Sunday, July 29, 2007

hello public

u know right, i was like talking to my friend online and he's said that i've changed so much since secondary school. the guy he knew in secondary school barely existed anymore.

i say,''well people change''

he says, ''i've changed into a 'spoiled himbotic brand-name addict'.''

well, i dont wear dolce gabanna everyday u know. i do wear giordano, even if its to sleep, i still wear them.

so, after much discussion with him over that tagline he adorned me with, i kinda understood where he was coming from.

just recently my friend suggested eating at a hawker centre for dinner and you should have seen how disgusted i look. the rest of the day i was in a really sulky mood after having to eat at such a location.

anyways, i kept defending myself throughout the entire conversation. and he posed a challenge to me.

'go one month without luxury items and luxury spending'

but darling, that $65 lobster dinner accompanied with 2 glasses of Moet & Chandon while dressed in a Calvin Klein top, Guess jeans, a Donna Karan watch and Raoul shoes was not exactly luxury you know.

but still, i've always love a challenge.

for the month of august i shall:

>not spend $6.90 for my venti low fat caramel machiatto from starbucks. $1 kopi from yakun will do.

>not spend $5 for my one scoop of ben and jerrys or hagen daaz. $1 chocolate chip ice cream with bread from those old-school vendors will be fine.

>not blow $50 at sushi tei when i crave for japanese. $0.60 sushi from supermarkets is japanese too.

>not buy anymore skinny jeans no matter how cheap a $75 is for skinny jeans.

>not shop at marks & spencers like its NTUC.

>only go clubbing 1 time MAX.

>not step into any Club 21 stores and go crazy over any end of season sale. even if a 20%discount means $60 off selling price.

well, u technically get the drift. i shall live a life without my frappucinos and ferragamos.

and what do i get by doing all this you ask?

pride, that i can still survive living a life of poverty and of course, the eligibility to brag.


cmon ali!!! you can do it!!!!

yes i can! yes i can!


Saturday, July 28, 2007

hello public

you know they say how best friends have so many things in common. well, i won't rule that out as a jargon.

a c0uple of months back if you guys remembered, a big hullabaloo broke out. news of heiress, singer and actress(in many ways than one), Paris Hilton 23day jail sentence ejaculated the entertainment news industry into a gigantic spurt. minute to minute details on her arrest were updated constantly on celebrity entertainment websites.

from websites, magazines, radios, newspapers, televisions and even the news reported of this highly hyped arrest. it was almost treason if any form of media had no reports on the heiress. the the couple of days before paris was imprisoned, no other news mattered. i bet even if Michael jackson was to turn black again, he'd only deserve a 20 second news update followed by another 20minutes of paris hilton's news. oh heck, even if xiaxue was to have another nose job or caught doing a blow job for all i care, it wouldnt even make bloggable news. well, steven lim(the ugly eyebrow plucker cum yellow underwear stripper) might, probably just might, do another retarded video about it.

you know how some people offer a public apology after they do something wrong or stupid, well, the only remedy steven lim has for that beyond inane video would be suicide.

wad video u ask?

now you know what i meant by the only remedy is suicide.


that wasnt my main reason for this blog entry. the whole gist of this entry is that best friends share things in common.

so guess who's going to jail now?

paris hilton's bff and the simple life's co-star, Nicole Richie!!!!

sentence to 5 days in prison for drink driving.

the only think going thru my mind right now is dont you think she looks fabulous going to court to hear her sentencing. i love especially those gorgeous Chritian Laboutin heels. dont you?

okay guys, thats it for this entry. remember i love you guys butilovemyselfmore!

till my next entry.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

hello public

saw something on the web that i simply had to put up on my blog.

The Good old Days:

1. You grew up watching Power Rangers, MASK, Transformers, and Mickey Mouse. Not to forget, Ninja turtles, My Little Pony, Carebears and Smurfs, too.

i was definitely a HUGE fan of power rangers, i had all the megazords. i spent my childhood on zordon, rita repulsa, lord zed, alpha 5, tommy, kimberly.. etc.

"its morphin tme!!"

