Saturday, March 25, 2006

Of Blah Bazaar & Funan

hello public,

life is like a slice of watermelon. so nice and juicy but also has those irritating seeds that get in the way of u enjoying the fruit. so what do we do with these irritating seeds? we spit them out of course. but sometimes we accidentally and unwantedly swallow these irritating seeds. and we get damn annoyed. so annoyed that we dont want to eat watermelon anymore cause its such a chore. but then, we remember the sweet and juicy taste of the watermelon and we start to think...

why should i stop enjoying yummy watermelon just because of a few irritating seeds? got a few seeds only what? heck care abit la.

erm, haha. what i wrote above is an assimilation. i hope u guys get the gist.

anyways, i apologise to lack of updates. firstly, i've been busy with work and secondly, my grandparents came from malaysia for a short stayover. they took over my room and i've been cast to the livin room. actually the living room aint that bad of a place to sleep in. and no, i wasnt sleeping on the sofa. my sofa is made of rattan, not leather nor those plush cushion sofas. it'd be freaking unbearable if i were to sleep on my rattan sofa. instaed of brushing my teeth every morning, i'd be applying medicated plaster on my back. anyway, i slept on those mattress thingy that u put on the floor. it wasnt so bad.

anyways, my grandparents staying over has been really great. there was abundance of food and many stories to listen to from my grandfather. the house felt more bustling and homely. well, maybe thats because i'd always been coming home to an empty house and my parents will only be back in the evening. anyways, they departed back to malaysia on saturday morning. the first thing is did was swicth on my aircon and played the computer. hahaha!!

me and barney had planned on an earlier date to meet up on this saturday. i've heard a big brouhaha about a flea market held by Lime Magazine at the youth park. i read in the magazine that there were many great buys available and the flea market is like a huge success. well, i was brimming with enthusiasm to check it out.

barney and i met up in town and walked to the youth park which was located at the back of cathay cineleisure. expecting probably a huge tent filled with stalls and music blasting off speakers. boy, were we in for a suprise.

a freaking major letdown.

it was just a few big assed umbrella with 2 tables under each one. there were probably less than 20 stalls or smthing. the thing with most of the stalls is that they were selling female acessories. you know, those crappy beaded necklaces and earrings thingy that cost like 5 bucks or smthing. then the rest of the stalls sold clothes, female clothes to be exact. and some other bunch of crap that i cant even remember. i breezed thru the whole bazaar in less than 5 minutes.

bargain found? none.
anything bought? none.
enthusiasm level? none.
satisfaction? none.

well, lets just say reading a dictionary would be more stimulating than this Blah Bazaar.

so after that letdown, we decided to pay a visit to my favouritest location to hang out. city hall!!!

city hall was okay. its boring when you want a shopping spree without anything specific in mind. nothing seems to catch my eye anymore. shopping bores me!!! after that we decided to visit funan to check out digital cameras. i've been thinking of getting a new smaller digital camera and decided to give it a looksee. on the way to funan, we passed by the Padang and this big justice building thingy which i think is the supreme court or smthing. i loves the architecture of the place. well, since we were damn bored, we decided to do what i love best. CAM-WHORING!!!!!!!

click on the pics to see a bigger version.

haha. cam whoring was the highlight of the day. hehehe.

then we went to funan where i had pizza hut for dinner. yummy hawaian. has anyone seen any pirated game cd stalls lately. you know those shops that sell all the pirated version of microsoft softwares to puzzle bubble games. i've been intending to get sim 2 but its like $54.90 fopr the starting pack. i may have money to blow but i dont wanna spend it on a game that i might get bored on 3 weeks later. if anyone knows where these pirated stalls are residing, dont hesitate to tell me.

anyways, we spent the rest of the time free loading off xbox-es that ahad a trial game. funan is like a free arcade. hahaha. loves it! you know what, all shops at funan close ard 9pm on a saturday night. so shocking. retail outlets usually open as long as possible on a saturday night as that is a peak period. but then i was disrupted while i was trying to configure how to play a racing game they had on trial. i think it was caled need for speed or smthing. so we left the shop and noticed most of the other shops already had their shutters pulled down and it was like only 8.45pm.

we were kinda tired and decided to take a cab home. had a nice day. i guess i kinda am getting bored with shopping in singapore, everythings the same. well hey, maybe i'd change my mind about shopping 5 years down the road when i'm earning megatroopers and sowing my seeds in Gucci, Prada and Dolce Gabbana.

