Sunday, December 31, 2006

Part 2 of Previous Entry

hello public again,

My 2006 Resolutions List

1) lose weight.

i may have lost a teeny weeny amount of weight as a result of national safari but thats not enough. in fact, its never enough. i wanna be skinnier as in nicole richie skinny and those dior homme models skinny kind. my aim is to have a whole wardrobes of sizes XS and S. well, maybe a couple of size M for those i-feel-fat days.

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2) go for facials and massages.

the national safari has simply fucked up my complexion. to me good looks are important. its not a vanity thing. havent u heard of first impression matters. beautiful people usually get things their way. why do they put pretty people as front sales staff? for 2 simple reasons. to attract customers. and people feel better talking to a good looking person. i'm not making it up, i read this in a magazine somewhere before.
why massages? well, national safari has overworked my body and the tension needs to be eased for a better well being.

when u look good, you feel good.
when you feel good, things go your way much better.

3) be more organised. note to self: get a diary planner.

dont you sometimes feel frustrated when your plans are all jumbled up. a planner will help me keep track of future activities. also i will use the planner to tabulate my spendings. i've been going way over the hills with my spending and i have no idea where all the money in my bank disintegrates to. which brings me to my next resolution.

4) save $$$ and reduce spending.

i simply cant imagine where all my pay and allowance go to. money in my bank account is like alcohol left in the open. it evaporates. really fast. although i still havent seen the point of saving yet, i really need to start young for my own future's good. i need to cut down on those restaurant lunches and dinners. the last time i stepped into a hawker centre would probably be in the late 1990's. my fren, werdna has also shown me the light of cutting expenses. stop patronising cafes.

i do have to admit. i have a soft spot for starbucks's frappucinos and the chai tea lattes from coffee bean. and this would easily set me back around six bucks for my usual grandes. and i dont drink one cup in a day. i start with at least a 2.

apparently, my penchant for fine dining and drinking is causing a hole in my pocket. anyway, all the stuff i eat and drink just turns to shit and piss in the long run. and also it makes me fat. so, simple plan to save and lose weight. stop spending so much on food.

see, kill 2 birdies with 1 stone.

well, i have another confession. everytime i pass by a magazine stand, i simply cant resist buying a magazine. be it those frilly gossip magazines or even a health magazine. i love magazines. i rarely read books and i only flip the newspaper to check for tv schedules. but i've tabulated and once i even spent up to $50 a month on magazines alone. tsk tsk.

i seriously should keep a book on what i spend on. at least at the end of the month, i know where all my money go to and i can keep cutting cost from there.

well enough about spending, lets move on to my next resolution.

5) be happy, have fun and be outgoing.

whatever it is in life. there's no use fretting over. life is short and if we dont try our best to enjoy it now. then when else. we must treasure our youth while we still have it. sometimes certain things in life just dont go away. but look at it this way, they are there as learning experiences and tomorrow everything will be better.

over the years, i have been a little reserve. 2007 will be a year where i break my barriers.

watch out world.

here i come.

*splat splat splat*



till next time guys, i wanna thank all of you for reading my blog. i know it may not be the most popular blog or the most interesting one. but the fact that u guys still read it makes me happy!

ps: to kathleen and melvin, happy birthday!

ps: to werdna, take care. i'll be counting down the days till they bring sexy back. =)

i shall leave you guys with a photo of mambo night at zouk.

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thanks maddie, yasi, jess, mavis and eve!!! i had soooooooooo much fun. lets do it again!


Saturday, December 30, 2006

hello public

if you've noticed i haven been updating on a regular basis even though i'm on my 12day leave. i've been extremely busy meeting up with friends and catching up on each other's lives. also my computer has caught some blasphemous disease of a virus and is really pissing me off with the reformating bits, especially with me being an IT dumb ass.

the probability of me being IT savvy is as similar as finding a Bangla that smells like roses. which in other words is never.

i havent actually had a proper day of simply lounging on my bed with a thermos flask of horlicks indulging in a vcd marathon. but thats ok. cause i had really good times during my leave.

the end of my leave also marks another significant event. no, its not the opening of vivocity. but something even more significant.

the end of the year 2006.

it might be cheesy to have one of those lookbacks into 2006 but then fuck it. if i wanna have one, i will have it.

2006 has been the year where i first dabbled into the big two-zero. no longer is it appropriate for me to buy the Teens and Teenage magazines cause it only means i'm in denial. i probably should start investing in anti aging creams.

2006 also had a new beginning for me in the national safari, a codename i gave for NS. before ns i never believed i could have survived a day in a jungle let alone Pasir Ris Park. but after going through six months as a soldier, i have accomplished feats that i never knew i was possible of. also the much more visible factors would be how ns has shed some of those ghastly weight i had and also it made me more vulgar. overall, its been okay.

2006 also ended my 3yr lovehate relationship with singapore poly. loving the poly lifestyle, hating the projects cramming. but trust me it was overall an enjoyable experience. never did i regret my decision of not going to a boring junior college. what i did regret however was not being participative enough in events. but thats life, u try to live it the best u can, and then u look back and see countless stuff that u could have done in a different way. but then if everything happened differently then u wouldnt have gone through wad u had. so technically everything happens for a reason, there's no use regretting.

2006 has also seen me on my ultra shopping sprees. from the donna karans to the calvin kleins and shopping for basics at zara like mere mortals at giordano. saving was simply not in my Dictionary. under the 'S' category of my dictionary was Spending, Shopping, Spendthrift, Spree but definitely not Saving. but damnit, i boosted the economy. =P

anyways, i will continue my lookback into 2006 another time cause i need to go prepare for another gathering. alright, till next time,


Thursday, December 28, 2006

All I gotta say is
I just wanna have some fun
And I'll do it until I'm done
I'm telling you
I'm just a crazy kind of guy
I'll tell it to the world
I've just begun having my fun
Inside me there's something I found
I wanna shop around
I just begun
Don't wanna settle down
I just wanna have a good time
I just wanna be myself
And don't let anybody tell you it's any differently
I wanna enjoy the sunshine
And do the things that I need
To see what feels good to me
I'm just so crazy

Monday, December 25, 2006

hello public

I've been having some fucked up problems with my com lately. the internet connection keeps getting cut off after every 10-15mins of usage. Then I have to like restart my com again for me to be able to connect again.

