking cap which i picked out from the brand Nautica. it was the best looking one amongst all the others caps in that place. as soon as we go out of the shop, he put it on. haha.

soon after, we got hungry and decided on sake sushi. didnt have quite a lot of sushi but we felt kinda full. i loved their mochi and seasoned octopus sushi and also the seasoned scallop sushi. the rest of the food okok la. had hot green tea. yummy.

later, we went to Prints to get a card for someone. and then decided to go home by train although someone kept insisting on taking a cab. i'd rather save money. to buy more stuff for myself.

that was how i spent my new years eve.


yesterday, i gave ms yahyah hippie smthing. then later that night, she smsed me to thank me. i got happy. then i replied. she didnt reply back. silly me.


initially i wanted to write stuff regarding how my year have been, the good, the bad, my new year's resolution and stuff. but then this entry got a bit too long. and i've decided to write about it tomorrow instead. i'm looking forward to catching Sister Act 2 tomorrow on Channel 5. my favourite movie of all time. haha. till then. enjoy what's left of 2004.

your resident writer,

Thursday, December 30, 2004

one of the messages from the tagboard got me thinkin. do i blog for others or for myself? to me its both. bloggin is an outlet for my thoughts and also a website for me to share with my frens about my life. it has to be informative and yet entertaining. many people who have read my blog said that when they're reading my blog, they can picture my face and as if i was talking to them. in short, it means that my blog is very me. thats good, i hope.

anyways, bout my life

recently a devastating tragedy has strike the asian region. the tsunami. death toll has reached up to 70 000 people.

on better news, singapore beat myanmar 4 to 3 in the semi finals of the asian soccer cup. i watched the entire match and although i dont play soccer, i do sometimes enjoy watching them.

today met my orientation class in the library after school. they were doing their powerpoint project. so i jus came ard to disturb them. haha. they're fun people to be around.

took train home with puisan after visiting the library for a while.


today i saw ms yah yah hippie and gave her smthing. i'm glad that we finally had eye contact. as glad as i was, at the back of my head i know that we can never be friends anymore. and it saddens me. anyway, my arms will always be open to welcome you back.


when i was young, i used to buy doraemon comics. as i grew older, i stopped. however, recently i saw a doraemon comic and decided to purchase it out of boredom and also nostalgic reasons. now, i'm addicted.

yours resident writer,

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

my blog has become more and more mundane. and my tag board doesnt even receive much tagging anymore. this blog isnt receiving the much attention it used to.

i'll give blogging one more month.

if response still remains lack lustre and my passion slowly withers in due time, this blog will then cease.

till then do savour what may be the last month of

your resident writer,
ali johari

Sunday, December 26, 2004

[continuation of previous entry]

at millenia walk, got hungry and decided to look for a place to eat.. so we chanced upon this place called fusion.. the decor looks great, so we decided to try out the food there.. i had their chicken carbonara which was uber yummy... and drank their banana bailey.. the banana bailey was an alcoholic beverage but luckily i didnt seem to get drunk.. haha.. i'm goign to hell for drinking alcoholic beverages again.. darn!! anyway.. the place was super cosy.. and they provided magazines.. so we jus sat there and read and jus chilled.. i opened the gift that jasmine gave me.. it was a mug with a teddy bear in it.. it was very christmasy.. the bear was wearing santa's hat and the mug had a picture of polar bears skiing.. hehe.. cool..

then after siting there for like forever.. we decided to make a move.. we visted this shop that looks like the diabetic's paradise.. they sold lots of candies and chocolates.. yummy.. but didnt buy any cause i wasnt craving for any.. and was too full from the food jus now.. then i met samuel.. he was walking ard in milenia walk.. said hi and stuff and we parted..

reached suntec.. i wanted to go touch the water at the fountain of wealth.. its the big fountain at suntec in case u donno.. but when i got there.. the security guard said that they closing and told us to come back later at 7.. darn!.. so we walked and saw kait.. kait is one of the guys from the orientation class i took care of during the freshmen orientation.. he was with his gf.. dating sia.. wear so nice.. haha.. said hi and parted.. so now the shopping begins.. mango had a sale.. we went in.. i've never been into a mango sale before.. and inside was ultra madness.. clothes were in piles everywhere... women walking ard and llooking through all the mess.. there were so many poeple and the cashier queue was like at least 30 people queueing.. omg.. women are scary..