who gives a damn about my $1.70 keychain from ang mo kio when i can have a $400 dangling Prada robot keychain off my keys instead. hohoho!

gimme hugs k. i wont really be counting down my hugs anymore but that doesnt mean i dont wan hugs. i love them and will love you if u give me them. jus click click click aight. thats it for now then, toodles.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Of Recent Lack of Updates

hello public,

i apologise for the lack of updates, previously and for the next following days. i've been busy and preoccupied lately. also, my grandparents came over from malaysia to stayover and they have taken over my room. i've been cast to the living room away from my stereo, air con and computer. how am i gonna survive? i've already found it immensely difficult to fall asleep in this humid weather away from my aircon.

i havent been feeling too goodie goodie lately. been pms-ing(pathetic mood swings) this past few days over some stuff. i dont wish to talk about it now.

well thats it for now, keep ur hugs cumming k.


Friday, March 17, 2006

Of My Vibrant Night Life

hello public,

life has been a breeze these past few days. in fact, it has been one hell of a slow soft breeze. technically i finished school, that is if i dont fail any subjects which i'm am praying to the lord almighty i dont of course. but the thing here is, i'm like some boring old fart. i had more life during my school days. everyday is becoming like a routine, i wake up ard 1pm++ and i sleep ard 2am++. and no darlings, late nights are not caused by grooving on the dancefloors of Zouk or sipping lychee martini and downing vodka redbull. nono. nor do i spend my nights puking on the lanes of mohammed sultan road or ending up with a sore crack after leaving Happy.

no no no. thats not what little mr preppy does. what he does, is he spends his night chatting and catching up with friends on msn. yes, bless the lord for web messenger cause i wouldnt know what to do without it. apart from that i read blogs, visit gossip sites and of course, i blog. also, when i've run out of things to do online, i pick a magazine like Style, 8days or Mens Health and just give it a nice browse. all this in the comfort of an air conditioned room sitting on my bed, snuggling under my ikea comforters, surrounded by plush pillows while sipping on hot cadbury chocolate drink. oh yah, not forgetting the accompanying pipe in music of mariah carey on my cd player.

vibrant night life eh?

in a few more months i probably will have a more 'vibrant' night life. around this time i probably will be shinning my boots or applying tiger balm to my muscle aches and cramps. hohoho.

alright time to count my blessings. at present accumulated hugs so far is 11 171. at last count my total hugs was 11 050hugs which was 2 days ago. so i got a total of 121 hugs in two days. thats like 60.5hugs a day. maybe someone only felt like giving me a half a hug instead of a ful one on the first day and then finally decided to give a the rest of the hug the next day. hehe. well, you guys know i love you. give me more hugs and i'll love you even more!!!

alright then. your majesty needs his rest. i gotta work tommorow. till next time, love, peace and happiness. toodles.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Of Internship & Lousy Parents

hello public,

after my unaccomplished mission-shopping-spree on wednesday(see previous post for details), its back to work for me. thursday, friday, saturday and monday are my workdays for the week. nothing much happened at work. there are however new additions to the gold vagina family. there are 3 students on internship attachment with 2 being from ngee ann polytechnic and 1 from singapore polytechnic. i got a chance to work with the two ngee ann ones and they're really fun to work with, very chatty and bubbly and all.

then on monday, i was selected by the managers to train the sp intern. me?? a trainer?? hahaha. i'm laughing my beep off. haha, i'm like major blur and i have to train people. its like the blind leading the blind. hohoho. but i did try my best and i hope she could grasp the whole thing.

monday at work was slightly hectic as compared to other mondays cause this monday was a special monday. its the first day of the march term break. and there were so many kids. and of course, some of my friends might know of my displeasure with children. i find children irritating and noisy. yeah yeah, that description sounds like me to but at least i know when to shut up. and what i'm more irritated with is those parents who couldnt give a flying fuck about their little devils who are causing mayhem. the parents jus stand there and ignore the fact that their spawns are disrupting the peace of the people at large. but they could jus be numb about it cause they probably see it everyday.

