Monday, January 31, 2005

heloo public.

today is a happy day, i woke up early. got ready on time. after my bath, i came to my room, and perfect 10 jus started playing the new mariah carey song called 'its like that' from her up coming album to be released in april called 'emancipation of mimi'. OMG! i was overly excited. the night before i was listening to the trailer of the song on and now i get to hear the whole song. YAY. i was sooooo happy. i jumped around in my towel and it fell. haha. thank god no one was at home. lala. it sounds nice. yay.

next went to school. reach quite early. no need to rush. saw ms yahyah hippie. well, i'm gonna see her alot whilst i'm in poly. might as well jus get used to it la. hmm. so then go school. had MR class. got back test paper. results not that good. but i wont let my mood go down. haha. yay. so after class went to salvation army at bukit merah to check out the stuff they sell at cheap prices. didnt see anything nice much. the place stank. went there during my 3hr break with zip-o-phobic, hockey gal, doraemon and esprit gal. had food. oh happy day.

then when i reached back to school. went to the bazaar at the business school. while sitting down there, i saw my eye candy. i think she likes red. her shirt was red and her water bottle was red. so exotic. i likeeee. then had class. nothing much. we received a new project. yay. i love projects. oh happy day.

today i saw lemon mint and papaya. i'm overjoyed. yay. oh happy day.


emancipation of alilicious,

Saturday, January 29, 2005

heloo public.

i hate my doodleboard. i wanted to reply to one of my frens tag and i pressed it once. and the whole thing dissapear. only the words ACTION CANCELLED were shown. pissed me off. then today when i check my blog, it came out ten times. bloody hell. whats wrong with it sial.

well. nothing much happened in the past few days . had two test recently . both of them sucked. went town with anime girl and moschino on friday evening after my business law paper. they wanted to shop for their new year clothes and stuff. so we ended up shopping till like 11.00pm. metro at paragon was still crowded up till then. we didnt notice the time. alas, at the ened of the day, moschino got the white top she wanted but anime girl couldnt seem to find anything that she fancies.

so today. went out with barney. an old friend who's now in NS. we went to the bras basah market. the place where those NS people get their army stuff. so bought his stuff and we went to the food area. the food there is lovely. they got many malay stalls that serves the best food. many malaysian celebrities would always go there to eat when they come to singapore. so i jus ate a few satay and you tiao. wasnt feeling that hungry anyway. we went to the place by taxi and we decided to memorise the route. so we decided to walk back to bugis. it wasnt that far la. jus around 20 minutes walk. and its good to burn the calories after we ate. so we jus walked around bugis junction. was kinda boring la. like nothing else to see. so next we went to bugis village. they are opening quite a number of new stalls. but got bore nonetherless.

walked back to bugis junction. had bubble tea at this chinese shop. but it was like expensive bubble tea. but it tasted quite nice and worth the money. so yummy. hmm. then latr we decided to go to suntec cause we both we craving for ice cream and the best place for ice cream is olio bites. all the people working there are butches. and butches are nice people. i know and i'm speaking from experience. well when we got there, instead we went to this cafe. we've been quite there a couple of times but i still dont know the name. hmm. we had clam chowder. they had a free flow of bread for it. yummy. we jus sat and ate. later we pass by olio bites and barney got a scoop to eat along the way.

was walking then saw this show performance at the atrium. there were a bunch of african guys performing. they seriously look like footballer. anyway, they did acrobat stunts, and played african drums. quite entertaining. went to tower records later and listen to the entire of taufik's album. it was really nice. so i decied to buy it. but i wont buuy it from tower records cause it was expensive. $19.90. decided to go to sembawang music to get it instead cause i remembered they sold it for $18.90. however when i was walking to sembawang music at raflles city. i passed by HMV and saw that they sold it for only $17.90. cheapest yet. so i bought it. yay. took cab home later.

been listening to the CD and this one song is on repeat. its taufik's latest single. one last. its really really nice. i feel really proud listening to the album. i saw him start from scratch and i even voted for him. so i feel really attached to this. haha. i support taufik. u should too. support local music. if we dont, no one else will.

well. i think dats it for this entry. i'll leave u with the lyrics to one last by taufik batisah.


i never could imagine, life without you
from the moment you walked into my world
never knew how long a loving flame could burn
but losing you has forced me to learn
that we cant change the way we feel inside
and every try at love never turns out right
we both know its better if we jus let it go
so lets have

one last kiss
one last touch
one last tender moment between us
one last dance
to our first song
while pretending there's nothing wrong
lets stay here for a while and
cherish every moment we're in denial
we both know
its better if we jus let it go

everytime i try to take a stand at all
i see your face again and i fall
in the middle of the night, theres a scent of the rose
the smell of your perfume i suppose

baby, if we met each other under a different sky
maybe then things would be much better between you and i
we could always hold on to this one special thing we share
but it would be too much for us to bear

we both know
its better if we just let it go

typing down the lyrics just brings back nostalgia and made me reminince bout someone. hmm.

still havin a crush on lemon mint and papaya,

Thursday, January 27, 2005

heloo public.

i practically didnt attend any class today. cause i wanted to spend the time studying for my QA test later in the afternoon. i studied at home and came school around 3 to continue.

saw papaya today but didnt see lemon mint.

well dats bout it. the paper was okok. it wasnt super hard but it wasnt easy either.

datrs it for now. tmr got business law test. wish me luck.

alilicious. my lips are sealed and inside is a papaya and a lemon mint.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

heloo public,

if u noticed on the left, i changed my tagboard to a doodleboard. not much diff. its jus from a different company. functions the same way. the reason is, everytime i logged in at home, i can never see anyones tags. the whole thing is blank. so to reply to all tags faster and efficiently, i'vce decided to use a doodleboard. i used it before for a period of time but switched later on to tagboard cause it was more user frenly. and the doodleboard now has the old tags. so jus ignore them will ya. thanx a bunch.

back to normal entries.

i saw lemon mint today. hehe. bliss. alot of people ask me who lemon mint is.


i'm not telling who, cause it might be YOU!!!

haha. so had class. QA sucked as usual. business law was frightening. she gave us past yr ca paper. i couldnt do it. OMG. i'm gonna fail. test is on this friday and theres so many rules to remember. and guess wad. i have QA test tmr and i haven started. i swear. OMG times 2!!! i have to study 40 freaking pages. aaaargh. then got decsion tree. aaargh!!! i hate this week. I HATE THIS WEEK!!!aaargh.

on better notes.

i miss lemon mint.

haha. i sat thinking today bout lemon mint. hmm. i think i might not be love la. i think its jus a crush. i had a crush recently on another gal. lets call her papaya. haha. hmm. its a crush. but i still like her. and now i havin crush on lemon mint. haha. and i still like her. i have a lot of crushes. lol. well, yeah. i miss both of them. **blushes**

*ali blushes uncontolably and gives a cheeky smile*

well, to sad matters.

lemon mint and papaya wont by any chance have feelings for me one la. they both like other people. well, haiz. sad world.