most of the shops had sales.. bum equipment had a 20% sale storewide.. bossini had a 30 - 50% sale.. samuel and kevin had a 50% sale storewide.. ralph lauren had a 20% sale.. and many many more.. i ended up buying a couple of t-shirts.. and a courduroy pants.. i wanted to get a courduroy pants since forever.. courduroy is the in thing now.. hehe.. finally i got myself a polo tee.. its red and very christmasy but its nice la.. hehe.. i hate trying on pants.. cause when i want to try them i have to take of my shoes.. and it wasnt easy to take them off.. then very troublesome la.. it was a great workout going in and out of the fitting rooms.. haha..

i spent a lot and if my mum find out bout this, she's gonna kill me.. haha.. now, i seriously need a job.. anyone wanna intro me any?.. please....

anyway.. after all the shopping we got tired and decided to have a break... saw kait again.. haha.. said hi and parted.. then we decided to have ice cream.. there's this secluded place that served great gelatos and floats and the cashier was really friendly.. nice place, nice food, nice service.. what not to like? so we jus sat and eat and eat.. had a float and a 2 scoop of raspberry sherbet and mint choc.. yummy..

then it was like 10 and we decided to go home.. reached home and went online till 3am..

- =saturday= - =christmas= -

i stayed up pass 12 last night and didnt seem to chance upon santa at all.. darn.. anyway, i dun have a chimney so i guess the only place that santa can came in from that looks almost like a chimney but in reverse is my rubbish chute.. my windows and doors were close.. so that was the only other way possible.. lol

note to ppl: please stop leaving milk and cookies for santa.. he's getting really obese.. and if that jolly old man dies of diabetes or clogged arteries.. its all ur fault..

anyway.. so i spent christmas watching tv.. there was nothing on tv so i asked my fren out and we went out a while to chill at a cafe.. bought a mini log cake home to share with my mummy and daddy..

reached home later.. there was still nothing on tv.. damned.

went online till 11.. then watched this movie on channel 8.. its called para para sakura.. its a damn nice show and there was nothing much para para about it.. typical romance.. starred aaron kwok who acted as a dance teacher who is a color blind.. literally.. he only sees black and white.. so poor thing.. but i have to say aaron kwok looks great.. hehe.. that sounded gay.. haha.. hmm.. i wanna make aaron kwok my inspiration.. haha.. i wanna look like aaron kwok... erm.. this seriously sound gay.. haha.. i dont care la..

went online till 3am again..

- =sunday= - =the day after christmas= -

woke up at 12noon.. watched cartoons.. and there is still no god damn nice show on tv.. fucking hell la.. so jus sit in front of my com and played the sims.. until now.. well.. i got tutorials to do.. so i guessed i better be off..

lately, blogging have become somewhat a responsibility for me rather than a fun thing.. thats why i havent been blogging much like i used to.. see la.. if the passion to blog dies, maybe i'd discontinue..

so anyway.. take care.. see yall..

:: A L I ::

Saturday, December 25, 2004

- =friday= - =christmas eve= -

woke up at 10.. had a one hour marketing research lecture at 12noon in sch later.. bleah. christmas eve also still have school.. but it was half day so the later lessons were cancelled.. but i'll still go to school cause this school term i've made up my mind to be guai and not skip any lectures.. i'll try my best.. i wanna score good grades and at least have smthing to be proud about for myself..

initially i wanted to spend my christmas eve by the bay at esplanade.. i wanted to sort out my life and stuff.. but i figured that there'll be tonnes of people there, especially couples, on christmas eve..

so i decided to go home since no one ask me out or anything.. then i saw jasmine and she passed me a christmas present.. woohoo.. i got nothing for her though.. =P anyways.. she asked me whether i wanna go out.. so since i had no other plans, i agreed..

we met up with puisan later at the SP convention centre.. jasmine wanted to pass her her christmas present... we asked puisan to join along but she couldnt make it as she and the school choir had to go carolling ard town later.. anyways.. i told her to run for cover in case it rains.. cause she was wearing a white top which was semi translucent and a light blue lacy pattern bra.. and if it rained, god save the queen.. it'll be the main attraction of christmas.. it might not be snowing in singapore but i'll be raining man.. lol.

