Sunday, February 27, 2005

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check out my quiz. see how well u know me.

ps: anyone gets lower than 50 gets a punch

ur fren,
alvin hilton
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fotos of yesterday have jus been uploaded. yippie. go to the 'Foto Links' on the left. its below my 'Friends' links. click on the 'new foto archive'. when u reach there click on the 'The J.A.P'.

ur fotographer,
alvin hilton

Saturday, February 26, 2005

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first and foremost i wanna say a big SORRY to hockey gal. i forgot to mention about her in my previous entry. = hmm. i really have no clue how on earth i could miss u out. sorry k gal. i love u lots. =)

and by the way,

anyway. lets talk bout today.

met up with moschino and anime gal at 12.15 at city hall station. was supposed to meet like at 12 but someone was late. so we rushed to k box at suntec. had the k lunch. i have no idea how thew system works there cause everything on the monitor was written in chinese. damn. haha. moschino operated the machine. while we chose songs. today we sang all english songs except for a sammi cheng one and a SHE one. haha. i sang a lot of english songs. the repertoire includes, the hot new single, like a virgin. haha. so expected right. well, other song includes a lot of spice gals, unchained melody, all by myself, unbreak my heart, YMCA, a few mariah careys, celine dions, and mainy really old retarded songs. hahaha. it was damn fun. i was like jumping up and down screaming the songs. its soooooo fun. ended the thing at like 3+. was like singing for more than 2hrs plus. suuuuuper shiong. haha. left the place with a sore throat.

went to have lunch at cedele. a simple meal. delicious clam chowder with loads of bread. yum. walked ard later. went to esplanade then to far east square. i missed these places. brings back a lot of old memories. nice sweet memories. hmm. had dessert at a place called changing appetitite. another place that brings back memories. hmm. walked ard there. i love far east square. got lost finding our way back cause it was rather dark and all the place looks the same. we were walking for like 10minutes then we noticed that the bus stop across the road was where we were 10 minutes ago. lol. all we did was dat we made one big round around a building and arrive at the opposite road. which was jus like two lanes away. crap. laughed like hell.

got back. moschino had to leave and anime gal wanted to have dinner. so we went thai exress, my current favourite restaurant. eat eat eat. yummy.

went home. i missed the first part of simple life. hmmph. anyway, we took loads of fotos today and now i've got like 46 fotos to upload. darn. will do it tmr la. kinda tired now.

today i released a balloon and made a wish before i did that. wont tell you wad i wished for though. it flew up to the sky bringing my wish along with it. i hope the heavens receive my wish and make it come thru. its retarded la but it never kills to give it a try. =)

ps: to someone who gave a wrong answer to a one million dollars question - hmmph!

ali loves k box!!!!!!!!
alvin hilton

Friday, February 25, 2005

heloo public,

i have a ettiquette class on alternate fridays. since i had it last week, i only needed to attend a one hour lecture today. well, after lecture, me, bubbles, canoe ger, pat, jay and zipophobic went to town. had lunch at the foodcourt. they serve yummy yong tau foo. i liiike!! then we went to the arcade. played para para and ddr. nothing much la. walked around later. and dats it.

tmr's zoo outing has been postponed to the semester holidays. after contemplating the pros and cons, we've decided to do smthing else instead. we've decided to go ktv. hahaha. i've always put off the idea of karaokeing in front of frens. and they only have a lot of chn songs. but still. we gonna do it for a while and see wad happens la. kinda looking forward to it. i hope they have the song 'like a virgin'.. its like my theme song. hahaha. nevertheless, i'm still gonna bring my cam and take loads of fotos.

my entry today is rather short la. i dont really have to mood to blog much. some stuff happened today that made me feel uneasy and in a way affected my mood somehow. but i tried not to show it. well, yeah dat it. to those who ask why i listen to techno, well, its because techno has a numbing effect. and its something i really crave for. numbness.

i'm numb not dumb,
the star, A.Hilton(according to someone's testimonial)

