Saturday, March 29, 2008

hello public

i've been a really busy bee this week. got so many tasks assigned to me by my boss,Mr S4. also not forgetting with my never ending guard duty, one on good friday, on thursday and another one tmr. but hey, i guess busy makes my weeks to ORD even faster yeah.

so this week's entry is not gonna be a pictorial one. i aint got ample time to blog cause i need to leave back for camp tonight. ultra sucky.

but at least i managed to complete my goal for this week, which is to sign up for SIM. amidst all the hectics of the week, my boss kindly allowed me early dismissal on friday to submit my application for my degree. since i got all my documents ready except for the passport size photo, i had to make my way to a foto booth somewhere in lavender. now, the only reason why i take any of my passport fotos here is because they're like the only foto shop in singapore that does photoshop to your pic before printing it.

so i got my my dark circles lightened, my pimples removed and a clearer and brighter complexion. isnt that just lovely. ever since i discovered this outlet, i swore never to go back to any other shops again to take my passport fotos.

and so i went all the way to clementi for the registration, had to like wait for an hour cause there was a long queue of people whom were mostly applying for banking and finance or accounting. well, whatever it is, hopefully i get in.

i cant wait to meet more new people and get that damn degree. which IMHO is damn necessary in singapore. can you imagine with our standard of living, in 10 years time, probably all the road sweepers and toilet cleaners have to be at least a diploma holder.

whatever it is, my uni fees are gonna cost my parents a bomb. and this means that i need to get a part time job soon to support myself. anyone out there has any job opportunities for me??

well anyway, let me tell u guys this ridiculous thing that happen to me this week.

well, this one time i was at the traffic light waiting to cross to the train station, there was this blind indian lady waiting to cross. and it suddenly occurred to me, how on earth would she know when the lights turn green? this traffic light is not like those that makes that irritating beeping noise when the green man is on.

and so me being a nice guy, ahem, and modest at the same time, ahem, decided to lend a helping hand. that and the fact that i was the only one on her side of the road and the other side was all filled with people staring at us. so i had to be nice.

so i approached her and said hi, and asked whether i could help her get across. she seemed really pleased about it. and then the lights turn green.

now, in our asian culture, it wouldnt be nice for a random guy to be holding some random woman's hand. and since she was older, i didnt wanna seem disrespectful. so guess what the fuck i did?!?!
i held on to her stick (the white cane blind people use) and like dragged her along. then she was like really startled, she stop and they was like this awkard 3 seconds of stillness. i bet from the other side, people would have thought i was trying to steal her cane away.


then she pulled her can back and held out her hand, which by now, from the other side, looked like she was gonna smack me for trying to steal her cane. so i held on to her hand and led her across. which by then i've already gotten quite a number of weird stares from the people around me.

and we reach across, i swear i saw a little smirk when she said thank you.


well, that ads to my list of not to do anymore. dont give up seats to pregnant ladies (cause they might just be fat). dont smile at random people (cause they might be laughing at that gummy bear stuck on your shirt) and the most recent one dont help blind people (cause people might think i'm trying to steal her cane).

i'm like so retarded, its not even funny.

thanks god. thanks SO MUCH.

well, thats it for this week. y'all take care.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

hello public

if you had visited my blog a couple days ago expecting the usual himbotic, beyond the blonde pictorial entries, then i apologise for the lack thereof. i know the sudden profanity-infused entry might come as abit of a shock, but hey, i'm not Little Mr Happy twenty-four-seven you know. in fact, i'm not exactly little at all, if you now what i mean. hehe..

but of course i can't stay pissed for long, think about all the wrinkles darling. probably i should take a step from my friend and not show any expressions at all. that would so definitely save me for all the botox i need when i'm 40.

so its time to dive into a pool of peroxide and back to blonde.

* cue rainbows and glittery stars *

you know how sometimes, u can get really tired of shopping. OMG, WHAT AM I SAYING??!! i mean, you know how like you've been into every single shop and cannot find anything to buy. well, sometimes it just nice to spend a saturday chilling out with a friend instead.

so thats what me and maddie did, we spent most of our meetup on saturday at spinellis, heeren. and not forgetting my best friend was there too, Mr Gingy.

