Thursday, March 31, 2005

heloo public,

i typed an entry and due to some blogger error, its gone. fuck you blogspot!! anyways, i had a nice day today. too lazy to type it out again.

i get the hint. i shall move on.
ali johari

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

heloo public,

day 3 of study week. percentage studied, a big fat ZERO! fuck me. why am i so lazy sia. i really wanted to study today. but then got american idol at 4. so i ended up watching tv. haha. i watched the 9pm channel 8 drama. its the one starring joane peh. me think joanne is hot. they have julian hee too and he's damn hot(this part sounds gay. lol) but i cant deny it, i think julian has gorgeous eyes. haha. anyways, the show is sad la. there was one scene where this girl asked to her bf whether he's still love her when both her kidney fails, she has to go for dialysis 3 times a week, she cant get pregnant, she needs to remain on medication for life and he might need to donate his kidney to her. will he still love her after all that? the guy didnt repond. so they broke up.

so poor thing. anyways, tmr i got minutes writing test. preparing myself for the seductive world of the mini skirt secretaries. i cant imagine shaving my legs everyday. oh well, i'd be busy for the next two days. not with studying but i'd be going out. shit. i should be studying. anyways, i saw the shoes i wanted to get but it was out of stock in converse and now they a store is selling it at a cheaper price. should i get it? i wonder.

my neighbour has this shirt with this words printed on the front "Mary is a whore!" mary here refers to jesus's mother. such shirts are not uncommon but wad really made a statement was dat my neighbour was 60yrs old and she was going jogging. talk about making an impression. anyways, that reminds me. i need to go jogging. too lazy to do so though. maybe when, i'm free. next week? donno. anyone wann play sports?

ps: do come out with nicknames for me. i'm tired of alvin hilton.

mary had a little lamb is actually a catholic rhyme. lamb refers to jesus.
ali johari

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

heloo public,

on a sad note, condolences to the victims of the earthquake that happened last night.

woke up at 12.30pm today. watched abit of tv. nothing much to see. studied abit of my chinese. had a chinese exam later. washed up and left for sch. reached nicely on time. had the exam. the paper was ok. not as hard as i expected it to be though. went out with tuna for dinner later at far east. we ate at myfav place there, taman ros. they sell cheap food upstairs. i had the laksa. yummy.

walked ard a bit. body shop had a sale. 2 bottles of shower gel for $12.90. i'm using the satsuma scented one thanx to a special someone for the gift on v day. haha. decided to try 2 other scents. so i bought papaya and strawberry. one bottle cost 9.90 and now they selling 2 for 12.90. wad a bargain!!! feel happy today.

i want to buy burberry brit for men. smells heavenly. i wanna get platinum blonde highlights. maybe after my itp. donno whether gv allows its employee to dye their hair.

k la. thats it for now. thank you to all the people that loyally visit my blog. whoever you are, many thanks.

ps: i'm getting sick of the nick alvin hilton. think up of smthing for me k? comment it in my tagboard.

urs truly,

Monday, March 28, 2005

heloo public,

a little smthing i came up with.

seems like jus yesterday
when i used to feel so strong
i felt so unbreakable
like nothing could go wrong

now you're gone
i cant sleep
i cant breathe
i'm barely hanging on

i cant deny, i cant pretend
i'm torn to piece once again
i thought you were the one
but u left me broken,deep inside

now all that is left of me
is what i pretend to be
so together and collected
but so broken up inside

you wont get to see the tears i cry
behind these dark brown eyes of mine

alvin hilton

Sunday, March 27, 2005

heloo public,

sometime a certain song will evoke a certain emotion inside of us. there's this malay song called cinta(love) by kris dayanti and melly goeslow, two of indonesia's finest divas, which is a very sad song. the music video was revolvin ard a lesbian theme. it was like how this girl loves another girl but the love isnt returned. its really sad. i'm somewhat touched by the music video and the song although i'm not lesbian or gay.

its like in life everyone is special in their own way and when the 'special thing' is an obstacle for the person to lead a happy life then its sad. its sad when u give your heart to someone and that someone rejects it. its sadder if the main reason of the rejection was due to ur 'special thing'. doesnt that jus make you hate being 'special'?

as we face many life experiences we start to learn more about life. and we start to wonder what our purpose of existence is. they say everything happens for a reason. i'm still waiting for many of the reasons.

many things are still left without reason. slowly we learn to accept that we may never find out the reasons to our many questions on life. all we can do about it is jus to accept the fact that shit happens in our life. many things that we dont want to happen, happens. i've learnt that its useless to ponder bout the matter and fret about it. it'll jus weigh us down. we may feel emotional about it. but we have to get over it lest is becomes a burden. jus keep moving, move on and keep moving on till we find a greener pastuer. where the sun shines and our shadows fall.

hmm. that was a kinda serious entree. not the typical himbotic ones u usually read in my blog. i may look himbotic or sound blonde but that doesnt mean my life is a bed a roses. even a bed of roses has thorns. well jus think bout it yeah.