btw, to those who donno who jasmine and puisan are, i'll give u a short intro.. this two people are my close frens in poly and we'll sit together all the time during common lectures.. puisan loves to read and jasmine loves to shop and eat fruits.. haha.. these two were from my year one class..

anyway.. me and jasmine decided to go city hall as we were damn sure that it'll be hell crowded in town.. and its true, i saw the news todays and they say there were traffic and human congestion and tonnes or litter everywhere.. so we went town.. firstly we went to marina square.. there's this shop called 2 degrees.. their clothes are very similar to POA.. but their cost slightly cheaper.. they've been having a 50% off storewide sale since forever.. and i loved the place... but when i went yesterday, most of their stuff have increased in price.. their normal pants last time cost 40+ now cost 75.. and since its now half price, it'll cost ard 37.. only a slight differnce from the previous original price.. so like no difference if u have a 50% off storewide if u raise the price to make the reduced price almost similar to the old price..

anyways.. bought yummy muah chee at marina square and left for millenia walk..

[to be continued]

Thursday, December 23, 2004

apparently jurong point seems to be a gay(and i dont mean happy)place...

today after sch i went to jurong point..

first incident, a guy kept looking at me and then he winked.. i was damn shocked.. so i moved away..

second incident, i felt a sudden touch on my butt.. and mind u it wasnt somebody's hand quickly or unintentionally brushed accidentally there.. it was a lingering touch.. it stayed for 2seconds.. OMG.. i look back.. it was a guy..

third incident, i was walking and suddenly when my hand swinged back, it touched a guy's crotch area(unintentionally of course).. i looked back to apologise.. however before i uttered anything, this guy smiled at me.. cheekily..

OMG!!!.. the horror!!!

i think i'm sending out too much gay vibe.. oooh.. and once i even got picked up by a guy when i was at wisma atria.. i was waiting for my friend when a guy who was actually quite good looking(now i sound gay, sheesh) approached me and said hi.. i thought he wanted to sell smthing cause it started out like a normal conversation.. then he asked me whether i wanna go have a drink together.. immediately i said i need to go off.. that was soooo freaky.. this guy was either blind or damn desperate..

anyway, lets jus change the subject..

sch has been rather busy.. and now i'm rather tired.. maybe i'll update bout my daily life sooner or later.. wait for it k..

may our 10 years of frenship continue till forever!!!

::A L I::

Monday, December 20, 2004


i havent been updating much recently.. cause nothing much happened.. met up with sharif on sunday.. he needed to go beach road to buy NS stuff.. so i accompanied him.. he looks like the laughing buddha with his hair short... haha.. he's been posted to the morbidly obese group.. that means the ultra fat people group.. but then he feels happy cause he's the thinnest of the fattest people.. hehe.. anyway.. he was sufering from food poisoning.. so we didnt shop or wad.. jus got his stuff and we left later cause he needed to go doctor..

apart from that, nothing else much happened..

today during lunch, there was a song dedication session in the foodcourt.. to dedicate a song, it'll cost $1.. i hoped they had 'like a virgin' or some christina aguilera songs.. unfortunately no.. there was a lot of chinese songs though.. in the end i found one of my all time favourite songs.. 'the day u went away' by M2M.. its an ultra sad sad sadded song.. somehow hearing that song jus evoked a certain emotion within.. a very nostalgic song for me........

you cannot change the past but u can shape the future.

today, i saw krishna.. my yr 2 sem 1 accounting teacher.. he said i looked tired.. hmmph.. i think its time i visited a spa or maybe had a facial.. hahaaha.. i think i look tired and old.. i blame it on the lack of sex..


i cant stand having long hair.. it so damn freaking hot and my fringe is annoying me.. my hair flies around to much.. it looks messy.. i cant stand having long hair.. aaaaargh!!!! now, i have high respect for F4.. cause it must be really torture having to maintain their hair.. i wanna go cut my hair.. but like if i do, u wont see my curls anymore.. cutting my hair would be like removing my beautiful curls.. its like throwing 60bucks down the drain.. so heart pain la... haiz.. but then i cant take it la.. maybe i go cut next week.. so people, this may be the last week u gonna see my nice flowing curls..

