Saturday, June 23, 2007

hello public

the every Monfortian's dream. to be surrounded by the SJC gals!!!



Sunday, June 17, 2007

hello public

you know what? i'm like 3 fucking shades darker now. and my forehead is two distinct shades of brown due to wearing my beret for a looooooooooooooong period of time under the blasting rays of the sun.

all this for wad u may ask?

well, it was for a commander whom i had to stand still in the Sedia position with my rifle for a speech that felt like it lasted 2hours. and for bloody sake, breaking out into tears four times in your speech is not cute anymore after the 2nd time. get a grip will ya?

and for this parade, we had to rehearse from 8 in the morning till ard 9 at night for 2 days in the sun and the rain and what do we get? to book out late!!!

i had to so rush home cause i was meeting my frens to club that night. and by the time i reached home, washed up and changed, i only managed to reach tanjong pagar seconds before midnight.

met up with some friends and their boyfriends at a club called Play. free entry for me!!! whoopeee!!!! the music was not really my cup of tea but after like 1.30am it got really good. i had a really fun time. and boy was it a really interesting night. hahahahahahaha!!!!

anyways, this entry is not about my clubbing visit to play. i didnt bring my camera there anyway, so there's no pictures to update. anyhow, i'll be blogging about my outing with my tekongmates!!!

we went out on june 9 which coincidentally coincides with the day we all first met. i still remember, the first day i came to tekong. i couldnt really believe it. it hasnt really sunk in to me yet that my 2yrs of NS life has begun.

the only thing that was running through my mind was ' my hair!!! my hair!!!' and so they shaved it all off. my precious hair, all the months of oxygen treatment gone with a swipe of the shaver. but somehow it felt good, like a certain burden lifted off. i felt 2kg lighter.

and then i met the guys i'm gonna sleep with (ahem). i was so scared that i wasnt gonna make any frens and that everyone will hate me cause i'm fabulous. then i saw kangming, my poly classmate and i thank god that i knew somebody.

what happened in the next 3 months was definitely an experience that i'd never have done on own. we all bonded.

and soon it was time for the Pass Out Parade (POP).

i have a confession, i was like really sad on POP. its like u've met all this wonderful guys and u've made some really goood friends and then now, thats it. we're all parting. no longer seeing each other everyday anymore.

and now, exactly one year later, some of us met up to celebrate the end of one year of being a slave to the military.

we had dinner at this place called Genki sushi at Marina Square. it was my first time and DEFINITELY the last!!! the place sucked, the service was excruciatingly slow and the food tasted repulsive.

how many michelin stars for this restaurant u may ask? well, upon 5, i give a very generous 1 star!

bowling after that followed by clubbing at MOS. i'm so seriously in love with room 54 in mos. fantabulous day!!!

pics for the day!!

you know and i know i had fun. its so obvious from the pictures. i love you guys!! especially the one in red! wahahahahaahahhaa!!!


Siti Nurhaliza Duets With Lee Hom

like oh my god!! i saw this on youtube and although i could only understand nuts about it, its like so cool!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

hello public

with you i melt.

somebody please get me a bucket, i cant seem to stop melting!!

since that night, i cant stop thinking bout you.



Sunday, June 10, 2007

hello public

O M G!

this week felt soo long. especially with my 2kilometre swim at pasir ris beach totally draining my energy for the whole week. few words can only describe the experience it was. and trust me guys, it will be a long time before i willingly step foot at a beach. unless of course i need to work on a glowing tan. but then again, fake tanners does similar wonders.

oh yeah, a shoutout to a wonderful friend of mine who i shall refer to as the Bull, for his constant assistance in the treacherous salt water when i was suffering from an immense jellyfish attack phobia. *winks*

in the same week of course following the very draining swim, a trip to the jungle was in the schedule. on the horror. how i dread trips to the jungle especially when i become an 'all you can
eat buffet' for the ravenous mosquitoes.

if only they were big enough, you could probably see a huge grin on their faces when i first step foot there.

i bet they all go, 'Hey guys, that big delicious lump of lard is here again, brace yourself for a heavy meal!! Those with high blood pressure better watch your diet, this one is ladened with cholestrol!!! you're gonna get a heart attack'


anyways, nobody wants to listen to my terribly boring safari adventures. trust me, its so mundane that it'll lull a snail to sleep.

well, this week's pictorial entry would be about the day i met up with two of the most prettiest dudes i know.

say hello to...

jenna honey and drop dead gorgeous yasi.

and so we all just hang out around in town and caught up with each other's life. a simple but happy day.

do ignore my horrible ability to arrange the fotos in a neat manner. i'm not really a computer person and its so complicated.

alright then. till my next entry, this soldier's civilisation time is up.