i feel that kids should be punished and reprimanded when they misbehave. parents who only try to talk sense into a kid after they do something wrong are stupid. the kids like are 4 years old and wont probably give a damn, they'd just forget it in the next minute. i'm a firm believer that u should scold the kid and punish the kid by inflicting pain. inflicting pain here doesnt mean pouring hot water on your child or placing the hot iron on parts of their body, no, thats reserved for our domestic helpers. instead, we should smack them on their booty or pinch them or even cane them. i believe that these are essential when bringing up a child. the thing here is that u dont want to cause intensive hurt to ur child but u want them to feel pain so that they'd be reminded not to do it again.

there was this one incident that i saw at a clinic. they was this chubby little 3 yr old running ard the place. the mum didnt do anything. the little bugger was an attention seeker, trying to perform a dance or something in front of the few people who were trying to watch the tv while waiting for their qeue number to be called. since everybody ignored him and the mum didnt do anything, the boy decided to step up a notch on his antic and chekily switched off the telly that some people were watching. one man was clearly annoyed about that fat fuck's behaviour. so he scolded the boy saying something like, 'eh! people are watching tv! dont play ar!'. the mother seeing her child being discipline by a stranger wasnt one happy lady. she stared at that man fiercely and said in a stern tone, 'oi! dont u anyhow scold my son ok!' then she comforted her son and walked away. she didnt even switch the telly back on. one of the nurses came and switch the tv back on a short while later.

now, the boy was again running around the place and the mother still couldnt care less. it was really irritating, the little boy who probably had too much sugar and is now thinking that he's some ultraman or ninja turtle prancing up and down for the unwilling audience. then my mum said, 'eh, so poor thing ar the mother, kids this age very naughty, run here run there.' i was in fact want really in a good mood with this energetic sack of potatoes running around making a big hoo haa. so i said in a loud voice, 'eh, why the mother so poor thing? its her own fault wad!! she dont even know how to take care of her own child. she cant even be bothered.' with this statement, a saw a few sniggers amongst some people sitting around me and also a rude stare from the mother of the devil herself. at least then, that woman took the little boy to walk ard outside the clinic. finally, peace. amen.

so? whose fault do you think it was? the mother who couldnt control her child or the child himself?

well well, lets move on to counting my blessings. at present, i've received a total of 11 050 hugs. it was 10 912 total hugs at last count which is technically 2 days ago. so thats makes 138 hugs in 2 days. which calculates to 69 hugs per day. thanks everyone. ur hugs means a lot to me. its so nice to feel loved and huggable. u know what to do to make me happier, click click click.


thats it for the moment. enjoy yourself. love, peace and happiness!


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Of Shopping Spree and Camwhoring

hello public,

i noticed i forgot to count my blessings in my previous update. must have been because i needed to rush off for work so counting my blessings slipped my mind. well, thou shall admit your mistake and correct it, and so i shall.

at last count in one of my previous post, total hugs amounted up to 10 606. at present, hugs accumulated is 10 912. that means i have received 306 hugs since 10 days ago. which is ard 30hugs a day. well well. i'm happy. even though the numbers might not be huge or massive, blow me or give me an orgasm, i'm still happy that there are people out there who still appreciates me.

so everyone, if u love Alvin Hilton, show me ur undying love and support and give me hugs. the more the merrier. if you dont, may your conscience bug you forever and ever till you repent and gimme hugs!

alright. remember, all hugs are not refundable, returnable or exchangeable for cash!

well then, as you all know, i've been rather caught up with work lately. and before being all caught up with work at gold vagina(the place i work), i was busily studying for my exams. no where in between did i manage to take time off to enjoy a leisurely spree in town. since i had a day off on wednesday, i already pre-planned with horsey to meet up to go to town that day. i was so looking forward to spreeeeing the day away slashing my bank balance like kenshi from samurai x. so i splashed on some calvin klein, lucido my hair and slipped on my gold puma shoes and was ready to go.

first we decided to have lunch at Breeks(one of my favourite places to dine). took quite a while to decide what to get off the menu. and finally settled on the simple yet high cholestrol, fish and chips while horsey settled on a suprisingly small serving of chicken sandwich. the suprising part wasnt the sandwich but was the fact that she ordered a sandwich. horsey isnt your usual small eater unlike yours truly. hahaha. well, after filling our bellies, we decided to just leisurely walk around cause i have nothing specific to buy but i wanna buy a lot of stuff.