another sad news. today during lunch, i saw ms yahyah hippie. i wanted to get smthing from the fruit stall and i saw her walking away from there towards me. but then, somehow the floor seemed nicer and she kept looking at it all the way.

some people wonder how it feels to be invisible for a day. for me, i dont need to wonder. it happens everyday.

well, ms yahyah hippie. if u dont wan talk to me is fine. but at least acknowledge that i'm still here. jus smile or jus give eye contact. it wont hurt. trust me.


well. time to watch my chn show. later then study. bye.

alilicious. yummy and delicious.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

heloo public.

when i started this journal, one of the purpose is so that i can have a outlet for my feelings. so i can vent my frustrations or share the pleasures of life. well, today, i have a confession.

i think i like someone. it could jus be infatuation. i don really know myself. but recently, i've been thinkin bout her a lot. lalala. rest assured that its a female. lol. lets call this girl Lemon Mint. haha. i come up with wierd code names that no one can figure out what the relation is to the person. it actually has something to do with the person. haha. go figure. anyway. me thinks this girl is sweet and uber cute. hahaha. and i know her. hehe.

and the plot thickens.=P

not tellin who, cause it might be you!
a l i l i c i o u s

Monday, January 24, 2005

heloo public.

i have been so dead sick these few days. nothing much to update. everytime i ate medicine, i feel sleepy and go off to sleep. by the time i wake up, it time to take my medicine again. sheesh. so much sleeping. getting better. i hope i get fully well soon. i miss school.


Saturday, January 22, 2005

heloo public.

i'm down with the sniffles. i woke up this morning to the worst sore throat in recent times. i started coughing alot. but my throat was so dry that coughing was hurting. i washed up and went to the shop downstairs to get some strepils and cough mixture. reached home and sucked on the extra strong strepsil. two a panadol cold later and went to sleep. woke up ard two hours later. now with a major sore throat and a throbbing headache. o lord. sucked on more strepsil. and jus lazed in front of my tv in agony. i basically lived on strepsils the entire day.

my sore throat has subsided slowly. and now i'm coughing like no ones business. i hope i get well soon.

i love my mummy. she cooked yummy chicken porridge and barley water for me. and she came in my room constantly to check up on me. she stood by me when i was feeling really terrible today. i love my mummy.

well, the simple life is gonna start soon. i cant wait. i'm a paris hilton addict. hehe.

well dats it for now.

note to self : study for the quantitative analysis and business law test coming this thursday and friday respectively.

a l i l i c i o u s

Friday, January 21, 2005

heloo public.

ali is still pmsing.

day started at 7am. had to wake up early got needed to go mosque for the hari raya prayers. when i woke up, i looked at the mirror and appalled to see my eyes were so puffy. must be because of last night. hmm. i barely had enough sleep last night. slept around 3am and woke up at 7 today. only 4 hrs. thats definitely not enough. well, life goes on. so bathed and got ready. went to mosque.

hari raya haji is also known as hari raya korban. 'korban' here means sacrifice. people who have the money will sacrifice a sheep/goat. the meat is then divided into 3 parts. one for the needy, one for everyone and anyone who wants and the last portion is for the guy who bought the sheep to be sacrifice. the blood or meat does not reach to god but the faith does. cool. but anyway. they had to postpone these event till sunday because the the ship bring the sheep was delayed. well. from what i learn in business law. the mosque has a right to sue the company for late arrival leading to losses. haha. how useful business law can be.

anyway. so after mosque, went online cuase the visiting relatives part was happening in the afternoon. lunch at maternal's and dinner at paternal's. so went to my maternal side's gathering. jus sat and ate and ate. my relatives say that i've lost weight since they last saw me. YIPPIE!! my diet worked. haha. so, they asked whether i dieted or exercise. i jus said to them politely, "i have no idea myself. i didnt diet at all. and i didnt exercise at all. in fact, i ate a lot. haha, i donno. maybe i'm jus lucky i guess" lol. i sound like a bitchy liar. haha. everyone loved my glasses. said i look funky. they were shocked that i didnt have a new hair color this time. i jus said that i'm letting my hair be au naturel again. i was nice talking to my cousins and relatives. i had to smile so much. and just be really really sociable. its good practice for the business world in my future.

later went to my paternal side. this side is the more rich and snobby side. i dont like it here. all the women, especially my aunts had tonnes of heavy jewelery. loads of gold bangles, necklace, earings and whatnots. so bright. anyways. so again, i smiled and jus socialise and socialise. drank and ate and more socialising.

got really tired from all the socialising and sweet talking and smiling. smtimes it hurts to defy how u actually feel inside. its not easy putting on a facade and acting like ur always happy. its hurts to smile. everyday i wake up and i have to put on a happy face. the truth is that people dont like to see sad faces. everyone wans to be happy and wans to be surrounded by happy poeple. but smtimes facade cant last that long. nowaday, i've been really really down. smtimes it shows. i get moody alot and easily. but i have to keep on smiling. but my smiles arent all fake either.

my life sucks.

i wanna take this opportunity to thank everyone who visits my blog. to those who tag on my tagboard. ur existence in my life is like sunshine. it always brightens me up to see that ppl read my blog and appreciate what i do. its really nice and sweet of u all. i also wanna thank everyone who have been concerned and nice to me. u made my life better.

to those who hasnt, what are you waiting for? get started.

i like sweet strawberry,
a l i l i c i o u s

Reflections of your love
Have come to wither
I thought I'd done
My best to memorise
A picture fades of
You and I together
I haven't come to terms
With how we said goodbye

A displaced little boy
Wept years in silence
And whispered wishes
You'd materialise

He pressed on
Night and day
To keep on living
And tried so many ways
To keep his soul alive

If I'm not quite good enough
Or somehow undeserving of
A your love
You could have
Had the decency
To give me up
Before you gave me life

Don't you even care
Just the slightest bit for me
Cause I really need to
Feel you cared
Even once upon
A time for me

I need to believe
In my heart of hearts
You care for me
I need to understand
Why you left me here
So helplessly

Don't you even care
Care at all for me


Thursday, January 20, 2005

heloo public.

today, i was pmsing really bad. i suck.

day started with my interview test. i was interviewed by my teacher, Ms curtain and two of my classmates, spring and bottle. went well except for some minor glitches. i wanted to laugh thoughout the interview. later, after the interview, i went to have lunch with my 'interviewers', spring and bottle. had fruits and the mini vegetarian pizza again. after lunch, jus sat in the library and chilled.

sat with the usual during the lectures. only anime gal and scout mistress was there. melor wasnt in sch. she hasnt been coming to school for one week. she's having a bad bad fever. hopes melor gets well. anime gal wanted to send her a get well soon card. maybe i'll jus send an e card.

i kept eyeing ms yahyah hippie in the lecture. but she never noticed. =(

after school went to town with zip-o-phobic, hockey gal, kettle. we went to ps cause i wanted to collect my new glasses. got my glasses. was so excited. haha. received compliments from my frens regarding the glasses. yay.