i miss siting by the sea at esplanade.. i used to do it with someone but now, that someone is no longer with me.. smtimes i jus like to sit there alone and write poetry or maybe jus write into my ultramost personal diary.. i believe that sometime time alone is good.. u can jus reflect on ur life or jus simply relax and enjoy the calming sea breeze.. so dont be suprise if u see a loner sitting by the bay.. do wave to say hi k.. hahaha..

from now on, i wont mention about miss yah yah hippie in my blog.. i'll try la.. ms yah yah hippie to me jus doesnt seem to exist anymore.. i saw her today.. and i think she saw me too.. but somewhat to us, neither of us exist.. so i might as well jus forget bout it.. i treasure the memories we had.. but smthings dont last and all we can do is let go and move on.. i'll miss you though.

i think dats it for now..

PS: to the other two blonde musketeers who donno wad to get for my damn belated present, i suggest a cap or a pair of slippers.. i wear size 10(shoes) and i dont wear pink.. thank you.

::A L I::

Friday, December 17, 2004

i m damn tired.. walk ard town AGAIN!!! took neoprints.. ok dats it...

its time to move on.
i'll miss u.

:: A . L . I ::

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


nothing much happened recently.. school have been rather boring with a lot of breaks especially since its the first week and there no tutorial to be done.. so a lot of stoning.. today went town again with joy and angela again.. they wanted to pluck eyebrows again but in the end it didnt happen again.. we saw ronald susilo and this two girls jus cant get over it.. all the way everything was ronald susilo.. then in the end went famous amos.. i had the macadamia nut brownie.. its nice except for the nuts.. i love the fudge brownie, it wasnt overpoweringly sweet like mrs field's ones.. so we went flash and splash and joy bought a cap for bryan..

now, to emo matters
schools becoming a bit of a torture..
i've been seeing miss yah yah hippie so many times almost everyday in school.. however its as if we dont know each other.. nobody says hi.. and when i look to her and i want to say hi, she'll be looking some other direction.. fate is cruel.. i noe it can never be like before but i jus wanna talk to you one last time in person.. jus wanna hear ur voice one last time and see u smile.. then we'll jus go our seperate ways.. if that is what u want. promise.

one last time
before i leave it all behind
miss yah yah hippie
please hear my plee

::A L I::

Monday, December 13, 2004


havent been updating much cause nothing have been happening much.. watched star awards on sunday.. i was actually amazed that i somewhat could understand what they were talking bout.. the stage for star awards was gorgeous.. there was like pools of water and chandeliers.. so high class.. to me the highlight of the show was fann wong and christopher lee.. they've been rumoured to be together since like forever.. and both are jus denying it.. yesterday, when christopher lee was to go up to stage to receive the award for top ten most popular males, he was pulled by chew chor meng and zoe tay towards fann wong who was sitting along the way.. fann blushed.. not that u can really see her blushing much since she lasered her cheekbones to give it a natural blush look.. well, there were a lot of fann wong and chritopher lee moments at the finale of the show.. quite entertaining to watch.. and most of the celebrities were dressed to impressed.. except for zoe tay.. she looked like she was wearing a red nightgown(those u wear to sleep) and her hair was tied up in a bun.. she looked very ah-soh-tique(exotic).. i hated christopher lee's shoes.. he was wearing a wonderful suit and to kill the suave look, he wore bright neon orange shoes.. hmm.. attract attention..

ok enough bout star awards..

today was the first day of semester 2 in year 2.. first lesson was lindsay thang.. our favourite CCVM teacher from last semester.. this year she's teaching us marketing research tutorial.. lesson was at 9am.. so we all arrived on time for our first lesson of the new semester.. everybody was shocked bout my permed hair.. then we waited..
. and waited..
.and waited
. in the corridor where the morning sun shines happily on us..
.sweating profusely(maddie especially)
.finally 25minutes later, we wrote a note on the door telling her that we got tired of waiting and went for breakfast.. later we met her and asked her.. she said since it was the first tutorial in the first week, there was nothing to teach.. so there was no lesson.. irritating hell.. so we waited for 2 more hours for our next class..
.finally time for next lesson, store management practical.. we met the teacher she said the retail shop not ready.. so no practical.. but must come back later from 2 to 5 for her lecture and tutorial.. wah.. now we had 3hrs to kill..

went jurong point.. shopped and ate at pizza hut.. i had meatball spaghetti.. its ok.. but pizza hut should jus stick to pizzas la.. and nothing else..

