Monday, April 18, 2005

Saturday, April 16, 2005

heloo public,

today, i'm not in my best of moods. i don wanna talk about it either.

i've been thinkin. my blog has been goin public, hence the heading 'heloo public' for each entry, for a long time. well, maybe i dont wan it to go public anymore.

alive since 1986

Friday, April 15, 2005

heloo public,

the exams are finally over. dont really think i'll do well for this semester but all i pray for is dat i dont fail any subjects. the last paper was a killer. hmm. well, wads past is past.

this few days have been fun yet tiring. went out today and yesterday. basically went to k box today.

note to everyone: do not patronise k box at cineleisure. firstly, the room was damn small and stank off cigarettes. secondly, the mic was a bit retarded. thirdly, service there sux. fourthly, the food sucked. fifthly, the entire place sucked.

i called them the day before and asked what time they'll be open. they said 10am. so i asked them what time k lunch start(the first singing session), they said 11am. so i asked if i came early would they let me enter before 11am, they said no. so i asked what they'll be doing from the time they open which is 10 to the time the first session start which is 11am. they said, "orh, it will jus be open lor". diaoz part 1!!!

so this morning. i arrive at the level 5 k box at 10.50am. waiting for it to be officially open. until like 11.10am still haven open. then we decide to check out the other k box at level 8, and when we reach it was already open. so basically we waited downstairs for 20 minutes for nothing. they should have placed a blardy sign that says proceed to level 8 or smthing. diaoz part 2!!!

so usually when we at k box suntec, we'll jus order two drinks instead of food. we requested for that here. they say cannot. then i see the food, the cheapest one had pork in it or smthing. so i told them i only eat hala food, so can i change mine to drinks instead. they say cannot, if u want two drinks only u must pay for the $7 one instead of the $5 one. chee bye. so i jus order the cheap one. i dont care about the food, i can throw it away. so the food came. i only ate the prawn balls. i gave the fried rice to sun and fern. they said is was disgusting. stupid people technically forced me to eat pork if i dont want to pay more. inconsiderate bastards! diaoz part 3!!!

i dont want talk about all the other stuff, its jus gonna annoy me. the whole k box ruin me, sun and fern's mood for the day. i'm not touching that place EVER!!! on the other hand, i recommend the k box at suntec. the service is great, the front desk lady recognises us and the room is spacious.

k box today was jus a bad experience. but on a better note, i found a great song today. i have no idea wad the title is called. its a fast chinese song sung by alex to. the entire song was majorly repeating this words 'tu diao, tu diao, tu diao' which means take off. so the music video was practically soft porn. they kept dancing and taking off clothes. a bit retarded la. but i like the song. so the entire day after k box all i did was keep singing tu diao tu diao tu diao!!!

saw sylvester at tcc at cineleisure. they were filming smthing. he looks quite good, great complexionand all but he looks damn ah beng la. not a lot of people was there to watch. isnt he suppose to be popular or smthing? anyways, walked ard town later. nothing much to do. went to tangs and walked around. fancied some items but not buying anything cause my budget is low. after itp, i'll shop like mad. haha.

went to the library later to read up on magazines. went home later. brought my camera out today but didnt even take one foto. that stupid k box has dampen my mood. hmmph.

well dats it for now. i have a house warming to attend tommorow. my cousin who jus got married last year jus bought a house at ponggol. i hate family gatherings at my father side. my relatives that side are like damn snobbish. but hey, they're still my relative so i jus go there smile and socialise. what a chore!

oh btw, i changed my background song to Still by Jeniffer Lopez(or Jeniffer Anthony as she wants to be called now). i hope u like it.

tu diao tu diao tu diao. nei yi tu diao tu diao.
alvin aliguera hilton lee

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

heloo public,

another day gone wasted on tv instead of textbooks. my QA exam is the day after tomorrow and i've yet to start studying. i should go off to sleep and study tmr morning. i better. nonono. i must.

please comment on whether u like my blog song?

please comment whether u have anything interesting to recommend doing in singapore?

i hate watching the 9pm show. it alway makes me think of someone.