back to my usual entries,

well, today woke up at 11am. washed up and got ready to go out and meet tuna at amk library. we were suppose to study for our chinese exam this coming tuesday. there was a lot of people at amk library, especially kids. i ended up enjoying a caramel cafe latte and a chicken mayo focascia sandwich while flippin thru style magazine and men's folio. it was quite fun.

tuna's a nice fren to go out with cause she's funny and she find my jokes funny. i like ppl who have the same wavelenght as me. and mind you, there are very few intelectual beings out there. anyway. so we studied till 4.45. library was closing so we had to leave. it was raining heavily and tuna had a small umbrella. we shared and end up still getting wet. haha. went to the arcade for a while and played daytona. fun fun. she had to leave afterwards to meet up with her bf.

so i went to pay the bills and visited shop n save for a one hour grocerry shopping. i felt like cooking smthing so i bought the ingredients. and whenever i say i wanna cook smthing, it only means one thing. pasta. bought ingredients to make my creamy mushroom chicken pasta. reached home and started to cook. i think i need to get my own apron. the one i'm using is my mum's and its pink with one of hello kity's fren on it. i think its called melody or smthing. lol. anyway. the food was done and tasted as usual. very creamy, with extra mozarella, extra parmesan, extra chicken, extra button mushrooms, extra capsicum and oh yah, low fat milk for a healthier choice. lol. my parents have started to accept my cooking and all the creamy pasta.

well, dats my life. very yummy. i love to cook. its like chemistry and experimenting with stuff and when ur creation turns out nice. u feel satisfied. watched the apprentice. raj got fired. he's the guy who always wear bow ties. i think bow ties look cool. maybe i should get one. poor thing la he got voted off. there were many more useless bums in the group. wad donald trump said was true, in life we're bound to work with ppl we dont like. but wad matters most is the end result. so jus be professional and keep all that aside.

well thats it for this entry. i leave u with some malay words. its from a lyric that came out from the top of my head. i also enclose a translation for those non-malays.

biarkanlah diriku sendirian tanpa mu
bukan maksudku untuk membisu

mungkinkan bersama dua jiwa ini
dalam mencari cinta sejati

mungkinkah segala derita dijiwa
akan terubah kini


jus let me live alone without you
its not my intention to remain silent

maybe these two souls might be together
in the quest for true love

maybe all the hurt in this soul
wil begin to change

life in plastic, is not all fantastic

Saturday, March 26, 2005

ta jia hao,

wo jing tian xie hua wen zai wo de blog ing wei wo you hua wen test next er ge sin chi. suo yi, ni men have to bear with wo de bu hao de hua wen. rang wo lai jie shao wo. wo shi malai ren. wo zhu zai ang mo kio. wo the xue xiao shi xin jia po li gong xue yuan. wo de zhuan ye shi shang ke. wo mei you xiong di jei mei. wo shi wo de mama papa de yi ge hen hao de hen hao de haizi. wo hen ai chi ji fan ye you yi da li mian. wo hen ai he ning meng cha.

wo tong jing tian wo de blog entry hen crappy ke shi wo zhen de bu zhi dao yao xie shen me le. jiang lai wo yao zuo shang ke. wo feel that hua wen hen you yong zai xin jia po ing wei you hen tuo hua ren ma. hua ren zai zuo bian, you bian, qian mian, hou mian, shang mian, xia mian, wai mian. ma lai ren ne? zai malay village lor.

okok. wo chiang smthing else ba. wo de ou xiang shi fan wen fang. ta shi hen piao liang. wo hen xi huan ting ta de chang ge. ta de singing hen bu zhuo lei as compared to hen tuo other taiwan de artiste. wo hen ai kan sammi cheng de dian ying. ta de acting hen hao. wo bu tong yao xie shen me le. hmmm.

wo jing tian mei you zuo shen me zai wo jia. wo wake up, chi fan, kan dian shi, qu niao niao, then later wo gen wo mama qu NTUC mai dong xi. jing tian wo kan yi ge lan jiao. hen mei de. zhi ge uncle de lan jiao ke yi whistle. wo hen entertain kan ta de lan jiao. wo yao mai yi ge lan jiao fang wo de jia. ke yi kan everyday. hen piao liang.

hao le ba. wo de tv show starting liao. ni men take care ba. zai jian.

ni de peng you,
lee xiang shen(jiao wo ah lee ke yi le)

Friday, March 25, 2005

heloo public,

i've been pms-ing for quite some time lately. i've been trying not to show it so that i wouldnt affect anybody's mood. nobody likes to face a moody, grumpy guy. so i paint on a smile. but that doesnt mean i'm fake. it jus mean i prefer to stay and look positive. in a way. i think. haha. anyway, its retarded to let negativity cloud your mind. so i smile. =)

so i went to the gym on thursday to burn all my pms away and also not burn some calories. studies have shown that exercise releases a certain toxin in your body called endorphins which makes you feel happier. furthermore, exercise makes u healthier and look nicer(complexion-wise and look fitter and leaner). so its like a triple combo. wow!! so after the exercise i felt great but very tired too. so went home and had a good rest.

