Sunday, January 28, 2007

just wanted to say that i wont be blogging for next couple of weeks.

this soldier has to go on a mission.

alas, i pray to god for strength
mentally and physically.
carry me through
this pain.

till then,

good day.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

hello public

theres like so many fotos in my camera pending to be blogged. if you've bothered to noticed its been weeks since i actually did an update proper.

i have no mood.

well, actually saying i have no mood is actually a more positive outlook to it. cos having no mood means my mood is 0%. in other words, its like saying that my mood isnt bad. but the thing is, it actually is bad. there's so many fucked up factors thats leading to my pissy mood.

not even retail therapy helped.

not even seeing Rain helped. (oh yah, i saw Rain, the korean celebrity at marina square, he was like 1 metre away from me. i was like waiting for a cab. then this mercedes rolled up and out came this tall, muscular, fair skin man. decked in a tight white singlet and tattered jeans he made his way into 7eleven with his mini korean entourage. he came out earlier and waited in the car while his posse queued for his purchases. there was a bunch out aunties tagging in a cab waiting for a glimpse of their idol. later his posse came out with bags of 7eleven goodies. i managed to see many cans of asahi and carlsberg beer and some potato chips. wanted to snap a foto but the bodyguard gave me a firm 'no pictures please'.)

not even seeing my secondary sch teacher-crush, Ms Geraldine Lim helped, and boy was she still hot.

those fotos will continue to remain in my camera until i pop in some happy pills.


i need to book in to camp shortly and i HATE it. how i wish time could fly by faster during the weekdays.

where's the positivity ali? what's happen to you?

if only i knew.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

hello public

u dont know how stuck i was to my phone for the entire weekend. everywhere i went, be it downstairs or even to the toilet to pee, my phone was with me.

but for what?

only to be letdown by you. you suck you know that.


other matters,

i simply cant wait for another 7mths to pass. after which i can just slack for like another 10 mths before i leave this stupid world of nationalservice. a service i didnt choose nor voluteered to offer.

my soldier's life is taking its toll on me. i'm someone who believe that if you just stick up to something with a bundle of positivity, you'll eventually be happy.

damned will be the day when i'm happy
only when the whole thing ends will my shoulders rest from the burdens i carry.

like a bottle of peroxide
positivity fades
like hair changes shades

i cant be blonde enough cause there's simply not enough peroxide to last forever
that bottle of peroxide is half empty
like my mind and body
held captive to the building negativity

searching for solace
in an environment of menace
distant it seems to be the place
as i continue my journey filled with haste

what now? i question
was it wise? my decision
will it last? my passion
when does it end? my tension
a life with visions amidst distractions.

how far more till we reach the end,
and what then?


Saturday, January 06, 2007

hello public

its been a long time since i browsed through friendster. friendster used to be like so hot last time when i was in poly. everyone secretly compared how many friends and testimonials each other had. and others took the opportunity to peek into the lives of their crushes.

well, i'm definitely guilty as charged for both offences. i used to be an addict, everyday i would log in to check my account for any new updates. it started out with only 6 available slots for fotos. i had to like carefully choose which pic to upload but then now, with a limit of 50, i dont know what other fotos to put up. and oh yah, i definitely was one of those who constantly updated their 'About Me'. hahaha.

i also loved doing all those questionnaires and posting them onto the bulletin boards. and now after so long, i'm relieving the memory.

IN THE YEAR 2006...

1. Have you had any relationships this
- i dont like talking about my private life publicly especially regarding relationships.

2. Have you had your birthday?
- duh. my birthday comes every year. this year was extra special, i spent it in the jungles of brunei.

3. Been to church?
- yeah, once for a wedding. it was like soooooooooo boring.

4. Cried yet?
- yes actually. over movies and personal issues. i noticed i'm becoming more emotional over the years.

5. Been on a diet?
- i remembered being on so many different types of fad diets that worked for a while then i just cant seem to control my temptations and go spoil it all.

6. Pulled an all nighter?
- yeah man. on the danceflooor!!

7. Drank Starbucks?
- frankly, i'm more of a coffee beaner. i used to spent alot there, god knows how many millions all these cafes have extorted from me over the year.

8. Went shopping?
- how could i spent my year without shopping once. come to think of it, how could i even spent my week without shopping once?

