Sunday, April 30, 2006

Of Comments & A Day In Town

hello public

u know, its kinda wierd.

i've got a meter on my blog to track down how many people out there are reading the crap i write. the thing is, i see the tracker device thingy everyday when i visit my blog and daily it increases by ard 10-20 counts. technically it means that 10-20 people read my blog on a daily basis. the wierd thing is not how come at least 10 people out there enjoy reading my crap but how come none of them leave any comments.

hmmph!! >.<'' at most, i usually see ard 3 comments from the same people. god bless this people, if not for them, my blog will be commentless as though no one reads it. i'm not a comment whore or anything. but it would be nice if some people leave comments like there's interaction u see. blogging without receiving any comments to me is like talking to the wall. well, i donno. maybe u ppl are shy or smthing or just probably plain lazy. whatever it is, it would be nice if i do receive response to my entries. anyways, so i met up with barney in town today to catch up and do a little shopping. so firstly, since we're both starving, we decided to have a late lunch at Thai Express. i had my usual soft shell crab with thai curry and rice while barney settled for a baked fish rice which looked like simple pan fried fish to me. anyway, lunch was once again always yummy at thai express.

later, we craved for desert and i remembered that there's this lovely gelato parlour in takashimaya called venezia. coincidentally, they were having a promotion of buy 2 flavours and get 1 free. i settled on mintchoc, raspberry and black sesame. i know the black sesame sounds abit off. but u've got to try it, it taste not too bad. taste like a certain chinese soupy desert of glutinous balls stuff with sesame or peanut.

then, barney wanted to look for a wallet. and so we scolwed the wallets and bags section of takashimaya. a woven brown leather belt caught my eye but i couldnt decide whether to get it or not. so i put off the thought and inspected the rest of the wallets there. finally we both agreed on a nice renoma black leather wallet.

my legs were starting to ache then cause the day before i worked till 2am. i was standing for more than 7 hours straight and the added stress of more walking today continue to agitate it even more. so took the lift straight down to watsons and bought myself a jar of tiger balm. found a nice quiet bench later near Art Friend at Fourum and there i was massaging my calves with tiger balm for the next 20 minutes. the entire place reeked of tigerbalm. but seriously, it felt waaay better afterwards.

yeah, thats me gawking outside Dior. lol.

being an avid shopper, i picked up my never say die attitude and continued on. we ventured into Art Friend. i love Art Friend. its a great place that sells all things arty farty. was looking for some gold buttons for my 'holiday project'. haha. i found an old green military-ish shirt and desired to add my own details to it to make it into a haute couture jacket. haha. and gold buttons will make it so lovely. didnt find any gold buttons suitable enough or bold enough for my shirt. but i found these lovely iron on letters that i can iron on to tops, jeans, caps. bought two huge letter A's. i wonder where to iron them on to? hmm..

decided to make a trip down to Timbaland to see whether Lemonmint was working. and yep she was. haha. said hi and chatted for a while before i decided to continue my shopping. popped by Zara later and saw this gorgeous studded shirt that i simply must get. it reads "Dangerous Rabbit" lol. and so i bought it.

noticed it was time for dinner already, oh how time flies by so fast, and i remembered there's a nice all halal eating place at the top of lucky plaza. i had fish slice bee hoon soup while barney devoured a huge plate of chicken chop. its a nice place where the food are at really affordable prices. do give it a visit, its at the top floor.

after dinner decided to head home. barney asked me what i can do with foto shop. last time i used to spend hours everytime after i upload my fotos from my camera to my computer. i'd spend hours touching up ap my fotos and stuff. what i use to take 5 minutes per pictue, i can do it now in less than 1minute. lol. i'm a master at touch ups.

it looks more wierd than skinny dont u think? but i already did cut off alot already. scroll up to compare ba. well, there's only so much a prodigy like me can do. i can slim down ur cheeks but i cant make skinny. i'll try harder next time. i promise.

thats it for this time then.


Friday, April 28, 2006

Of Enlistment & Training Up

hello public

well well, after much intense anticipation (read: sarcasm), my enlistment letter has finally arrived. no darlings, not to nus, ntu, sim, smu, not even to school of fashion design la salle. not that i even applied to any of them by the way.

i'm enlisting into the place where the turn boys into men. yeah yeah. i know some of you are thinking, 'hell yeah, ali definitely needs this!!' well, lemme jus roll my eyes. again.

anyways, i'm trying to remain positive and open minded about the entire thing. the last thing i want is to go in and freak out. although i already do have certain reservations. to do so, i shall plan a pros and cons list of joining the army.