i like sarah lim's class.. she's a nice teacher.. but away from class time, she wont smile at u anymore.. but at least she makes the effort to make the class entertaining..

that was it..

went town with joy and angela later.. had subway.. and went to look for hairclip for joy later.. very leisurely shopping.. then went home later ard 6...

i love my mum.. she made blueberry muffins today.. she got bored staying at home cause no one to talk to.. so she baked muffins.. i love my mummy.. **muacks**

::A L I::

Friday, December 10, 2004

first and foremost, i'd like to thank Lin for being such a darling.. she accompanied me for a whole friggin 3hours throughout the entire hair perming process.. i was nearly bored to death by the stylist rolling rollers into sections of my hair very meticulously.. if was so bored.. and i cant imagine how bored she must have felt to be sitting there reading Female magazines for 3hrs.. thanx so so much darling..

was watching a malay charity show today.. there were two perfomances by Sg Idol champion taufik.. whil he was performing 'I Dream', suddenly one by one girls came on stage to give him presents since it was his birthdae today.. and some were daring enough to hug him in front of Live National Tv telecasted over Suria and TV Mobile.. haha.. cools..


::A L I::

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Let's pretend that i've moved on
And i'll tell myself that life goes on
Maybe when time goes by, i'll understand
But for now, i run away

::A L I::

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


today was a great day.. had lunch at pacific coffee with sharif.. waited for the rest of my frens to come.. basically todays outing is with sharif, vineson, melvin.. good frens of mine in sec sch.. our clique used to form a circle infront of the drink stall every recess and we'll chat while we ate.. it was fun.. well.. so they reached and we went to marina square to catch watch a paddle.. it was a nice movie.. quite funny la.. i give it 3/5stars.. its a great movie but not spectacular..

after the movie, we went to suntec to carefourre.. vineson(pronounced as vincent) and sharif were going to NS soon.. sharif tmr and vineson this saturday.. they needed to buy stuff to bring in.. so we went shopping for their stuff.. fun.. then vineson had to meet up with his fren cause she wanted to take foto with him.. haha.. she was having prom at pan pacific.. so we went to pan pacific.. me, sharif and mel chilled at the lobby while vineson went to call his fren.. but then his fren said that they staying at meritus mandarin instead.. so we went there la.. chill out at the lobby.. again.. and then vineson went to take fotos with them for a while.. i felt like a hooker.. i went to different hotels and waited at their lobby.. like smbody gonna pick me up like dat.. but nobody did.. haha..

later we got hungry.. so we decided to go for seouul garden at bugis.. so we walked there all the way from mandarin hotel.. reach there and had our food.. i'm starting to find seoul garden overly priced and getting really boring.. but its jus a fun place to bbq ur food and tal with frens.. so we went lor.. ate ate ate till i felt like vomitting.. then everybody full liao.. so i got bored.. i decided to make porridge.. took the uneaten sushi(cause like they taste not nice) and placed them in the soup place.. then mixeed.. looked like porridge ler.. then i added in ingredients.. some prawns, raw chicken and squid.. then mix well.. then to add flavouring, i added half a sauce bowl of soya sauce.. and mixed well.. its looks really nice.. i taste a bit la.. taste like SHIT!!! hahaa.. next we serve it in a bowl topped with choco ice cream and nata de coco.. hahha... DONE!!! serves 4. yummy yummy..


after that we jus walked around for a while and then we all went home.. since we stay quite near to each other.. we decided to share a cab.. we saw a looong queue at the taxi stand.. so we crossed the road and walk slightly further and hailed a cab.. while waiting, we took fotos.. hahaha.. fun fun...

to sharif: wish u well and strength for the coming NS... will miss not going out with u for quite some time.. but we'll still go out on weekends k..

to vineson: wish u survive NS too.. haha.. and hope u liked ur bdae present!!!

to melvin: hope u like your bdae present.. and see ya ard in sch k..

to all u guys: thanx for the lovely belated bdae presents

to sharif and vineson: send postcards from tekong yah!