There's also this pop up thingy that says something like, ''generic host process for win32 has encountered a problem and needs to close''.

I googled this and there's like other people too who faced similar problems. Some specified it to be the MS MACBLASTER worm, whatever that is. I called some of my IT frens. And they told me to download a worm removal thingy. And so I did.

After all the virus scans and worm scans, they found nothing corrupted in my com. So what the fuck is wrong with it. Its bloody pissing me off cause I cant be online for more than 15mins.

And I'm even bloody blogging on Microsoft words right now. How pathetic is that.

Is there anybody out there who've dealt with similar problems or knows how to solve this fuckshit? Pretty please gimme a buzz, leave a comment or smthing!!!


I've got buckets of fotos to upload and write up bout so you guys just sit back, relax and enjoy the pictorial diarrhea.

My 12 day block leave have just begun and already my planner is bursting at its seams.

Day 1

Met up with my neighbour, fara for a movie at the overhyped vivocity. We both wanted to catch Night At The Museum starring Ben Stiller cause he's like so funny and my favourite comedian, Robin Williams is acting in it too!!! So we decided to check out the new golden village at vivocity.

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I have to say the GV there was a great experience. The mechanicals like the sound system and ambience were really good and I loved the fact that they had so much leg room space. But somehow the service was just cold. Not that it was bad, just that it felt like they were doing their job and that's that. Buying tickets from the AXS machines and popcorn from a vending machine would bring about a similar feel of service.

But then overalls, the movie was a funny one. Not like witty funny but you know like those type of funny that the whole family can enjoy. I give it a 3stars.

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Then we ate at secret recipe where we had the set meal which consisted of a drink, main course and a cake for $14.90. quite cheap huh. The food and service was quite good. And there was one waitress that was kinda hot. Haha!!!

Remember, I did blog once about my revolting trip to secret recipe. But then, that was the marina square branch, the vivo's branch is definitely waaaaaaaaay better.

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Afterwards, we went trigger friendly with my Olympus and then decided to call it a day.

Day 2

Was supposed to meet up with sharif for a last minute Christmas shopping but then he called in sick last minute. Oh wells, shit happens. Lets hope he gets better.

So I gave jiafang a call and she was free to go Christmas shopping with me. Yippie!!

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We met up in town and first destination was pastamania for lunch. It has been quite a while since I've visited my used-to-be favourite eaterie. Fangz needed to get a Christmas present and I had an urgent xmas present dued the next day.

Shopped from fareast to heerens and after a long and tiring but definitely fun search, I finally settled on something for werdna.

I did once say that I love shopping for presents but then that little Perfectionist in me always makes it hard to decide. I do love to shop but then I shop for stuff I deem 'perfect'. Its like I've been wanting to get a bag since forever but until I find the perfect one, I aint settling for second class.

Day 3

Luncheon with my friend werdna who brought 'sexy' back (private joke). Heard about this place that was highly recommended by a fellow blogger and decided to give Indulgz Bistro a try.

Located somewhere near bugis junction where I got lost initially trying to find but then I was still early cause werdna was a little late. But that's okay, he kinda got lost too. Hahaz!

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The ambience there was really great to bring someone you love for dinner. But then it was me and werdna there. How unromantic. Lol!!

Anyways, werdna's like leaving for some remote place in Australia to train to be a pilot. And he's gonna be gone for 6 long weeks!!! Omigosh!! I know how it feels to be away from family and friends to do training. I went to Brunei for 3 weeks and everyday I counted down till the day I took the flight home. But don't worry, we can still text each other.

Anyways, I passed him his christmas cum farewell present and I hope he likes it. I ordered char grilled rib eye steak which was really yummy while werdna had the carbonara. Samuel joined us later for cheese fondue and warm brownie with ice cream. The cheese fondue would have been quite nice if they didn't drown it in wine. It tasted like dipping my apples in alcohol. Bleah! At least the brownie was nice.

Overall, the food's not too bad, ambience was great and service was superb. The prices were quite reasonable too. Our entire meal only cost us 80bucks. Not bad huh.

Chatted for a while about our different ns lives. Samuel's in OCS, Werdna's gonna be a pilot and yours truly, the elite guards. Its nice catching up but then all good things has to come to an end. Samuel had other appointments so it was left with me and werdna for shopping!!! Weee!!!

So I hitched a ride on werdna's bmw. And trust me I enjoyed the ride. Hahaha!!! I don't really know about him though, having to bear my incessant out of tune yelling of whetever was on his cd player. From SOS by Rihanna to Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake, I belted everything out. LOL!!!

And he was like so stubborn and dint wanna join me in the SOS chorus. Hmmph!!


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well, walked around the city hall malls. I really like millennia walk. I never noticed millennia walk before but then now, it looks like a lovely chillout place. I was like craving for a chai tea latte so badly and werdna kept pulling me away cause he says that I shouldn't waste money at starbucks paying 5bucks for a drink. But I cant help it, I’m addicted.

So we sat around for a while later, as usual I camwhored and then we decided to say goodbye. So when he left, I went to starbucks and got myself a chai tea latte.

Day 4(today)

Met up with someone and that's all I'm gonna say. Even though I have a blog, not everything in my life is bloggable. Some things I rather keep it personal.

Well then,

That's about it. I'm spending Christmas with family and I have to book into camp at night for guard duty. I'm spending boxing day prowling bedok camp. Oh bleary!

Oh yah, a shout out to all my SP mates. I'm having a gathering at zouk for mambo night. That's Wednesday the 27th by the way. Do RSVP me for details and confirmations. It doesn't matter if we weren't from the same class, if you know me and I know you, then lets have a party. Its been quite a while since everyone had a get together, so lets end the year mambo-ing!

Alright, that's gonna it for me this time round, it has been a really looooooong entry and I hope you guys have been enjoying your time here.

Finally wishing everyone out there a merry Christmas!!!!!

