Sunday, April 27, 2008

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you know, sometimes it actually hit me that i'm getting old. my mindset is no longer childish, although i do enjoy my sunday morning cartoons. my style has changed from the loud colors to a more subtle taste in dressing. and shopping for a whole day is becoming way to tiring for me.

well, i bet arthritis and alzheimer are just around the corner with the rate i'm aging.

nowadays, i much prefer a little bit of shopping paired with a lot of sitting down. sitting down watching a movie, sitting down and having drinks with friends, or just sitting down in a shopping while people watching with someone.

in a way i would say i long more for the connection rather than the interaction. if you get what i mean. its like a nice chat over scones and darjeeling feels far more real to me.

2 Kinds of Friends In Life

which brings me to a little conundrum about friends. like in life i feel like there's 2 types of friends. friends who'll remain friends till when you're old and then there's friends whom i would term seasonal friends. means something like people you make friends with because you're in the same situation, instituition, job, school and when you're no longer working together or seeing each other everyday, you dont keep in contact anymore.

as life pases by everyday i manage to separate between the 'lifetime friends' and the 'seasonal friends'. and i feel blessed to know that i have quite a few of 'lifetime friends'.

and i went out with a couple of them and needless to say i enjoyed myself.

IMG_4632.jpg picture by alvinhilton

IMG_4634.jpg picture by alvinhilton

these are people i can shop with and camwhore with anytime and anywhere. so we went present shopping for my mum's birthday and along the way, there's always a foto opportunity.

IMG_4638.jpg picture by alvinhilton

IMG_4639.jpg picture by alvinhiltonIMG_4640.jpg picture by alvinhiltonIMG_4642.jpg picture by alvinhilton

like creating Chanel advertisements.

IMG_4636.jpg picture by alvinhilton

probably one day there'll hire me to do an ad for them, just like claudia shiffer.

IMG_4647.jpg picture by alvinhiltonIMG_4648.jpg picture by alvinhilton

IMG_4649.jpg picture by alvinhilton

and while waiting for the salegirl to get the present i've chosen, once again, a camwhoring opportunity. you know sometimes i just cant help it. when a camera pops up i just go into camwhoring mode.

IMG_4650.jpg picture by alvinhilton

its so bad that i've been labelled The Ultimate Camwhore by my friends. go ahead and tell me who can be more camwhorible than me!

IMG_4659.jpg picture by alvinhilton

after all that hard work shopping for my mum's present, its always nice to ''chillax'' (chill + relax) over some drinks.

IMG_4653.jpg picture by alvinhiltonIMG_4652.jpg picture by alvinhilton

yet another camwhoring opportunity while waiting for the food to arrive. i cant help it, i know! LOL!

IMG_4662.jpg picture by alvinhiltonIMG_4660.jpg picture by alvinhilton

yummy sundaes and cake from Menotti.

IMG_4664.jpg picture by alvinhilton

what a nice way to end a good day.


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to the good life...


Saturday, April 26, 2008

hello public

IMG_4643.jpg picture by alvinhilton

less than 24 hours to a pictorial entry!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

hello public


it was one of my campmate's birthday bash and he had it as dbl o, a club at mohammed sultan road. i've always tried my best to avoid the area after hearing stories of the place being overrun by mats and minahs. i in no way would like to be associated with the ah bengs and ah lians of my malay community. but nevertheless since he wanted to do it there, i could possibly dig deep into my heritage and act the part of an ITE graduate.

12042008570.jpg picture by alvinhilton

initially i wanted my really best to fit in with the society there and dress like one of them. you know, the tapered jeans, topman sale item shirts, converse shoes, colored contacts and the ugly hairstyles done up with the really bad dye job.

but then i just couldnt find a nice pair of shoes to go with my Fred Perry checkered top. so i just decided to be myself and dress normally.

11042008556.jpg picture by alvinhilton11042008553.jpg picture by alvinhilton

and then began the drinking frenzy!!

12042008564.jpg picture by alvinhilton

12042008566.jpg picture by alvinhilton12042008567.jpg picture by alvinhilton

the vodka ribenas.

12042008562.jpg picture by alvinhilton12042008563.jpg picture by alvinhilton

the flaming lambos. and of course many other drinks that i took sips of from jugs with unknown contents.

11042008561.jpg picture by alvinhilton

and after all that dancing, and mind you, i rocked the podium. LOL!!!, we got tired and decide to go outside for some fresh air.

11042008554.jpg picture by alvinhilton

the group pic of the night.


of course those days of hardcore clubbing are long gone. i guess it was like a passing phase. nowadays, i prefer to spend my days on a leisurely afternoon out with some friends. but that doesnt mean i dont get that urge to club every now and then.

so the next day,

i spent a leisurely afternoon with my neighbour fara.