+++postive points+++
loose weight
a nice tan
muscles and abs
not worry about what to wear everyday
not worry about styling my hair or conditioning
fresh air amidst the nature
learn discipline
i get paid
socialise and make new friends
learn smthing new
- - - negative points - - -
i might die
er, well nothing could be worse than dying right
well then, apparently pros outweighs the cons by 10:1. i'm consoling myself here so cmon work with me people. hahaha.
anyways, so the exact date that i will leaving for the island resort is 9 of june. thats like ard one more month y'all. my mum has been bugging me to go train up. she says if i dont, my body might be in shock cause suddenly when i go in i'll be doing all those strenuous exercise. then i'll have muscle aches all over cause i'm not used to the torture. she tells me to go jog in the park near my house to build up my stamina.
so i decided to give it a go. i woke up at 8.30am and washed up. next i stood in front of my closet and contemplated on what to wear. truth be told, i'm not a very sporty person and this means that i dont have a lot of sportswear. after 30minutes, i decided on a puma top paired with board shorts from fox men.
when i reached the park, most of the people there were aunties and uncles. and i dont think they bothered to gave a shit on what to wear. anyways, the park was kinda cool, there was tai chi at one side and fold dancing on another side. and its nice to be surrounded with all those trees and nature. its peaceful.
but i have one problem. its like people stare at me when i jog. maybe cause its rare to see ppl my age in the park. everyone there is old. even the bangladeshi is old. i'm a person who dont like attention when i dont look good. ppl are staring at me when i'm all sweaty and my hair's in a mess. thats jus gross.
so the next day, i decided to dress more covered up. a plain white giordano top, addidas hooded sweater, addidas track pants, billabong trucker cap, faux chanel-lookalike shades and puma running shoes. the only place where the sun's rays hit me were my palms. it felt abit hot but i sweat more, so its better right? hmm. do i burn more calories when i sweat more?anyways, instaed of distracting attention, i attracted more attention. when i jogged past the line dancing ladies, the whole lot of them turned to look. goodness gracious me. well, at least i look good this time.
maybe i should blend in. i should wear loose white cotton singlets and black shorts and sling a 'good morning' towel on my neck.
thats it for now, u know i love you so why dont u gimme hugs. click click click.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Of Alvin Hilton On Maxsin

hello public

a few entries ago, a top notch high fashion magazine, Voguew interviewed an 'Up and Cumming(pun intended)' celebrity and heir to the Hotel 41 empire, Alli Joe. famed for his 4 part private video that was leaked into the world wide web, Alli Joe gave a controversial response to the interview which raked in an amazing response to the article.

this time around Realitee@Blogspot is proud to publish another griping interview that a raunchy international magazine, Maxsin has done with the hot and hung local porn star Alvin Hilton. Famous for his roles in the S&M video, Police and Thief and also the orgy video, Under One Roof. Alvin Hilton also made cameo appearances in Hollywood features like Saving Ryan's Privates, Bareback Mountain and the hollywood blockbuster, Free Willie. and yeah, not forgetting his special appearance in Madonna's music video for HUNG UP (which we heard was initially titled Hung & Up).

Maxsin caught up with the actor in the midst of erecting another video for his latest role as a horny domestic helper in this new local production, The Maid. Alvin Hilton manages to squeeze a few minutes of his precious time at recording studio, Passion to do this interview with Vanita Gina( pronounced as vah-knee-ta-jai-na) of Maxsin to talk about love, life and everything else.

V. Gina: hey AlvHil, can i call you AlvHil? it sounds so much cooler. what an honour it is to have this opportunity for this interview.
Alvin Hilton: hey there Miss Vanita Gina. how bout i call you Va Gina. sounds waaaaaaaaaaay cooler.

V. Gina: er, never. anyway. r u afraid of being single?
AH: darling, if you're a hot celebrity like me and not to mention, damn hung, people flock to you like bees to honey. who doesnt wanna marry a man with a loaded 9 inch gun.

V. Gina: wat do u do wen u can't sleep?
AH: i put this cd into my cd player and it just soothes me to sleep. it's titled 'Mating Moans of The Animal Kingdom'. i simply love nature!!