bob and tyler joined us later. did abit of shopping. kettle and zip-o-phobic left later cause they needed to be home early. for the rest of us, we had dinner. went to breeks. the service was retardedly slow. maybe it was jus a bad day. the food was still nice to me.

went home later.

note to self: erase all images in my head of bob and tyler in a 69.

note to self: my life is so screwed. fix it.

dats it for now. tmr is hari raya haji. dat means visiting relatives.

smtimes in life, there's jus nothing much left to smile about. so why bother to crease ur face by smiling.


american idol starting. gtg.

a l i l i c i o u s

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

heloo public.

sch started at 9. i barely had less than 6hrs of sleep the night before. went online for too long. and mind you, if i dont get my 8 hours, i get cranky. class started with QA. didnt understand nuts except for the lab exercises. had a mini vegetable pizza for breakfast. after the class, it was lunch. had a fruit slad for lunch and an excrutiatingly sour orange juice. after that had biz law. understood nuts again. squirrel drew a pic of a squirrel on my piece of paper. it was sooooo cute. except for the fact that everyone thought that it was actually a cat. lol.

later had a seminar at the convention centre. i was a seminar all about NS. they even had a forum with some colonal there to answer. i spend my time eating gummy sweets and all the other stuff my class brought to eat. it was like a picnic. the videos they show was quite nice.

after that, went to town with zip-o-phobic and ntuc boy. took the train with tommy, bob and scout mistress as well. zip-o-phobic was looking for a long black pants. when we alighted at somerset station, there was this passport foto machine. so we went to take foto. it turned out ok but i like the quality more.

had thai food for dinner at paragon. i had a seafood tom yum stick noodle. it was nice. but super spicy. but shiok shiok la. i was sweating profusely, i had tears in my eye and my lips were red. but i withstood it. yummy. i also had the fried squid which was uber delicious. yummy yummy.

tmr i need to go to PS paris miki to get my glasses. i cant wait. so exciting. i have an interview tmr in school. must wear formal. darn. looking forward to hari raya. $$$$. i'm still controlling my diet. i donno till when. i wanna jog and exercise as well. i'm getting too fat for my own good. i wanna sweat sweat sweat like a muthafarkin pig.

i'm avoiding all forms of sugar. hmm.

my diet is gonna have a day off on hari raya haji cause i need to enjoy the specially prepared food. if i dont eat, later all my relatives sure make noise. so eat then and exercise tmr. my weekends are free. any takers?

thats it for this entry.

a l i l i c i o u s

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

heloo public.

my room now reek of jasmine. recently during one of my shopping sessions, i chanced upon an aromaterapy shop. its been quite some time since i've indulged myself into the land of aromaterapy. so i bought five different essential oils. rose, lavender, sandalwood, orange and jamine. they say jasmine can help to aid better sleeping. and its kinda true. lavender is good too. but its more calming than sleep inducing. i bought sandalwood and rose because i love these scents in my room. they're very sweet and sensual. and i bought orange because its suppose to be revitalising and invigorating.

today i skip the 2hrs business law lecture to study for my Marketing research paper later on during the day. so i studied in the library with zip-o-phobic, scout mistress, hockey girl. so we jus sat there and study. my eye candy was siting directly on the table in front of me. so happy. i think she knows that i've been noticing her. hmm. i think i shall call my eye candy Exotica.=P

later had the test. i memorised all the hard stuff. all the freaking 9 step process. and all that came out were chicken feed crap that i didnt memorise. i studied the hard ones but the easy ones came out. sucks. i didnt know quite a number of questions.

after that i had chinese class. booked my timeslot for next next week's chinese oral. i'm going first. and that means i can go home first. haha. she took out the timeslot, and i quickly run in front to write my name. haha. went home with architec girl cause she stays near my house but she drops at yck and i drop at amk station.

i have to go do the tutorial that i have to present for tmr's QA tutorial. i understand crap. so now i have to go read up.

hmm. the jasmine scent is making me sleepy. maybe i'd do my tutorial tmr morning. lol.

Mr Mariah Carey,
a l i l i c i o u s

Monday, January 17, 2005

heloo public.

reality hurts. realitee is hurting.

oh god. i'm pmsing again. i already started pmsing. my class foto was today. my hair is ugly. and i look bad. bad bad bad. i saw ms yahyah hippie in the school com lab today. i net send her a message. she didnt reply.

went to make my specs today at paris miki. my degrees have increased.

later, saw "Havoc Lawyer" on the train. we both alighted at orchard station. said hi.

went to study MR with "Bob" and "Tommy". actually jus read thru one chapter. after that had dinner and chatted.

ps: the ring on my ring finger today wasnt a self gift.


at current time, i'm in the business IT library using the computer to update my blog. later, i'm gonna have my class fototaking. so half and hour before that i'd have to log off and go style my hair. and before that, i have to decorate my piece of name paper that i have to use to display it later during the fototaking. well, hmm. if my calclation is corect, that leaves me aproximately 2 minutes to do what i'm supposed to be doing at this time. STUDY for my Marketing Research paper that tmr. i havent started one bit. i actually prepared to study it on sunday. then suddenly my mother told me that later we were going to grandpa's house. so the whole afternoon and evening were spent lounging with my cousins at my granpa's house. that settles no time for study. by the time i reached home, apprentice started. so i watched it. great show. after that, i got sleepy and went to sleep.

OMG. when am i gonna find time to study. today after school i'll be going to paris miki at plaza singapura to go make my new pair of glasses. that leaves me with tonight to study. hmm. anyway, nothing nice on tv. so lets hope i can make it to study tonight. i desperately need to.

after reading all my previous blog entries, i've decided that from my next blog entries onward, i'll start practising what i did in my past past entries. firstly, i wont mention any names. that means that i will start giving code names to people. this is to give privacy to people who donot want to be mentioned seen with me and also to add abit of humour. i'll also begin every blog entry with a hEl00 pUbLic!!!. i think those were the better days and blog entry sounded better then. and they were much funnier. i will also use proper spellings.

yay. i love british accents. according to my cousins, i have a very convincing one indeed. i think i should start talking in this accent.

toodaloo. cheerios then old chap.

your bloody good writer,

Sunday, January 16, 2005

as i read all my past blog entries, noltagia started to flow in. i kinda miss my cliques in yr 1. i remembered that last time i used to call ms yahyah hippie by another code name. i called her my unicorn, tuesday. i think i shall refer her to that from now on.

hmm. i read a past entry. it was about an outing with yahyah hippie. so much memory flowed in. so much till it becomes too much. all i have now are memories and memories alone. i'll treasure it. so here's the entry.


i used to think dat a fun outing with my frens would include a shopping spree followed by cafe visits and arcade games.. i used to think so..not until today..

i had a wonderful time.. a superbly wonderful time today.. YIPPIE!!! *ali jumps with joy* haha..