and so we walked here, walked there, walked everywhere, walk walk walk. nothing caught my eye. NOTHING. from wisma, ngee ann, fareast, tangs to heeren. nothing caught my eye. i did say i want a shopping spree but that doesnt mean i will buy stuff just for the sake of buying. i'm a practical buyer(most of the time) and i weigh pros and cons when i buy smthing, like whether i'd use it or will it jus be smthing that will forever remain stuck in my closet. throughout the whole day, nothing really caught my interest to purchase. oooh. there was smthing that caught my eye. it was this long sleeve shirt from Guess which had tonnes of glittery sequins over the front of the shirt. but i thought it was just way OTT and couldnt find an occasion to wear it. but if i was going to prom(which was the next day but i wasnt going) that would be the one i'd be gracing the event with. to me prom, is about glamour and looking gorgeous effortlessly. even though u might have preened infront of the mirror for 3 hours or got somebody else to doll u up, you dont wanna look like you did. cause that is like so loser.

ooo. off topic!! tsk tsk. anyway, in town met mr muscle(my hairstylist) and he told me that he's changed location for the salon to 2 stories up in the same mall. whined about my hair for a while and promised to make an appointment one of these days with him. later, decided to proceed back to tomatotown as horsey needed to return a dvd she rented. so we left town.

well, my shopping spree didnt really happen. the only thing i bought that day was mary j blige cd from hmv, heeren. back in tomatotown, we decided to chill a while in macD. then, i whipped out my digicam and camwhored in the middle of a crowded macD oblivious to my surrounding.

thats all for now, toodles.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Of Filial Piety & Polyclinics

hello public,

a gazillion apologies for such a terribly delayed journal entry. truth is, i've been ultra beezy with work these days. and work usually ends late and by then i'd jus be too tired to blog. i do log in to check out my hug meter and to see whether there is any comments.

my previous post asked if anyone of you would like ur blog adress to be under my "Links'' to be placed at my blog sidebar. apparently, none wanted so i've decided to abolish the thought.

alright. where did we left of? my last proper entry was on a thursday. well, needless to say nothing much happened. on thursday morning ard 12am. horsey sms-ed me saying that she's at ministry of sound, (which isnt any part of the parliament by the way) and that she met xiaxue. omigosh!! xiaxue is like the queen of blogging. its like who doesnt know of xiaxue right? anyway, another fren of mine, marie, saw her there too. cool huh? well, both of them has this one same comment about her. xiaxue is short. she was even shorter than marie who is already quite short. haha.

well, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday were days busy with work. for those wondering where i'm working,yeah, i'm still working at Gold Vagina. its almost a year now. its fun working there. the pay does suck of course but it u like it there, the pay is only second matter.

then monday was the business strategy game competition. i couldnt make it for the competition cause my mum wasnt feeling too well so i had to bring her to the doctor. it was either i go to school and get a certificate for being part of the competition or i be a nice son and bring my mum to the clinic. i love my mum more. my mum insisted that we went to the polyclinic though. i hate the polyclinic. and my trip there made me dread it even more.

first, u go get ur number, by queueing up at the regstration where u passed them ur identity card. then u wait for ur number to appear on the screen by sitting in the waiting area where you're surrounded by more sick people coughing in ur face. i should have brought a disinfectant mind you. that place was just reeking of germs. i tell u, if u're fine and healthy and u just sit in the waiting area, u might jus contract some of those contagious diseases like stroke or heart disease or smthing. i swear my blood pressure could have soared if i sat there any longer.

so i went to the counter, asked them how long i've to wait, and the person gave me a smirk and said 'at LEAST half and hour'. well well, went to walk ard outside with my mum and came back in half an hour. only to find that there's still a long long way to go. so we jus sat there. waited and waited. half and hour later, our number popped up and i was as esctatic as an uncle at yantze cinema. i thought it was finally our turn to see the doctor.


we went to the front counter where this personed my mum why she wanted to see doctor and whether she had any preference for which ever doctor. then they told us to go to the next room to wait for our number to be called. another one hour plus of waiting this time. my mum even made a few frens while waiting. she was like talking indian lady who was siting next to us. so while they chatted. i jus sat there deleting messages from my inbox one by one. then, it was our turn to see the doctor after one hour of waiting. then doctor asked her to get a blood test.