V. Gina: how far wld u go to get something u desire?
AH: i am the object of desire. but i wouldnt mind oralling Marc Jacobs to get some Louis Vuittons. i'm a pro u know.

V. Gina: do u go 4 personality or looks?
AH: definitely looks, personality can be shaped and trained but looks cant change. if you're born ugly, then thats too bad. get in line for celebrity plastic surgeon extraordinare, Woffles Wu. its like you can train a monkey to be nice but he's still ugly. when you're ugly, nothing goes for you.

V. Gina: wat makes u happy?
AH: a multi orgasm and bedding paris hilton.

V. Gina: r u horny at times?
AH: the question is am i NOT horny at times?

V. Gina: in ur opinion, wat do u tink of sex?
AH: its all in a days work.

V. Gina: wat do u usually do @nite..?
AH: drag. i used to work with kumar at the now defunct boom boom room. it brings out my feminine side.

V. Gina: wich Instant Messaging programs do uuse?
AH: men sucks nenepok (msn)

V. Gina: wat's fav. meal?
AH: Double Ds. i'm such a sucker.

V. Gina: wat's ur fav color?
AH: red. its signifies hot blooded passion.

V. Gina: ur best frenz?
AH: i call him willie. without him i aint having no fun and i wont be having my current job as a porn star.

V. Gina: ur crush..?
AH: jessica simpson, fuck nick lachey, you can eat my tuna anytime even if you think it comes from a chicken.

V. Gina: ur loved ones..
AH: a dildo, some lube and one night of passion.

V. Gina: r u in love..?
AH: yeah. with a fendi spy bag.

V. Gina: r u good wif computers?
AH: i only use my computer for 2 things. porn and blogging.

V. Gina: wat r ur hobbies?
AH: osim makes really good sex toys. Uzap makes a really good vibrator and the i-gallop
is simply a pleasure ride. dildos are optional.

V. Gina: last thing u ate?
AH: a schlong

V. Gina: last ting u drank?
AH: undiluted barley. ahem.

V. Gina: do u like seafood?
AH: i love oysters. i head that they're a great aphrodisiac.

V. Gina: wat iz ur fav place 2 hang out @?
AH: i am already hung out.

V. Gina: worst insult u ever heard abt urself?
AH: i dont taste nice with whipped cream. hmmph!!

V. Gina: best compliment u hv received frm someone?
AH: that i am a great fireman with a long hose that shoots out holy water to calm the burning passion of the bitches.

V. Gina: r u picky?
AH: yeah. its not being demanding. i have my preferences. i simply dont do it with a girl that has a hair nipple. i might choke on a furball.

V. Gina: places to go on a blind date wif someone?
AH: i dont date the blind. sorry wei lian.

V. Gina: thanks for your time.
AH: the pleasures all mine. i simply jadore your name by the way.


Of Siti Nurhaliza's New Album

hello public

the undisputed vocalist and celebrity of the malay archipelago and also the queen of my heart, SITI NURHALIZA has finally released her 11th album, TRANSKRIPSI after a two year anticipation.

i am itching to pop by a malay record store in geylang serai right now at 8am in the morning to grab a copy for my ear candy. the problem is, i dont think they're open at this time and the stock for her cd might not even reach singapore yet as it was only released in malaysia a day ago.

how i wish they sold malay cds amongst the chain outlets cd stores, namely, Cd Rama or Sembawang Music. i mean they're tonnes of mandarin album that's available in these stores, even Japanese, Korean to even Irish songs are easily and readily available in such stores. its like singapore is multi racial right? i'm not asking for half of the store to be decked with malay cds, vcd and whatnots, just a shelve is fine. if somehow more than half of the store can be stacked with sugary(read: fake) girls who whines and wear clothes meant for their little girls and pretty boys with gorgeous hair and single eyelids, why cant there be a shelve for the chocolate and coffee when there's plenty already for vanilla. maybe it has to the with the fact that singapore is filled with vanilla(almost 75%) and that more vanilla ice cream can be sold as there are more vanilla lovers than chocolate or coffee lovers. go for the majority and forget the minority, its more profitable.

i dont wanna probe further in case i get jailed for stating facts i've observed about ice cream in singapore. namely, vanila, chocolate and coffee.

anyways, heres a picture of the cover of SITI's new album, TRANSKRIPSI.