woke up at 9am on a public holiday. washed up and went to meet sun at amk mrt station. me, sun and fern had decided on ktv-ing today. yay! i love ktv-ing. reached city hall at 10.30 and was to meet fern there. but she sms saying that she would be late. due to some reasons, she ended being 2hrs late. lol. anyway, within the 2hrs, me and sun had brunch (breakfast + lunch). i had a moshi mushroom pastry from bread talk. since it was morning, it was fresh out from the oven. yummy. then i had a club sandwich from 7eleven. had mango rasberry smoothie from starbucks. had two half boil eggs + kaya toast + milk tea from kopitiam. and lastly for dessert, a peach yami yogurt with mini oreos. well, talk about a big breakfast. yummy yummy.

so booked the room for k box. fern arrived shortly after. we sang and sang and sang. i got to sing many malay songs and many songs i like. yay!!! sang for more than 3 hours. until my throat sored. haha. after that, fern even applied for membership card for k box. haha. cools. we gonna be loyal customers. the service there is good too. =)

had a heavy breakfast and needed to burn some calories so proceeded to the arcade. actually wnated to play this drum game called percussion master but alot of people were playing it. so we ended up para para-ing. it was the old 'first mix' machine, so it wasnt really nice. but then we ended up doing ddr. dance dance revolution!!! its been ages since i did ddr. main reason was that nobody ddr-ed and since playing alone is no fun, i didnt. but i've got super 'on' fren, fern who's always on for para para or ddr. and a slightly luke warm 'on' fren, sun who miraculous agreed to ddr. haha. so i played ddr. and we chose really fast songs. i was sweating like nobody's business. i was really wet. so we went out after the game and went to carefour. we went specifically to the department where they sell fans. =)

haha. stood in ffront of the fan and soon later, i was nice and dry. hahahaha. well, i think i burned most of my calories already. haha. so we walked ard later. had dinner at the carefour foodcourt. i like the food there although the yakitori didnt really taste nice. i had my usual, wanton mee. yummy. walked ard abit. i want to get a gym bag. didnt see any nice ones though. so we left ard 7.30pm since fern had to leave to meet a fren.

reached home. watched a bit of sound of music on channel 5. saw on the news that someone died today at buona vista mrt station. he got bang by an mrt. so poor thing. its reported that he wanted to pick up his shoes that drop onto the tracks. a bit stupid la. but poor thing also. i pray his that his soul rest in peace.

well, it wasnt a good friday for the guy who got bang by the mrt, but it was for me. i had a great time today. when u are not in a good mood. do things to cheer urself up. if singing makes u happy, like in my case, then go ktv. i feel much happier now. and i'll continue posting 'pissed-entries' as it help me release my tension whenever i feel irritated. its jus to get a load of my chest. if u dont like, dont read it. if somehow u do, then you're a pessimist. but a good pessimist cause u still my blog. haha.

to all the people who love reading my blog. please continue your support. i love you all!!!

to my unicorn, tuesday : theres only like one more year left for us in poly. after that i wont be seeing you at all. i hope we can make this last year a wonderful one for us. i'll be your friend always and anytime you need someone, i'll be there. =)

ps: ppl say the font size of my entries are too small. so i increased the font size. hope its better. do comment whether i should retain the old font size or this new one. tag it on my tagboard.

diminish the negativity and surround yourself with positivity,
alvin hilton

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

heloo public,

i was really pissed today. but somehow an sms made my day. thank you to you know who! ;)

heloo public,

i'm bored.

and pissed. very pissed. it'll go away after a while, but i'm still pissed. i pissed with two people. and i'm not mentioning who. i hate it when people gives me attitude. if u werent my fren, i'd give you a tongue lashing there and then. but i can only control so much. you are not even a close fren and u dare give me attitude. watch out as i give u a taste of your own medicine. to everyone out there, if u cant remain professional and have got nothing better to say then u better shut it before i stuff my shoe in your trap. imcompetent insolence of the damned mother earth, begone and burn in the flames of hades.

to the second person, no hellos, no goodbyes, no smses, no smiles. to think i wasted my life on you. i'm better off dead and you wouldnt notice. i dont blame you. i blame my stupidity.

i miss secondary sch, poly life sux.

i am heavily PMS-ing,
alvin hilton

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

heloo public,

i'm dying. this is how the story goes:

today i woke up early to meet up with pat for breakfast since class starts at 2. so i happily ate two sausage mc muffin and had a latte with loads of creamer. like uber yummy. happily eating and was like damn full. so we walked around junction 8 a while. pat wanted to get listerine(a bigclue on who pat is. haha) . then there was this machine that took your height and weight and caluclated ur BMI in NTUC. and it was free. since there was not many ppl there, so i've decided to go there and try it out.