i wish you knew. how much i love you.
alvin aliguera hilton lee

Monday, April 11, 2005

heloo public,

my previous entry was dated 2 days back. i'll always try my best to update my journal daily whenever possible so that supply can feed demand. haha. anyways, this past two days i've been rather busy. firstly, studying for my law paper. and secondly, arcade-ing. haha. the day before my law exam, i went to the arcade. its getting like an addiction for me. somehow, it relieve stress from me. then today after my law exam, i went to the arcade again. and now i'm left with only $1.40 in my wallet. i had $30 at the beginning of yesterday. arcade is taking its toll on me.

anyways, studying for business law didnt go really well, i was very lethargic and sleepy most of the time. i only have myself to blame. i didnt push myself hard enough. oh wells, wadever is pass is past. the law paper today wasnt that easy nor was it super hard. i know i wouldnt score, but i'm hoping for a pass.

i'm so not looking forward to my quantitative analaysis(QA) paper this thursday. but i want my exams to end. well, i fought four battles and now theres one last tough battle left. lets prop up the army and prepare for war.

my whole week is packed. the next two days studying for my QA. thursday i have QA. after QA while everyone goes off to party. i'll go someone to relax and pass the day stress-freely. friday, outing with J.A.P. should be another k box outing. i used to anticipate k box much. but now, its like oh ok. all the songs there are almost the same la. i wan to do smthing fun. donno what though. what's there fun to do in singapore. comment it on my tagboard k. saturday would be my recently married cousin's open house. they jus bought a nice house and there will be a house warming. i hate social family gatherings. they make my face stiff from smiling. sunday is me going out with a fren. monday is my first day with golden village. =)

okok. i added a song onto my blog. please give it some time to load. it is a smooth jazzy number. hope u like it.

to all my realiteers, you know who you are, a.a.h. lee. loves you.

popcorn? sweet or salty for you sir?
alvin aliguera hilton lee

Saturday, April 09, 2005

heloo public,

woke up at 2pm today. haha. was greeted by mum when i went to the kitchen. she said, 'oh hi, you're jus in time for lunch'. i swear she gets more sarcastic by the day. haha. had lunch. washed up and decided to finally start studying for my law paper.

today in the shower i took 5minutes contemplating on which shower gel to use. so i stood there butt naked trying to agree on a shower gel. i had strawberry, papaya and orange scented ones from body shop. finally i decided on orange cause it was more uplifting and refreshing so that i could study better.

i only managed to read thru the first 3 chapters of business law today. i fell asleep after that. lol.

it was then dinner and my dad told me that later ard 8pm, we had to go to mosque for 'solawat'. its like hymn singing. its been ages since i've been to mosque but this occasion was smthing i looked forward to. i like hymn singing session. its really nice to sit in the mosque and sing praises to the lord. i find it really tranquil and it helps to calm my soul.

i think its time that i lean closer to god. i haven been really holy for quite some time. and when u are closer to the lord, he's like a source of comfort. he calms u internally. and now after the hymn singing session. i feel better.

the mosque gave away some food to everybody that was there.reached home and ate it. its like damn delicious i tell u. haha. anyway, they aired this movie called Chocolat on tv1(malaysia). it was shown in the cinema some time ago. always thought it looked nice but somehow or rather didnt manage to catch it. its a show set in france. its about this lady who jus arrives in this town and she opens a shop that sells chocolate. the show's quite deep la. but it was very nice. loves it.

okok. i read thru my tagboard and its really sweet of my realiteers for the kind words of encouragement. realiteers rox! well, one of my realiteer wanted me to mention her in her in my entry. since i dont mention names in my entries, i'll jus call her hazelnut. hazelnut's a pretty girl who i enjoy chatting to very much. not many can hold a conversation with me but she can and she did it very well. so here it is. your few seconds of fame. enjoy!

caught mariah carey's new music videos. 'its like that' and 'we belong together'. the music video is quite nice but not excellent. but mariah looks fantastic in the videos. she looks slimmer and her hair is jus simply fabulous. catch it at msn music website k. and vote for her as artist of the month. =)

well, i think i better go to sleep already. its nearly 2 am. and i wanna wake up early tmr to study for my law paper. i'm jus gonna cram cram cram everything into my puny brain. to everybody who's gonna take this paper, good luck. we all will need it.