9. Went Camping?
- LOL. SO MANY TIMES. just leave me in any jungle with a bottle of water, a lighter and a tube of insect repellent and i'll survive.

11. Bought something(s) for over $200?
- too many to list. LOL!!! my bank account went through so many ups and infinite downs.

12. Met someone special?
- definitely. and i thank god for that.

13. Been out of state/country?
- yep. BRUNEI!!! a first and probably a last. that place is like so boring for me. probably a good retirement ground but for now, i love singapore.

14. Gone Snowboarding?
- haiyo. u tell me, singapore where got snow? during christmas season, tanglin mall got snow also only last for 1 hr. where got time to snowboard ar.

15. What are you thinking about most of the time?
- hmm. i donno. i think about so many stuff. its like so random.

Have you...

1.) Hugged someone?
- yes. and i loved it and i want more. hahaha.

2.) Slept in someone else's bed?
- yes. and did we see any action under the sheets? well, thats for me to know and for you to find out. hahaha!

3.) Drank any alcohol?
- yes. from the redbulls to the cranberry vodkas and lychee martinis. i loved them all. thank god i dint get wasted or did anything embarassing. none that i know of that is.

4.) Loaned out money?
- i lend some coins to a fren to buy a can drink.

5.) Gotten in a car accident?
- gotten into almost 5 accidents with maddie's driving. LOL!

6.) Gone over your cell phone bill?
- i do look through it once in a while. but i dont bother. mum pay's the bill. =P

7.) Been called a whale?
- definitely not. i was at most a cow at my biggest.

8.) Done something you regret?
- a few things. but thats life, after its over, u look back and u reconsider but there's no turning back time. u just learn from your mistakes.


Last Person you hugged?
- my mum!!

Last Person to call you?
- i cant remember and i'm too lazy to check call register on my phone.

Last time you took a shower?
- like 2 hours ago.

When was the last time you felt stupid?
- i have regular blonde moments. lol.

Who was the last person you danced
- maddie. hahahaha!!

who did u last yelled at?
- i dont like to yell at ppl. i'm civilised.

What did you do today?
- went shopping in town. and had supper with frens.


01. Hometown?
- ang mo kio central.

02. Natural hair color?
- jet black.

03. Initials?
- AJ

04. Hair style?
- spiky-ish. whatever the army barber gives to me, i learn to deal with it.

05. Eye color:
- black.

06. Height:
- i dont know. somewhere ard 175cm i guess.

07. Pets:
- always wanted one but never had the time to take care of one. so i abolished the idea. maybe i'll get a goldfish one fine day.

08. Mood:
- nothing can spoil my mood after that call from my sexy. lol!!

09. Where would you rather be?
- anywhere but outfield in the jungle.

10. Last thing u drank?
- ribena.

TEN THINGS ABOUT YOUR LOVE LIFE: (oh gosh, u know how i hate answering this type of questions. so dont expect them to be long detailed answers.)

01. Have you ever been in love:
- yes.

02. Do you believe in love?
- yes.

03.did your LAST relationship fail?
- yes. u said last right? technically the relationship has to already end to be a LAST relationship.

04. Have you ever been heartbroken:
- yes.

05. Have you ever broken someone's
- yes.

06. Have you ever fallen for your best
- no.

07. Have you ever loved someone but never told them:
- yes.

08. Are you afraid of commitment?:
- yes.

09. Would you ever date one of your
- yes.

10. Have you had more than 5 different serious relationships?
- no.


01. Are you missing someone right now?
- not really.

02. Are you happy?
- somewhere there. i'm not sad either.

04. Are you stressed?
- there's nothing much to be stressed about.

05. Do you like someone right now?
- shh!


hope u guys like it as much as i enjoyed doing it.

alright, till next time.

hello public

sexy called me all the way from the land of koalas and kangaroos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and that simply made my week. i am now a contented ali.

i cant wait for feb 12.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

hello public

happy new year! i hope 2006 has been a good for you and wish that 2007 will be a better one.

i've got quite a few foto updates to do for this entry. but firstly, i need to ponder smthing that's been floating in my mind lately. do u guys actually enjoy my photo entries? i somehow am starting to find my blog becoming a tad boring. maybe that's because when i read, its all about myself. but hey, i dont find myself boring at all.

but whatever it is, i'll just try my best to make my blog the best blog in ang mo kio. hahahahaha. well i have to start small first right?

