Saturday, August 25, 2007

hello public

first & foremost, i'd like to wish my polytechnic friends, Charlene(23aug) & Angela(24aug) a Happy 21st birthday. may you girls be blessed with heath, wealth, beauty and enough money to get botox at 40.


life has been ridiculously slack lately in national safari and its only because its the calm before the storm. everyone's busy busy preparing for the ultra mega outfield finale and for the rest of us, it only means that we can catch up on our sleep.

i even managed to finish a book. and luckily enough, a room mate of mine brought in a television, and this certainly helped to ease the boredom. and not forgetting, praise the lord for the card game uno. it has been our saviour to pass time.

in the coming week, both mental and physical strength will be put to its optimal test. the system does not permits me to divulge of our activities. therefore, all i can and will say is that i do hope god bestows me strength.

enough about my caged life in the national safari. last weekend, i met up with the wonderful frends of mine to celebrate Charlene's birthday. obviously being busy individuals with school, work and army in the way, the bunch of us met up earlier to get the present.

we usually try our best to meet up at least once a month but with our conflicting schedules, its almost impossible. so this time we met up at marina square for a late lunch. ate at the foodcourt with the lovely view cause i'm still on my 'budget month challenge'.

then we decided to shop for her present and found a lovely necklace from Mintmark&Co. so now it was time for the cake and sheryl suggested this lovely bakery at Raffles Hotel. and so we made our way there.

the cakes looked really good so we bought some other small ones for ourselves. then we made our way to sheryl's school ard the area as she needed to get her laptop from her locker. we ate some of the cakes we bought just now while waiting for her. some were nice and the other just look better than it tasted.

if you're wondering wad school sheryl is from. its UNLV. university of louis vuitton. and we all proudly endorse it.

made our way by cab to yishun to meet up with charlene and we decided to suprise her at burger king with the cake. so we just hang ard and caught up with each other's life. and yes, camwhoring was periodically included. since it was getting a bit late, we decided to make our way to the interchange to catch the last buses.

i had fun. i love these girls to death.

now you see how happy they make me!!! i'm so happy that you cant even see my eyes! LOL

alright, wish me luck for my ultra mega jungle training finale.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

hello public

i definitely need to stock up on some winter wear. have u seen the amount of rain that's been pouring lately, its like so MAJOR!

and its like so frustrating to decide on what to wear when you're going out. you know like yesterday i spent 30minutes in front of my closets, naked cause i simply couldnt decide on wad to wear.

i mean, it was raining and its cold. so if i wear jeans, my jeans might get wet. but if i wear berms, then half of my legs will be cold in the air con malls.

then i was thinking of wearing a v-neck pullover but then what if it stops raining later and i feel warm. but if was to wear a shirt inside my pullover, and take the pullover off when its warm, where do i put the pullover? in my bag? but i dont feel like bringing a bag. nor do i feel like holding the pullover in my hand.

then if i wear a normal shirt, wad if its cold?

so should i wear a cap since its raining? but first i have to choose wad to wear so my cap can match?

then do i wear slippers, sandals or shoes? slippers like too slack looking. if i wear shoes, then it'll be damn uncomfortable when its wet. but sandals might not look nice with the entire ensemble?

then which watch will match with the ensemble?

any other acessories?

and you know when i decide on what type of clothes to wear, then comes in what color to wear and whether this top's color matches or does it make me look fat?


this is why in poly i always plan what to wear the night before.

anyways, such lovely weather only begs me to cuddle up under my Aussino 400-threadcount duvet while watching old episodes of Friends on my computer. but i musnt forget the bunch of people who'll whine and complain if they were to click my blog and see a stale entry.

so this entry is gonna be about my virgin trip to DXO.

you know i've heard so much about DXO being a club filled with Mats and Minahs and dragon tattooed gangsters. and i wonder how come such a club located next to a world class arts location can be so low class and filled with scums of singapore.

but then i heard after all the fights and stuff they decided to tighten their measures and make it a better club. or so they wish to believe.

so when some campmates decided to create one of those 'once-in-a-blue-moon' clubbing outing at of all places DXO, a little tingle of interest did arouse.

entry was damn cheap la and got 2 drink coupons also. BUT...

