Saturday, December 29, 2007

hello public

i love sheryl.

how much?

this much.

hello public

usually towards the end of the year, i'm plague with the amount of birthday celebrations. i have no idea why but most of my friends seemed to have been born during the second half of the year.

a possible reason why could be that parents prefer to have sex during the festive season. if you subtract 9 months from most of my friends birthdays, this meant that they were most probably consummated during the months of november till february. especially with these months being sprinkled with main festivities like hari raya, deepavali, christmas, new year, chinese new year and the romantic valentines day, couples are in a happier mood and this translates into getting some nookie.

ok, this is like so random.

anyways, with most of my friends being 21 this year, a bigger scale celebration was a more popular choice. but to me you dont need a huge ass party at club with free flow of moet and chandon for a fantastic celebration. all you need is a small group of your best friends just chatting the night away over dinner while sipping cosmopolitans and lychee martinis.

one of my favouritest girls on the planet, cecilia is also one of the many people who celebrates her birthday in the later part of the year. it was however especially hard to get everyone to settle on a date and time cause we're either busy with work, having exams or finding an immense difficulty to take an off from camp.

25092007335.jpg image by alvinhilton

so i met jiafang right after her work to get the presents for cecilia. we finally found one of the only 2 florist in the entire huge ass town to create a bouquet of roses. we finally decided on getting her a 21 roses bouquet. and we got it in 3 different colors. red to signify love, pink cause its her favourite color(although she might strongly deny this) and one full bloom cream rose to signify her being special and blooming into adulthood. and of course 21 roses because its her 21 birthday.

25092007337.jpg image by alvinhilton25092007336.jpg image by alvinhilton
25092007366.jpg image by alvinhilton

we celebrated it at a place called Giraffe, a restaurant located at the Istana Park.

25092007338.jpg image by alvinhilton25092007342.jpg image by alvinhilton25092007339.jpg image by alvinhilton

with our cosmopolitans while waiting for sheryl.

25092007354.jpg image by alvinhilton25092007353.jpg image by alvinhilton
25092007347.jpg image by alvinhilton25092007350.jpg image by alvinhilton

finally all set with the ultra yummy cake from bakerzin.

25092007356.jpg image by alvinhilton25092007351.jpg image by alvinhilton

jiafang insisted we celebrate mid autumn festival as well, so we got a mooncake from Conrad.

25092007357.jpg image by alvinhilton1-1.jpg image by alvinhilton

group pics for the night.

25092007369.jpg image by alvinhilton25092007368.jpg image by alvinhilton25092007367.jpg image by alvinhilton

sheryl, jiafang and me with the star of the night.

25092007344-1.jpg image by alvinhilton

you dont need a big celebration to have the best birthday. all you need is to be surrounded by your the best company and everything will be fantastic.

till my next entry.

ps: sorry, the pics are rather small in this entry. i cant seem to upload fotos thru blogger and so i use photobucket instead which provides me with this retardedly minute fotos.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

hello public

i know i know, its felt like ages since my last proper entry. especially with my thailand trip and all, its taken up a lot of time with all the preparation nonsense. and now that i'm back, there's was hari raya haji, a couple of birthday events to attend, christmas picnic with my entire paternal family side and random meetups with friends, to keep me mostly occupied.

wadever time i have left, i try to spend it at home with my family and doing what i love most when i'm home. no, its not wanking to porn. its actually cooking. very few ppl actually know bout this little known secret of mine and only a very very few people(apart from my parents and family) ever had the chance to sample my creations.

in fact i just finished whipping up a fusili carbonara for dinner tonight. and to watch the figure, instead of using double cream, i used 99%fat free milk. also low fat cheese, organic capsicum and peas. the original carbonara calls for bacon but i substitute it with slices of cheese what came out in the end was more of a healthier but still as yummy version of carbonara.

of course i do know how to cook other stuff as well. like prawn olio aglio, beef bolagnaise and mostly pastas cause i love pastas. my current love is also baking. i made some nutella banana cupcakes for my christmas picnic with the relatives and everyone loved them. YAY!!

simple things like seeing how people enjoy my cooking really makes my day.