a sheet of paper was printed out from that. my bmi was more than 25 which was like the maximum for average people's bmi. i'm obese. shit la. and they put my height as 1.72m. damn shitty. i was 1.75 in sec 4. i couldnt have grown shorter. i'm not even gonna tell u wad my weight is. its those two sausage mc muffin i tell u. i blame it on them. and oh yah. the tonnes of creamer. ah shit shit shit. and you know wad. adding salt to my wound, the piece of receipt said that i am at moderate risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes. OMG!!!! i'm dying!!!!

diet plan for the coming days (begins today)
- cut out on rice totally
- reduce sugar intake. only take sweets that are sugar free.
- fruits fruits fruits
- vegetables vegetables vegetables
- reduce protein intake
- avoid cakes(except for birthdays) and cookies and brownies
- jog
- exercise in whatever possible way
- sleep early
- cut out on deep fried stuff (bye bye nuggets from foodcourt6)
- cut out on gassy drinks
- start my weekly meditation routine again
- start window shopping instead of chillin at cafes (shopping burns calories)
- avoid creamy pasta, cheese, or dairy products

i'm either gonna loose weight or risk dying young. i have no choice towards a healthy lifestyle. anorexia here i come.

lets get high on celery sticks with brocolli dip,
alvin hilton

Monday, March 21, 2005

heloo public,

update bout today. finished the business law project. oh goodie. went out for dinner with pat after class. on the train back, we saw pat's eye candy. he is tall, muscular and ... gay. haha. but i hated his hair.

then we went for dinner at pasta mania at bishan. pat had driving lessons later so i accompanied her for dinner. at pastamania i saw my new eye candy. lets call her capsicum. she had really cute eyes and damn cute chubby cheek but she wasnt fat. she looks damn cute. haha. i jus wanna go there and squeeze those cheeks. she works as a waitress at pasta mania. pat? everytime u wanna go dinner we go pastamania k? hahaha. oh btw, she's a butch. hahaa. a damn cute one. the cutest i've seen. hahaha. oh gosh. i have a thing for butches!!! haha.

oh then we cant finish our food cause we were like too full. so we mixed the creamy chicken fusilli with lots of chilli flakes, tobasco sauce, parmesan cheese and loads of pepper. then we played scissors paper stone for nine times. who lose must eat one fussili. guess who lost. pat!!! she lost 8 out of 9 time!!!! OMG!!! i was laughing like mad seeing her eat all the damn spicy fusilli. i ate one and it was very spicy. she had to eat eight. haha. so poor thing. hahaha.

overall i enjoyed today. i had fun but only towards the last part of the day. hahaha. =)

since you've been blonde,
alivin hilton
heloo public,

i changed my blog template. i'm having a 4 hour break right now and since my business law project is done, i'm stoning like nobody's business. i've decided on a simple and chic blog. nothing complicating in terms of design and functions.

i think i'll blog later at home. i'm in the school library now and there is so many people around. there is no privacy typing my entries. tsk tsk.

alvin hilton

Sunday, March 20, 2005

heloo public,

today is such a lovely day. finally after like one whole week of only having less than 6hours of sleep in a day, now i get to sleep longer. i got 12hours of sleep. it feels nice to wake up in the morning listening to gold 90.5fm and rolling around in bed and especially with the vanilla scented candle burning, its smells really nice and it makes me feel so happy.

i look back on life and although its been one hell of a tough week, i made it through. and i feel good and happy bout it. my life hasnt been really great lately. but i've learnt that i cant please everyone and that the only one that i should please is myself. to me hapiness matters most in life. i dont like to be sad or unhappy. i read in a book which says, surround yourself with positive vibes and u will be positive. positive vibes here means things that makes u happy and ppl who make u happy. well, i'm gonna do jus that.

i'm looking forward to kbox on good friday. yippie. next week i got a project submission, a law role play and a quantitative analysis lab test. after that i'm gonna have a one week study break week. and then exams. after exams, i have my attachment. i've been posted to work at golden village but donno where yet, i hope i get somewhere near. i'm gonna get $600. yay. the first thing i'm gonna do with the money is buy smthing for my mum and dad. then i'm gonna splurge it on an mp3 player and the emporio armani watch i've been eyeing. haha. $$$$. anyways. all the way i'm gonna be busy. chiong ar!!!!

to emo matters. i've gotten over lemonmint and papaya. love is being with that someone and feeling so at ease and blissful. i dont feel that when i'm around either one of them. love is being able to share everything and they share everything with you and being there for each other. neither has happen. i don feel there will be either. it sucks la. but as my favourite thing to say, shit happens, live with it and move on. this things will jus be memories in life.

hmm. i was walking ard amk central yesterday and there were a bunch of fat girls. i wanted to buy some food but after seeing them, i lost my appetite. well maybe i should take a foto of them and look at it whenever i feel hungry. its a good diet plan but anyways, i see them a lot in sch anyways. well note to fat girls out there. please dont wear white spadex pants, u look like cows. dont wear skirts that goes above the knee. don wear flair skirts, they make u look fatter. dun wear tube tops or spagethi straps. not everyone like dumplings. dun wear an eye catching belt. the last thing u'd want is for ppl to notice how fat ur waist is or how ur belt reminds them of the equator. dun wear a necklace or dangling earrings, it makes ur neck looks shorter and fatter.

well, i'm not making a personal attack to fat girls. i have friends who are fat. but its jus that people who are fat should not live in denial. they shouldnt dress as though they look like ayumi hamasaki. they should realise that they are fat and should dress to make themselves look better and slimmer instead of revealing too much of their bad points. everyone has flaws but that doesnt mean we cant hide them.

ok. i think i better start typing my business law project. haha.

your fashion consultant,
alvin hilton

Friday, March 18, 2005

heloo public,

been really busy lately. but since many of my frens are complaining that everytime they come my blog, they see the same post, i'll jus do a short brief one for now. at least to please the public.