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Till next time,


Saturday, December 16, 2006

hello public

how did you guys feel bout my very first podcast that i uploaded onto my blog in yesterday's update?

crappy eh? hahaha. actually i was like kinda testing out the microphone thingy on my creative zen and out of sheer boredom since i had too much time on hand i decided to crap something out for my first podcast.

trust me, it was totally unrehearsed.


why so free in camp, you may ask?

well, we just had a battalion mission thingy somewhere in the secluded regions of singapore and usually after such a massive exercise, the next day will just be catered for administrative matters.


isnt it exciting, christmas is just around the corner. fuck those shazz matazz about it being a season for giving. i dont even know why christmas is celebrated. whether it's santa's birthday or probably jesus's resurrection doesnt really make me moist. what does however, are the sales and discounts.

christmas is not about having a christmas tree. instead its about who has the brightest swarovski star on top of the tree. in other words, its about who can attract more customers to generate more sales for higher net profits to make up for lacklustre months.

from a consumers' point of view, i aint complaining.


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decided to meet up with sharif for lunch on the saturday.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

went to this place in Wheelock Place called The Big O Restaurant. the food's not that bad considering you like it on the blah side. presentation of food and ambience of place was very pleasing. however dont expect to satisfy the raging hunger of bufallo here as the servings are minimal. the service was simple, nothing great and nothing bad, the typical minimal you'd expect in singapore's retail line.

caught up with sharif about his life. right now, he's just slacking at home since he has just attained every national servicemen's dream, ORD. since he's completed his 2 yr term, he's now like contemplating on studies or probably gather some working experience first.

as we passed by Lido i couldnt help but ogle and drool over those yummy gelatos. so Gelatissimo it is for dessert.

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shopped around somemore later as sharif need to get some presents and you know how i love shopping for presents. manage to get some lovely stuff that i know the receiver will simply j'adore.

although there were sales blowing off from right to left. there wasnt really anything much that caught my eye. at the end of the day, all i bought was a Calvin Klein v neck.

but then, to me shopping is not about how much stuff you buy but how much fun you had.

well, i had loads.

in case, some of my friends whom i havent met for quite a while due to our conflicting schedules have forgotten how exactly i look like, i leave you will a little something to remind.

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p.s.: anybody wants to go mambo at zouk next wednesday? gimme a buzz.

oh yah, i would definitely love to know whether you guys would like a podcast number two scehduled anytime soon.

love me and leave me messages on my tagboard.


Friday, December 15, 2006

hello public

was kinda bored in camp so i fiddled around with my creative zen and guess wad?!

i came up with my first podcast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

click here: podcast1.wav


just click and download. its like 5mins of crap that me n my bored bunkmates came up with.

do gimme feedback bout topics u like to hear about or whats good or bad bout the current podcast...

okie dokes.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

dont u wish sometimes u just wanna take a long walk alone with no destination in mind.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

hello public

its finally another weekend.

omg! i thought it'd never come. i guess now my national safari life is back to my tekong days. booking out every saturday mornings. damn!


cause i cant pass my IPPT aka napfa test(damn those pull ups!!!) and my Standard Obstacle Course thingy is not fast enough( damn those rope climbing!!!).

so its back to a 6 day work week instead of a 5 day one. instead of getting two nights to be on my comfy bed(not that i'm home on both nights most of the time), i only have one night of sleeping with air con. how like that?

but whatever. negativity is the last thing i shall surround myself with right now.

since i'm already dead beat due to the training this week, i decided that saturday's gonna be my relax day. so i took naps. went to the library to borrow some books and magazines. did a little grocerry shopping. ate a lot of ice cream. and uploaded songs and videos into my new mp4 player.

did i mention i finally got myself a Creative.


why creative and not ipod?

for 3 simple reasons.

1) creative has a radio function and ipod doesnt.

2) we should support local products that are actually good.

3) i hate being common. everyone's getting an ipod thus, i'm not getting one. remember darlings, a very important commandment in my 'Book of Bimbotic Quotes by a Camwhore(BBQC)', ''dont follow trends, start them''.


since its a 30Gig. i happily happily upload everything in every CD i have. then i uploaded 3 entire movies. and still got a lot of space left. i liiiiiiiiiiike!!!

its a Creative Zen Vision: M by the way.

so thats all i did on saturday.

on sunday(today), met up with my Tekong pal andrew but since he calls me ila on his blog i shall call him werdna. hehe!!!

i never do this but since he advertised my blog quite a few times on his blog, then i shall invite all of you to give his blog a visit at its rather new so do give him your support.

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so anyway we met up in town. had lunch at Breeks where i had this kimchi seafood ramen which was not bad actually. that place deserves a revisit. the service was good and the prices were reasonable. i'd rate them 3.5stars. the only thing is they dont really have a lot of variety in the menu.

we did a little shopping afterwards where we both decided to do some Watch hunting. i saw this fabulous slick chic watch by Calvin Klein thats pure gorgeous. its like this super plain simple silvery watch. i've been wanting to get a simple watch and this one sure fits my bill.

but i'm kinda broke right now, so i gotta save and wait till the Christmas sales and discounts galore overflow like Niagara Falls in orchard road. thats what i love about christmas. its all a marketing ploy.

then he brought me to this place in far east plaza that serves a dessert which is fried Mars bar and 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream dribbled with chocolate fudge on top. its soooooooooo yummy!!! you guys simply have to experience it. its better than sex!

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werdna had to leave shortly later cause he has to bring his cute little battery-operated-looking dog to the vet. so i hitched a ride on his new BMW till somerset and boy was it nice!!!

i wanna get a bmw too!!!


anyway, thanks for the ride sexy, i really enjoyed it!! *winks*


okay i gottago pack my bags to book in now. byeeeeeeeeeeeeee. take care and cmon leh, leave comments or say hi to me in my damn tagboard.



Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sunday, November 26, 2006

hello public

how are you guys? i hope you are happy and well whereever you are and with whatever you're doing.

i can only hope likewise for myself.


well, there quite a number of fotos for this entry. as much as you will enjoy the fotos, dont forgot i enjoyed taking the fotos more!!!

i seriously think i should start a book titled 'Bimbotic Quotes From A Camwhore'.