another wait. at least this one was short, 10minutes. then got the blood test done, then was told to wait for the results. while waiting, i was watching this tv where they showed how to check for collectorectal cancer. they was a picture of piece of shit and u have to use a poker thingy to poke to shit at 6 different places. put the poker back into the bottle and shake. then send it to the doctor. hmmm.

half and hour later, the results came and told us to visit the doctor we saw jus now, waited for like 5minutes this time. then the doctor did some analysis of the blood test. my mum's okay. except for a slight high in cholestrol level. doctor told her to exercise and eat less fried food. eat more boiled food. and there i was thinking to myself, uh oh!!!

so then, we had to queue to make payment. well well, in total the entire polyclinic experience took 3hours 15minutes. with only 15minutes was when we saw the doctor. the other 3hours was purely waiting time. omigod!!!

well, at least it was cheap. freaking cheap. no wonder ppl still wait 3 hours jus to get their medicine. well, in my case, if i was really sick, by the time i saw a doctor, i would have already died. i'd prefer my private doctor anytime.

ps: congrats to my BD teammates for scoring third place in the business strategy competition.

thats it for now, gotta get ready to go to work soon. toodles.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Of Apology & Links

hello public,

i apologise for the lack of updates. been busy with work and all. will update y'all real soon k. btw, i wanna create a 'frens' link in my blog. so to those who have blogs can u type it down in the comments page so i can put it under links. i lost all my links last time when i changed blog layout. alright?

ps: DUN FORGET TO GIVE ME HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Of SMRT & Butches

hello public,

first and foremost i apologise for not blogging for the past two days. however, this apology is only to those whom for the past two days has been logging in to my blog to check for new updates but only to be dissapointed. and also to those who are suffering from withdrawal syndrom caused by the lack of updates.

the pass two days has been one of the most hectic two days i've been through. monday was my e-commerce paper which i had at 2pm. the night before, i logged on to my school's website to check out the past year paper to somehow get a feel of how tmr's paper will be like. to my disdain, there were a million of memorising work to be done. and since i havent really memorise anything, that means i've got 9 chapters to memorise, pronto!

since it was getting a bit late and the paper was the next day at 2pm. i pushed the memorising session to the next morning. set my alarm clock at 9am.

and suprise suprise, i woke up at 11.30am. haha. i thank the lord though that i didn t wake up at 1 or smthing. so i quickly, packed my stuff and washed up to go to school. in other words, this means that no memorising was done. tsk tsk. so reached school. did exam and there were multiple questions that i couldnt answer. damn.

so i rushed home later cause the next day at 9am is my finance exam. so i practiced my tutorials and was really stumped at a lot of questions. so i called horsey to ask her a few questions. then she told me that she's in amk library studying with dolphin. so i decided to join them since amk library is like 5 mins walk from my house. so we sat down at cafe galilee and practiced the tutorials from chapter 9 till 15. was doing the tutorials all the way till the library was about to close. then we moved to macdonalds to continue. by the time we decided to call it a day, it was 10.30pm. so we left for home. there was still chapter 16 that i havent practice yet due to time constraints. so i studied further all the way till 1++ am. then i went to sleep. i need to sleep before an exam or else i get groggy and cant do it. and its also bad, to enter the exam hall with eye bags. all bags are to be left at the front of the room, eye bags are bags too right, so that wrong. haha. then, you don wanna come in to the exam hall looking like u studied the whole day and night. its jus so not cool. the trick here is to make it look effortless. *glows*

the next day was a BAD day. left my house ard 7.45am so that i'll reach school ard 20mins early. and of all things, when i board the train, it didnt move for a few minutes, then they announced that due to some train problem at somerset, train will be delayed for a short while. this has happened before, usually in the morning cause there's too many trains. the distant between each other is like 1 minute. so they wait a while for the train in front to move. then like in 1mins or 2, everything's back to normal. but here, it stalled for 5mins, then i moved, before it reached bishan station, it stalled for another 5 mins, then they announced, 'due to some track fault at dhoby ghaut this train will be delayed for another 10 minutes'. fuck. since its like 8.10am already and my paper starts at 9am. i decided to go out and hail a cab.