Thursday, February 24, 2005

heloo public,

had a class at 12. actually reached quite early. met up with bottle, bubbles, doraemon, and blur blur at the train station. we then decided to visit the bazaar at the convention centre. our school is having a bazaar at the entrance. the queue for the Ramli burger was long but we still queued. a

nd obviously we became late. rushed back to class while munching on my yummy burger. reached class and noticed that the teacher wasnt even there yet. irritating. she asked us to do the survey later. shortly after she complained that the survey was taking up too much her class time. sheesh. class was ok. she wasnt as fussy as usual. must have had sex last night i think. muahahaha.

anyway, theres this guy from the opposite class who likes horsey. horsey sits opposite this guy from another class in the com lab. the walls are made of glass so he can see her all the time. and furthermore, this guy is from my chinese class. actually me, horsey and squirrel have been noticing him cause he looks like Ken lim from the singapore idol. haha. then he wrote a note and showed it to horsey thru the glass wall. he asked for her name and number. horsey jus drew a big smiley sign and show him. haha. and we all laughed. it was funny la. then me, bubbles, squirrel and horsey drew smiley faces and we showed it to him together. it was retarded and he was embarassed. haha.

had lecture. nothing special happened. went to bugis after school with moschino. anime gal couldnt join us as she had to meet her mum at junction 8 for sake sushi. walked around and stuff. bought some food and saw a bag i liked a lot from bugis village. bugis village had a revamp or smthing. most of the shops has aircon. more shops. saw many things that i want to buy and thought that they were rather cheap. i'm waiting for my monthly shopping money from my daddy. $$$$

bought a cd called Best DJ Remixes Non Stop 2004. its a techno album. its like 3CDs for the price of one. i was listening to it on the train on the way home. was kinda nice. i kinda like techno. i think its jus mindless music that u can listen to and get on with life. haha and most importantly, it wakes me up. haha. the entire album was quite nice. although i think they have really cheesy lines in them.

was sitting at home stoning infront of the tv when i heard my ringtone. i rushed to my fone and i received a call from my sweet strawberry. haha. it was really a pleasant suprise. it seriously made my day. haha. well returned the suprise later by giving her a call at night. she was more shocked than suprised .but thats ok. i can live with that.


i cant wait for saturday. i'm going to the zoo with moschino and anime gal. well, at least it's something different from the usual hustle and bustle of orchard road. i'm getting bored of town. well, gonna take loads of fotos. better go recharge my batteries now. they'll be doing a lot of work this sat. haha. look out for fotos. i'll create a file to put all the past and present fotos or smthing for u all.

hmm. found out that one of my crushes likes someone. and its not me. =(

addicted to techno,
alvin hilton

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

heloo public,

today is a wednesday. met up with pat as usual at 8.05am at bishan mrt. met up with jay later on at raffles place mrt. and walked to sch. QA tutorial was simply fine. nothing too strenuous. had a break. ate some oily noodles. grotesque. had business law tutorial. got back my test paper. i passed but actually i expected smthing better. well, all i can do is study harder for the next test.

i wanna start studying cause like i'm really lost in most of my subjects. i look at tutorials and all i remember is blank. smtimes it really scares me that i know nuts about the subject. it really amazes me that i can actually look at the screen and copy whats on it but yet my mind is somewhere else. it really worries me that my favourite past time isnt something contructive, rather, now its jus stoning.

i really wanna be a good student. it simply pisses me off when ppl who rarely attend classes can score such good marks. who ever said that hard work pays off? hmm. well, maybe i should jus pay attention more. i donno. lets jus run a trial and error. which ever works, i'll adopt it.

okok. anyway. went to town after school. urgh. town. again. like no other place to go. well, i went to the library. jus sat one corner while flippin thru People magazine and Vanity Fair. lol. its jus simply relaxing. to be at ease with nothing on my mind and flippin thru gossip columns. jay, pat, maggi man and hockey gal came later and asked whether i wanna join for dinner. i politely declined the invitation. they left for crystal jade.

after i finished reading my 6 magazines, i decided to take a walk around. was kinda craving for smthing to much on. so i went to famous amos and got myself the oatmeal raisin cookies. yummy. walked around. tried on a few clothes. saw a nice top from Fox men. but dint get it. cause i didnt feel like buying. haha. hmm. then jus felt like walking outsde. so i walked all the way to plaza sing. bought a medium cup of yami yogurt with rainbow pebbles. yummy!!! they had a stall at the basement of meridien hotel. yummy. jus walked around ps. later took the train home.