*roll eyes*


time flies really fast aint it. it felt like only last week that i first step foot into bedok camp filled with so much dread and remorse and all possible negativity in the world after receiving my posting into the elite forces of the Guardsman.

that morning, on the cab from home to camp, reality finally sunk in. I'm going to be a guardman. images of dreaded torture floated in my mind like flies around a african kid.

it felt like i've gotten aids.

furthermore, being the only one from my bmt company there out of the unlucky 24 and not knowing anyone else made me feel ostracised. like a leper cast away onto an island awaiting my fate.

then they told me, we're going to brunei in one month's time. and i never guessed that brunei would be my final destination. the place where i'd be buried, eaten alive by wild animals or reptiles, fall off a clift or any other possible gruesome way of dying.

but guess wad,

i'm still here.

like i've said before, i am amaze at what i've never felt i am capable of but have finally achieve it.

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and of course i couldnt have done it with the help and encouragement of my platoon 10 mates and commanders.

from 24 it became 21.

all 21 of us who never knew each other have bonded so close over just 1 mth and made it through together.

but then of course we couldnt have done it without the guidance of our commanders. having a sword of honour officer as our Platoon Commander, Ulysees company's ex-2IC as our Platoon Commander 2, best commander award recepient as our Platoon Sergeant, hero commander award recepient as our section commander and one of the most efficient admin specialist as our sergeant.

guided by the best, we became the best.

and now, after we've bonded, its time to separate into the different company lines.

i'm gonna miss all the memorable times we had.

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and last week to comemorate our last day together, we had a lunch together at Vila'ge at Heerens. the place used to be Marche and nothing much has changed except for the signboard.



yesterday, met up with sharif as we decided to catch up over lunch. i was having a wasabe craving and so we headed to sakae suntec.

i love japanese food!!!

walked around marina later on as i wanted to check out the Creative store. have been having my eye set on this creative zen neoon 2. gorgeous little black mp4. christmas ornaments were already up and so wad else could we do but snap some pics.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

walked around for little bit and decided to have cakes and coffee at Secret Recipe. i've heard quite abit about their famous cheesecakes and how great the place is.

so i had the vanilla latte with the classic cheesecake. while sharif had the chocolate banana cake with green apple juice. after ranking the food and the service, my verdict for Secret Recipe Marina Square is ....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

nobody sat us to our seats. the menus had to be asked for. ambience wasnt great. service was without a smile. the cakes tasted blah and un-rich, a letdown especially for a cafe that raked in numerous awards. my latte was beyond bitter. the whole experience was just a letdown.

anyways, proceeded to gramaphone later on. was initially looking for a Cd by Dixie Chicks but in the end bought Fergie's The Dutchess and Rihanna's A Girl Like Me album instead cause the Dixie Chicks CD i want wasnt there.

i've been addicted to this song called Fergalicious by Fergie. its like soooooooooo catchy!!!!!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


met some GV frens later along the way and said hi and took some fotos.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


decided to meet up with my tekong sectionmates later on for dinner at nydc.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

it was really nice to catch up and then we had desserts at cafe cartel till late.


need to go off already. bye bye!!!

till next time,


Saturday, November 18, 2006

hello public

guess where i went again?

oh my god, i cant believe how smart you guys are getting.

so me and the girls met up for dinner at vivocity. while waiting for sheryl's arrival, i ran wild in candy empire and bought myself almost $20 worth of candy.

when i was browsing through the candy section, i heard this father telling his daughter,

"girl, these are candies, they make your teeth rot"

omigosh!! what is this dad doing? he is robbing his child out of one of the joys of childhood. didnt he watch charlie and the chocolate factory? when willy wonka was young, his father didnt allow him to eat any chocolate or candy in fear of cavities. see what he's grown up to be?

a freak!

you dont want that happening to your daughter dont you?


sheryl came(physically not erotically) and all 4 of us went trigger happy with my olympus.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

then we went to have dinner at Thai Express where i had these yummy Thai fried noodle that tasted rather sweet. the aircon there was like beyond cold and i know why. 75% of the food there is like fiery chilli padi hot hot so the aircon is there to act like the 'yin' to counter the 'yang' of the super spicy food. so the yin and yang counter off each other to create a harmony and balance.

ming bai ma?

i think me and zhang ziyi or ziyi zhang as she prefers to be called now, shares smthing in common.

i speak terrible chinese and she speaks terrible english!

''the soup is too salty!'' is the only thing she knows how to say in english.

and i only know '' ni de nenepok hen da, wo yao ni gen cuo ai ke yi ma?''
//translation : what a lovely day, care for some flowers?''


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

there was this nice wading pool at the top of vivo and if only i were in slippers or sandals, i'd be running ard happily in the water. but sadly i was in shoes, so mahfan. u have to untie shoelace, take out socks, put one side where wont get wet then can go in water. after being in the water for a while, must wait for feet to dry, find a place to sit down to put on shoe, put on socks, put on shoe, tie shoelace.

wah peh! so bloody tedious!

the girls who were in slippers did went in and wiggled their toes in the stagnant water contaminated with everyone's dirty, smelly, fungal infected feet.

seeing the pool of water reminded me of brunei. whenever we pass by a stream, we'd stop to refill our bottle with stream water then we'd add this tablet that kills bacteria. then the water starts to taste like swimming pool water, not salty because everyone pees in the water taste, but that chlorine taste. urgh. i found out that the water taste nicer without the anti bacteria tablet. lol. heheX. and you know what, it was naturally cold. yay!

ppl added the anti bacterial tablet to their water, me?, i added a packet of peach tea mix! yummilicious!

oh yah, i wouldnt be giving away much about my trip to brunei with national safari due to confidentiality issues. so if you'd like to know more, and trust me, there's a whole lot of ineteresting shit, then feel free to chat me up on msn.

in case, u dont have my msn or wadever, the email add is available on my sidebar on the right column under the heading Contact Me. you can add me in friendster too!!

a little smthing on brunei. it was the first time i got to ride on a helicopter. usually i watch Apprentice and see donald trump leaving on a heli and it looks really cool!!! and so i was bloody esctatic when i founf out that we'll be heli inserted to our next location. like damn cool w0Rz!!

so we waited like 3hours for the heli. upon arrival we rushed in cause the propellor was really strong. i managed a window seat. YAY!! sure got nice view!!!

cheebye. all i saw were trees. the whole thing felt like a bus ride with a view of trees. trees here, trees there, trees everywhere. sian bo lao sai. after like 2 minutes i got soooooo bored. there werent any inflight entertainment either.