what makes me happy is also hanging out with my frens.

danny & me

and before i went to thailand, i found out that my passport had expired and i had to get a new one done. so i met up with danny for a trip to 'the passport building' (i donno what its called) at lavender.

i initially went there to get my passport photo changed cause i've had a few incidents where immigration staff had doubts that the picture on the passport was actually me.

the pic on the left one was the original passport foto.
the middle foto was the one i intended to use but then i thought the blue collar would clash with the passport being red.
and the foto on the right was the final one i chose for my new biometric passport.

well, it took quite a while for me to figure out where to queue, which foto to use and the whole process of filling up the form. the whole place was just chaotic.

thankfully, there was a sanctuary nearby that i've been wanting to go to.


i read in magazines about this area being the new upcoming location for local designers to show off their talents.

and after walking through wad seemed to be vintage decorated shops selling mostly hand made jewellery, i feel Haji Lane was just overhyped. to sum it in a few words, the place felt like a clash between far east plaza meets lime flea market.

after that, we made our way to town instead where actual shopping was a more possible venue.

but not before a little trip to starbucks to make me happier.

green tea frappucino anybody?

in the end, most of the day was spent in town instead. i'd take town over haji lane ANYDAY.

oh what would i do without orchard road. i'd probably just die of boredom. or pick up some retarded sport like soccer or smthing.

till next entry, very soon-ish.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

hello public

Merry Christmas!!!

here's 2 of my most favourite xmas songs by my favourite artist, mariah carey.

the traditional Oh Holy Night

and an up tempo, All I Want For Christmas Is You


Thursday, December 20, 2007

hello public

dear god
give me guidance
i wanna start a facebook account
and it looks complicated

(confessions of a technophobe 3:44)

anyway, i'm free till 2nd jan. so be nice and ask me out. i still have those 3 packets of condom that they gave me in thailand still unused.

if you ask me out, you might get lucky.


till then enjoy this video of britney's new single Piece of Me.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

hello public

yet another entry from the land of smiles. though internet access is readily available in this camp, its lethargic speed refrains me from regular blogging. not even a video of britney's new single could tempt me to wait more than 30 minutes. but beggars can tbe choosers. i'm thankful enough for internet access in what seems to be a relatively rural region.

hows life been you might ask?

well, its isnt that bad considering that i'm not the main body of the training troops. so what i do is just A LOT of preparation materials, around 10days of experiencing how the terrain of the jungle in thailand is. and the rest of the time i either spend it in the canteen slurping tom yam and gulping down ice blends, or playing with my ds in bunk.

seriously, if it wasnt for my creative zen and nintendo ds, i would have just died of boredom. i love technology!!


well, three more days and i'll be back in singapore. the entire journey here has been an extremely memorable one. not like i wanna do it again but its just something you have to do once to know how it feels like.

its not like everyday u get to climb a 70degrees steep mountain made of mostly loose rocks and thorny plants. nor issit everyday where at 4am you shiver from the 12degree celcius climate while concealing yourself in scorpion infested bushes littered with cow dung praying to god that you dont die from a poisonous snake bite.

stuff like these makes me appreciate singapore.

just a little bit more only.

i'm ready to come home.

great singapore sale, christmas sale, end of season sale, pre new year sale, HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!

till then, take care.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

hello public

i'm in thailand now!!! and its really really cold at night. shivering cold!!

but thank god there is internet. extremely slow but at least it works.

ok thats all for this update. till then,


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

hello public

its been a while.

still feeling kinda fucked up though. the mood swings been going on a joy ride. everything hasnt been going my way and life just sucks.

they say when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. apparently, the squeezing of all the lemons to make lemonade has been really exhausting and is taking a toll on me.


today i feel obliged to blog.

tomorrow, i'll be leaving for the land of smiles, ironically unsmiling, due to obligations to national safari. hopefully the 1 month i'll be spending there will past by as quick as possible.

do pray for my safety and health.

obviously as well, this blog will be on hiatus till i return.


i've always had a fondness to those questionaires you find in friendster's bulletin board. and i happen to find something similar when doing some random blog surfing. so here it is.


Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
1) travel the world
2) have a life that i'll look back and never say, "damn, i should have done that!"
3) repent and pray to god

Three Names You Go By:
1) sayang to my mum
2) ali joe to my friends
3) ila to werdna

Three Screen Names You Have Had:
1) realitee
2) alvin hilton
3) ali joe

Three Physical Things You Hate About Yourself:
1) my complexion
2) my height
3) my big feet

Three Parts Of Your Heritage:
1) malay
2) chn from my paternal grandparents
3) arab from my maternal side

Three Things That Scare You:
1) death
2) solidarity
3) females with hairy armpits

Three Of Your Everyday Essentials:
1) handphone
2) money
3) nds

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1) some random old tshirt
2) calvin klein boxers
3) guess glasses

Three Of Your Favorite Bands/Musical Artists:
1) mariah carey
2) 30 seconds to mars
3) jewel

Three Of Your Favorite Songs Currently:
1) bleeding love - leona lewis
2) never again - kelly clarkson
3) no one - alicia keys

Three Things You Want In A Relationship:
1) a best friend
2) trust
3) personal space

Three Physical Things About The Preferred Sex That Appeal To You:
1) eyes
2) hair
3) dress sense

Three Of Your Favorite Hobbies:
1) finding new places to eat
2) cooking
3) playing with mimi, my virtual pet

Three Things You Want To Do Really Badly Right Now:
1) eat subway
2) drink starbucks
3) get a haircut

Three Careers You're Considering/You've Considered:
1) event planner
2) visual merchandiser
3) buyer

Three Places You Want To Go On Vacation:
1) paris
2) japan
3) south pole, to laugh at penguins.

Three Kid's Names You Like:
1) tyra
2) adrianna
3) giselle

Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Girl:
1) i know more about designers than your sister
2) i know what colors matches your skin tone
3) i bake

Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Boy:
1) i have a penis
2) i leave the toilet seat up
3) I pick my nose

Three People You Admire:
1) karl lagerfeld
2) siti nurhaliza
3) that girl who got 294 point for PSLE



till i return. take care.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Spice Girls - Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)

i'm a closeted spice girl fan and with their big comeback reunion, it definitely brings back nostalgic memories.

i feel like watching spiceworld now.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

i have a date on saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

with myself.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

'Everybody Hurts' (Corrs Unplugged)

sorry bout the lack of updates. i'm not just in the mood.

till then, whenever then is,


Sunday, November 18, 2007

there goes that big bag of toblerones.

i going to drastic measures now.

bring out the bathroom scales!!!
chocolate makes me happy.

i just ate an entire box of ferrero rocher.

i hope tomorrow's a better day.

or i might need to open that big bag of toblerones.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

hello public

i know most of you by now should be expecting me me to blog about my little demure birthday gathering. and as much as i want too, oh but i cant.


firstly, i havent gotten all the fotos.


secondly, i still have many many posts due for their update. probably when i'm done with all the earlier post, i'll blog about my quiet birthday gathering.

so till then, do expect an entry this weekend but most probably not the boring birthday meetup.

and yeah,

i would like to thank everyone for their well wishes, their presence and their presents, and of course making me a very happy boy on 10nov.

till then


Thursday, November 08, 2007

hello public

you know, one thing i always had a problem with is saying saying goodbyes. i never actually know how to react to having say goodbye to people. a part of me is kinda emotional and i dont want to deal with the whole sad long goodbye. so what i do is pretend that it doesnt bother me that much and say goodbye as though as i'll see the person the following day.

but after the reality sinks in, you feel like an idiot. you tell yourself now that you could have given a proper goodbye.

dont you just hate that feeling. the feeling of knowing you should have done something else instead, only after you've done that thing.

oh how sometimes i wish i could turn back time. but then oh wells.

what i'm trying to convey here is the message of no regrets.

i want to live a life that in the future, i wouldnt look back and say, 'damn, i should have done that'.

so while i'm still young and able. i wanna spend my life partying.

i love to club.