i did that all alone by the way. i'm not anti social or anything but jus that sometimes time alone is really nice. shopping alone is really therepeutic in a way. as u walk, u tend to somewad reorganise ur thoughts and stuff in life that u never had time to do. it was a time off well needed. i actually sorted out my stuff and feel better now.

but time alone all the time isnt nice of course. everyone has the need to socialise. and i want to be a socialite. haha.

my life was like damaged hair. after i applied conditioner, it looks smoother.

have you used a conditioner yet?

untangled hair,
alvin hilton

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

heloo public,

sch was to start today at 3pm. but i was to meet up with moschino and anime gal on an earlier timing. i was to meet up with anime gal at 10.15am at amk mrt station. and yet again i woke up late. i woke up at 9.45am. that means i had 30 minutes to brush my teeth, shave, bathe, choose a top and a bottom, choose the color of my boxers, choose the color of my socks, iron my clothes, dry my hair, pack my bag, style my hair and check that all windows and switches are off before i leave the house and wear my shoes. well, i couldnt believe it myself but i made it. haha. i didnt really know how i did it though. but i made it. i'm proud of myself. haha.

met up with anime gal and took the train all the way to boon lay to meet up with moschino. it was her birthday yesterday and today she's treating us to lunch. yummy. i feel bad somehow that i've yet to find a present for her. haha. well, so we decided to eat at swensens. had the main courses and a five scoop ice cream. yummy yummy. it was uber delicious. thank you moschino for the lovely lunch!!! so we walked around jurong point later. wanted to take neoprint. went to the neoprint shop there. it was like damn sucky. but still we make do with the machine that printed onto an A4 page. the poses were nice but came out some pics u only see moschino's face cause she is standing in the centre and there was a frame included that we didnt know of. stupid. nvm la. still we had fun. thats more important.

rushed back later and arrived for our b law lecture slightly late. had to sit in the front row. i was feeling damn sleepy. must be because of the heavy lunch. haha. hmm. i dont like MR lecture. ppl talk loudly in the lecture and the teacher flash the slides very fast so i have no time to copy finish. i'm lost in MR. sucks. well, in third year(if i make it) there'll be a course called Business Develeopment. i have no idea wad its about. but we have to form a group of 5. and in the group must have students from at least 3 different options(classes). well, today scout mistress told asked me whether i wanna do project together. well, my policy is first come first serve. so whoever ask first i'll say yes. and she'll contact her frens from the different classes and hopefully we can form a group soon. yay.

i read a fren's blog and somehow her life seems more tragic than mine. its really sad for me to see my frens sad. why cant this world jus be nice and happy. hmm. well, all i can do is hope that my fren is ok and that she'll be happy always. i believe that life is short. we should try to be happy all the time. even if theres nothing left to smile about, look to the simple pleasures of life.

who moved my cheese,
alvin hilton blonde

Monday, February 21, 2005

heloo public,


anyway, skipped all class except for the last class which was the SM lecture at 3 to 5. was rushing to finish my SM project due today at 5. hahaha, forever last minute work one. haha. rush rush rush.

after school went town with patrick. it was a last minute decision. we were sitting on the train and i felt hungry. then we said if the next stop was orchard we'll get down. and damn coincidentally it was. haha. so we went to to eat at ramen ten at far east plaza. the ramen here is quite nice. i had the spicy chicken one. at first it was a bit spicy but after a while it became shiok. yummy. walked ard later. had yami yogurt. actually its my first time having it. so i had the peace flavoured one topped with rainbow pebbles. it was uber yummy. wah!!! i like. i wan more!!! haha.

after that went to bishan cause patrick wanted to get a manicure. so i sat there and helped her choose the colors and sat thru the entire process. it was rather interesting as it is my first time. haha. turns out quite nice. i like the color. the only thing i didnt like was dat the shop didnt offer green as a nail color. sheesh. i like green and wads wrong with it being painted on your nails. i shall complain to erm... the vegans?. lol.

today i ate a lot. must be because i consumed alot of brain energy. haha. i had nasi lemak for breakfast. two mushroom and cheese prata for lunch. and a big bowl of ramen for dinner. for dessert i had yami yogurt. i wont be suprised if i become fat. eh.. wait, i'm already fat. darn!