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maddie and some other peeps has asked me to compile a list of what i want for my birthday. belated birthday that is. but not to worry, i do accept belated birthday presents.

it sucks to celebrate ur birthday on the second day upon arrival brunei.

so here goes:

1) The Golden Girls vcd collection available at Gramaphone. if you guys havent watch this comedy sitcom, you simply must. its humour at its best. the show is flooded with intellectual humour, sarcasm and wit. my kind of comedy.

2) Jewel's Pieces of You album or any Dixie Chicks album. for CDs please pass them to me before end of november, if not, i'll just go and buy them myself.

3) any bodyshop products.

4) any shirt from Zara or Guess in size M. Ralph Lauren Polos would be much appreciated as well.

5) any cardigans in size S. those from Topman or Garcon are quite nice.

6) board shorts in size 32.

7) 2007 anual planner. those 1 week to 2pages kind. i dont like those 1 day to 1 page. i dont really have THAT much to write.

8) a bright green color mouse. the one for computers not those rodents.

9) sims 2 pc game.

10) decorative items i can put on my computer table.

Things to avoid:

1) i HATE soft toys.

2) never get me photo frames. i'll just give them to other people during christmas.

3) dont treat me solely to food. it only means u couldnt be bothered to make an effort to pick a present.

4) sportswear. as most of you know, the only sport i do is golf, online.

5) fragrance or scents. i'm extremely picky when it comes to parfums.

that should be a good enough list right? any further clarifications will be entertained. contact me through my message board, email, msn, or friendster.

okay. its like 2am now. sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep time.


hello public

i guess its time to at least blog something. my viewership counter has been increasing the past few days and its wierd but i feel a little oblige to provide the supply. blogging has started to feel like work instead of something i used to find therepeutic or enjoyable.

probably just another phase i'm going through.

the nearing 3 weeks in brunei has made me reflect much on life. my life. not yours or those poor starving kids in africa's.

when i look back and reminisce all i see is a big void. all i feel is a big void. all i am is a big void.

urgh. fuck it.

the readers dont want to read my emo stories. shut the fuck up ali joe and move on with your bimbotic blog entries!


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

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just like the dove
i spread my wings
and fly away

what happens then?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

hello public

guess how many more days to my birthday?

2!!! its this saturday damnit!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

and i'm gonna be spending it with so many men. Yippie!!! we're gonna have an orgy!!! i'm gonna strip naked in the middle of the jungle and have a fuckfest with those gigantic moquitoes and get sucked off by the random leeches.

oh what joy. i'm ejaculating with enthusiasm. somebody please restrain me before i bounce off with excitement.

*roll eyes*

the only thing i'm excited about is what to wear to the airport later. i'm deciding on a light grey polo tee paired with dark grey slacks. but dont you think its way too gray? hmm. anyway, i dont have shoes to match!!! aargh! dilemmas dilemmas!!

oh, if you didnt know, i'm leaving for brunei tonight.


back to updates....

me and miss mabel(andrew's gf) has been text messaging each other for the past 2 weeks. and no, we're not having an affair.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

she's been planning a hush hush suprise birthday party for her boyfriend, andrew, and she contacted me to gather his ns buddies for the event. it was difficult enough trying to get people's confirmation on whether they can make it on my side, so you can guess how hard it must have been for her to organise the entire suprise party.

kudos to mrs mabel chng!!! andrew, you better treasure this girl cause obviously she treasures you a lot. invite me to the wedding k!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the party was really nice and the food was yummy!

we left ard 9pm where me and wilson decided to hitch a ride from weisheng who's passing by town. the only problem was that weisheng didnt know how to drive to town all the way from east coast(andrew's house). what made it more worst was that he had two dummies in the car who didint know how to read a map. hahaha!!! so we ended driving around getting lost for what seemed like slightly more than an hour. it was actually quite fun!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
we didnt know how to read the map so we took a photo instead. lol!

oh yeah, earlier in the day when i was waiting for wilson who was late for almost an hour to shop for andrew's present, i finally decided to get that Red Be Delicious fragrance from DKNY. yay!!! finally i smell like an apple. yummy!

dont bite me please.

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over the long weekend i've been busy helping mummy to bake cookies for hari raya. and its really quite fun. i bake then i eat. bake and eat and bake and eat. i'm getting a carbo and sugar overdose. i'm gonna grow really really fat and explode!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i made this all by myself: m&ms oatmeal cookies. yummy!

well, decided to take a break from the flour and butter and also give my overworked oven a rest. so on monday, i met up with liat and we toured the ultrahyped vivocity. and boy was the place big. it reminded me of shopping centres in malaysia where they had too much land space on hand and didnt know what to do with it so they just made the walkways wider.

well, vivocity to me is just another ngee ann city. a typical shopping centre with all the usual things to expect. but then its not fully opened yet cause its official opening is on december 1st. so thats why there are still shops unopened.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

thats its then for this round.

just wanna wish all the Muslims, Selamat Hari Raya!

and the Hindus, Happy Deepavali!

i wont be blogging for the next 3 weeks cause i'll be off to Brunei tonight for my National Safari training. its really a mix of feelings. on one hand, i'm excited cause i've never been to Brunei yet on the other hand i'm sad that i'm gonna be gone for 3 weeks and i'm gonna miss everyone especially my mum.

thank you to everyone for their well wishes. i really appreciate them!

well then, till 3 weeks later...