DSC03369.jpg picture by alvinhilton

you how you go through phases in your life. like when i was young, i like to hang out with friends at hougang mall, then it was like going to the arcade with friends, then its the movies phase, then its shopping, then its clubbing phase. then now, its tea with friends.

ok fine, not necessarily tea. it could be coffee, green tea frap, vodka ribena or glasses of moet. but what i mean is, i no longer need to do things with friends to feel like i'm having fun. i could just be sitting down.

oh damnit, i suddenly notice that i sound so old. might as well start taking out that Bingo set.

fine. i should shut up and let the pictures do the talking. literally.

DSC03375.jpg picture by alvinhiltonDSC03374.jpg picture by alvinhilton

The Many Faces of Mr Gingy.

DSC03371.jpg picture by alvinhilton

the dance dance revolution master.

DSC03370.jpg picture by alvinhilton

the photographer.

DSC03368.jpg picture by alvinhilton

the smoker.

DSC03365.jpg picture by alvinhiltonDSC03364.jpg picture by alvinhilton

the nerd by day, mambo dancer by night.

DSC03362.jpg picture by alvinhilton

the psychic.

DSC03361.jpg picture by alvinhilton

the trained Bazooka shooter.


alright thats all for this entry.

ps: sign up for SIM by the week. DIE DIE.

y'all take care alright. till then.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

hello public

i'm fucking pissed!!! this is even beyond fucking pissed, its MAJOR!!!

i've fucking had it with all the fuckers who cannot even fucking handle some responsibility.

so what if that fucking mas selamat causes you to have 10 fucking guard duties in a row. you go jolly well bloody fucking do it. it is your fucking job. your damn responsibility. and if you cant do it then have the fucking consideration to sell it off to somebody or swap the fucking duty with somebody.

you dont bloody hell go take MC last fucking minute or come up with some shit excuses that you cannot do YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

that's just damn fucking irresponsible!!!

i dont mind if i was told in advance or somebody fucking paid me to do it for them in advance. but now, when i'm at home and already made plans to watch siti nurhaliza's concert at the esplanade tomorrow, a damn fucking staff sergeant has to gimme a call to tell me that i have been activated tommorrow for guard duty, IT FUCKING PISSES ME OFF!!!

what the fuck do they plan a list for?!!?! if the people stated on the list for the duty cant even make it and then even the people on the reserve list too also cannot make it, then what the fuck is planning the list for?!?!


the thought of having to book in tonight at short notice for fucking guard duty just makes my blood boil. i dont fucking blame mas selamat, in fact, i'm more in awe. his escape is somewhat a test to our so called world-class system. the police force, army and whoever shit tout themselves to be the best, having world class equipments and whatever shit. then how the fuck can you not find that retard in a small little red dot.

world class indeed. one man in 647km of land mass and you cant fucking handle it. can you imagine if we had a terrorist attack. we'd all just fucking die within one day. world class indeed, makes me fucking ashamed to be singaporean!!!

uuuuuuuurgh!!!!! i'm still fucking pissed!!!!!!!!!

i've fucking had it with these inane incompetent fuckers. you cant fucking take responsibility then you might as well just piss off and die!!! fuckface!!!

by the powers of the gods, i put a thousand curses upon you.
may your family die one by one of incurable diseases.
may your father start fooling around with prostitutes.
may he has aids and pass it to your mother.
may they both suffer from HIV with foul genital discharge flowing like the river piedra.
may they have a divorce as messy as can be.
may your whole family then be so poor and destitute.
may your siblings get horrid infections in the eyes, ears, mouth and genitals.
may they become blind, deaf, mute and despised.
may your wife die in a car accident when she's 9 months pregnant, in labour and on the way to the hospital.
may you unborn child get run over by lorry carrying concrete.
may you live your life in blame and solitude.
and last of all,
may you live to a hundred so that you bear witness to all these moments one by one, right in front your eyes.
by the powers of the gods, i put a thousand curses upon you.

blessed be.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

hello public

it's a wednesday night and as usual there's this thingy called night's off in my camp. for those of you unfamiliar with army terms, nights off refers to like having like 4-5hrs off at night to do whatever you want. you can meet up with your girlfriend, go catch a movie with your friends or probably just have a nice dinner (well, anything's definitely better than camp food) with your campmates.