and unlike some nymphos who's only one track mind is to find a pussy or a dick, whichever applies, whenever they go clubbing, mind is more for enjoyment purposes. a club is a place where i can dress up, have fun with friends and dance to the music, or in my case just sway from left to right.

tempting me with a cherry eh? aint gonna work!

a club feels festive to me. and i like that. but i'm not those hardcore type that you'll always see my face on the podium every Mambo night or see me trying to accomplish a melbourne shuffle at zouk.

sheryl & cecilia

this time around, i went with my clubmates, 3 quarter of the TLLM, because coco strongly rejects the idea of clubbing. her ideal evening is more of catching up over flutes of Rose.

and of course. i went to my favouritest club in singapore. ZOUK.

zouk rocks. but a few things annoy me.

firstly, how Phuture is always overcrowded. its so crowded that even sardines find it spacious.

secondly, i hate people who just stand in the middle of the dancefloor and just look around. if you want just want to stand and look, then go to the zoo, not zouk.

thirdly, i hate the no smoking rule. now zouk smell like sweat. PRAY that you dont get the luck of dancing next to someone who has BO.

fourthly, the increasing number of Mats. a mat is like a malay ah bengs. if the chinese ah bengs can stick to their Dragonfly. the Mats should just stay at Dbl O.

fifthly, the new change of coupon system. i used to be able to get my favourite vodka ribena for 1 coupon. but now, they dont even allow coupon. i'm not paying 15bucks for that 1 glass. also, a lot of drinks are becoming 2 coupons. those bastards.

i like the lighting.

well, apart from all these, i still loovee zouk. the music is great and the crowd is fantastic and gorgeous(makes you think on how i actually fit in).

and after a fun night dancing calories away with fabulous guest DJ Sirens, we spoil it all with pratas and ice milo.

after all that dancing and late night supper, the best thing to do is sleeeep till mid afternooon. hahaha!!

everyone has their own way of de-stressing, this is mine.

notice in the following pictures, how i'm totally unaffected by what sheryl is doing. hahahaha!!

well then, till my next entry.

tired feet.


Monday, October 29, 2007

hello public

before i return to the ghastly life of national safari, i'll try to slot in an entry before it runs way pass its due date. oh wells, my one week of off has been fun and filled with lots of catching up on sleep. but now i have to come back to reality.


but thats the fact of life. singapore has thought me about realitee, erm, i mean reality. you have to work for money. or in my sense, i have to go back to camp because i have to. the weekends are our only form of escapes where we manage to do what we really want to. and when its over, back to reality(weekdays). but we have to look at it this way, our reality funds our escape. and what is there to escape from if there wasnt any reality? so technically they co exist.


this few months are definitely the peak periods for birthdays amongst my friends. especially, with most of my friends being 21st this yr, everyone wants to have it extra special.

another birthday party that i was invited to was my tekong mate, Nicholas's 21st birthday at The Summit Condo.

met up with kangming and gim kiat a few hours before the party to get a present for the birthday boy. in the end we settled for a brown leather Guess belt.

thank god for my beloved sexy andrew's bmw, or else finding the location would be such a torture.

group pic of the night!

food, fantastic drinks, and catching up with old frens were the fuel for the night. left a few hours later as i had another engagement that night to attend to.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mariah Carey-Happy Birthday To You

you know what's my ultimate birthday wish?


no, not the Parkinson disease you dumb dumb. but being sung happy birthday by Mariah Carey.


if only someone will sing me a birthday song. but that some has to have a good voice la.

well, i'll go and dream for the time being.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

hello public

gosh, i've been so busy planning an event and also having to create and constantly maintain another website. i havent had proper time to sit down and blog. with only 2 weeks to this 'event of the year', every fine details has to be tailored accordingly. and boy is it a lot of work but also immensely fun. haha!!

but tsk tsk, i shall only divulge on the event when it's all completed.

anyways, this entry is loooooooooong overdue. remembered in one of the previous entry i talked about Sheryl's Birthday. that previous post was all about the preparation involved. this entry is gonna about the actual day.

the view from the restaurant was stunning.

the outdoor canopy area.

the main dining area.