Album Cover

ps: dont u think she looks uberglam?


ps: once again, uberglam!

thats it for now, will resume normal update mode really soon.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Of Paris Hilton on Elle

hello public

my ultimate j'adoration miss hilton graces the cover of Elle this time and i simply must put a cover short of it here.

FABULOUS is an understatement for my one true love!!!

i wouldnt mind spending one night in paris, wouldnt you?


Friday, April 14, 2006

Of Good Friday & A Good Day

hello public

todays a nice rainy public holiday. its been raining elephants and giraffes since mid noon and the only appropriate thing to do is to chill at home.

ever wondered why good friday is celebrated? i asked some people in my msn contact list and most hadnt a clue. all couldnt give a damn and simply suggested me to enjoy the fact that it is a public holiday. i came from a catholic school, so good friday did ring some bells. i still have no clue what its entirely for but i know that it is a day to celebrate the cruxification of jesus christ. if i'm not wrong, it also has something to do with easter being around the corner. dont ask me what jesus being nailed on a cross has got to do with chocolate eggs and easter bunnies. i dont even know why they consider it a Good friday when the son of god is being crucified.

i'm not trying to sound rude here but perhaps one of you who knows more could enlightened me on why this public holiday is celebrated. this public holiday isnt as publicised as other ones like christmas, chinese new year or deepavali.

anyways, talking about good days, i had a nice one few days ago when i met up with my poly frens, horsey, squirrel and pinky, for dinner. its been a long while since we've had a get together. everyone's been busy with work and getting on with their new life. we decided to meet up in town where we settled our rumbling tummies to Food Republic, a kampong themed foodcourt in wisma atria. i loved the look of the place but after making a few rounds, nothing seemed to tickle my fancy. so i decided on having an apple for dinner. no, i'm not on a diet, when have i ever been on one. lol. i just didnt feel like eating anything that was served there.

after dinner we decided to have a drink and chatted at mc cafe at lido. i suggested an air conditioned location but someone said that it was more romantic at mccafe which was open air. it was a sweltering humid night and the iced latte i had was simply awful. never again.

shopped around for a while later and left ard 10 as the ladies had to get up early tmr for work. i wasnt feeling tired at all but thats just because i wake up at 2pm everyday. lol.

chatted with horsey as she waited for her bus at the bus stop beside my house. reached home and found out i missed some parts of the movie Chicago that i wanted to watch. but its ok, i had fun today. i miss this people that i use to hang out with and its great fun to relish the moment, lets do it often.

thats it then, you know u love me, gimme hugs!!!!!!


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Of A Bastard Who Spoilt My Day

hello public

i'm in a terrible hissy fit right now. something abhorrent happened sunday at work that really infuriated me. i am a positive person you see, this means i dont keep all these negativity inside me. its bad for your system. its like being constipated for 1 week. so now, i'm gonna take a bottle of laxative and shit it all out.

on sunday, i did the opening shift. doing sunday opening shift isnt a leisurely walk in the park. some halls are booked every sunday morning for church sessions. this means that ard 10.45am, there'll be hoardes of people standing around the main area sipping tea or coffee (which we have to set up for them). anyways, its hard to maintain crowd level and trying to figure out who's here for a movie and who's from church. apart from that, opening shift means u have to prepare everything for operations later. this isnt including all the 10 hall checks we have do hourly. oh yah, all this is done alone.

but this also depends on who the morning managers(well, they're not even managers, they're jus executives) are. if you get the good managers, they'd help u out. if not, they'd just be in their office enjoying the aircon laughing at you rushing about while looking at the cctv for all i care. anyways, what i'm trying to stress here is that, its very busy and hectic. there isnt time for breakfast, much less lunch. u only get few seconds break for a sip of water.

anyways, so there are also more people of other shifts later who come but it is still quite busy to have a decent meal. my fren came later where her duty is to manage the sweetcorn(cupcorn) booth. since i was in excrutiating hunger, and she had some leftover corn from her previous customer, i asked her to spare me the leftover and she complied. its normal for uncountable food items like popcorn, drinks and corn to be consumed by staff. i mean jus dont take those things that are stock counted its okay. i dont say its allowed but most managers when they see us do it, they jus close one eye. that is just dont make it so obvious.

so me being hungry and not having time to go buy lunch sat discreetly behind the sweetcorn stall and ate those leftover corn. it was during a period where there isnt any customers but i also made sure i wasnt obvious. unfortunately, siting in a discreet corner also means that u're oblivious to people ard u. and that is when i was spotted by a manager. and of all managers, it had to be the annoying petty one.