i used to look forward to these nights off. i remembered hanging out at tampines mall with my bunch of campmates. sometimes if we had more time, we might go city hall or bugis. just to hang out.

but now, i dont know why but nights off doesnt seem to create that sparkle in my eye like it used to. in fact, nothing seems to do the trick anymore.

i've gotten comments that i've become quieter. mellowed down perhaps but probably a little too much. i used to enjoy weekends threading in and out of shops, looking out for whatever new things that they have to offer or just spending time with groups of friends. but my idea of an ideal weekend now would probably be reading a book at a quiet cafe. then ending it with a walk while busily licking on my ice cream cone on one hand.

i know it sounds weird. sounds very loner and anti social. but sometimes i just get irritated with everyone. all the stupid negativity. as strong as i thought i could be, i probably just overestimated my abilities.

2 months to ORD. everyone has plans, everyone is enthusiatic.

and i am lost. just floating like an unguided hot air balloon.

so this was the freedom i craved, then why am i not satisfied.


its been a quarter of a million years since i last blogged emo stuff. nobody reads all the shit i type in this blog anyway. and as i much as i hoped for this blog to have more viewership, it hasnt happened. i'm starting not to care anymore. why does it even matter?



Sunday, March 16, 2008

hello public

its finally the weekend of a chaotically hectic week. due to a new batch of enlistees, the whole of bedok camp is now back to life. days of lazing around watching dvds while chomping on ben & jerrys (yes, in camp) are so over. thankfully they didnt make us stay back for the much dreaded 2 weeks confinement.


on saturday, met up with a poly classmate of mine who i havent seen for really long, winnie. with her busy work and part time degree schedule, it was almost impossible to fix a date to meet up. but alas we did.

we scheduled for lunch at Spageddies marina square.

shared escargots for appetiser which i ate most of since winnie wasnt too fond of the french snails.

08032008535.jpg picture by alvinhilton08032008534.jpg picture by alvinhilton

for the main course, winnie had the seafood baked rice while i had lasagna. the lasagna here is different cause instead of the pasta being filled with beef, its actually filled with ricotta cheese and meat sauce is poured over it. it was nice but i wasnt really a big fan of it though.

08032008536.jpg picture by alvinhilton08032008537.jpg picture by alvinhilton

spageddies marina square is quite a nice cosy quiet place for lunch and catching up with frens. good ambience.

after lunch we decide to catch the much talk about local english movie. the thing i dont understand is why has an english speaking country like singapore been churning out rubbish chinese films made by a certain director rather than quality english film which i definitely believe we're capable of.

so before i caught this movie, i read a few reviews on it. the highest compliment being a 2 star out of 5 was how bad this movie was portrayed to be. but i still wanna catch it for 2 reasons. wong li lin and there wasnt any nicer movies out.

leapyears1.jpg picture by alvinhilton

not expecting a blockbuster hit, i was shock to see the cinema full, even up to the first row. and by end of the movie, guess wad? there was even applause from the audience. i actually thought it was quite good.

of course, you dont raise your hopes, you dont expect an oscar nominee and you dont pay $9.50 just to critique the movie for being local citing singapore is capable of being better. i'm saying that the show was good. i liked it, alot in fact. it was quite touching. so much that my friend, winnie walked out of the cinema with puffy eyes and a red nose.

i give it a 3 out of 5 stars. and i recommend it to those who arent so uptight and snooty about what they watch. the leap years is a definite must watch.=)

since winnie had to leave after the movie to have dinner with her family i decided to call one of my ex bunkmates to see whether he's free for dinner. and lucky me, he was.

DSC05901.jpg picture by alvinhilton

danny just got off work, so i waited for a while and met him at raffles city for sushi tei. only god knows how much i love sushi tei.

DSC05896.jpg picture by alvinhilton

i had the really yummy seafood salad with sushi tei dressing which was good to the last bite. i didnt really expect the salad to be that good mind you.

DSC05917.jpg picture by alvinhiltonDSC05924.jpg picture by alvinhilton

danny had the dragon roll which is kinda like the phoenix roll i always order. and trust me, they're really good. i dont mind waiting 20mins for one.