- jus finished 3projects.
- now straining with business law project that is really confusing and draining.
- watched lemony snickets' series of unfrotunate event. not as great as the hype.
- only been getting at most 6hrs of sleep daily, i need to sleep!!!
- broke

other matters and thoughts:
- i'm over lemonmint.
- papaya who?
- people who do stuff to attract attention is so beneath.
- people who cant handle critiques are failures in life.
- i'm pissed with many people. i wanna go up to them and jus punch them in the stomach and slap their faces. their attitude is like shit, jus seeing their faces make me cringe in disgust.

life is unfair. shit happens, live with it and move on.
alvin hilton

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

heloo public,

its been a long time since i last updated. i'm really really busy with projects these days. projects are piling up past my almost non-existant neck. its really stressful and all. furthermore, some stuff have been going on in my life lately. my whole surrounding is bringing and pulling me down. but that does not mean i have to look like it.

the show must go on

painting a smile,
ali johari
One two three four five
Once i caught a fish alive.
Six seven eight nine ten
Than i let it go again

Why did you let it go
Because it bit my finger so
Which finger did it bite
This little finger on my right

Friday, March 11, 2005

Thursday, March 10, 2005

heloo public,

day begin at 10. met up with horsey to go have breakfast at macdonalds. i had the big breakfast. yummy. i like waking up and having breakfast with someone. its jus a nice and happy feeling. we met with pat at bishan mrt later and took train to sch. i'm really getting used to my csb teacher. she's not as iritating as before. haha. maybe i'm used to it la. she's really sarcastic and i find that funny. haha. business law lecture is cancelled. the teacher was on mc. so only had QA lecture. ended at 4 but had to wait till 5 cause needed to sign up for the BD group. met jay for a while and passed her a bag of gummies. =)

the BD group signing up was horrendous. we needed another member and i felt like a piece of meat on sale. its jus shitty la. but then the teacher told us that we can have groups of 4. so we went to sign up and do all the other processes. well my group has 4 ppl. 2 retail and 2 banking. it was rather quiet on the first meeting but they all look nice. i hope it turns out well. =)

to tuesday: why cant u jus smile or make any eye contact with me? i was right beside you but its as if i wasnt there. =(

after all that, met up with moschino and anime gal. we went jp. went to the library. had dinner at banquet. went arcade afterwards and played para para. =)

was talking to horsey and she reminded me that the next 5 weeks would be the most tiring one ever. projects non stop and continued with final year exam. chiong all the way!!! =

i feel somewad sad, depressed and stressed now. life doesnt seem to go the way i want it.

but still, the show must go on.

ur writer,
alv hil

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

heloo public,

how can a piece of rock be placed next to a ruby? it jus degrades the ruby.

heloo public,

its like only 2pm now. tutorial was supposed to end at 3 but somehow we ended and hour early. but the sad thing is that i cant go home early cause there's gonna be hour seminar letter beginning at 3.10pm later regarding our attachment. well, truth be told, i'm actually really looking forward to this job attachment(itp). i've never work a real day in my life before. well, for job experience, i've helped out at the community library that my aunt works in. and oh yah, i've worked for less than a day at a telemarketing company. we had to call up ppl and ask them to come down to our company to check out offers, but i couldnt handle rejection well u see. so i quit. i didnt even get paid. sucky. i actually long how it feels like to earn your own money from scratch. countless time i've wanted to look for a job but i'm afraid that it would affect my studies in a way.

hmm. well. so now i have nothng better to do except blog... er. actually i do have stuff to do. i have like 2 projects pending which are dued next week. and for both i have yet to start them. why am i so lazy.

i have nothing to talk about today actually. but i'm really bored. i hope those of you who read this entry doesnt get bored as well. hmm. i was surfing thru the net when i chanced upon a song lyric that was somewad really apporpriate. you know, some times stuff happens in our life but we jus donno how to phrase it. but somehow we'll chance upon a nice song that totally describes how we're feeling inside. this song lyric i'm gonna show is really emo la.