today.. sch started at 12.. tqm.. i kinda like tqm lesson cause its easy to understand and the lesson is not boring cause the lecturer makes an effort to make it interesting with quizes and stuff.. so yeah.. kind of fun la.. haha..

next was rwps.. those who haven show mrs lugg the introduction to their report must show by today.. i showed her yesterday.. so, i only need to do some editing.. but most of the time was spent on checking mails, frenster, blogs and stuff.. haha.. so yeah.. another fun 'lesson'..

after sch... i had plans.. was to meet Ms YAHYAH HIPPIE at raffles place.. she stumbled upon a fantastic cafe situated at the cbd area and wanted to try it out.. it was located at F.E.S... i don wanna mention where its located cause i find this place really cool and special and i don wan alot of people to noe bout it.. and this is like my mini hideout.. haha.. but i'll name the cafe.. it was called CHANGING APPETITE.. lovely place.. lovely service.. and lovely deserts.. and wad's even better, i had a lovely company.. YIPPIE!

after that.. we went walk walk along the way to the esplanade... sights were beautiful and i wanted to jus sit down and breathe everything in slowly.. but somebody needed to take a crap.. so we had to rush to esplanade for her to use the toilet.. so i waited outside esplanade nearthe bay and found a lovely spot to sit down.. it was a slighty windy day and it wasnt to sunny either... PERFECT.. so jus sat there and wait.. later yahyah hippie came out.. we jus sat there and talk bout stuff... from sch, class, teachers, relationships and gossips.. haha.. btw.. me and Ms Yahyah Hippie are not together or attached.. she's got her crushes and i've got mine.. but we are jus special frens.. haha.. yeah.. very special.. with blow kisses and all.. lol.. jus simple friends.. =P

so we jus sat there.. i wanted to watch the sunset initially.. but someone rather go home and watch Happy Fish than watch sunset with me.. haiz.. i understand la.. who wans to watch sunset with me right?.. yeah.. some chn drama more interesting.. anyway.. so we jus sat.. and without realising it, it was 6.45.. there's no way in hell she'll reach home in time.. so finally i got to persuade her to stay later.. never got to see the sunset though cause was blocked by tall building.. damn.. so we jus sit and watch the bumboats bustle and the sky changing color.. felt really at ease and happy...

we jus sat ard there for like 1hr plus.. then she really needed to go home cause her cuzzin was at her house and she needed to pass smthing to her and all that stuff.. so yeah.. we went to mrt.. and left on our seprate directions..

found out smthing today and made a certain logic ard orchard, there's this place called Heeren which is very popular among youngsters.. but it hasnt been having a sale for a long time.. now, there's a pure milk in heeren.. and pure milk is also popular amongst youngsters.. they have stuff that look good and is very popular with youngsters unlike metro.. nobody shops at metro.. it a boring, old, mundane, a terrible lookin place.. everything there is below standard.. and it doesnt compare much to pure milk amongst teenagers.. so thats why there is no metro in heeren.. for heeren has only the most trendiest stuff... and metro jus doesnt fit the bill.. as much as metro wanting to relocate at heeren, it will never be accepted there.. so yeah... logical?.. yeah.. thought so too myself..

PS: anybody noes a nice place in singapore to go watch the sunset?

so dats bout it..

the YIPPIEfied Chillin Machine

haiz. all i have now is memories and memories alone.


a l i

Saturday, January 15, 2005

i was supposed to go for my jog this morning. but then somehow i slept thru my alarm clock and woke up at 12. damn it.

well, i got bored so i read my first entry on my blog. and here it is.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

hEl00000 everyone... well.. technically this is my first proper posting after much fuss and tryouts with my blog... i'm basically not a computer geek and presently my computer is suffering from a severe color predicament... so.. if you find my blog rather mundane or prosaic... i am not to be blamed... so here i am... with my feeling and thoughts promulgated to the world... how do i feel?... well.. now i feel vulnerable and naked(unliterally)... the whole world knows me and now will judge me with everything i say... but on the other hand i feel that finally i can voice out my thoughts about my life and how i give a damn about everything... and also hope in this puny heart of mine that everyone out there will finally discover me, myself and i...anyway... enough of the pleasantries... i'll jus like to say that i hope my blog will receive gratifying and superdeedooper response from the public... i'll try to update my blog whenever possible.. promise... till my next post... toodles..

posted by ali @ 11:56:06 PM

i read all my previous posts, and i think i sounded better then. happier and i had a better vocabulary. well. i need to go off now.

Friday, January 14, 2005

i had a great day today. had a fun ettiquette class. after that went to town with maddie and kwang yong. was looking for a green top. ended up those two people buying all the clothes. i didnt buy any cause i couldnt find any nice ones. so we had dinner at breeks. it was scrumptious. went to ps shortly after. saw a prostitute. one of her tit was exposed. anyways. went ps. later went home.

well, short entry today. abit tired la. so, till next time, bye.


Thursday, January 13, 2005


i had to interview my classmates today. it was fun. my only qualm for the day was that my bag dint match my formal wear. i need a formal bag. i saw a chic braun buffel bag for jus $499. and to match it, maybe a mont blanc pen. hmm, well come to think of it maybe i might as well jus fuck off and die. think too much.

anyway. saw my eye candy today. hehe. i heard her talk to her fren. she's got a rather low voice. cool. sexy. lol.

reached home today to catch the results for american idol 3 finals. diana sounded better today and she looked better. but as we all noe, fantasia won. later i made popcorn in the microwave, yummy. but it was buttered. i wan mine caramel. i wanna go ntuc find the caramel ones. hehe.

today i had honeydew juice and a piece of fish fillet for lunch. i cant wait for weekends. i wanna go and run. sweat sweat sweat.

well, thats it for this entry. i like this song. so i'll put up the part of the lyrics. its by britney spears titled touch of my hand.

I’m not ashamed of the things that I dream
I find myself flirting with the verge of obscene
Into the unknown, I will be bold
I’m going to places where I can be out of control

And I don’t want to explain tonight
All the things I’ve tried to hide
I shut myself out from the world so I
Can draw the blinds and I’ll teach myself to fly

I love myself
It’s not a sin
I can’t control what’s happenin

Cause I just discovered
Imagination’s taking over
Another day without a lover
The more I come to understand
The touch of my hand

There’s a world undifined
And my body is mine
I won’t be left behind
I’m already here

i lub krepek ubi,

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

elo peeps,

i see myself failing Quantitative Analysis(QA) and Business Law(BL). i totally had no clue on the ongoings in the QA tutorial. i jus copied all the answers diligently and blindly. even the QA lab exercise was frsutrating enough to figure out. curses. anyways, during BL tutorial, i was jus simply stumped during the entire tutorial. i have no idea what everything means and how to apply them to the paper. well, maybe i jus have to come to tutorials prepared. do my homework and revision beforehand. its not that i don wanna do. its jus i cant seem to find the time.