DSC05921.jpg picture by alvinhiltonDSC05907.jpg picture by alvinhilton

we ordered a few more random items until i felt too bloated even for a small piece of tempura.

DSC05927.jpg picture by alvinhilton
DSC05932.jpg picture by alvinhilton
DSC05904.jpg picture by alvinhilton
DSC05937.jpg picture by alvinhilton

whew!! there goes the diet. but sushi is supposed to be quite healthy right?

DSC05938.jpg picture by alvinhiltonDSC05939.jpg picture by alvinhilton

after that we hang around for abit at raffles city before deciding to call it a night.

DSC05947.jpg picture by alvinhilton

i love the bright lights at the back of me. so pretty right? too bad i had to spoil the whole picture with my retard pose. i seriously need to go back to my big black book of camwhoring 101.

DSC05948.jpg picture by alvinhilton

well, it was a good weekend. nice to catch up with friends and just while the time away. i do have to cut down on the spending though. this month's expenditure has tripled the amt of last month. and when the bills for the masters come in at the end of this month, daddy aint gonna be very happy with me.

okay ali's broke again.

damn. now, i got no money to buy my $94 lancome eye cream. you tell me how to face the world like that.

wheres my wayfarers sunglass?! the eyes need hiding till i get my pay and allowance next month. -_____-'''

till next time, y'all take care. thanks for reading and dont forget to tell all your friends about it!!!


Sunday, March 09, 2008

Bustling Bishan

hello public

thank god i have a blog. if i had a video journal, this week's entry would be rather quiet. not because i got nothing to say but more because of this fucking terrible sore throat. it feels like i have a cheese grater stuck in my throat. and swallowing saliva feels like gulping sand down my throat.

i never would have thought that i'll hate swallowing this much. zoe does it so easily.

this week has been entirely busy, weekend wise, my friday, saturday and sunday was packed up to the brim. so i guess this entry is gonna be more pictorial than wordy.

i met up with the TLLM gang minus sheryl as she was held up with something. we all met at ang mo kio mrt station as we couldnt really make up our mind on where to hang out. town just seems to crowded and city hall and bugis is like 'we've just been there'. so in the end we just decided to take the train and drop off at the next stop. BISHAN.

DSC02683-1.jpg picture by alvinhiltonDSC02684-1.jpg picture by alvinhilton

who knew that this neighbourhood heartland mall could also be bustling with people.

DSC02689.jpg picture by alvinhiltonDSC02690.jpg picture by alvinhilton

it usually take us forever to decide on where to eat but this time. it was a unanimous vote for Cafe Cartel!!!

DSC02692.jpg picture by alvinhilton
DSC02693.jpg picture by alvinhilton
DSC02694.jpg picture by alvinhilton

the ladies had chicken chop pasta while i got my usual lasagna. i'm a big fan of lasagna and cartel's one is amongst the top of my ranking. yummie!!!!

after dinner, we decided to just shop around junction 8. but then nothing much to shop around you see. so we decided to get away from the hustle and bustle of junction 8 and hang around instead somewhere quiet.

DSC02703.jpg picture by alvinhilton

we found some place really nice and quiet near junction 8. so we just hang around there drinking coffee bean ice blends and eating caramelkorn. i luvs caramelkorn!!!

DSC02719.jpg picture by alvinhilton
DSC02721.jpg picture by alvinhilton

we got a new pet, a blue mushroom that i've decided to call Mushy. cecilia loves it so much that she wanted to breastfeed it. its her baby.

and i've made reservations to be the first one present to witness her breastfeeding a mushroom.

and so that was Bishan. no matter wad they say about heartland malls being really sucky, it never will, when you have great company.

not to mention crazy as well after what we did at the mrt station.

but thats another story.

well, gotta head off back to national safari. this friday is the enlistment for the new intake. we were thinking of making a banner with either "Welcome to Hell" or "Your Life Ends Here". but then, parents would be here on the first day, so we'd have to sugar coat it a little bit.

till my next entry. continue visiting and share the joy of this blog with all your friends!!! y'all take care!