living with faith soothes my soul,
alvin aliguera hilton lee

Friday, April 08, 2005

heloo public,

oh dreary, i'm pmsing today. woke up and missed part of designer guys. spent the entire afternoon watching the pope's funeral live telecast on channelnewsasia since horsey had other plans than studying law. i made dinner today. cooked fussili in mushroom cream sauce topped with sauteed prawns. it turned out horrid. jus threw everything down the chute. in the end, my mum came to the rescue by making fried rice.

was suppose to study for my law paper thats coming up this monday. all i did today that came close to business law was arranging all my lectures and tutorials in order. thats motherfuckin all. shit. i have 12 chapters to study and countless rules to remember and i cant bring myself to start studying. die die must try.

overall, today was kind of a bad day. everything jus doesnt seem to go my way. shit happens, live with it and move on. anyways, somehow or rather the 9pm chinese show on channel 8 has been really sappy. i hate sappy sad shows. they make me sappy watching it. u jus can help but get a tug at ur heartstrings when u see how sad their life are and how much they suffer.

on a brighter note, joanne peh is hot.

on a sadder note, here a poem.

That day I saw you
Holding hands with someone new
Somehow I kept my composure
Just like everything was cool
But inside I kept repeating
Don't ever let them see you cry
So I casually turned my head
As the tears rolled down my eyes

life is not perferct, it can never be. lets jus be happy with near perfection.
alvin aliguera hilton lee

Thursday, April 07, 2005

heloo public,

woke today at 10am to study for my store management paper that i'll be having later in the afternoon. studied till ard 11.30am. i simply couldnt resist watching designer guys. its a show bout two guys who renovate a person's house and the end result is fabulous. after that, i took a bath and got ready for sch. before heading for the train station i made a detour to 7eleven for lunch. haha. i especially love their club sandwich. it makes really good tasting food when u need it in a hurry.

met pat in the train and later met up with janet at raffles place. she spotted a new hairdo which looks kinda kool in a way. reached sch nicely on time. the paper went ok. i wasnt super hard nor was it easy. i think i can pass but i dont think i'll score. i saw my eye candy today, she was in the same exam room as me. lalala~~

went to queensway after sch with kaya, yaya, mama, and yaya's fren, pama. lol. we had some food at mac donalds before proceeding to shop. it was really nice to finally go out and shop. it was kinda like a small breather for this stressful exam week. didnt buy anything though except for food, food, food. haha. everything went nice and well.

ps: to yaya, i didnt accept the treat not because i didnt appreciate it but because i jus find it rude of me to accept a treat from a girl. a man should be the one giving a gal a treat rather. =)

i had a happy day today. thanx to all who made it possible. 2 down and 2 more exams to go. monday i have a law paper and thursday i have a statistics paper. i shall begin studying my b law tmr.

o hapi dae!
alvin aliguera hilton lee (aah lee)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

heloo public,

had marketing research exam today. it kinda sucked cause all the stuff i memorised didnt seem to come out. and the case study was simply nuisance. my only solace was handing it up.

after sch, went to the library with soya to study for my store management thats up tommorrow. saw the past year paper for it and i simply had no clue wad the answers to the questions were or even where in the textbook to search for the answers.

after studying, i rushed to town. emancipation of mimi was released in singapore yesterday. it is mariah carey's tenth and latest album. dubed to be a comeback album for fallen diva. the songs are very nice. i love this album cause she shrieks her 5 octave voice alot. the album is very r&b and hip hop. loves it.

oh wells, i have to go sleep now. gotta wake up early tmr to continue studying for my store management paper that i only started 2 hours ago.

realiteers rox!

my life is words,
alvin aliguera hilton lee

Monday, April 04, 2005

heloo public,

the reality of the coming exams have finally hit me. if i fail anything, i'd have to repeat the entire semester for that subject. up to date, i've only studied for my marketing research paper which is on this wednesday morning. theres so many things to read and memorise. i've yet to finish studying it. i'm gonna spend the entire of tomorow cramming the blardy marketing research into my brain.

today was suppose to go sch and study with soya but it was raining cats and dogs since i woke up. so we decided to call it off as it would simply be too troublesome for either one of us. so i called up horsey and she's meeting pinkey to study later at amk library. so i decided to join them to study. well, studied for like 3hrs and at least i got 2 chapters done. 5 more to go. i'm gonna cram that tmr. went arcade after studying to release our stress. played daytona, photohunt and ddr. very fun. i played this game where u hit the beaver that appear from underground. won a prize in the jacpot later. i got a toy motorcycle. haha. damn ugly la. but i still kept it. haha. could pass it off as my cousins birthday presents. hahaha.

