Monday, June 30, 2008

u know how some little thing could bring back memories for you. like a receipt, movie tickets, neoprints, cards, letters etc.

well i used to keep these in a nice tin box. but as i grew older, this tin box became a whole drawer. and now this drawer is over flowing, so i've decided to clear stuff up.

so now, 2 hrs later, here i am. sitting with all the stuff around me. in tears. and still an empty dustbin.

how do you choose which memories to go in the trash? how can i?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

damnit, i'm slowly falling deeper and deeper for you.

how ali, how?

Friday, June 27, 2008

hello public

its weird when people call me a social butterfly. it only means they dont really know me.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

hello public

there seems to be a little bit of confusion.

word is going round that is shutting down. well, don't get your knickers in a bunch. the truth is i'm merely adapting a different style and degree of blogging.

i could never put a cork into my blog that i've had for 5 years. it's had an overflow of memories, good, bad and even ugly. like i've mentioned before in one of my archaic entries, "if i could, i would print and bind all my posts into a hard cover book and title it 'Ali Joe Chronicles 2003-200?' when i'm thoroughly done with the world of blogging".

and as to prove that i'm seriously not shutting down this blog, here's one one of those questionnaires that i oh-so-love to do.

3 Schools I went to:
montfort school - where i did my primary and secondary education in an all boys catholic sch.
singapore polytechnic - where i studied business.
basic military school 2 - where i found everything i studied redundant.

3 things i put inside my bag:
creative zen vision m - i cant survive long journeys without music.
nintendo ds - to keep me entertained when i'm bored.
wallet - to get around, to eat and to shop.

3 things I do When I'm stressed:
watch cartoons - spongebob or the magic schoolbus.
shop - retail therapy ALWAYS help.
run/long walks - depending on my level of fitness, hahah.

3 places i go on DailyBasis:
amk mrt station - this is like my main mode of transportation.
amk hub - need to pass by to reach my house.
my room - where i escape to.

3 Favourite Fruits:
seedless grapes - i STRONGLY DETEST the ones with seeds.
rose apples - they're not exactly apples, its a kind of guava i think.

3 Favourite Food Of Mine:
pastas, i love all types but especially the creamy ones.
japanese food - i'm a big unagi fan.
anything sweet - some people might say i got a sweet tooth but i dissent, i have sweet TEETH.

3 names I go by:
Ali - to all my friends.
Ali Joe - is like my professional name. i even have it on my cards.
eh - to those who dont really know me.

3 things i'm wearin now:
plain white tee.


Who's In The House With Me:

Who Am I thinkin Of Right Now:
jason mraz - cause he's playing on my desktop.

Who's the last person whom i talk to on phone.
nicholas - regarding our meet up tmr.

Who was the Last Person I told that I love you?
andrew - but i tell 'i love you' to everyone.

Who do I wish I am with right now?
jason mraz - so i can sip pina coladas at the beach while he sings 'Life Is Wonderful' to me. with somebody of course, preferably my masseuse.

Who gets on my nerves In School?
school has yet to start, so that position is still up for grabs.

The Where's:

Where is my phone?
on my table, charging.

Where do i sleep?
on my uber comfy bed with 3 pillows and my comforter.

Where is the place tht i took A ride to?
the last ride i had was so dirrty that it should never be disclosed.


What was the Last Dish I ate?
i made a little extra virgin fussili olio with pan grilled chicken breast in salt pepper marinade for dinner.

What Color Shirt Am I wearing?
right now, its a plain white tee.

What do i wear often? Jeans or shorts?
used to be jeans. but right now, i'm very into shorts. feels cooler, ventilation wise. haha.

What was the Last Movie I've watched?
you dont mess with the zohan. quite funny actually but a tad slapstick.

The Whens

When Did i Start Skool?
kindergarten. 5 yrs old if i'm not wrong.

When did i Last go to the Mall?
this afternoon, was kinda bored at home. so i met up with danny.

When did i last burn somethin?
yesterday. it was suppose to be calories being burnt but the friction between my thighs as i ran made my running shorts burst out in flames.

When was the last time u received a shockin news about urself?
when a rather large amount of people questioned my decision to shutdown tsk tsk.

well, till whenever. take care.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

hello public

it's nice:
not having to constantly think of what to blog.
not having to take a pic at every opportunity so i can have enough fotos to blog.
not having to go nice new places just to have something interesting to take a pic of.
not having to spend hours going through all fotos to choose which to pick and edit.
not having to think of nice captions to put together with the fotos.
not having to exaggerate my himboticness.
not having to worry about readership.
not having to worry about blogging.

it's been so nice that i guess it's gonna stay that way.

the memorial service for the death of's readership will be held shortly.

but it doesnt matter.

probably, its just another one of my phases. but you know what? all these weeks of not blogging made me feel free. like my legs weren't chained. not having that little naggy voice in the back of my head that says ''i should blog this down" everytime something interesting happens.

whatever happens happens. i'm mr fickle and i'm bound to change my mind.

but for the time being, do take of yourself.


Friday, June 20, 2008

hello public

bloody hangover!

whatever happened last night after shaiful left was all blurry. my last recollection was me puking into a big green dustbin.

so whatever happened after that, hopefully doesnt get on youtube.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

hello public

last night was all that i needed, not the car accident, but what happened afterwards.

finally my rainbow meter is on the rise again. it was number 5, then 6 (thanks andrew) and now 8.

it's been a while.



Saturday, June 14, 2008

hello public

the lack of updates is because i'm tired.
tired of everything.
so i'm taking a break.


Saturday, June 07, 2008

hello public

i've put off clearing my room for the longest time. and i dont mean clearing the table or making my bed. there are a million stuff in my room that i can never bear to let go. stuff that can bring back a flood of memories, good or bad, happy or sad.

but i guess its time to stop holding on and start moving on.

goodbye memories, hello big black trashbag.

hello public

finally, the 2 years of torment has come to a closure.
the day that i've longed for has finally arrived.
shouldnt i be jumping in jubilation?
then, why is there a spot of bitter in my sugar?

what now?

in other news, i've finally decided to commemorate the change of phase in my life with a new look to my blog.

will resume proper updates soon. but not so soon.


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sunday, June 01, 2008

hello public

DSC08680-1.jpg picture by alvinhilton

i know its sunday and the week's post is due.
but what if i don't feel like it?

in a world filled with naysayers,
i try my best to absorb the positivity.
but standing facing the sun,
does not guarantee you the light.

i'm just tired,
tired of trying.
tired of being pushed around.
tired of smiling.
tired of finding the light.
tired of being tired.

just give me a moment,
to lament in the shadows.
i will be back,
but when,
is another matter.