went out and there was this long queue at the cab stand with no cabs at all. so i decided to move further in front and wait for a cab. but still no cab AT ALL. after like 10 minutes and no cab. i decided to take the train back to amk and take a cab from there. knowing at this time in the morning is bound to be heavy traffic. the train towards jurong east wasnt affected but it was abit too late to take a train to school. but i took it to amk. before i board the train, they were still anouncing that the train will be delayed for 10minutes. they were announcing the same thing for the past 10 minutes. uurgh. on the train i met dolphin. then i told him about what happened then we both decided to alight at amk to hail a cab. and we alighted at amk. crossed the road and waited for a cab. usually it takes a few seconds to get a cab in amk. but apparently, luck wasnt on my side. and at this time in the morning, traffic will be excruciatingly slow ard lornie road and holland road. damn. we waited for like 30mins for a cab. i looked at my watch and its 8.45am. 15 minutes till exam start. i was on the verge of tears cause i was freaking out!! i called my father and he said that he could fetch me to school but it'll be on his bike. but i was with dolphin, i couldnt jus leave him there. so i told my dad its ok.

5 minutes later a cab arrived. BLESSED BE. we thought that hey at least we wont be that late. then another fucked up thing happened. there was really slow traffic at lornie road beside mac ritchie. so fucking slow. i've never experience such slow traffic before when i take cab to school in the mornings. and it was caused by this fucker. this fucker who had to have an accident during peak hour of the morning. slowing EVERYBODY down. i dont get it? how do u have an accident when traffic is congested and slow. his front part of the car was like smashed. how the hell did this mother fucker crash into something when everybody was moving at 40km and hour. uurgh. at least after that traffic was smoother till we reach school. i reach my exam hall 20minutes late!!! its a finance exam lei, there's tonnes of calculation to do. uurgh!!!



finance paper was terrible and i dont wanna talk about it. after exam, a bunch of my clasmates wanted to go kbox to celebrate since today was the last paper. i decided to tag along. but on the way there i didnt feel to well. must have been the lack of sleep and the distress in the morning. so i decided to go home instead.

at home, the first thing i did was sleeep. then i woke up and watch bruce almighty. the show was quite nice. its about this guy who has a bad day and terrible life and blames it on god. then god let him be god for one day and he has god's powers. and you know, one thing bugged me in the show. god was black. i donno. i think its stereotype that god is white or smthing in america. but in this movie he's not white. which i found wierd. haha.

after that watched american idol and america's next top model follwed by the simple life. american idol was okay, i think during judging nobody cares what paula and randy says. everybody just wanna know what simon says. and that makes the show interesting. simon cowell is like a major part of the show. they cant replace ryan, paula and randy but nobody can replace simon.

then i watched america next top model. the model i like most got voted off. sad. i like kim alot . if u're wondering which one is kim, its the butch. haha. yeah, i know, i got a thing for butches. hahaha! watch out hockey girl(my class butch). muahaahahahahaha!!!!!!

after that of course is the show my darling is acting in. yeah, my wife. miss hilton. how else do u think i got my name Alvin Hilton. haha. paris was a darling in the show. as always. she's hot la. Undeniably. i wouldnt mind being on a video with her. its gonna be more massive than NYP's i tell u.hahahaha.

alright, i have to get ready to go to work soon. oh yeah before that. lets count my blessings. hahaha. at this point of time, i got 10 606 hugs in total. hahahahahaha. idonno what to say already people. i'm having multiple orgasms on the spot!!! at last count, i had 1209 hugs. that means i got 9397 hugs in the course of 2 days. whoah!! somebody really wants to get blowed by me huh? hahahaha. identify yourself and i'll satisfy u inner desires. yep, inner desires. i'm talking bout ur stomach, dumb dumbs. i'll cook u smthing that i'm really good at. cream seafood spaghetti. yummy!!!!!!! i'm drooling already. oh yah, hugs increased by 777.2539%. i love u guys!!! give me more hugs and i'll love u more!!!!

and those who dont, i dont understand. dont u have a conscience?

oh yah, thanks to wikipedia, i got this little excerpt that explains what i'm feeling right now.

"Some men report that the ability to consciously separate orgasm and ejaculation has allowed them to achieve multiple orgasms. In recent years a number of sex manuals for men have delved into this technique. Men who have become adept at this practice also report more powerful ejaculatory orgasms when they choose to have them. Also, a generally euphoric sensation is associated with orgasm."

who needs manuals?! i got u guys!!

alright thats it for now, i need to go get ready for work. toodles. .