by the time i reach home, its like almost 7pm. i have dinner. go online. watch the 9pm channel 8 drama. and then at ten, i'll feel sleepy. so i go pack my bag and set my alarm on my hp. and off i go to lala land. next morning, i'll woke up two hours before sch. usually nowadays ard 7am. get ready and leave for sch. well, that almost about how my life is on weekdays. on weekends i go out or i simply slack playing the sims. i cant find time to study on weekdays and on weekends i dont have the mood to do them. and my CAs are coming. i'm gonna die. well, i must reset myself to geek mode. i wanna study study study. i don wanna fail anything. i don wanna pass everything either. i wanna score.

anyways, i have class fototaking next monday. and i need to go find a bright solid green shirt. so maybe i'll shop for it one of these days. hmm. well. tmr after school, i'll try to go to the park to jog or smthing or jus maybe walk fast. butit'll be after sch and i'll be damn tired. so i'll see how. i hope mr sun wont let me down. this weekends will be pre-noon jogs weekends. this few days before the photoshoot, i'll have to starve myself again like i did during my previous year's class fototaking. well basically, i have to avoid carbohydrate. that means no rice, noodles, bread or dough related products. eat more vegetables. nothing fried at all. drink a lot of plain water. no chocolates. no ice cream. no more coffee. no more milk. jus simple plain sugarless tea or milo. and orange juice every lunch break. and the morning of the fototaking, fast. nothing to be eaten or drunk until after fototaking. jus some simple diet plans of mine in preparation for monday's fototaking.

note to self: practice smiling in front of mirror later.

anyways. today i went out. initially i wanted to go esplanade to chill. but decided on town later. donno why either. so i jus sat in the orchard library and read the magazines. for like 2hrs. went kinokuniya later and finally found the book i've been looking for for sooo long. confessions of an heiress by paris hilton. i read excerpts from it and thought that they were way cool. so i wanted to buy it. but it cost $39. so ex. i still wanna get fann wong's book in english edition and this one cost $19.90. anyways, i jus grumbled and walked away. haha. was approached by 2 survey people on the streets. i kindly complied. i know how it feels to ask people do do your survey and get rejected. so i jus played along. i gave them fake information. my name is alvin lee. but i'm indonesian so i donno chinese well. and i faked my contact number. it feels fun. haha. jus entertain them la. so i rushed off later.

reached home in time for the grand finale of the repeat telecast of american idol season 3. after watching the performance for the second time, its clear why fantasia won. although i still feel that diana' s the better talent, vocal wise. however, on the finals i think she jus overdid herself. she looked damn tired and overworked. her eyes were like almost falling asleep and look very tired. i know its hard work. and during the song, she pulled her voice to much that sometime abit shaky. but on other days, she did better. it jus wasnt her night. tmr afternoon is the results. i hope i'm home intime for it.

ooh. finally, to those people who think reading self help books means that we depend on people to destine our life, u're wrong. i believe that other people have gone through them and we jus learn from their life stories and apply it to ours whereever possible. it doesnt mean that we have no mind of our own. instead, we took the initiative to read bout ways to be happier and succesful in life. reading motivation books doesnt make me less a person, instead i strongly believe that it makes me a better one as now we know what to strive for and wad to avoid and how to live a more enriching life. everyone have their own opinions and they are entitled to it. applies to me and you.

tmr i need to wear formal. i hate it. well, till the next time, cheerios.

i learnt to be bold and live up to my beliefs.
a l i l i c i o u s

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

its 8am on a tuesday morning. i'm awake and in front of my computer. class only starts at 11am. how funner can life get.

yesterday, i went to town with maddie. initially wanted to go there to find the blazer i wanted to get from u2 and maddie wanted to mail something and return her library book. so during the 3hr break, only both of us left for the bus stop since no one else was joining. while we chatted at the bus stop, we didnt notice the bus and it jus went by. and mind you, 106 takes a long time before the next bus came. so we waited and waited and waited again. the bus stop was filled with bugs. gross. anyway so the bu came very very later. reached there did our stuff. i was then contemplating whether tyo get the blazer. but then as i weighed the pros and cons, there were more cons. so in the end, i might as well jus skip the blazer and use the money to buy me a nice pair of glasses. btw, i saw a nice pair of glasses from emporio armani that cost $265 but only for the frame. i wan!!!!

anyway, later for lunch, i had uber yummy hotdog cheeseballs. they jus opened a new stall at taka basement 1. the cheeseballs sold for 5 for $1.80 and they were scrumptious. haha. later had my favourite popiah.

note to self : never ever add the full amount of chilli to popiah. less is more.

later jus walked ard and took cab back to school. and returned for the remaining classes.

do you think i'm spoilt?
i dont think i'm spoilt. well maybe a bit. but a very tiny bit. right? nowadays i feel bad spending my parents money. i know that instead of me they's got no one else to spend their money oso. but then, i jus think that i'm lavishly spending. i'm too dependent. i've never worked a full day in my life before. and now i feel bad. my resume have no work experience. i think i should seriously reflect on this. hmm.

i jus finished reading the book 100 ways to motivate yourself. it doesnt mean that i'm not motivated to reach such books. i'm starting to enjoy reading self help books. they are very inspiring. we then start to feel that our life isnt perfect but that doesnt mean we cant solve it. they teach us how to maximise our life and reach happiness. i find the book 75% useful because the other 25% were directed at married people or parents. it has inspired me to redirect my life. and i will.


hehe. anyways. i think i should bathe and get ready for sch. i think i might still be somewad early. so maybe i go to the kopitiam at the central or macdonalds for breakfast. yummy. i wan either kaya toast or sausage mc muffin. yummy yummy. droolz. haha. better get ready now.

love ya. see ya. wouldnt wanna be ya.
^ali johari^

its 8am on a tuesday morning. i'm awake and in front of my computer. class only starts at 11am. how funner can class get.

yesterday, i went to town with maddie. initially wanted to go there to find the blazer i wanted to get from u2 and maddie wanted to mail something and return her library book. so during the 3hr break, only both of us left for the bus stop since no one else was joining. while we chatted at the bus stop, we didnt notice the bus and it jus went by. and mind you, 106 takes a long time before the next bus came. so we waited and waited and waited again. the bus stop was filled with bugs. gross. anyway so the bu came very very later. reached there did our stuff. i was then contemplating whether tyo get the blazer. but then as i weighed the pros and cons, there were more cons. so in the end, i might as well jus skip the blazer and use the money to buy me a nice pair of glasses. btw, i saw a nice pair of glasses from emporio armani that cost $265 but only for the frame. i wan!!!!

anyway, later for lunch, i had uber yummy hotdog cheeseballs. they jus opened a new stall at taka basement 1. the cheeseballs sold for 5 for $1.80 and they were scrumptious. haha. later had my favourite popiah.

note to self : never ever add the full amount of chilli to popiah. less is more.

later jus walked ard and took cab back to school. and returned for the remaining classes.