-the music sucked BIG TIME. i'm a House fan and the only thing close to House was the bar upstairs playing something like from Lush 99.5fm. and the music was like so random. the dancefloor was like so empty. i could herd an entire farm of sheep and there'll still be space.

-the top floor was a waste of prime retail space. it was just filled with sofas, i could have finished an entire project with brainstorming and presentation included at the top floor. it was that conducive. it looked more like the perfect place to play board games with friends.

-there were so many malay people i felt like it was hari raya. just that everyone was scantilly dressed and that the main drinks were not from F&N bottles.

-the DJ sucked. i hate it when its a nice song and the dj CUT the song to say stuff like,''cmon!! can we clap for these ladies on stage''. fuck la. DONT CUT MY SONG!

-it was so hot and stuffy. i sweated more just standing at the dancefloor than running a marathon. and what is it with people and lacking courtesy to use a deordarant!!!

it was seriously fucking bored by 1am. and i only entered at 11.30. couldnt take it anymore. went outside to eat.


i'd rather rearrange my CD collection in alphabetical order. it would have been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.



alright thats all this week. i'm gonna go cuddle up in my bed. ALONE.


Monday, August 13, 2007

hello public

i've been holding off this entry for quite a while because there's just waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to many fotos to upload and they're all so random. its like so confusing how to put them into a post. but for you guys and for my own archive sake so that in the future, i can look back and laugh at how retarded i was. well, i'll give uploading and editing all 63fotos a shot. even if it burns my entire precious afternoon.

you bastards better make me more popular than xiaxue for this!



so this post might be abit stale but then my dear sheryl asked me to postpone for 1 week because she was planning a suprise birthday party for her best friend and didnt want my blog to ruin the suprise.

well this time around we decided to go clubbing and we dragged along cecilia, the zouk virgin, along with her friends. met up with sheryl first and took the train to orchard together.

decided to meet up early so that we could grab th early tickets which were cheaper but then it was a horrendous affair to get a cab in orchard road. so in the end we just decided to take a bus instead. so by the time we reach zouk, it was like 1030pm. that has got to be the earliest i've ever been to zouk in my life. for the first time ever i could actually see the dancefloor of phuture. heck, i could even do starjumps and splits(if i could) on the middle of the dancefloor and i wouldnt even be close to anyone.

so we just sat around and it was like really empty so we decided to go outside instead. went to winebar instead and sheryl met her friend there who generously treated us to 2jugs of long island. well, the thing is you see, i'm not a fan of long island. just gimme jugs of my ribena vodka and i'd be the happy all night long. but then, there's no use in wasting the precious jugs of booze.

according to cecilia, the long island tasted like toilet detergent and yes, i do concur. but then it was so strong, after i sipped down half a jug, i was like slightly woozy. so i stop it and pass the rest to the guys for them to down the whole jug.

and so we all rocked the dancefloor of phuture and boy was cecilia, the zouk virgin, having the time of her life. met mohan, aka Mo aka my number one fan. hahahaha!!! and he joined us for the night and he was so much fun. damn funny guy.

as most of you know, even with singapore's clubbing scene's fascination with r&b, i'm a deeply house fan. and so we made our way to zouk. by this time the two guys, cecilia's friends, were like wasted. hahahaha!!

so we got no choice but to drag this 2 guys out of zouk, with help from security too of course, and send them home.

we're all like really tired too and our stomachs were rumbling so we decided to pop by the prata shop nearby for supper. just sat around and chatted for a while and then we decided to call it a day. said goodbye to Mo and sent sheryl home first before making my detour home to my comfortable bed.

that was one of my best clubbing nights and we all should definitely do it again real soon. i've always believed in this saying...

"its not about the location, the activity or the money, its all about the company"

and that night's was simply fabulous.

i know i know!! the fotos are like damn messy can but learn to live with it!