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

hello public

sorry bout the lack of updates over the long weekend. you must have died of boredom with nothing new to read from my blog dont you?

its shocking to see the rise in viewership over the weekend. apparently, there are people who read my blog. hurrah to that! according to my site counter, my blog has been visited over 50 times over the weekend. whooopie!! although there were no new hugs received by my hug machine (which is on the right column if you didnt know) nor any new messages in my tagboard (which is also on the right column). you guys must be like introverted people of something. but whatever it is, Ali Joe is happy to have you here!

spread the joy of realitee for me to clinch world domination! wahahahaha!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

First stop on world domination: Singapore!!!

i'm beyond retard, somebody slap me please. *roll eyes*

since there has been a reasonable rise in demand, i'll provide the much sorted after supply.

let me introduce you to a good friend of mine, sheryl. i think she looks better in the when photographed without flash.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

oh dont you agree?

anyways, i met up with my favouritest girls in the planet for dinner at city hall.

we decided upon a place called Changing Appetite in Marina Square for dinner. you know how these magazines and food critics gives rating to places based on food, service and ambience. well, i'm gonna rate this place a 3/10.

1 point for ambience.
another 1 point because i was seated next to a mirror so i can keep checking myself out.
and a final 1 point for effort.

3 points upon 10 is all that they deserve. the food was pathetic and blasphemous. the service was lousy and slower than a sloth on subutex overdose. ridiculous i tell you!

i ordered sirloin steak and what arrived that seems like 20 lightyears later, tasted like car tyres served with a side of plastic roses and baby vomit. which were supposed to be steak, brocoli and mashed potatoes.


i definitely wont be the first in line to apply for their loyalty card if they had one.

talking about loyalty cards, i've recently gotten membership for The Body Shop's. i get 10% off everything and other perquisites. so if any of you wanna buy stuff there, holler at me.

well then,

after dinner, i braved through the kalimantan smog for a camwhoring session at the Esplanade roof terrace. i swear i'm gonna get lung cancer just by staying outdoors. but then, a true camwhore does not whine when doing what he loves most.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


since i was already breathing in more smoke than a malboro addict, what the heck, keep the flashes coming! anyway, it did start to feel like Genting. hahaha!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

anyone out there interested to be a camwhore?

all it takes is a little narcissism and a very thick skin. and i have excess of both!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

mommy, i'm in Genting!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

work the camera darlings!

hahaha!!! okok!! thats it for now... i got more foto's of course but i'll update bout them later.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

hello public

let me tell you a little metaphor...

once there was this poor boy who fell in love with a Gucci wallet. but deep down he knew he could not own it as the wallet already belonged to someone else. the boy wasnt rich enough to get the gucci wallet from the person and stealing the wallet was definitely not an option. the boy also felt that such a luxurious and priceless wallet wouldnt be fit to be with a pauper like him. therefore, after seeing how the Gucci wallet that belonged to the other person fits perfectly in her Prada bag. he decided that its better that way. if he cant own the gucci wallet, he takes comfort in knowing that the other person is there happily with the wallet by her side. at least the Gucci wallet belonged to someone who appreciated it. and so he lets out a huge sigh and tells himself, "life goes on''.


i have a million and one fotos to blog about but i cant seem to find the time. or was that just an excuse?

i am pms-ing again and i'm trying really hard to keep it to myself. its been a week and my mood is going deeper and down into the slumps.

no mood to blog. sorry.


where are you now when i need you? again all these promises were merely passing clouds, nothing but air. i no longer care.

so emo. bleah.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

hello public

my one week break has begun and boy is my schedule tighter than a virgin's pussy. my flight is scheduled for next week's thursday evening. i'm not mentioning further details of my flight in case there'll be hordes of fans and supporters there armed with banners and their autograph book upon my departure.

it'll be my first trip to brunei and i dont have anything to wear. dress code for the evening is smart casual. meaning a polo tee and slacks. i've already settled with my ralph lauren hand lugage bag, now i need a nice pair of loafers to match from pedro, a tone on tone polo tee from lacoste or probably zara and a slick pair of slacks from guess or massimo dutti. i did see some lovely toiletries from marks&spencers that i could bring along as well.

i definitely need to pencil in some shopping time for my trip. but when?

thurs19oct: out with someone
fri20oct: out with sheryl, jf and cecilia
sat21oct: out with ns friends
sun22oct: hari raya shopping with parents
mon23oct: spring cleaning and preps for hari raya
tues24oct: hari raya!!!
wed25oct: out with someone and packing for brunei
thurs26oct: departure.

see! where got slots to pencil or pen so many other things in. but you can always try your luck if you wanna ask me out during this week before i make my public dissapearance act for the following 3 weeks. dont worry, i'll try my best to pencil you in. =)

oh yeah, i've been intending to get an mp4 player. something that can store song, pictures and videos. so which one is better? ipod or creative?

for now, i leave you with an interview with my overexaggerated online persona, Alvin Hilton.

1) Single, Taken, or Crushin?
Alvin Hilton: my heart belongs to vera wang. and paris hilton on weekends.

2) Are you happy with who you are?
definitely not. i'd love a nose job, a chin reconstruction and penile enlargement.

3) When you meet the right person, do you fall fast?
not unless i'm wearing ultra high heels and had my g string is flossing my ass. but then, yoga has definitely help me maintain my balance so that i wont fall too easily.

4) Have you ever had your heart broken?
of course. no amount of uhu glue could stick it back together. and so i came up with a verse for my song..

i came in here
broken hearted
wanted to shit
but i only farted

5) Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is acceptable?
of course it is. sometimes you have to do the not so right things to make things better. its like white lies. if you see a girl looking sad, just go up to her and tell her how pretty she is no matter how jia lat her face looks. if it makes their day, lie.

6) Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you?
nope. once bitten, twice shy. once sucked, twice dry. if they could cheat on you once, they'll do it again. not worth it.

7) Have you talked about marriage with another?
yes. and it has freaked out the another. but it was just simple daydreaming.

8) Do you want children?
not at all. i hate kids. they make so much noise, dirty the place and takes up too much of my time.

9) How many?
negative 5.

10) Would you consider adoption?
i'd love to adopt a 17yr old blonde and have incest.