do you think i'm spoilt?
i dont think i'm spoilt. well maybe a bit. but a very tiny bit. right? nowadays i feel bad spending my parents money. i know that instead of me they's got no one else to spend their money oso. but then, i jus think that i'm lavishly spending. i'm too dependent. i've never worked a full day in my life before. and now i feel bad. my resume have no work experience. i think i should seriously reflect on this. hmm.

i jus finished reading the book 100 ways to motivate yourself. it doesnt mean that i'm not motivated to reach such books. i'm starting to enjoy reading self help books. they are very inspiring. we then start to feel that our life isnt perfect but that doesnt mean we cant solve it. they teach us how to maximise our life and reach happiness. i find the book 75% useful because the other 25% were directed at married people or parents. it has inspired me to redirect my life. and i will.


hehe. anyways. i think i should bathe and get ready for sch. i think i might still be somewad early. so maybe i go to the kopitiam at the central or macdonalds for breakfast. yummy. i wan either kaya toast or sausage mc muffin. yummy yummy. droolz. haha. better get ready now.

love ya. see ya. wouldnt wanna be ya.
^ali johari^

Saturday, January 08, 2005

i'm addicted to lush 99.5fm. the tunes are very chillout music. very relaxing and very smooth.

today went out with sharif. bought a belt finally. but its not that nice la. but the uncle at the shop was very forceful. so i bought it lor. but still, it was ok ok nice la and it is genuine leather. had dinner at a cafe later. tomato hearb soup with free flow of bread. yummy. had latte. and for dessert, a strawberry cheesecake. it was very filling and very yummy as well. scrumptious. walked around a while more. saw a lovely blazer/jacket from U2 at $79. and they were having a sale. and furthermore, it came with a 30% discount. oh wad luck the heavens have given me. found my size. but then it was the last pieec and the thread from the button was a bit ugly. so decided to visit the u2 at raffles city. there they only had M. well, i'm gonna go to more u2 and search for it. i wan this blazer. badly. but i donno for wad oso. can use it for formal events maybe.

hmm. i need to save money badly. i need work. my bank account is running low.

confessions of a malay mat (reaching back to my roots)
sial lah. buto seh korang. muka minah tu sememek giler pun kau kater cun.

your resident writer
mat ali

Friday, January 07, 2005


ali has been pmsing yet again. actually it has been going on this whole week. but then i try to keep it under wraps. so in case i was nasty to anyone, sorry k. it wierd. i dont even know why i pms so much. heck. i dont even know why i'm pmsing right now. its jus that sometimes i feel that things jus arent going my way and everything jus seem to be going against me. and stuff happens to make me feel low. everything and anything can jus alter my mood at anytime.

its freaky. even to me.

well, i jus miss ms yahyah hippie a whole lot. a whole whole lot. a damn whole lot. haiz. does it even matter to her?

anyways, no matter how bad my life is, the show must go on.

today i woke up late. had to rush to get ready and took cab to school. reach sch 5 mins early. lecture ended. had the japanese pizza for lunch. Ettiquette for Professional Image(EPI) was a fun lesson. we took body measurements of ourselves. my body is longer than my legs by 3cm. that means i'm not proportionate. my body is very average. not good and not bad. well, they havent talk bout body weight yet.

anyway, i was considered warm skin tone. i had to wear warm colors. but most of the colors so obiang. when i asked the teacher he told me that i would look nice in khaki colors and pale yellow. earth tones. well, today i finally remembered to bring wei liat's present and passed it to him. i've been forgeting a lot of stuff. i must be getting old. anyway. he looked happy to receive a present cause he's been asking me for it for quite some time. so thick skin. haha.

tmr will be a busy day. i wan go for a jog, well maybe jus fast walking in the morning. followed by a little tanning. haha. lets hope the sun will be nice and bright in the morning. anyway, after that, i'll be going to geylang serai market with my mum if it doesnt rain cause my mum hates going out when it rains. in the late afternoon, i'll be going out with sharif. i need a new pair of glasses and he needs to get some stuff.

u noe what, he's like the only person i can go out with to shop happily and have lots of fun with. from our heritage tours to simple shopping. i've yet to find some other frens who share my passion to venture except for ms yahyah hippie but well, erm, yeah. anyway, i need more frens to go out with me. its not that sharif isnt fun to go out with. but he's in ns and smtimes busy or tired. so i need more frens. i have a very limited number of close frens. i mean very close frens. well, i hope our frenship last forever. and i hope i get to play with his kid when we get older, when he gets married la. haha.

anyways, this next excerpt from a song is dedicated to ms yahyah hippie. the lyrics clearly explains exactly how i feel.


Come notice me
And take my hand
So why are we
Strangers when
Our frenship is strong
Why carry on without me?

And everytime I try to fly
I fall without my wings
I feel so small
I guess I need you baby

And everytime I see you in my dreams
I see your face, it's haunting me
I guess I need you baby

I make believe
That you are here
It's the only way
I see clear
What have I done
You seem to move on easy

I may have made it rain
Please forgive me
My weakness caused you pain
And this song is my sorry

At night I pray
That soon your face
Will fade away


jus how long, how long will it take for me to get over you. haiz.

your resident writer,

Thursday, January 06, 2005

yesterday i stayed up till 2am jus to complete my bloody resume. well, i could have gotten a resume done within an hour. but then, i was online as well. haha. distractions distractions. tsk tsk. anyway, the resume turned out fine. and the test today on the letter of application wasnt too bad.

i believe that everyone has an inner nice person in themselves. sometimes life makes us put up a stronger front. its jus how some people deal with life. i feel that we shouldnt be angry at such people as unfortunately for them, something drastic has made this happen to them. its not mainly their fault. instead we should pity such poor souls. we should be nice to such people and soon, i believe that they'll open up and be nice to us. lets make the first move. at least we will be giving Delonix (our irritating CSB teacher) a chance.

i dont think i'm sticking quite well to my diet. well, sure i'm avoiding rice and sure i'm drinking orange juice but hey, theres nothing thats not fattening in FC6. 80% of everything in the malay stall is deep fried. (read: arteries clogging) the rest of the 20% is made up of this gravy (read: heart attack). the indian stall sells prata which obviously is very carbo and also oily (read: obesity). oh me lord. food court 6 is fatal (read: lean mean health problem machine). recently, i've been addicted to lattes(read: hi there!! welcome Mr diabetis).

anyways, i'm enjoying the library a lot. next week onwards i'm gonna start studying for my CA1. i'm gonna make the effort to be guai. haha. i had a sudden urge to have a maconalds breakfast tmr since class starts later. hmm. i need to get new glasses. i think my degrees are getting worser. anyone wanna come along?

i've been listening to diana dergamo's cd. me thinks its great. theres this song called 'go on and cry'. its a fabulous slow song with great power vocals towards the end of the song. i'm in love with this song.

to my lovely classmates, especially to those who havent given me the $15 for the class fund. tmr is the last day. OWE MONEY PAY MONEY!!!

i sound like a tai long.


anyways, thats it for now.