this father of 3 lookalike who is actually single and 10 yrs younger than he looks made a commotion about it to me. he scolded me for eating company food and that i shuold inform him first before i eat. eh, cmon la, if i did inform u, do u think u'd even allow? for someone who has a high forehead you dont even talk smart. but u couldnt be smart anyway cause ur highest education is only a nitec. so the high forehead could just be because of a receeding hairline. i'll do u favor and stop by yun nam to get u their name card.

so me, with my cant be bothered attitude just heck care about it. people can scold me and i dont give a damn. i jus let it fly off me. but then after he left i thought that was it, but noo, i was called to the office later. this bastard whined to the assistant manager about what i did. god knows what else he whispered into the ears of that man. instead of confronting me like a man, he hide at the back of the office acting like he's doing work and acting like he doesnt know a thing. u know, i dont mind if they just scolded me and gave me a warning. but they wrote down my name in a file note for eating sweetcorn. thats like a track record.

omg. i've never got a bad record in my life. never detention, never anything bad. i've always given my best for silvercity providing better service than i dare say any managers does. i've even pooled in great amounts of profits for the location with my good sales methods. and jus because it was too busy for me to have lunch so that i can do my work, so i resort to having some leftover corn, i get a black record.


i tell u this barbie's ken aint one happy employee anymore. respect is earned and yet u've never even earned it, now, i dont even respect you.

fuck you bastard!! nobody pisses alvin hilton!!! not even dolce and gabbanna nor michael kors can save u now. i'm gonna spread shit ard u and give u attitude everytime i see ur fucking ugly face that even woffles wu cant fix. i dont like you and i'm gonna make it obvious!!!

i've always worked at silvercity for 2 reasons. one is because the previous managers asked me to stay on after my attachment and since they were nice and i respect them, i stayed on. secondly, i work there for fun, i enjoyed working with the people there and i helps me to past time. if ever i were to work for the money, i rather die. even prostitues get paid more for a night than what i get in a month.

now, the previous managers has been relocated and i'm no longer having fun. i'm waiting for my one year anniversary with silvercity before i leave cause i want a nice one year work experience in my resume. and since my one yr anniversary is next month. i'd bear with it till then.

to my readers, i apologise if this entry seem distasteful and mundane, i just need to get this negativity out my system.

till next time, toodles.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Of An Interview With Voguew

hello public

once again, my life has been another blah. it has been work work work for me. if i aint working, i'd be renting vcds and watching them at home or i could be going out with frens. recently also i havent been feeling to well, i donno why but i've been feeling abit lightheaded(not that i already am) and abit nausea and giddiness. its so frustrating to do anything when u're not feeling at your prime. i even had to cancel some appointment i made with friends.

may 29 marks my one year anniversary with silvercity. i have pondered and decided that i need a new breath of fresh air, a change in environment and also a variety in my work experience. i am now in search for a new temporary part time job if my schedule permits me after that date. i've heard that some of my friends have received their enlistment letter to National Slavery and are bound for life amidst lush grenery in the early days of june. i've yet to receive mine but that doesnt mean i'm eagerly anticipating. i look at it as a resort where i can breathe in fresh air, be closer to nature, get a nice tan and loose a couple of pounds. what's more, i'm getting paid for it.

alright, i did this questionairre in my previous entry and i found it rather entertaining when i totally have zilch to blog. this time, an extensively famous and glamourous magazine, Voguew has decided to interview the up and coming celebrity Alli Joe on life. Alli Joe is the heir to the Hotel 41 empire. with his claim to fame being his nationwide success 4 part private video 'SPstudentcaughtintheact' which was leaked when he lost his laptop.

this interview is a direct exclusive from LA, Lorong Ahsoo where Voguew's top reporter Tyler Bangs gets and up close with the star.

Tyler Bangs (TB) : hello Alli Joe, its a great pleasure for me to have this opportunity to get up close and personal with such a well known name in this nation. i see that you clad in the latest Hermes, Vuitton and Chanel.

Alli Joe (AJ) : loves it! isnt it gorgeous, looks like the real thing aint it? i just got it air flown from china 2 days ago. by the way, its Hismes, Vertton and Channel.

TB: Do you like chinese food?
AJ: i'm not that big on chinese cuisine but i do love the fortune cookies. my love for food is more on the italian side. loves pizza and pasta. gotta maintain my prosperous figure u see.