now, hours before the actual celebration, there's always final touches to be done. so me, cecilia and coco, met up to get the cake from Bakerzin, to get the gorgeous bouquet of cream roses, to write the messages on the back of the photo collage, to wrap the collage, to visit the restaurant in advance to plan some suprises and of course to meet up with sheryl at the mrt station like nothing has happened.

and trust me, all that within 3 hours is an EXTREMELY tight rush. and with the kind help of cecilia, who never fails to not make it on time, time got to an extremely tight corseted 2hours.

so first we rushed to get the cake. she likes chocolate. and bakerzin makes fantastic cakes. so bakerzin chocolate cake it is.

next, flowers, all girls love flowers. she likes tulips. but damn were the tulips at the florist fucking ugly. i dont understand why people like tulips. they look like roses that havent bloom. and i dont understand the whole concept of girls liking flowers. they just die and wilt within a day or two. and so we searched high and low throughout town for a florist and did you know that there is only 2 florist in orchard road.

so yeah, expensive bouquet of roses. check!

so after all the other stuff thats just too much to elaborate. we met her at the mrt station. she knew we were celebrating her birthday. but boy she didnt know what to expect.

we asked her what she wanted to eat. she said japanese. we said okay lets go to Ramen Ten at far east plaza(cause we knew it was along the way to marriott). while on the way there.

i said,"lets pop in to marriott for a while, i need to look at some cakes for my bday"

so we went in. while they were looking at the cakes, i told the sales lady to do me a favour.

when i said is there any other cake shop, she was to say that there's one at level 5(which was where the retaurant was).

and god bless this woman, she played along. =D

and so we took the lift up. and walked to the restaurant. but damn did the waiter spoil the entire 'suprise i have never been to this place' look by greeting me by name. damnit!

and so she was suprised with dinner at a fine dining restaurant.

our waiter for the night. all customer service people have to learn from this guru.

and so we sat down and took some fotos, and our lovely waiter for the night, Thong(as funny as his name sounds, he wasnt a pain in the ass one bit the whole night), helped us take foto which was very much to our liking. hahaha.

then cecilia and coco brought sheryl to the toilet and in their absence, i discussed with thong regarding when the cake and the other presents were to be brought out.

when they came back, we ordered the food and did a little wine tasting before we decided on which will pair our selection finely. of course we took more fotos.

so what did we have you ask?

the stunning coco had grilled swordfish steak.

the sophisticated cecilia had grilled loin of lamb with ratatouille.

the charming ali joe had oven baked wild barramundi.

the ravishing sheryl had char grilled beef tenderloin.

then after dinner. sheryl suggested we go to clark quay for desserts. i said i was craving for cake. the girls were craving chocolate. i said how bout we go to somewhere nearby for dessert, like Bakerzin since they make yummy chocolate cake. sheryl was visibly excited. while we were deciding this, i signaled to thong secretly to bring the cake out. and when it came with the candles all lighted up, she got even more excited.

then shortly after, came the presents. and overjoy would be a good word to slot in here. she almost. or maybe she did, start to cry at the sight of the collage with fotos bringing us back to 4 years ago when we first met each other.

and of course, the rest of the night was spent camwhoring. my lord, stuff we do at a fine dining restaurant is so beyond me. but with good food, good wine and fantastic company, nothing else matters.

and of course with a little bit of alcohol, everyone gets a little excited.

people start to do stupid stuff.

coco got a little giggly.

and dedided to stuff the whole damn red wine glass into her mouth. LOL!!! her boyfriend must be a happy man. hahaha!

sheryl gets kinky.

and they just decided to lie down and stare at the stars.

and you know, whats proof that alcohol really makes you do stupid stuff. here's further proof.

BEFORE dinner. everyone was sane and normal.



and mind you, we were in a fine dining restaurant with other guests around who witness our random act of dumbness.

the only thing left that was classy was the bouquet of roses thats gonna die soon anyway. might as well spend the rest of its life in class right.

so we decided to finally call it a day. since everyone had work, school and camp the next day.

so yeah. party was a success. everyone was happy!!

the happy camper, the birthday girl and the one i wish to spend a day with before i die: Sheryl.

till next time.