urs truly

Monday, December 06, 2004


today i woke up at 9am.. i was all set to go for my morning jog.. this whole week i'm determined to go for my daily morning jogs.. why? cause i recently put on my jeans to go out and i couldnt seem to zip and button up.. hmm.. i came up with two deductions regarding this matter.. firstly, my crown jewels have grown in size and thus making it hard(no pun intended) to zip up.. or secondly, i have grown fatter.. althought i've chosen to believe the first deduction, the second deduction jus seem to be lingering in my mind alot.. so i've decided to loose weight for looks purposes and also health.. hehe..

so back to my story.. so i woke up at 9.. washed up and got dressed for the jog and then smthing happened.. it was really dark and cloudy.. damn it.. why couldnt it be dark and cloudy when i'm asleep.. and so it started to drizzle soon enough.. and i decided to give a wait.. so i logged on to my com and played the sims..

the next thing i knew, its 2pm, i'm still playing the sims and its still raining!!!

oh shiva, devi, shanti and ganesh!!!

i hate it when stuff dont go my way especially when everything has been preplanned..

sheesh... day 7 of pms

anyway, if u havent already noticed, my blog layout have been changed again.. after playing the sims i got so bored and there was nothing nice on tv so i decided to change the layout.. my blog has been having a white background for quite some time.. so i've decided to find a change.. while surfing at, i saw this layout that seemed to catch my eye.. and so, it has been implemented..

it jus took me less than 30 minutes to get it done.. so i spent the rest of the time watching rhinoceros mating on television..

later, after being totally turned off by watching the orgasmic adventures of the rhinos, i decided to repack my wadrobe... and now it looks neater.. and smells of dettol.. hehe..

i need to pack my book cabinet and remove my last yrs notes to make room for the coming yr's textbooks and notes.. i'll do that on friday..

tmr(tuesday), i'll be going out with sharif, melvin and vineson.. close cliques of mine in secondary school.. over the years, we have somehow drifted and i wonder how tmr's outing will be like.. it'll jus be a short movie followed by an early dinner.. sharif will be going to NS this wednesday and vineson this saturday.. i'll miss going out with sharif though... but its the school term and i'll be busy and we can still go out on weekends anyway..

the government shld abolish NS.. why? cause like ppl are not happy going to NS u see.. so like in times of war, they wont be loyal to smthing they dont favor.. so this create more disharmony indirectly.. they'll create an army whose gonna be against them instead.. instead, they should set recruitment drive and recruit those that are motivated and interested instead.. cause i believe that if u wanna do smthing good, u must have passion.. anyway, NS is a waste of precious 2yrs.. and this two yrs are after graduation of poly or A levels.. this people can find work easier after graduation or go to uni and no need wait for 2 fucking yrs..haiz..

but the gov already like that.. what to do.. they say they dont wan an elitist society but the way of life and schooling system tht the gov has shapped is very contradicting to what they've said.. and i'm freaking pissed about the stupid speak mandarin campaign.. why is the gov only promoting chn.. those blardy racist.. they give an excuse say china is on the rise.. but how long can one country rise till its full resouces have been overused and it backfires againts u.. hmm.. i believe that they should encourage speak mother toungue instead of chn.. and if they wanna encourage a langauage make it malay, cause we are next to malaysia(good for business or shopping) and its our national language(yes, and i assumed not alot knew).. bleah.

these are jus my thoughts.. urs might be different.. but i have the freedom and right to mine..

i watched the news today.. the voting results for sg idol is out.. taufik won by 62% of the 1.5million(if i'm not wrong) votes.. thats 930 000 votes for taufik.. while sly only received a measely 38% of the votes which makes 570 000 votes.. a difference of 360 000.. wah.. thats a lot k.. hmm.. well, taufik's 'i dream' song have been repeating on the airwaves quite a lot of times.. well, i'm glad local music is supported.. but we all know that they'll soon fade off and go into their own mother tongue industry.. haiz.. sad but true.. the english music industry is too small.. anyways, i'm still unhappy with sylvester receiving the same prize as taufik although he got second.. the world is jus truly bias.. but from a business point of view, sly is more sellable.. talent doesnt sum up for everything... sad and harsh reality of life..

anyways... thats it for now.. do leave comments if any... bye..