TB: How big is your bed?
AJ: big enough for an orgy.

TB: Is your room clean?
AJ: clean, sterilised and disinfected. gotta give props to room service for that.

TB: Laptop or desktop computer?
AJ: after loosing my laptop and all my private 4 part home video got distributed to the world, i'm definitely, still sticking to a laptop.

TB: Favorite comedian?
AJ: you've simply got to love jim carey movies. whats there not to love?

TB: Sleep with or without clothes on?
AJ : hahaha. come and find out.

TB: Who do you sleep with every night?
AJ: a blowup doll, mariah, i've had it ever since my puberty.

TB: Do long distance relationships work?
AJ: you know the great thing about it is that the other person never knows how many affairs you're having. i simply j'adore long distance relationship.

TB: How many times have you been pulled over by the police?
AJ: countless times. those pesky fashion police are always after me!

TB: Pancakes or french toast?
AJ: i love pancakes with tonnes of honey and butter. i can just feel all those calories oozing in my bloodstream.

TB: Do you like coffee?
AJ: hate it. i only drink soda.

TB: How do you like your egg
AJ: still in my uterus, thankyouverymuch!

TB: Do you believe in astrology?
AJ: i was once a virgo until i lost it to my next door neighbour.

TB: Last person you talked to on the phone?
AJ: nicollete richy. apart from all the rumours, we're still friends. its just publicity. haha.

TB: Last person on your missed call list?
AJ: Michelle Jackson, was trying to inquire who her plastic surgeon is. i dont want my nose to break like hers.

TB: What was the last text message you received?
AJ: 'you bitch! get the fuck off kevin' it was from britney.

TB: Mcdonalds or Burger King?
AJ: carlsjunior. i gotta support it since i endorse it. didnt u see my ad where i was clad in bits of spandex eating a burger on the front of a proton.

TB: Number of pillows?
AJ: none. my blowup doll, mariah already has two huge plush pillows.

TB: What are you hearing right now?
AJ: what are you hearing right now.

TB: Pick a lyric, any lyric or song?
AJ: i dont wanna hear, i dont wanna know, please dont say forgive me. i heard it all before and i can take care of myself.

TB: What kind of jelly do you like onyour sandwich?

TB: Can you play pool?
AJ: i dont swim that well.

TB: Do you know how to swim?
AJ: i might have done countless swimswear calendar editions but that doesnt mean i swim.

TB: Favorite ice cream?
AJ: rums and raisins always gets me drunk.

TB: What color is your purse / bag?
AJ: its a pearl Channel bag.

TB: Tell me a random fact.
AJ: tuna comes from dolphin

TB: Ever play spin the bottle?
AJ: i dont my drinks with lots of bubbles.

TB: Ever attend a theme party?
AJ: yeah. this once i dressed as a glam celebrity(not that i already am not) in this gorgeous faux brown fur coat and everyone thought i came as king kong.

TB: What is your favorite season?
AJ: salt.

TB: Favorite quote?-
AJ: oh, my guccis, my pradas, my dolce gabbanas!!!

TB: Last time you laughed at something stupid?
AJ: few minutes ago. when u walked into the room.

TB: What time did you wake up this morning?
AJ: the only mornings i see these days are 2 o clock in the morning.

TB: Best thing about winter?
AJ: santa.

TB: Name of your first pet?
AJ: pussy.

TB: Do you think pirates are cool or overrated?
AJ: not unless he's orlando bloom.

TB: What do you do on weekdays?
AJ: make more private videos.

TB: What are you doing this weeken
AJ: i'm jetting off to africa. i'm going to be with all those poor kids. i've heard that trying to swat all those flies while trying to talk to them is such a good workout.

TB: Are you desperate for anything right now?
AJ: oh darling, i'm dying for a big O right now.

TB: alright alli joe. it has been a great time doing this interview with you. i'm afraid we've come to an end. we wish you luck in you future endeavours. thank you.
AJ: oh finally! i thought it will never end.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Of Questionaires

hello public

nothing interesting happened lately for me to blog about. was surfing thru frenster when i saw this questionairre thingy that i used to do everytime i saw a new one apearing in my bulletin board. its been a while since i did one of these questionairres so i'm gonna do one right now and post it as an entry. haha.