bought rotiboy and we walked to the bus stop at my house. waited with them for their busses before i took my leave. i love horsey and pinkey. we were a part of a clique in year one of poly but we drifted apart. i missed those days. our names are still scribed on the wall at far east plaza. i'm happy to have friends who make me feel happy. i treasure you guys. =)

i hope everything goes well for my coming exams. if i dont blog for a few of the coming days, please pardon me as i'll be busy last minute studying. haha. oh wells, thats it for now.

u all take care. hmm. i've thought of a name for all my loyal blog visitors. i'll call you guys realiteers!!!


loving and living every moment,
alvin aliguera hilton lee

Sunday, April 03, 2005

heloo public,

woke up at 11.45am today. made my bed and watched jackie chan adventures on kids central at 12. had lunch and finally i pulled myself together to actually start studying smthing. i've decided to study Marketing Research(MR) today. so i sat at my study table arranging all my notes and filing everything nicely. and that took me an hour. haha.

so i started radiong thru evrything. our lecturer gave us hints on wad to study. she practically told us which topic to focus on and wad to ignore. but after reading thru the point she highlighted, it was basically everything. lol. minus 2 chapters. but like no diff leh. anyways. so i finished reading thru my MR. yay! i said reading thru. that doesnt mean i've memorised it yet. haha. so that makes day 7 of study week and percentage studied, 10%. haha. oh wells, at least i got smthing started.

well, did all that till like 6.30. then had dinner. my lovely daddy went all the way to golden mile market at north bridge road to buy 'bone stik' its like mutton in red gravy. its really messy to eat but like uber delicious. all malaysian celebrities will always make a detour there whenevr they're in singapore. my loving daddy went all the way to buy one of my fav food. yummy.

after dinner, watched ms conginiality on channel 5. i like that show, its very funny. and furthermore, i like sandra bullock who was the main actress. haha. so after that, watched the apprentice. it was all about the wedding industry. and one of the contestant was a bridal salon owner and this was her forte. she did the entire task with so much flair. loves it. well in the end, her team won the other team in terms of profit. the winner scored a $12 000 profit while the losing team only had a $1000 profit. pathetic. i think the bridal industry quite cool . i should make it an option for one of my career prospects.

anyways, the losing team's project manager got voted. serves him right. from the start he kept saying that their team is doomed and can never make it cause he knew nuts bout the wedding industry. he was so pessimistic that he brought the morale of the team down. donald trump said that u must always be positive in the business world. negativity brings u and ur team down. i think wad he said is very true. when a member in ur grp doesnt believe in the grp, it brings the morale down. that was how hitler invaded czechcoslovakia. he spiked the country and brought the morale of the people regarding their leader down. and the country collapse in his arm.

i wonder if donald trump has a book. i may wanna get it. a good read on success stories and how to achieve it is always a better read than those 'waste ur time novels' that result in nothing by reading it.

hmm. i need to go to the library tmr to return my book. and also study for my store management exam this coming thurs.

well ppl, its gonna a busy time again for me. 2 major exams this week, another 2 major exams next week, a cover letter to send to the management of golden village, april 18th marks the day i begin my attachment at golden village for six weeks. after that school starts and i begin my year 3 in poly. that is if i dont fail anything. i hope. anyway, i'm gonna start my last year of poly soon. time flies. after that i'll be in NS. and if i survive it, i'll come out to a big new world ahead of me. a world filled with many opportunities where i can proove my worth in this multi million dollar business industry.

let us all raise our glasses of bubbly to a great life ahead. cheers!

a fat guy with a fatter dream,
alvin aliguera hilton lee

Saturday, April 02, 2005

heloo public,

i think i've been sounding really down and pmsed in most of my entries. life is short, we should not surround ourself with complicated matters. jus live happy.

note to self: decrease amount of pms entry.