I've got to see you
Wherever you are
And I've got to be there
I'm wishing on stars
I've got to reveal what's inside of my heart
But the words escape me
And I'm paralyzed
So helpless when I
Look into your eyes

And how I wish you only knew
What I feel inside for you
You probably haven't got a clue
But I wish you knew
How I love you baby
Honestly I know it's silly of me
To want you so badly

But keep it concealed
See my inferiority complex kicks in
And the words escape me
And I'm paralyzed
So helpless when I
Look into your eyes

And how I wish you only knew
What I feel inside for you
You probably haven't got a clue
But I wish you knew
How I love you baby

i wished you knew, yeah, i wished you knew.

i believe that this lyric applies to almost everyone. like at a certain time in our life we'll chance upon someone who tickles our fancy. someone that takes control of your heart. and makes u feel really nice when you are with the person. but we'd have our insecurities and we dont dare to make a move. cause from this insecurities that we have it leads to a fear of rejection. or smtimes it jus a fear that somewad the friendship you shared before wouldnt turn out as good as before. but smtimes you're left hanging on the fence whether to move forward and risk a rejection or jus to conceal wad we feel inside in hopes that everything remains the same. its a dilemma that we must solve somehow.


well, i wanna say thank you to my sweet strawberry, jaylicious for the kisses. haha. i mean hershey's kisses. i love cookies and cream. yum.

well, i think i better get ready to go for the seminar. see yall.

with hugs and kisses(especially cookies and cream ones),
alvin hilton

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

heloo public,

nothing much happened today. class started at two. dint go for chinese class cause i was feeling rather tired. well dats it. have an early class tmr so i better turn in early.

to emo matters,

life is never always happy. we must look at all the happy stuff in our life and cling on it. dont fret with all the complexity of life that will only burden you. live simple, happy and free. [this is dedicated to my friend, jay]

to my beautiful unicorn, tuesday also known as the ever popularly mentioned in my blog, Ms yahyah hippie, i miss u so so much. but i've learnt that life is better if we learn to move on. i think u already did move on a long time ago. well, now, finally, its my turn to throw this weights aside, and fly. i wish u well and above all, happiness.

sweet strawberry dreams,
alvin hilton

Monday, March 07, 2005

heloo public,

omg. i jus made a terrible sin today. omg! omg! i'm so going to hell for this. aargh! okok. i must say it out. i cant keep it in or else i'd feel terribly guilty. my conscience will bug me. omg! i skipped lecture today. smtimes i do skip lecture la. but all of the times i skipped, its either because i'm not feeling well, i'm rushing for project or i jus have simply smthing more important to do. but today i did it out of no particular reason. i jus skipped it because i felt like watching a movie. omg. i did smthing terrible. somebody pls whip me! lol. i skipped my SM lecture and the only punishment i deserve is SM in return. so baby, get the whips and handcuffs and i'll be waiting for the dripping hot wax all over my body.

lol. =P

well, anyways, the movie was a really nice one. i went with min and lin. i watched Hitch. the show starring will smith. it was a simple romantic comedy. i'd give it 3.5stars upon 5stars. its worth $6.50 but not $8.50. but its really nice. it has a lot of funny bits and romantic bits spread evenly. a lovely show. i dare say it was worth skipping the dull lecture anyway. haha. *evil grin*

i'm gonna catch lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events next week. i've been looking forward to it and barney wans to watch it as well. so we gonna watch it next week on a weekday cause his company in ns is having a certain one week break. donno why oso. haha.

to emo matters,

there's been someone that i'd owe an explanation to for my rather uncustomary behaviour lately. you'd know who you are. all i wanna say is that i'm really sorry.

life is unfair, live with it.
alvin hilton
heloo public,

apparently i'm bored to death rotting in my school library. am having a 3hr break right now. since i have a SM project dued next week. me and my group mates have each booked a com to do the project. and when each person have their own com, dont even expect for the project to get started. hahaha. everyone is busy on their friendster n blog(me included) haha. nothing will get done i tell you. lalala. i watched happy tree friends jus now. it was rather gross as usual. anyway, found a retailer that we can implement for the retail place in sp. yay. that means basically my part is done. all i need to do now is to piece everything together. next i should get started on my etiquette class project. its an individual project. oh shit. maybe i can get it done on this week. if not, at most i'd push it forward to this weekend latest as the duedate is next monday.

hmm. lets plan this week since i've got nothing to do(technically) haha.

monday - dinner with min
tuesday - chinese class
wednesday - ITP seminar
thursday - signing up for BD project members.
friday - free after 1pm. any takers?
saturday - ktv with J.A.P.
sunday - etiquette project to be completed

that only makes me free for friday. i wan go cycling or smthing. or maybe kite flying. ooh. sounds like a fun healthy lifestyle. i simply cant wait. i wanna jog this weekend. maybe in the morning. i need to feel some sun.

i'm gonna have a Marketing Research test next week. and i've yet to study. i wanna get my stuff and project done so i can study for it. i wanna change for the better . i wanna start saving as well. hmm. i should save 2 dollars daily and should bank in 50 dollars each month. i seriously should start saving. my mum told me not to be so spenthrift cause she's and my dad getting older and if somehow someone cant work anymore. i wont have enough money to spend lavishly as before. sometimes i feel really bad for spending their hard earned money. i wan to find my own job and work hard for my own spending. but i'm really scared it would affect my studies in a way. and i cannot cope. i wan to give tuition but i'm scared that the poor child will fail if i teach. i dont wan to live with guilt. yes, i do have a conscience too. i really wanna help my family financially. cause i know that they are not that well off. and i know that they are giving me so much freedom and money cause like i'm their only child. i musnt take advantage of that. so i should do my part. even though its a small tiny weeny part, like saving 2 dollars everday, i must do it.