11) If somebody liked you right now, what do you think a cool way to let you know would be?
dont tell me. keep it to yourself unless you crave rejection.

12) Do you enjoy playing hard to get?
oh but i am impossible to get.

13) Be honest, do you play the "game" when you are dating?
what game? if you're talking about the human iGallop then yeah we do.

14) Do you believe in love at first sight?
thats only pure lust. you love the person for who he or she is inside not outside. but of course appearance do matter. if you look like a cow also how to develop love over time.

15) Are you romantic?
extremely sugar coated when i choose to be. diabetics be warned, i'm potent.

16) Do you believe that you can change someone?
a person's behaviour comes from his attitude which comes from his values which are derived from his belief system. so to change someone is to steer their belief.

17) If you could get married anywhere, money not an object, where would it be?
singapore. cause all my frens and families are here.

18) Do you easily give in when you are fighting?
i'm quite a stubborn person but i know my limits and when to compromise.

19) Do you have feelings for someone right now?
definitely. paris hilton.

20) Have you ever wished you could've had someone but you messed it up?
yeah paris. we could have made that vieo more interative for the viewers.

21) Have you ever broken a heart?
the only heart i've broken is probably a figurine.

22) Would you ever fight somebody over your significant other?
with my life so help me god.

thats it. i love ya.


Sunday, October 15, 2006

hello public

everybody, i have an announcement.

hear ye!! hear ye!!

i'm having a 1 week break from camp as of 19Oct to 26Oct.

you're all invited to ask me out!!!




its like 3 more days till my vacation arrives. i've been looking forward to this since i found out about it the day i enlisted to this unit. although i've been in guards camp for slightly more than 4 weeks, it has felt like eternity. essenced and bottled like a calvin klein's, my only solace was my weekends. for after every storm, there comes a rainbow, likewise, for after every week of torture, there comes a weekend.

some might think i've gotten used to the culture and a few might even dare to think i enjoy it. but truth be told, i dont. i live each day counting down till when it'll end. since i'm already there, i might as well adapt. i dont want to sprout negativity because it will only bring me and the people around me down.

surround yourself with positive energy and you shall be well.


this weekends were quite packed. had a meet up with a close fren on friday which lusted, i mean, lasted till really late.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

on saturday, i met up with my polymates, maddie, yasi, angela, huiming, kathleen and her bf. we walked around plaza singapura and shopped.

left later in the evening to meet up with sharif. he needed to get some clothes and your truly, readily provided his fashion consultancy. i should seriously consider making this a career option i tell you. settled with a gorgeous marc ecko autumn top paired with a tommy hilfiger's denim bottom.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

from city hall we went to bugis. bought 3CDs. shakira's, coldplay's and jeniffer lopez's. haha. i have an addiction to CDs. i need to get a new CD rack cause there's not enough space for like 40 other CDs. hahaha. so they're all just lying on my table. tsk tsk. i need to do some spring cleaning during my 1 week break. especially with Hari Raya being around the corner.

i've been wanting to paint my room but then i'm sooooooooooooooooo lazy. i'm getting tired of looking at my light yellow-green walls. i need a pastel hue or probably a something dark and solid. but daddy says that dark colors will make my room look smaller and darker. but thats okay, i dont need my room to be bright. the only stuff i do in my room is sleep, use my computer and other personal stuff. dark might be really nice. anyone knows where they sell wallpapers? looks cool eh.

i know!! i know!!! i wanna go ikea!!!! anyone?

well thats it then for this weekend's entry. dont forget to ask me out k!!

ps: a shoutout to my white chocolate twin brother, Zen who shares the same birthday as me and shares the same fate of spending our actual birthday in a forest.
i'll let u bite my chocolate bar if you let me bite yours. and you dont even have to pay $1.40. =P

ps: my birthday is 28 Oct if you didnt know.

muahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeaah!! just leave it to ali to keep things subtle.

*roll eyes*


Sunday, October 08, 2006

hello public

i've found myself a theme song according to sharif(previously known as Barney). its called Turn You On by Paris Hilton. give it a listen aight.

a little sample of the lyrics if you're wondering why.

''Everybody's looking at me
But it's alright I like attention
The clubs not hot until I walk through
They stop and stare and watch me move

Like damn I like that
I'm sexy and you know it
Clap your hands

Girls and boys are looking at me
I can't blame them 'cause I'm sexy
Don't care who's watching me
I do just what I want''

hahaha. whatever.

a little update bout my life this week.

there's nothing much to talk about regarding life in National Safari. yeah sure there's a lot of shit thats been happening but i dont wanna think about them. its over and done and thank god i'm still alive. sometimes i underestimate myself and i'm definitely suprised at the feat i can accomplish.

now lets move on to the weekends which are like the only thing i've been looking forward to lately.

had an early release from camp this week due to our good performance in this overly strenuous week. our officer was happy and let us off on a late thursday night instead of a friday's.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

too tired to go out on thursday night so i slept my way through till the next day's afternoon. met up with my fag hags, namely, sheryl, jiafang and cecilia that evening for a litlle get together. we planned to watch 'john tucker must die', a show that i've been yearning to catch. checked online and there was an 845pm show for cineleisure. but when we reached the booking booth, there wasnt a slot for an 845 show. instead the next slot would have been a 1045pm one. and that was definitely way past my bedtime.

so we erased the idea of watching that movie and decided that once the vcd comes out, we'd go to sheryl's house and watch it.

anyways, so we had to reshuffle plans. decided instead to have dinner to celebrate these girls' birthday which spans out a few weeks back. our schedules kept clashing and it made it impossible to celebrate the birthdays individually. so we had a collective one.

i suggested The Ship (yes, again!) and we braved the highly polluted hazy atmosphere to get there. the food was good and the company was great. i managed to suprise the girls with a little present for their birthday. it was a simple collage of fotos of us together.

i'm quite a sweet & romantic guy you know. its just that you dont know it. muahahahaha!!!