i wanna live happy and free. enjoy life while i still can. do my best in everything and live without regrets. so that one day i can look back and smile knowing that i've had a great life. i dont want to waste my precious youth worrying about small matters. everyone has problems. but when i look at mine, its jus silly of me fretting big time over something so mediocre. i should be happy that i have enough food to eat, a lovely house to stay in, no flies flying ard me like those kids in africa, no earthquakes or tsunamis. i have a happy family and living a better off life than some ppl.

i wan to have fun. feel carefree and fly a kite. enjoy a buffet without worrying about cholestrol. have a bbq at pasir ris park with close frens. i want to watch the sunset. i wan to play basketball. i wan take fotos of me and my frens. i wan to eat tartufu gelato. i wan to go to the zoo. i wan to color my hair. i wan to discover new places. i wan to sing the elmo song in my high pitch elmo voice.

i think my life is too boring. there's so many things i wan to do. all i've been doin is shopping and movies. life is so mundane. i've lost interest shopping. i wan to have fun. get down and dirty fun. i wan to wear bright colors and move away from black. i don wanna care about what the world says. i jus wanna do whatever makes me happy.

i wanna get a pet fish. maybe a goldfish. i wanna call it mary elizabeth taylor. lol.

if u wanna be happy, surround urself with ppl that makes u happy. i'm gonna do jus that. if u see me getting closer to you, it only means that u make my day. so dont be afraid, i dont bite. haha. i'm a very good and nice fren if i like you. so come and grab me. while stocks last!!!!

today, they crowned the new ms singapore universe. quite pretty. she was one of the contestant i'm rooting for. =)

today my dad said that if i get an A for my final exam, i'll get 50bucks, a B and i get 20bucks. but a C and below means minus 10bucks for each subject that i get a C and below. i don wan to loose money. i'm going to study hard. money as a motivation really helps. =)

the pope is gonna die soon. he's receiving so much coverage. more coverage than jeniffer lopez's wedding. that poor old man is dying. he looks so damn frail anyway. wish him all the best. good luck in the other world popey!

i'm suddenly reminded of 'sjc gal' while talking to a sec sch fren online. there was this girl from st joseph convent, when i was in sec 4 that i was madly infatuated with. i would come sch early and wait at the bus stop for her to see her take her bus to sch. she never noticed me until one day i picked up my courage to say hi. she was shocked and said that she was attached already. i was majorly devastated. i skipped class and went to the park near my sch. bought a bottle of bubble water and blew it. i felt happier. as though those bubbles were my grief. dissapearing into thin air. i picked myself up and went to sch.

looking back at this. i jus smile to myself. it was love at first sight. and i dont believe in love at first sight. i see it now as jus pure infatuation. i wonder how she looks like now. hmm.

anyway, i found a new nick for myself. alvin aliguera hilton lee. its aah lee for short. haha. sounds funny and wierd. jus like me.

life is beautiful,
alvin aliguera hilton lee

Friday, April 01, 2005

heloo public,

i feel really tired. really tired of pretending that everything is great in life. i'm really tired of people tellin me how great my life looks and how carefree i am. i'm really sick and tired of all this. i wish i can run somewhere and hide from all this misery and hope that everything will go away. well, i can. but how long can it last?

pms stuff aside, went out today with tail. was suppose to meet ard 12. but he arrived 1 and half hours late. i can tolerate it if people are slightly late. like maybe 10 minutes. i can understand. but when u're more than an hour late, the most u could do is call or sms the person and tell him u'll be late and when u arrive, apologise. its jus common courtesy.

none of this was observed when tail arrived late. it pisses me off. but i dont show it cause i dont wan to affect the mood for the day. so since i spent the waiting time walking ard bugis. there was like nothing else to do. so we walked to city hall. and ended up having smoothies at fuzion at millenia walk.

was walking ard harvey norman. there was a x box display. the ones that let u try the gane. the place there was empty. so i sat down and played a fighting game, a soccer game and wrestling. sat there and play for like 1 hour. we were like seriously hogging the machine. but since there was practically no one there, it wouldnt be called hogging right?

so tail had to leave due to some family thing. so i left too. reached home and watched lizzie mc guire. i love that show. watched austin powers at night. and then my chinese show. well, day five of study week and percentage studies, nil.

i wan get renee olstead cd. anyone has it? can lend me?

the show must go on,
ali johari
heloo public,

where's the sun? i need to face it. i really do.