i'm not ashame to say that you are my inspiration.

jiafang wants to type something in my blog. here it is:

ali says "feel free to type, i'll entertain myself.."
ali says "just type i woke up this morning and i saw wl.."
ali says "ya more more"
ali says "where's my birthday present?"
ali says "when i grow up, i'll employ her (songsu) to be my secretary.."
ali says "hehehehehehehehehe..."
ali says "i wouldn't mind if they have a choc dip.."
ali says "my secretary.."
ali says "serene is so pretty today!"
ali says "oh gosh, i LIED!"
ali says "hmmmm..."
ali says "2 juicy chicken patty special mayo lettuce cheese on a toasted sesame seed bun"
ali says "yeah, u got it!"
ali says "anybody wans to employ my secretary?"

ali would like to thank my very good employee of the month. lim jiafang for her admirable work ethiques. thank you for being the best secretary.

yummy yummy!!!

urs truly,
CEO of

Sunday, March 06, 2005

heloo public,

its been quite some time since my blog have been rather sarcastic, since i myself have actually been sarcastic at all. what happened? i've turned all soggy and nice. which is a good thing right?hmm. i donno either.

well, i'm sitting down in front of my computer sipping my hot cocoa with marshmallows(oh yummy) and sweating like a filthy pig in this blimy hot weather. i think the world has been rather fucked lately. blistering hot one day and wet the other. forest fires on one day and flood the other. mother nature really does have a sense of humour doesnt she? recently it snowed in a certain dessert in like africa or india or smthing smthing. well, maybe mother nature is recruiting new employees and somewad this new employee made a mistake. i really wished she'd make it snow here in singapore. for once i'd actually see ppl flooding to those winter wear shops that has been sprouting in singapore like we actually experience snow. u know, it really makes me wonder why we have so many winter wear shops. do they actually make money? well, i'd understand that there are some singaporeans that travel to cold region overseas. but why the need for so many of such shops here?

hmm. you know smthing, i'mjus crapping i have no proper entry to do and i'm like bored to death at home. i wished smthing nice would happen. my phone hasnt been vibrating for like 23hours. no one messages, no one calls. i'm really bored. nothing nice on tv. and the only entertainment would be listening to my charlotte church cd. and oh yah. the most strenuous activity i did today would be filing my toenails. i almost had a cramp in my back. i really think i need to go and jog or smthing. i'm getting obese. i have napfa test in likek one years time. and that will determine how long i'd be in ns. i don wan be in ns for too long. and i think loosing some weight, perhaps ard 10kilos would be good on the appearance as well. i wan fast results. so i'm gonna go on a diet yet again. in fact an even stricter one. i wan to save money to buy slimming pills. and also exercise whenever i can find the time which is like weekends. i wan be skinny and toned. that means i have to go to the gym as well. darn. i hate going to the gym. everyone there looks fab. and i look fat. hmm .anyone wanna gym with me. instead of going town all the time maybe i should indulge in exercise like badminton or smthing. smthing that'll make me burn calories.

things i'd like to do:
fly kite(i think it burns calories right?)
bowling(well, it still is a sport)
table tennis
para para(haha)
go to the zoo(its hot and u must walk a lot)

well, i listed things that i could do to burn calories. i wanna do it. i can do it. i must do it. i can do it. hahaha. anyone wanna join along. choose an activity and register with me.

hmm. towards a happier and healthier lifestyle. u know. when u exercise, u actually release a certain hormone called endorphin into ur body. this hormones makes u feel happier. i wanna feel happier. i wanna be stress free. haha. recently i did a personality test in sch. they ask me to choose to words to describe myself from a list of a lot of words. i chose optimistic and carefree. and then from the words u've chosen, they classified it into different birds, namely, peacock, dove, eagle and owl. some ppl and mixed breed and some are pure birds. well, in my case, i m a pure peacock. this means i'm very sociable and stuff. my future job would be in the marketing line or simply a social escort. i'd prefer to be a social escort. haha. ooh. i dont mind being a socialite either. i dont really think i'm dat sociable though. i avoid social events. and only when its necessary, i'd put up a smiley and sociable front and start socialising. i do this a lot at family events and other social gatherings. does that really make me sociable or jus adaptable.

well, i have like 2 projects pending. my store management one and the ettiquette portfolio one. due next week. i better get cracking. soon. well, maybe later. hmm, or tmr. next weekend i suppose.

haha. lazy bastard.

its hurting me more than before,
alvin hilton

Saturday, March 05, 2005

helooo public,

TURN ON YOUR SPEAKERS!!! its the new music video of the week. evanescence's everybody's fool. oh. please wait a while for it to load. it takes less than one minute. this music video rocks. very meaningful. its like a short story clip.