2. You grew up brushing your teeth with a mug in Primary school during recess time. You would squat by the drain with all your classmates beside you, and brush your teeth with a colourful
plastic toothbrush.The teachers would also constantly remind you to brush each side 10 times.

i dont recall doing this though. but i do remember getting called to the school's dentist every few months for checkups. i think i'm weird but i love going to the dentist. i loved especially that sterical smell. hahahah!

3. You know what SBC stands for.

yeah man. remember when we had an extra channel for sports. also, prime 12 and premiere 12. then got mediaworks, channel i.

4. You find your friends with pagers cool in Secondary school.

i remembered begging my dad for those mtv pagers that can have messages displayed on the pager. and i didnt get it. you should have seen how bad i sulked. hahaha!! in he end they relented and i got it. but after 1 week i got bored.

5. SBS buses used to be non-airconditioned. The bus seats are made of wood and the cushion is red. The big red bell gives a loud BEEP! when pressed.

i remembered this. red leather seats and remember those bells at the ceilings and beside the sliding windows?!

6. Envelopes given to us to donate to Sharity Elephant every Children's Day.

isnt he that pink elephant?!

7. You've probably read Young Generation magazine.You know who's Vinny the little vampire and Acai the constable.

i remembered always going to my sch's bookshop to see whether the new issue is out. i still have the constable acai book. hahaha!!!

8. You were there when they first introduced MRT here. You went for the first ride with your parents and you would kneel on the seat to see the scenery and swinging on the handle bars like a little monkey.

i dont recall the mrt much. i did take the bus a few times but mostly, my father droved.

9. You longed to buy tibits called Kaka (20 cents per pack), and Ding Dang (50 cents per box), that had a toy in it and it changes every week not forgetting the 15 cents animal crackers and the ring pop, where the lollipop is the diamond on the ring.

i loved ding dang. i hated the chocolate biscuits it came with though. i was more into push pops rather than ring pop. haha!! anyone remembers Hiro chocolate cake. i used to love that!!

10. Hardy Boys, Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, Famous Five and Secret Seven are probably the thickest story books you ever thought you have read. Even Babysitters' Club, Sweet Valley High and Malory Towers.

i loved enid blyton books. i had shelves of these dumbfuck stories about pixies and fairies. i also loved these books called Goosebumps. haha!!

11. Catching was the IN thing and twist as the magic word.

i looked forward till the end of school so that i can play block catching with my friends!!

12. You used 'PETS' textbooks that had these cute animal mascots on the front cover.

omg!! yes!! and PETS worsksheets. i remembered got a squirrel one on the cover.

13. Barney was your best friend.

Barney was god and i piously sang his hymns!!!

14. Waterbottles were slinged around your neck with colourful straps and a must everywhere you go.

didnt u guys buy that ugly strap that attaches to the top of your recycled plastic coke bottle's head. i didnt use it for long though. i used Tupperware.

15. Boys loved to play soccer with empty plastic bottles in the basketball court, and the girls would cheer them on from the sidelines.

i'll let u guys in on a little secret k. i used to love playing soccer with my friends at the void deck. yes!! i know!! surprising right? i bet you all thought i never knew soccer existed until beckham married a spice girl.

16. Hopscotch, five stones, chapteh, hantam bola and zero point were all the rage

i remember stealing chalk from my class blackboard and using it to draw the hopscotch thingy at my corridor and play with my neighbour.

17. Science was fun with the hydrilla and the angsana being the most important plants of our lives, guppies and swordtail being the most important fish.

now that i recalled, yes. angsana was definitely the 'IN' tree.

18. Who can forget Ali, Bala, John and Mary, forever eternalized in our minds from the textbooks and worksheets.

dont even get me started on my PETS colleagues.

19. We carry out experiments of our own to get ourself badges for being a Young Zoologist/Botanist etc.

i didnt. but i remembered planting cotton plants and balsam plants in my ecogarden.

20. Every Children's day and National day you either get pins or pens with 'Happy Children's Day 1993' or 'Happy National Day 1994'.

sometimes a file or sometimes pencil box as well.

21. In Primary 5/6, you had to play buddy for the younger kids like big sister and brother.

i didnt.

22. We wear BM2000, or BATA, whoever heard of Converse and Kappa then?

i wore jazz and us master.