ps: maddie wanted me to mention her name in my blog. so here goes, MADDIE MADDIE MADDIE MADDIE MADDIE!!!


your resident writer,

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


today me and angela did a calculation. at current, whatever that was literally on joy amounted up to $2050. and she complains of being poor. well then, if she's poor, then i'm destitute. =P

i saw my eye candy today on my way home. YIPPIE!!! she's still pretty as ever. haha. its been ages since i last saw her and its becoming a luxury spotting her in school nowadays. so its great to see her once in a while. (^_^)

today went to meet wei liat at bugis mrt station after school. along the way, i saw an ex secondary sch classmate, momo. jus exchanged a hi and hello. then later saw saw a poly lecture mate, siewching at bugis junction. said hi. me and wei liat decided to watch a movie. so we ended watching 'meet the fockers'. the show was an ok ok one. a 3.5stars out of 5. it was definitely funny especially with tonnes of sexual inuendos included almost everywhere. one funny part was that the baby's first word is ass hole. how cute is that. and he keeps repeating it. haha. later we walk walk. had sake sushi for dinner oh bloody again. i'm gettin sick and tired of that place. i bought dianaa dergamo's (runner up for previous american idol) album. its nice. but then, i expected better cause i believe she seriously have great vocals and need better attention and songs that show her range. also bought a earpiece. finally i can listen to my discman. my previous earpiece got spoiled when i accidentally steps on the ear piece and pulled the wire. the whole thing detached.

reached home later ard 10.30. and now fussing over my resume due tmr.

well, dats it for now. i'm currently thinkin of getting purple higlights. but maybe after hari raya. i dont wan to spark off a brouhaha amongst my relatives again.

your resident writer,
Mr Ali Thigh

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


an excerpt taken from '100 Ways to Motivate Yourself' by Steve Chandler

Monday, January 03, 2005

everyone got hickies. i wan a hicky too. any takers?

definitely not.

anyway, hari raya haji is in appproximately less than 3 weeks time. i'm starting my diet as of tomorrow. i'm avoiding everything fried and drinking lots of water and orange juice. i need to diet so that i'll look better in my hari raya costume and appear thinner in photos. i've noticed that the previous hari raya fotos, i looked like a big fat bastard. fotos add tonnes to you. so i'm goin on this diet till after hari raya.

now to slightly emo matters,
for quite some time lately, i've been going low profile. i havent been the perky little bitch for quite some time. i kinda miss the old days. hahaha. ladies and gentlemen, i am pmsing again. you do not wanna piss me off. i repeat, you DO NOT wan to piss me off. i'm gonna let my sarcasm run free again. to my close frens, i hope u understand and try to bear with it. hehehehe.

recently, there've been quite some ppl who have been pissing me off. either with their words or actions. towards me or not towards me. but hey, it irritates me. so jus fuck off bitches and bastards and die.


your resident writer,

Sunday, January 02, 2005

[continuation from previous entry]

if u happened to read the previous entry, i appaud u. cause it was a superbly long entry and u survived it. however, the previous entry was an unfinished one.

for those who have not read the previous entry, you are encouraged to read it first before proceeding with this entry as they are somewhat related. thank you.


i came up with nine reasons why 2004 has been one of my worst years. now, i'll come up with a few reasons why 2004 wasnt all that bad.

firstly, i managed to pass all my subjects for year one and get promoted to year two. i was overjoyed to find out that i managed to pass accounting. haha.

secondly, i got into the elective i wanted. in year one, we had to choose a 'stream' that we wanted to enter in year 2. either marketing, suply chain, tourism or retail. i chose retail and i got into the retail stream. yippie.

thirdly, i got a super fun class. initially, i thought, "omg, this class ppl are so anti social.. die la, sure sian one". cause everyone had their own cliques and only stuck to their cliques and didnt talk to anyone else outside their circle. but then, as time went by everyone got really close and we had lots of fun. from steamboats to shopping session and the girl's ktv session. people from different backgrounds all fused together nicely. and last time in yr one we only had four guys in the class. well, now its worse. there's only one other guy. haha. surrounded by so many girls again. but that doesnt make it a good thing at times. they tend to be noisy and think that they cxan get things the way they want jus because they are girls. but, they are still lovable la. haha. the other guy in the class is Mr See Ker Ning and as his name suggest, he is a bit sickening. haha.

fourthly, i met many nice teachers. i'll jus be nice to the teacher and try to adhear to her rules. that doesnt mean i'm sucking up. i jus believed that we should do unto others what we want them do unto us. be nice too ppl and ppl will be nice to us. logical right?

fifthly, i met a great bunch of people when i did the freshmen orientation. the class that i had to take care of with jasmine was a very very fun and 'on' class. and even after the orientation, we still kept in touch. and everytime they see me in sch, they will all shout my name. haha. abit sia suay at times but nice la. haha.

sixthly, i went to watch a wonderful musical play called 'Revenge of The Dim Sum Dollies'. it was a superbly funny show that makes fun about the way singaporeans are. it was a fantastic show. the best musical i've seen up to date.

seventhly, i permed my hair. finally after 2 years of procrastinating, i got it done. and i did lkook quite good. however i had to cut it after a few weeks because my hair was too long and it felt really hot and uncomfortable. and i could only wash my hair every alternate days. very high maintainance. too troublesome. and so i went to cut a nice short hairdo. and it feels cooler now.

eightly, i started to mingle better with my relatives. even though my face was cramped from all that forced smiling at family gatherings, it jus feels better to mingle. and soon, i dint have to force anymore smiles.

ninethly, i met an angel. ms yah yah hippie. even though she left me later on. i am thankful that at least i had a chance to be with an angel.

tenthly and finally, i m happy that i'm still alive. with all the diseases, sars, bird flu, and all the disasters, the most important thing that i should be happy is that i can still enjoy life. we should cherish ours while we still have it.


ok ok.. i gave ten reasons why 2004 wasnt all that bad. you know, after counting all my blessings, i've realised that 2004 wasnt all that bad after all. we tend to always look on the worst side of things. and due to this we'll feel that life is bad towards us. but if we sit and count our blessings, we'll be suprised how fortunate we are.


for 2005, my resolutions are:

1) the usual. loose weight and exercise more. this resolution is like every year's favourite. but i jus cant seem to get it on. well, this year i'll try to make this a reality. i'll eat healthier and try to exercise more. my ideal weight is 60kg and i wont stop till i get there.

2) read more informative books. i should stop reading fiction as it is totally useless. i want to start reading more non fiction. those self improvement book, autobiographies or jus simply anything informative and useful. must widen my genral knowledge.

3)not to skip any lectures or tutorials unless due to really unavoidable reasons.

4) to do my tutorials weekly and get my projects done at least 3 days before the due time.

5) to spend lesser money on shopping.

6) save 50 bucks a month. try to la.

7)ignore bad things ppl say bout me and jus abosrb in all the good things. haha. why should i surround myself with negativity right?

8) avoid matters of the heart totally.

9) brush my teeth more.