Sunday, March 02, 2008

hello public

i've had it with facebook!

its just all too confusing for me. there's all these applications everywhere and i donno where to click. i logged in like a couple of minutes ago and there's like 384 invitations pending. i clicked on the link and it practically took me 13 scrolls to see the whole of the invitations list.

bloody hell.

so to whoever that has me in facebook and i dont seem to reply or anything, dont take it the wrong way, i'm just a facebook-dumbass.

i'm such a tecno-retard. everybody thinks that since i have a blog i am automatically Bill Gates. they think i have knowledge of html and can operate photoshop proficiently.

heck, i cant even create tables in microsoft excel. and when something seems to go wrong with my computer, my only remedy is switching it off and on again. and if that doesnt work, i take out my windows xp cd and reinstall the computer.

this one time my keyboard wasnt working, and so i kept restarting the computer wishing that it'll all be fine when it starts back up. but after 7 times and it still didnt, i relented and gave a call to my vast numbers of IT geek friends (thank god for them).

and you know what the problem really was, the wire connecting my keyboard to the cpu thingy was unplugged. and since there were so many holes to plug it in to. i mms (took me quite a while too to figure out how to use this) a picture of the back of my cpu to my friend so that he can tell me which hole the wire should be plugged into.



took a day off from camp on friday so that i could enjoy a long weekend. my initial plan was to bake blueberry cupcakes and serve them piping hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. but since i ran out of the cups for my cupcakes, initial plan had to be aborted.

instead, met up with Azlin for dinner. after much contemplation, we settled on Thai Express at paragon.

22022008516.jpg picture by alvinhilton

do you guys always have this problem when you go out with your friends? its like you can never easily settle on a place to eat. its like one person doesnt want japanese and then another person feels like having pasta but not from pastamania and then like one person is always like 'anything, anything lor' and when you suggest a place, they go 'my friend say there not nice, but i anything one'.

and so you end up spending precious minutes contemplating on a place to eat and when you've finally settled on a spot, there's like a motherfucking long queue. so you have to queue for 30 minutes before you can get your seats. and by the time you wait for service and make your order, you have to wait for another 45 years for the food to arrive. and by the time the food is on the table, you're as hungry as an african kid.


it's felt a decade since i last met up with my classmates from SP. everyone's really busy with school and work and the only time we meet up is during somebody's birthday. but since, joy was leaving back for australia, we decided to meet up for a 'somewhat' farewell gathering.

23022008519.jpg picture by alvinhilton

met up earlier with maddie and yasi for dinner at sushi tei paragon. there was as usual a snaking queue and when we left our contacts, they told us that we probably had to wait for 40minutes. and guess what, exactly 40minutes, they gave us a call saying that they had a table ready.

talk about being punctual.

met up with the rest later at starbucks liat tower where we chatted, camwhored and DS-ed till late. it was nice catching up.

1-2.jpg picture by alvinhilton

top: nadia, kath, maddie
middle: joy, yasi, maddie (again)
bottom: me, angela, wee kian

3.jpg picture by alvinhilton
4.jpg picture by alvinhilton
5.jpg picture by alvinhilton
6.jpg picture by alvinhilton
8.jpg picture by alvinhilton

random pictures.

16.jpg picture by alvinhilton

the DS mario kart marathon. and since we had nintendogs, our dogs could play with each other. how cool is that, i love my nintendo ds.

17.jpg picture by alvinhilton
18.jpg picture by alvinhilton
20.jpg picture by alvinhilton

group pictures!!!

14.jpg picture by alvinhilton

me with joy. i miss miffy!! LOL!

23022008524.jpg picture by alvinhilton23022008525.jpg picture by alvinhilton

on our way home to the mrt. the camwhoring just never ends!!


well, thats it for this entry, some of you have been experiencing some problems with my blog. like slow loading, entries going missing and stuff. most of it came from users of Internet Explorer. well personally i use Mozilla Firefox (its like internet explorer but better) and none of the problems occur to me. so for your viewing pleasure, i suggest you all go download firefox. its so much better and guys, what i heard was that it can't track your porn records.


till my next entry, thank for reading do continue reading and dont forget to spread the joy of realitee to all your friends!

till then, y'all take care.