1.What is the best way to get over someone?
throw away everything and anything that reminds you of them. pick up a new activity that will keep you busy. and eat ice cream while watching thriller/suspense vcds at home. AT ALL COST, avoid watching romantic comedies and those sappy korean drama.

2. What makeup do you wear on a daily basis?
i just slab on some mosturiser and i'm ready to go.

3. What is your status on msn?

4. If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life,what would it be?
omigosh. there's just way too many!! pizza, spaghetti, chicken rice, ice cream, satay, prata...

5. Wat curse word do you use the most?
i'm a sweet little angel as compared to maggie. haha. i rarely curse.

6. Do you own an ipod?
i still prefer my trusty sony discman.

7. Who on your Myspace " top 8 " do you talk to the most?
i dont have a myspace. is it like friendster?

8. What time is ur alarm clock set for?
nowadays i dont set my alarm clock unless i have to work the morning shift. i sleep ard 2am and wake up at 1pm during normal days.

9. Have u ever bid for something on ebay?
nope. i have an account though.

10. Do u wear flip-flops even when its cold outside?
when its cold, it only means that its raining. if i were to wear shoes, itd be soaking wet. so, flip flops would be a good choice.

11. Where do u buy your groceries from?
my mum buys them from sheng shiong or shop and save cause they are the nearest to my house.

12. Wld u rather take the picture or be in the picture?
i actually would love to do both. but being such a camwhore, i can never resist being in the picture. hahaha.

13. What was the last movie u watched? `
failure to launch. i give it 3/5 stars. typical romantic comedy.

14. Do any of ur friends have children?
if i were to call my aunts and uncles my frens, then , yeah, my frens have children.

15. If u won the lottery, wats e first thing uwld buy?
more lottery and ice cream. haagen daaz will fill my fridge.

16. Has anyone ever called u lazy?
its hard for anyone not to.

17. Do you ever tke medication to help you fall asleep faster?
i fall asleep easy enough. instead i guess i need one that keeps me awake. haha.

18. Wat CD is currently in ur CD player?
mariah carey's butterfly album.

19. Do u prefer regular or chocolate milk?
i like strawberry milk a lot. especially the one from dutch lady. yummy yum yum.

20. Has anyone told u a secret this week?
thats a secret i cant say.

21. When was the last time someone hit on u?

22. What did u hav 4 dinner?
asam pedas fish and stir fried kangkong.

23. What is ur biggest fear?
i fear fear.

24. What color is ur car?
chocolatey caremel brown. you are talking about my legs right?

25. Can u whistle?
yeah. but not a loud one.

26. What is ur favorite Christmas movie?

27. Do u make your own jewelery?
nah. i dont wear jewellery in the first place.

28. Ever participated in a protest?
a boycot yes. but dont you need to apply for license to protest in singapore?

29. Who was the last person to call you?
someone from work.

30. What is ur favorite ride at an amusementpark?
nothing at the amusement park is amusing at all.

31. What is something u must do everyday?
sleep. i need to sleep to preserve my sanity.

32. Have u ever dated one of your bestfriends?

33. What area code are u in right now?
amk ave 3.

34. Did u watch cartoons as a child?
i still do. haha.

35. Hw big is ur local mall?
malls in singapore are small as compared to malls i've been to overseas.

36. What is your job title?
cinema service crew.

37. What do u miss most?
life in secondary school.

38. Would you ever sky dive?
i'd love to!!

39. What are you allergic to?
people who are annoying.

40. What is ur biggest regret?
there will sure be things in life that you wished you had done. but, its over. life moves on. dont burden youself with hatred or regret.

41. Have u ever had Jamba Juice?
what the beep is that?

42. When was the last time u laughed so hard ur sides hurt?
i dont remember. it's been a while. but i do laugh alot just that my sides dont hurt.

43. What movies do u know every line to?
i'm not so free to remember everyline they say.

44. Do u own any branded t-shirts?
yeah. a few.

45. What is ur favorite candle scent?
vanilla and strawberry.

46. Wen is ur next plane ride?
i donno. havent had any vacation planned in a long time.

47. Wen ws ur last plane ride?
its been a while. cant really recall exactly when. it was a trip to hatyai, thailand though.

48. Do u crack ur knuckles?
sometimes. when i feel like it. hahaha.

49. Wat course r u studying now?
i jus graduated from a diploma in business administration. next a diploma in combat training or smthing. hahaha.