alvin hilton

Friday, March 04, 2005

heloo public,

i was like gonnabe early for school today but smthing happened. i was happily doing my hair. and when i applied hair spray, some of the contents came into contact with my eye. damn it. i quickly go and wash. there were still some stinging felt afterward. so i applied eye mo and after a while it was better. and then i continued again. what to do? the price to pay for my carelessness. silly me.

so i rushed to sch. and somewad i was early still. haha. went for lecture. had etiquette class later. learnt about sexual harassment and dealing with it. quite fun.

met up with Tail and Purple after school. tail is like my sec sch fren who is in the same poly and course and option as me. haha. while, purple is a fren i got to know during sec sch. its been a long time since i've met purple. anyway, her birthday jus passed and me and tail went to heeren to get her smthing. me and tail met up with her at cineleisure. had dinner at pasta mania. finally i tried smthing else from the usual marinara i've been eating. i had the beef bolognaise. quite yummy. i like. haha. walked ard town later. took neoprints at fareast. my favourite shop was closed so we settled for another shop. fotos were quite nice. chilled at shaw towers later.

shortly after we took the train home. tail came to amk to meet his dad. and while waiting for his dad we played arcade. jus played a lot of daytona. and this time i've been wining him in most of the games. haha. i rox! and he kept saying that i was jus lucky. haha. sore loser.

went home later. had a nice day today.

was listening to class 95 while chillin in my room. chanced upon a very very sad song. it's sung by toni braxton. i took an excerpt from the lyrics which i felt was rather meaningful.

How could an angel break my heart
Why didn't he catch my falling star
I wished i didn't wish so hard
Maybe i wished our love apart
How could an angel break my heart

anyway, theres like this britanny thing in my tagboard. i have no idea wad it is. it could be porn or virus la. so dont anyhow go and click. our management will not take any responsibility in case of any faults relating to well, that was my exclusion clause.

some things are better left unsaid,
alvin hilton

Thursday, March 03, 2005

heloo public,

had csb test today. felt happy that finally i'm happy with the results of a group project. its really fun editing the grammar. its been a long time since i actually enjoyed doing a project. haha.

went city hall(suprise suprise) for dinner with moschino after our last common lecture. had sake sushi at the capitol building. i love this place as the place was like half empty and was really cosy. ate and ate. yummy. i had like 5 handrolls. yummy.

played the daiko drums game at the suntec arcade again. haha. i love that game. dound out from k box that they have some attractive rates for students. yippie. haha. went home shortly after.

nothing much happened today. meeting old friends tmr after school tmr. hope everything turns out fine. =)

i've found another member for my BD group. all i need is another one. i hope my group turns out great.

do you think i look slutty? please comment.

thank you

Yours faithfully,
Alvin Hilton Lee
CEO of Realitee.Blogspot.Com

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

heloo public,

went out with my horsey and squirrel today. we went to city hall cause horsey needed to get smthing from her workplace at the old parliment house. walked ard the place and it was really cool and classy. there was this table where they allow you to light a candle and if u want, write in the condolences book in regard to the memorial of the Holocaust, a mass killing of the jews by the nazi. well, we're jus supposed to light up a candle. but since there were many unlit candles on the table, we decided to simply lit them all. haha. then in the condolences book, we wrote :damn those nazis!. lol. then, we signed our names and wrote 'peace' at the bottom of the page. haha. nicely done it.

walked ard suntec. had the apple pie ice crea from andersens ice cream. it was heavenly. after we were done with it, we were jus left craving for more. squirrel left a short while later to meet up with her fren. me walked ard with horsey. took neoprints and played daiko drums at the arcade. it was really fun although it hurt our arms soon after the games ended. haha. had dinner at pasta mania. had the marinara again. it was really scrumptious. walked ard and saw an andersens ice cream stand and simply couldnt resist buying the apple pie ice cream. yum.

went to ang mo kio later. they jus opened a Rotiboy at the central. there was a long queue. it was my first time so i queued. i really wanted to know what the fuss was all about. so i queued and i tried. it was nice. nothing spectacular though. walked to the bus stop at my house there and waited for horsey's bus to arrive. i love going home with horsey cause she takes the bus at the bus stop right beside my block. hehe.

i haven been blogging much lately. i've been too tired to do so or there's jus nothing to type about. well, i love going out with horsey and squirrel. they bring me so much happiness and laughter. its really nice to go out with frens that u enjoy going out with. and after much thought, i really know which frens i can go out with and have fun. not everybody will share such great chemistry. that's why i've learnt to treasure and cherish such frens. they dont come around often. and when they're gone, it really affects you deeply.

trust me, i know.

emancipation of...
alvin hilton.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

heloo public,

sometimes, for the better of smthing of someone, a sacrifice is necessary.

i do not want to swim further from the shore
cause i'm scared that i'll go too far
and down to deep
for that i will be damned
to drowning in your sea of love
and i will only drown
if i swim any further.

reinventing the reinvention,
alvin hilton