Saturday, December 04, 2004


i somehow felt a certain burden lifted off my shoulders after receiving a reply from someone.. now, there is one more new thing to smile for in my life..

i believe that life is short and that we should be always be happy.. being an only child, i noe the importance of frens in my life.. i treasure all my friendships very much.. however, there are two type of friendships.. one is close friends who'll be there whenever i need them and another is the not so close ones.. well, the close ones are really really really really hard to come by.. and when they do, i really hold on to them and make sure they never leave.. cause these ppl are those more worth treasuring..

and in my life, its very uncertain at times which frens are real and which are not.. i'll try to decipher this slowly.. in the mean time, i'll try not to think too much and jus focus on being happy everyday..

anyways, back to normal updates..


went out with sharif.. he wanted to go sim lim to get an mp3 player.. first we went to the foodcourt for lunch.. they have lovely indian food there.. so we had a scrumptious lunch.. and after that, off we went to survey each shop for the best mp3 player at the best price.. so after like two hours of surveying, we arrived at a shop and sharif was happy bout the quality and price.. my thesis, quality is like yin and price is like yang.. the yin and yang must balance so that the whole thing achieves a certain harmony.. only when so happens, the consumer will buy the pdt..

so after that we went to walk ard bugis cause it was near sim lim.. saw some nice stuff.. went to converse.. realise that the sho i wanted was out of stock.. up to date i've went to almost 6 converse outlets.. and only one had the shoe model.. but it didnt have my size.. and they told me that they dont carry that stock anymore..

however, i still wan converse shoes.. and i've found another design that attract my attntion.. so i bought it.. yay.. and at converse, if u spent more than 50bucks on one receipt, u'll get a ten dollar voucher.. i've yet to spend it and its valid only within one month.. i'm gonna go converse very soon..

ok la... so after i bought my shoes, we bought other stuffs and had dinner at sake sushi.. i think sake is getting really boring after a while.. well, jus one reminder.. never try the soba thingy.. it SUCKS.. it was like fearfactor and me trying to swallow green worms in brown piss.. thats how bad it was.. so we left for home later..


nothing happened.. was suppose to go for my morning jog.. but was too lazy to wake up..


had a gathering at my aunts house for my granfather's death aniversary.. so we jus read some prayers and after that it was food time.. and it was a pot luck gathering.. that means everyone bring their own food.. so now they was tonnes of food on the table.. it was like a buffet.. so we ate and ate.. my aunt was roasting chicken in the oven.. nice.. yummy.. then we watched white chicks on vcd.. my uncle bought pirated one from malaysia.. haha.. the show damn funny.. and everyone was laughing together.. feel great to laugh together with family.. so ate more rast chicken later..

reached home.. and my uncle call to infrom us that he'll be arriving shortly for hari raya visiting.. wah.. its a wonder how ppl can change their expressions and tone of their voice when they using the fone.. my mother was like sweetly and nicely talking to uncle on the fone.. after she put down the fone, she was like screaming saying the house so messy.. ask me clean up the sofa and table.. i had to go down later to buy sara lee honeydew cake and buy a bottle of soft drinks for the guest later.. when i reach back home later, the place was spick and span.. haha.. the wonders of mothers..

my uncle came shortly.. so my uncle jus came back from australia and he brought me souveniers.. i got a t shirt with a picture of a kangaroo.. lol.. and a bottle of toffee.. yummy.. i played ard with my cousin and entertained the guests.. soon they left...

happy day..


thats all for this entry..


Thursday, December 02, 2004

singapore idol is defenitely a phenomenon... today at 7.45pm.. my entire family was in front of the tv.. the seats at the void decks were empty.. the playground was empty.. and the roads had lesser vehicles.. all this only means one thing.. everyone's home to watch SG idol..

i've never been a fan of voting or using sms for tv shows or contests.. in fact i haven did any of these before.. however, today i was rather moved to vote.. i wanted to be part of this phenomenon.. i wanted talent to win rather than popularity.. and so i did.. i voted.. ten times to be precise.. lol..

dont blame me for being over enthusiasthic.. anyway.. i have to say that his performance today was fantabulous.. ooo.. and i noticed smthing.. between sly and taufik there was an enormous amount of hugging.. throughout the entire show they kept touching each other and hugging.. hmm.. then they sang a duet.. it was a love song.. and at the last part.. they kinda hugged and the camera focussed jus on them.. my mum said that they looked like a lovely couple.. haha.. i think there's smthing going on back stage.. hmm?

anyways, i'm still pms-ing.. damned.. its been three days..