50. What is ur fav salad dressing?
i love salads. dressings are all fat and calories. whats the use of eating salad when u pile it with cholestrol. so, i jus squeeze abit of lemon juice on my salad. thats all. yummy!!

hohoho. that was fun. till next time then.


Saturday, April 01, 2006

Of Maggie, Indomie & Koka

hello public,

again it has been a while since my last proper update. i've been busy with work. and sometimes, there's totally nothing to blog about. i dont have an exciting life or anything. so if i were to blog at every possible moment, it'd jus bore the pants out of you.

anyways, so i finally got my pay from silvercity, and its really marthafarking low. even my monthly alowance is way more than what i get paid. i cant even afford a Louis Vuitton wallet with my pay. but look at the bright side, i guess my pay is enough to feed 10 families in Africa for a month. hoho.

should i look for a new job? cause i've always told myself that working in Silvercity is never for the money. i seriously enjoy what i'm doing there, the people there are mostly a fun & funny group and the perquisites of the job are quite attractive. but i've finally completed my diploma and i guess it's time to stop only caring about fun. its true, that if u enjoy what u do, u aint feel like u're working. but what can a measely three figure sum buy me?

money doesnt make the world go round & money cant buy you happiness. oh what a cliche! who's gonna pay for my bills, who's pay for my landed property in the 6th Avenue, who's pay for my Aston Martin that i'll be driving, who's gonna pay for my domestic helpers, who's gonna pay for my spa sessions at Amara, those back massages and facials, who's gonna pay for shopping spree at Gucci and Prada, who's gonna pay for my Marc Jacob shoes, who's gonna pay for my Bottega Venetta bags, who's gonna pay for my acessories from Hermes, who's gonna pay for my watches from Jaeger Le Coutre. tell me!! who? who? mummy and daddy?? my brothers and sisters?? the government?? silver city??

of course not, its gonna be me.

what does fun matter when you cant afford the luxuries of life with a low paying job. even if u enjoy ur job and are happy but still, will u simply be contented living in a 3 room flat with a mundane view of a multi story car park, wearing Giordano, sitting on your furniture from Courts and eating of porcelain plates instead of gold trimmed china. yeah, well, u might tell me you'll be happy as long you're surrounded by good people. but then again u'll jus be a nobody, a simple commoner, a muggle, a civilian, a peasant!

ah fark it, i donno what to think anymore. lets jus talk about my day yesterday.

met up with maggie at bishan for lunch at pastamania where we both savoured creamy chicken fusili.

then later we went to the library cause maggie wanted to return her books. yeah yeah, i know she doesnt look like she reads. shocking aint it? lol. then later went to the post office cause she needed to renew her pdl.

met up with Indomie later and we proceeded to wheelock place as she wanted to get herself a Crumpler bag. passed by marks&spencer and i simply couldnt resist the offer they had on my favourite redcurrant puffs. i bought three boxes while maggie bought herself a packet of percy pigs. haha. indomie was contemplating on whether to get the yellow, blue or grey bag but in the end we all agreed on the red one which the sales assistant suggested. i've always love to hear recommendations from sales assistants as these people work there and they know whats best, but hey, sometimes, all they do is simply to push unsaleable items to u. so here's where u decided which one is nicer without being influenced or feeling obliged by the sales person.

oh yah. we saw mine and indomie's eye candy. haha. we both found out one day in school that we both kinda find this girl from a media communication option pretty. wierd. 2 people sharing the same eye candy. haha. but she's pretty la. anyways, she was like working at this particular f&b outlet in town and out of the blue i suddenly couldnt control my reflexes and my hand pointed directly at that girl and shouted, 'there she is!!!'.. haha. i realised my uh oh and decided to look away while indomie acted like nothing happened. hee hee.

yeah. indomie left later ard 7 to meet up with her fren. me and maggie then continued on our shopping and cam whoring. hahaha.

ended the day in plaza singapura where maggie bought herself a pair of 3 quarts that finally didnt look like a long pants on her. haha. i love the color of her pants. all she needs now is a nice top and some good looking pumps.

thats it for now then. sorry this entry comes abit late cause it took forever for the fotos to come up. its either my computer is slow or blogger is shit. a misture of both i assume. let me leave u with a last pic. i bought this really cool necklace at a bargain price. its jus a normal chain with a miniature handcuff as the pendant. kinky eh?

haha. thats it then. dont forget to gimme hugs okay. i love you if you love me!!!