12042008571.jpg picture by alvinhilton12042008573.jpg picture by alvinhilton

and the lack of pictures only meant that i had too much fun to take any fotos.

alright, i know this week's entry is rather short but i dont really have much free time to blog this weekend. was my mum's bday today and i spent the afternoon out with my family and now, i gotta rush to pack for camp.

less than 2 months to ORD.


till the next time.

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hello public

where did ALI JOE go this time?

find out shortly...


Sunday, April 13, 2008

hello public

so i guess my name has been perpetually imprinted onto the Singapore's Hall Of Shame. yet another chui moment only contemplates when a raunchy video of me grinding with the boys at Play will leak onto the internet.

can you just imagine what people might say if they saw it?

"goodness!! look at his open pores, eye bags and his untrimmed eyebrows!! and daaaaamn, what the hell is that bitch wearing? that outfit is so Dolce and Gabanna circa spring/summer 2005!! is he trying to be vintage or smthing?!"

darlings, i dont wake up looking like elle macpherson everyday you know.

major sidetrack.

tsk tsk.

so what happened this time you ask?

you know how sometimes you see your friend from across the road and decides to wave and say hi.

yeah. well, so i saw a friend of mine one day in town. you know the part where you cross the road from ngee ann city to paragon. so i was waiting for the traffic light to go green, when i saw Daryl across road. so i waved at him. he didnt seem to wave back even though i managed eye contact.

well, i guess he didnt see my wave. so i gave an even more enthusiastic wave, frantically waving my fat arms.

and the friend i was with, asked me "how come your friend never wave back?''

so without hesistation, amidst the crowd, i manage to project my voice, sure enough that the would hear me calling him from the other side. and let out a huge, "DAAAAAARYLLLLLL!!!!"

did i mention i made the whole of orchard road turned to look at me in weird stares.

and so the lights turn green, i crossed the road. and as i was reaching closer to daryl who by now had this confused look on his face, and i whispered to my friend(the one walking with me)..

"oh fuck, that guy isnt daryl!! fuck fuck fuck!!"

so i increased my pace, made a quick detour and disappeared into the basement of paragon, whipped out my huge pair of Wayfarers from my Revoltage bag and started hyperventilating into a paper bag.

i damn well, made sure i remained in the basement of paragon for 2hours before i emerged into the open.

note to self: next time if i see a friend across the road, i'm gonna give them a call first, just to be sure.


MAJOR sidetrack again.

today's entry is suppose to be about

Ali Joe Goes To The Library

what most of you might not know, i actually like to read. and it seriously goes beyond just vogue and vanity fair. i read actual books.

so i brought my friends, cecilia and jiafang, the library virgins into the wonderful world of books!

mini-DSC03046.jpg picture by alvinhilton

mini-DSC03045.jpg picture by alvinhiltonmini-DSC03044.jpg picture by alvinhilton

the girls were complaining that it was hard to read the titles of the book since they were vertical.

mini-DSC03054.jpg picture by alvinhilton

so we looked for books and guess what kind of books we found?

mini-DSC03049.jpg picture by alvinhilton

there was cooking.

mini-DSC03051.jpg picture by alvinhilton


mini-DSC03052.jpg picture by alvinhilton

self help books like infertility, cometic surgery and menopause.

mini-DSC03056.jpg picture by alvinhilton

and learning about the birds and the bees were now waaaay easier and colorful. hopefully they'll come out with pop-up books on this topics soon.

mini-DSC03057.jpg picture by alvinhilton

and autobiograhies we can relate too, like "The Queen Of Fats"

mini-DSC03060.jpg picture by alvinhilton

the girls even managed to camwhore while i was looking for books.

mini-DSC03058.jpg picture by alvinhilton

and were highly amused by the Zara t-shirt i was wearing.

mini-DSC03050.jpg picture by alvinhilton

we really love visiting the library more now. but all the that usage of brain power has totally drain our energy so its time to hop off to swensens to recharge!

mini-DSC03063.jpg picture by alvinhilton

at swensens we were seated next to this really noisy bunch of aunties. they were siting at the same table but talked to each other like they were at the separate ends of swensens. so irritating!!!

mini-DSC03069.jpg picture by alvinhilton

mini-DSC03073.jpg picture by alvinhilton

mini-DSC03074.jpg picture by alvinhilton

mini-DSC03062.jpg picture by alvinhilton

and then the food came. and we gobbled the who thing up in seconds.

mini-DSC03078.jpg picture by alvinhilton

then i came up with a brilliant idea. lets play a game. its scissors paper stone and the loser had to eat this...

mini-DSC03075.jpg picture by alvinhilton

a cherry dipped in whipped cream and coated with salt and pepper.

and guess who lost?!

mini-DSC03077.jpg picture by alvinhilton

the cherry tasted like a midget's testicle. a midget that hasnt bathe in 7 years.

mini-DSC03064.jpg picture by alvinhilton

the girls feeling damn relieved and laughing at my misery. -__________________-

the stuff we do for fun. seriously retarded.


alright thats it for this weekend's entry.

y'all take care...

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