note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY girls!!! i love you guys cause you make me happy and make me laugh so much till i snort out laksa from my nose. >.<'''!!! note: happy mid autumn festival!!! *** Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the next day(saturday), decided to meet up with sharif (barney) for a little retail therapy. i saw a gorgeous black knit cardigan from Garcon in Heeren. and most of my friends know that i'm been yearning for the perfect cardigan since forever. i've been yearning for it more than sex. and now that i've chanced upon the perfect one that fits me to a T, i straight away whip out my Master. ka-ching!!

while strutting down heeren, i met a good secondary school fren of mine, Darius Drew. omigosh!!! its been so long!! had a little nice chat with him and exchanged contacts. i suggested a foto together and told him to check out later my blog for it.

and so i said, "check out my blog for the foto k. do you know whats my webpage?''

and then he said, '' of course i do! who doesnt?! its''

weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! you dont know how much those words made my day. hahaha!!! spread the joy of realitee guys!!! make me a happy boy!

anyways, so i continued with my shopping and bought myself a gorgeous minty green v-neck. loves it.

had a sushi buffet where i gorge on so much that i feel so bloated. but damn was it goooood!


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

had a gathering that night with my bunkmates of tekong. andrew did this really cool movie of our life in tekong. this is what happens when you have too much time on your hands. damn, i would sell myself on ebay to be in his position. as in his unit vocation not some other kind of positions.

''i have a mission. does that make me a missionary? then, lets do it my style.''


so we chatted and caught up with each other's new unit life. it was a nice gathering.

and it was gim kiat birthday!!! so we bought him a tiramisu cake. hahaha.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


of course there were other stuff happenning during this long weekend of mine but then, my personal life is private.


thats it for this time round. everyone lets come together and pray that the haze goes away. its giving me a really bad sore throat and i sense a pimple coming.


to all my readers, dont forget to leave comments or just say hi to me in my tagboard. also, be nice and gimme hugs on my hug machine if you really like me and like what you read.

dont forget to spread the joy of REALITEE. tell all your friends!!!!

i love ya and appreciate ya.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

hello public

sometimes even though u've got things to say, you rather choose to be quiet. thats my mood right now. things hasnt been working out well for me lately. i dont feel like talking about it. nor do i feel like blogging.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

so, thank you. come again next weekend.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

hello public

''too much confusion
in my transition
lord i beg for direction''

ali joe version 2.0 is down.

''maybe someday i will understand
god's messed up little plan''

what i need right now is you but you've left me and now i'm empty. like a hello panda without the chocolate cream, i am hollow inside.

i'll just sit in a corner and be by myself right now.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

hello public

firstly, jus wanna wish all the Muslim people out there a Happy Fasting Month.

fasting is not all about abstaining from food and drinks. it is also about abstaining from all negativity and discipling your desires. its like a purification process. in this month, everyone is encouraged to do as much good as they can.

its hard enough to abstain from food and drinks on a normal day basis. its worst that this time round, fasting month falls during my Guards training process. i have no idea how i'm gonna be able to go through the trainings and all the fast marches.

i'm going to try my best, for my faith and my personal sense of achievement.


back to normal blogging stuff.

last sunday, i met up with maddie to go to army market. so i took a cab from my house where the uncle was like travelling at 65km/h. i told him i wanted to go to golden mile food centre which is the proper name for the army market. and for 3 quarters of the way he thought i was a Thai. unless he associates Thais with Mtv VJ Utt, then i donno where else the resemblance arise.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

so i bought the stuff i needed for national safari. saw kwang yong and chatted for a while. found out that he's going to Sispec. then while walking around the market, saw Hidz, a very old fren whom i've lost touch with and met again online(long story). then, had a few small bites later at the foodplace and walked our way back to bugis junction. made our way back later cause maddie had to attend a colleague's baby shower and i had a family gathering later on.


met up with my neighbour Fara for a little walkabout town. she needed to get a beach hat and with the help of yours truly, she found a gorgeous one from Takashimaya.

i swear ppl should start paying me for providing fashion advice. lol!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

so we walked around for a bit and i saw this gorgeous batik print cap that was in gold. i simply had to get it. haha. and of course i did.

walked around for a while more and we parted later on cause i was gonna meet up with some other frens for dinner.


there was suppose to be a tekong bunkmate dinner outing but then like so many cant make it for god knows why. in the end, out of 13 people, only 3 made it. andrew, wilson and me.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

so firstly, we went for dinner at the ship. i had the lobster with rib eye steak. ABSOLUTELY yummy! i love this place which has really great ambience and food. so we sat down and chatted bout our respective lives in our different units.

its only been one week that i've been in my new unit but i'm missing tekong so much!! i miss all my bunkmates too!!! and my platoonmates too!!! i miss bmt!!!!


so saddening. bmt life was so much fun. its like only 3 mths with all this guys that i've never met before and once we've gotten really close, its time to part. nothing last forever. but then, we can always meet up.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i miss sitting at the table in the middle of the bunk to play daidee. miss listening to songs on kangming's speakers. miss having a water cooler and hot water readily available. i miss my bunk, my bed. i miss taking the ferry. i miss the fantastic view from my room. and soo many more!!!

well, maybe thats because i haven fully adapt to my new unit life. but my platoon mates are a bunch of fun and funny people. and the food from the cookhouse is scrumptious. well at least there is a faint sight of silver lining amidst these dark clouds.

anyway, so we just walk around later in town. andrew wanted to get bubble tea from takashimaya and there was where i saw my eye candy. this eye candy of mine was from sp doing media and communication. i kept seeing her around in campus and thought that she was quite cute. hahaha. now, she's working at that bubble tea place. haha. nice. hahaha. still pretty!


nothing to do, we sat down and did lame things with camera trick. like this....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


since someone was getting tired, namely my sexy johnson. hahaha, we decided to make our way home.

great day. great company.


oh yeah.

i was really bored. so i googled 'REALITEE' and guess wad?? i'm on page 2. hahahaha!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


i'm almost there reaching stardom!!!

cmon ppl!!! make me famous!! spread the joy of realitee to all your frens!!! each and every one of you!!!

trust me, i wont forget you guys when i'm waaaaaaaaay popular than that xiaxue.

xiaxue who? lol.

alright thats it for now. dont forget to tag in my tagboards or gimmer hugs k.