23. The worksheets were made of brown rough paper of poor quality.

oooo. i remember this one. smooth plain white paper were rare. hahaha.

24. School dismissal time was normally around 1 pm.

1.30 usually and 12.30 on fridays.

25. There would be spelling tests and mental sums to do almost everyday.

i had to buy those blue 25cents notebooks especially for these. i loved spelling.

26. Your friends considered you lucky and rich if your parents gave you $3 or more for pocket money everyday.

i got $5. hahaha!! that was probably why i was fat.

27. You freak out when the teacher tells you to line up according to height and hold hands with the corresponding boy or girl.

i didnt have that holding hands fiasco. i did usually sit at the front of the class though.

28. We would squat by the drain after a downpour in the fields and catch tadpoles

not exactly something i did.

29. Collecting and battling erasers was a pastime for kids, boys especially, and exchanging those boxes of erasers with national flags on them.

i collected those 10cents flag erasers and challenge with my friends during class. then my teacher will confiscate. then during recess i'll go to the bookshop and buy another one. hahaha.

30. Autograph books were loaded with "Best Wishes", Forget Me Not", and small poems like "Bird fly high, hard to catch. Friend like you, hard to forget".

i do remember doing that in primary 6 after PSLE cause all of us might be going to different schools.

31. Class monitors and prefects loved to say "You talk somemore, I write your name ah!"

nah. i was a good boy. i remembered being picked to be a prefect but i didnt want cause i hated going for camps.

32. Large, colourful schoolbags were carried, and there was a period of time when trolley bags were IN.

i had power rangers mostly every year until pokemon came by. the trolley bag definitely didnt last for long though. haha!!

33. You brought every single book to school, even though there was one thing called the timetable.

i didnt. i actually had one of the lightest bags cause i leave my books under my table.

34. We played games like pac man... the munching game on computers, and the coms were black and white then

yes!!! hahaha! Pac man was like so IN man.

35. Centre parting was the most funky hairstyle

i was a side parting student.

36. The pencils had scents on them, smelling like fruits/ berries of sorts

i dont remember pencils having scents. but i do remember pens and erasers having scents.

37. After the exams, we would bring games like monopoly, scrabble, UNO and played hangman in class

i didnt!!
i did have a gameboy but i never had board games when i was young. when i asked my mum to buy for me monopoly, she asked me, 'who are you gonna play it with'. and obviously i had no reply.

38. For science lesson, we had to drop ink and wierd stuff on mealworms that were disgustingly harder than earthworms

i did not do that. i remembered my science teacher was agatha ang and a bald guy called mr heng. very nice ppl.

39. Exchanging stickers was a common love amongst girls, with the popularity of Sailor Moon cartoon then, and all the furry stickers, pop up stickers, glittery ones, glow in the dark...

i didnt know what girls did back then. i was stucked in a boys school for 10years.

40. Animaniacs, Power Rangers, Duckwing Duck, Betty Boop, Sonic the Hedgehog were cartoons shown during 11am just before the metal school buses come and ferry students in the afternoon session=)

i never took the schoolbus before. i loved pinky and the brain. hahahaha!!!

oh how much do i definitely miss my childhood days.


Friday, July 20, 2007

30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill

30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill (acoustic version)

hello public

alright, i'm coming out. i am actually a closetted emo rock fan.

sure i do enjoy Rihanna, Christina and Mariah but somewhere in me, i'm an emo rocker, well, somewhere probably really deep i guess.

anyways, i've fallen in love with this band and the song, the kill is just simply amazing. jared leto is god!!! everytime he screams i swear i get the same feeling whenever i have an orgasm.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

hello public

oh dear, i dont have any time to blog this weekend. came home late and exhausted on friday, so slept the night away till the next afternoon. met maddie for lunch. met sharif to catch dim dum dollies at esplanade. fabulous show by the way. woke up today and there's a wedding to attend shortly. and then i have to book in to camp before 6pm.


camp's gonna be busy busy this week. and with a saturday guard duty along with the busy week. its definitely gonna be a looooooong busy week. followed by an almost non-existent weekend.

my only solace is the block leave i'm having next next week.

anybody for zouk's Mambo night on 25th july? gimme a buzz yeah!!! =D

before i leave let me leave you with your weekly dosage of myself.