10) take more time off to meditate. ooh. and have more 'me-time'.

11) sleep early. latest is 12.

12) be happier. do things to make myself happier.


well. all my new year blogging agenda is done. i hope i can keep to all this resolutions. i really really hope. anyway, tmr my mum starts going back to work at serangoon sec serving all those students with her lovely food. that means, she'll be home later and no one to cook lunch for me. haha. looking forward to tmr.

to 2004. farewell

to 2005. here i come

your resident writer,

Saturday, January 01, 2005

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R ! ! !

2004 have passed. lets now welcome 2005 with loads of confetti.

now lets reflect on the past year. 2004 hasnt been one of my best years. in fact it has been one of my worst. this year alone, everyone was faced with so many trials and tribulations. we faced the economic recession which resulted in massive retrenchments and salary reduction. even my father was affected. he got a salary reduction. he told me that in such times, its better that at least he still has a job. so we had to learn how to save. and i cant be so spendthrift as before. in sec sch i was very spendthrift. i used to take cab home almost all the time and bought a lot of cds. and i really mean a lot. money came by easy to me. however, after facing a financial situation in my family. i've decided to control my spending. its the least i could do to ease my family's problem.

next crisis we faced was SARS. a terrible epidermic that scared the hell out of everybody. never in my life have i owned a thermometer until now. and face mask were sold more now than during the period of haze. we even had to close down schools for a period of time. it was also sad to hear of ppl dying of this incurable disease. then we faced bird flu. prices of chicken and eggs went up so high. a box of 10 eggs that used to cost around $1.50 went up to $4 ++. then recently, we faced the tsunami. in sec 4 i studied about tsunamis in my geography class. i never thought that a tsunami would ever happen cause history of tsunamis were few. but unfortunately, this year asia was faced with its biggest disaster. killing up to 80000 people.

from these crisis faced, i derive two conclusion. firstly, asia was faced with a terrible year. since the 4 in 2004 means death in chinese, all this crisis jus seem so apporiate. my secoond conclusion is that china is a breeding ground for diseases. sars and bird flu all originated there. go figure.

anyway, 2004 also saw the swearing in of a new prime minister. suprise suprise, it was lee hsien loong. goh chok tong became senior minister. and the singapore icon that prooves theres no such thing as retirement became the minister mentor. i read someone's reply on the question of would you vote if you were able to?.. this person said, my vote doesnt matter. all in all, we'd know who would win anyway. all that matters is that they continue doing their best for singapore. hmm, true. anyway, political wise, i thought that this year america would be getting a new president. however, america have yet again proved their stupidity by voting in the person who brought more destruiction than good to their country. sheesh.

ok ok. i think all the above is becoming a tad bit mundane. maybe i should go on to the more interesting topic. me.

2004 hasnt been the nicest year to me.

firstly, i struggled a lot in my studies. i struggled in the last semester of my poly yr 1 with accounting, economics and statistics. majorly, accounting. i was bent on repeating accounts for year one. it was damn hard. i need a 60++ to pass my accounting and i've never passed it before. i studied my accounts like mad and at least finally i passed it. jus pass. same as my statistics and economics as well. both were very math related subjects. i hate math and now i'm suffering with this. but i managed to pass in the end. i thank god for giving me all this luck.

next, i struggled a lot with my weight and health. i've countlessly wanted to loose weight. this year alone i put on at least 5kg. i decided to exercise. however, a short run and i'm all breathless. but i couldnt discipline myself to exercise more. i took some slimming tea initially and ended up shitting like no ones business. i took some slimming pills. but they didnt work either. so i stopped taking all this crap in case it had bad side effects for my body. i went on a low carbo diet and results are visible quite fast. however, once i start back on my carbo, i put back a lot of weight. i had many diets. now, i'm on a no rice diet. i'll start my RFW diet soon. RFW stands for my Rabbit Food Water diet. means drinks lots of water and eat a lot of vegetables and avoid carbo. anyways, i struggled with my health too. i had a lot of food poisoning cases this year. quite a lot of headaches and fatigues. and been feeling weak and lacking in energy. i need more vitamin c.

thirdly, i struggled with my complexion. i have terrible skin. experimented with so many face wash and pimple creams. no matter how many times i exfoliate, wash, tone and mosturise, my skin still give me damn problems. i cant be bothered anymore. i'll jus leave it as it is. when i'm older maybe i'll jus get laser treatment and microdermabration.

fourthly, i struggled a lot about my blog. i've felt many times about ending my blog. due to mostly lack of passion. i started blogging because i always had a passion to write. and also because blogging is a stress reliever. but then nowadays, the passion is slowly draining away. and response to my blog have been slowly decreasing. maybe everyone lost passion in reading blogs. maybe i'm jus over reacting.

i struggled a lot with my jokes also. i'm becoming to lame and crappy. poly have made me really lame. maybe i'm not mixing much with much intelectuals anymore. haha. i tell sarcastic jokes and everyone either dont understand or think i'm mean. maybe i'll jus keep quiet until smthing sensible comes along for me to say.

i struggled a lot with my pms. i've been geting a lot of these Pathetic Mood Swings recently. some times due to a reason and at other time due to no reasons at all. but i try to keep it under wraps at all time. i tried.

i struggled a lot with my love life. this was the year that 'japanese girl' (yeah, remember her?) said no to me. but we're still great frens. however, she's still the love of my life. and i wont stop loving her. all that matters is that she happy. and if that means being with her boyfriend, then so be it. i'll try to live with that.

i struggled a lot with my friendships. i used to have 2 good frens in poly. they were called the conspiracy twins. first, one not so close one left me. and then the other close one ms yahyah hippie. the superb very close one to me left. i was shocked initially at first. i thought i did smthing wrong. i never got to talk to them about it. cause they keep avoiding me. and it jus felt awkward somehow. i really missed ms yahyah hippie's company. finally, i got to know the real reason from her. it was somewhat logical. it was kinda my fault and u shouldnt apologise. however i always feel we can work smthing out. but, if u feel this way is better, then, i respect it.

lastly, i struggled a lot about liking myself. if u've noticed in the past year i've been really going low profile gradually. i used to love taking fotos of myself. i brought my digicam almost everywhere. i was damn narcisistic also. but i've since toned down a whole lot. i now hate crowds. i hate taking fotos. i hate smiling in fotos. i dont feel comfortable in my own skin. there was a period of time that i wear a lot of black clothes. i kept changing my hairstyles. from straight, spiky to curls. from red, brown to jet black. i'm jus trying to discover myself.

apparently, there were many struggles in 2004. it wasnt an easy year. but that i managed to survive it. i always believed that everything happened for a reason. and have since sweared to learn to enjoy simple pleasures of life and take each day slowly and enjoy it. thus, i managed to surpass my ordeals.

my year wasnt fully bad either. it had good events as well. but, i'll blog about that tmr yah. its getting late and this entry is getting a bit too long. i'll try to continue this tommorow. till then, ciaoz.

[to be continued]