and i doubt there's much blogging happening in amk. amk is an old town filled so many old folks. aunties and uncles. and i dont think they got anything to blog about do they. well, probably they'd be blogging about were to get the cheapest Dynamo or which market sells fresher fish.

dont get me wrong, i love ang mo kio with its full vibrancy and color. just that day i saw four aunties in a heated verbal argument or so i thought. set in the corner or NTUC, you could hear them 100metres away. so i moved closer as my inner kaypoh-ness, a singaporean trait, took stride. it was obvious who those pundits making the racket were. with hands in exagerated motions flailing in the air, these pear shaped ladies dressed in dawdy lycra-ish tops with similar tight red perms were hogging over a trolley of hand towels.

but if you take a minute to actually listen to them, which isnt quite easy considering the commotion, they were actually in a friendly discussion over the cheap price of the $1.90 hand towels. one of them even mention in a loud confident voice that she's gonna get 3 of the blue colored hand towels as they matched her kitchen cabinets.

*roll eyes*

see, this is what i'm talking about when i mention the vibrancy of ang mo kio. it joyous. really.


enough about my lovely hometown and more about me.

my grandparents came to stayover for a week and this means that they'd be taking over my room. which means that very minimal time for me to use the computer. but then i love having them stayover cause there'll be food galore and i'd have more people to talk to. how i wished we had an extra room for them so i can have my room back. maybe i should start clearing out the store room. just in case.


the first day they came i was amidst prepping up to meet maddie & frens to go to zouk later. then my grandmama came to me asking why i was looking and smelling so nice. i told her i was going out to meet my frens. then she assumed i was meeting my girlfriend. so she told me to bring my girlfriend home. LOL!!!

why must i have a girlfriend? i want a boyfriend lei. cannot ar?!

well, of course i didnt say that last sentence unless you want me to shock her out of her dentures.

well i tell you, i had a family gathering yesterday and everyone was speculating i had a girlfriend. and since my cousin who recently married is now pregnant, everyone's asking me when's my turn. not gettting pregnant dummies, getting married.

well, i might consider getting married if fiona xie were to dangle her voluptous carrot infront of me.


so i met up with maddie and she drove me, jess and eve to zouk. its been ages since i last clubbed. and its been centuries since i've been to mambo night especially with it being a weekday and me being stuck in camp every single weekday. let me tell you smthing, i love mambo. i think i've go a retro disco streak in me cause its such a danceable and happy tune to dance to. unlike trance, where i just stone one corner.

well, the night ended off great. clubbing ended around 4am and boy were my feet and thighs sore like i just ended a whole night on an igallop. we went for a ice milo somewhere nearby after that and that was it for the night. the next thing i knew i was awake at 2pm.


had a meetup with the tekong mates a couple of days later. there's like 12 other people in my section and only 3 excluding me turned up that night. we dined at marche and lets make a wild guess what i had?

yup, steak again. lol. i'm like so predictable right. anyway, i wanna say a big thankyouverymuch to werdna for the unexpected marche treat. you rock my world. we walked around later cause werdna was contemplating between getting a psp or my creative zen. but in the end, he got those calculator-looking phones from sony erricson instead since he needed a new phone. i quite like the touch screen features. i wouldnt say that its one of the best looking phones around but the fucntions were really fantastic.

oh, and you guys simply had to be there to see sim bargained for the phone. i was awestruck. me, werdna and wilson were like dumbfounded just watching the bargain king in action. next time i go on a shopping spree, i'm dragging sim along.

then we just walked around for a while more and left for home. on the way home, i bought myself a bar of Dars dark chocolate. i've been having cravings for dark chocolate lately. i dont know why.

fat ali.

alright, then yesterday i met up with sheryl in town to catch up over lunch. she just came back from hongkong and told me all about her wonderful trip there. i wanna go to hong kong too!!!

went to pick up the cake i ordered from secret recipe for my dad's birthday at bishan. it's called chocolate indulgence consisting of layers of dark, milk and white chocolate. soooooooooooooo yummy can. we had a family gathering later and the cake was gone before you knew it.

alrighty. i think that shall be it for this time round. i'll be booking in back to camp later tonight. it was a nice 2 week holiday. i do wish it could have lasted longer but then too bad. good things have to come to an end. back to the life of a soldier. bleah.