till next time, youknowiloveyoubutilovemyselfmore!!!

well, i guess now i have to watch all the vcds alone. all by myself. without you.

i'll be okay.

i hope.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

hello public

here it comes again, yet another weekend. my national safari life is still the same old fucked up shit. but this time something's got me thinking.


what is your definition of a leader? to me it means someone who can lead a bunch of people to an objective.

now whats the difference between a good leader and a leader. well, a good leader motivates people and gets the job done. he should make people do something because they want to do it and not because they have to. a good leader inspires.

so far, i've yet to meet any good leaders in my national safari adventures. in fact, i've met many people in leadership positions mainly using their authoritative powers to get the job done. so pathetic indeed.

in fact, there have been so many people , leaders or non leaders, that i have look down upon throughout my national safari adventure, especially in my current camp.

its a fact and i wont deny it, i judge people. not by looks, instead by behaviours. it amazes me how many people i've met that behaves worse off as to an animal.

but of course, as much displeasure as i can contain, i try my very best to keep it hidden.

because my parents raise me well.


gloomy sounding post there. i just need to vent out a little dribble of frustration that has been pent up for a while.


have u guys heard the news, by 1st july, all clubs, as in clubbing clubs not community clubs, will be smoke free. i donno about you but i sure think its gonna be weird. to me, the smoke works for me in a way that it gently( or in some clubs, strongly) mask the other unpleasant smells.

like wad could be more unpleasant as compared to ciggies smoke. well, for one, people who've yet to discover deodorants and dare have to audacity to wave their hands in the air.

to me, it could either smell like two things, sweaty bodies mixes with floating scents of alcohol. or toilet air freshner.

i'll tell you what it feels like the next time we go clubbing alright.

well for now, i managed to slot in a clubbing session at my favouritest haunt, Zouk, few days before they implement the no smoke rule. i know how so many people love grooving to the r&b and hip hop tunes of Phuture but deep inside, i secretly am a House geek.

Zouk makes me happy. and of course jiggling with maddie and the gang, made me happier. and seeing sheryl after so long with her gorgeous new hairstyle made me even happier.

but you know what made me the happiest?

holding diane's hand. >.<


photos for the night.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Jewel - Who Will Save Your Soul (Live Acoustic)

hello public

i'm like so fucking in love with this song. i've always been a huge fan of jewel and this acoustic version of one of my favourite songs from her is simply mesmerising.

tip: listen to this in a nice air-con room with a cup of vanilla tea and a muffin. BLISS!


Sunday, July 01, 2007

hello public

hows life for everybody? i hope everyone's having a good time and enjoying the simple pleasures of life everyday. well in my case, life only begins on a friday night and ends on a sunday evening. the rest of the week, i'm on auto-pilot mode.

11more months to just stone through! cmon ali!!

sorry for the lack of update on the previous week. i was down with the flu and boy did i look like rudolph the red nose reindeer. but bless the lord for panadol cold!!! took 2 tablets and downed 3litres of water (not at one go of course) and slept for 16hours and voila, i was back to normal!!

i cant believe that i actually slept for 16 hours. lately my weekends have been only like 5-6 hours of sleep a day. the rest of the time i'm either out or on my computer.

well anyways, a couple of weeks back before i suffered the leaky nose syndrome, i was cordially invited to celebrate the 21st birthday of Ms 'I LOVE DORAEMON TO DEATH' Huiming. supposedly to be bbq at west coast but venue was relocated on the eleventh hour due to terrible weather conditions.

met up with angela beforehand to scour the malls of city hall for a present for the birthday girl. in the end we settled for a 100G external hard disk drive that she has hinted on wanting. then rushed our way to suntec city's toy'r'us for me to get a present for yasi's birthday which was like the next day.

after all that shopping and horrendous wrapping, made our way to queenstown mrt station to meet up with maddie and kwangyong(who's suddenly reappeared after being in hiding for 1yr) and shared a cab to the condo's function hall. yasi came later.

the food was really good and it was nice to catch up with the rest of the mates. unfortunately, it started to rain heavily again and before it got any heavier we decided to make a move since it was getting way past my army bedtime.

alright, thats all i can blog bout this week. till next time!