dats it la.

ur hapiness is all i long,
may you be happy where you are.

alvin blonde hilton
heloo public,

a recent foto of me and wifey, paris.

ur writer,
alvin hilton

Sunday, February 20, 2005

heloo public,

i'm happy. i went to and am now listening to the demo of Its like that by mariah carey. its her new song from her emancipation of mimi album that'll be out on april 12th. the song is hot. unfortunately they only play half of thesong online. if anybody have that song send it to me k. i've been listening to it on repeat for the past 2hrs. haha. damn nice.

haha. anyway. woke up at 12 today. watched jackie chan cartoon. and now stoning on my com. my mum said wanna go to my maternal grandparents today cause they're back in singapore. my maternal grandparents stay in malaysia. and they come back for a few days each month to meet up for family gatherings. or settle stuff. whenever they come back, they'll bring rambutans, mangos, and other tropical fruits that they harvest from their plantation. oh btw, they have a fruit plantation, some cows, chickens, ducks and cats. haha. no need go zoo. can jus visit their place. haha. anyway, my mum says she feels lazy to go. so might not go la.

seriously like nothing to do now. i wan to chill out on weekends. like simply sit down and read magazines or wathc tv. yet i find nothing nice on tv and i've read all my magazines. my chill out weekends become really boring. recently, i find it really nice and chillin to sit at orchard library's cafe gallilee sippin a cup of vanilla latte while flippin thru People magazines or some gossip magazines. its really makes my day chillin and readin magazines. i used to love sittin down by the bay at esplanade and reading magazines. the weather there is nice and quite windy. but somehow that place brings back too much old memories that makes me remininse. hmm. well, so i've shifted to orchard library.
if've held off writing a card for that someone for quite some time. i've been really busy with sch and other stuff. i think i'm gonna find time somehow one of this days to sit down and write it. its smthing i really need to do.

loving you,
is all i can do.
if u think its wrong,
i'll still keep going strong.
cause loving you,
is all i know how to do.

i haven come to terms on how we parted,
you left me here lonely and brokenhearted.
how i wish i could see ur smile once more,
and tell me that u have open ur door.

written by ali.

anticipating the emancipating,
alvin hilton

Saturday, February 19, 2005

heloo public,

met up with barney today around 3pm at city hall. our favourite hangout. haha. i was looking for some stuff and he needed to get some stuff of his own too. so we jus walked around la. had lunch at kfc. the 2piece chciken meal was only $4.95 so i had it. yummy. its been so long since i've been to kfc. nice.

then we walked to carrefour, bought the stuff we needed and then had dessert at olio bites. my favourite dessert place. haha. this time the food was ok ok only la. i love the white chocolate gelato though. its yummy. had the green tea ice cream on the cone and walked ard later while licking my ice cream. this flavor tasted nice. ut wasnt too sweet and not too overpowering jus mild and nice.

walked around later. tried on clothes at topman cause we were bored. haha. saw a nice top that was really attract attention. but i thought that it was too expensive. but it was nice. anyway, went to thai express for dinner. i had the tom yum soup and calamari. the tom yum soup wasnt that spicy as the one at paragon. i recommended the green laksa to barney. it tasted spicy here. haha. wierd. but everything was nice. jus that the place a tad bit crowded.

went home later.

nothing spectacular happened. just a simple outing. barney brought his camera along. everytime i ask him lets take foto, he'll be too shy to take it. in the end only one foto was taken. and that was of me. he said i looked japanese in the foto. but the thing is the foto was taken like very far away. so i was like really tiny. cause i was taking it beside a big wheel thingy. well, i look japanese from very very very far. hahaha.

to emo matters,

i read someone's blog and it got me thinkin bout stuff.

ur writer,
alvin hilton

Friday, February 18, 2005

heloo public,

lets continue where i last stop on the updates.


had class at 12 but yet again i woke up late. i've been sleeping thru my alarm clock lately. i think i need to get a new alarm clock. hmm. anyway. took cab to school. i swear the uncle was a formula one racer in his past life or smthing or jus maybe he was suicidal. anyway, he drove the cab damn fast. u should have seen his corner turns, it was very adrenalin rushing. haha. well at least i reached school on time.

i have a theory. my CSB teacher makes us do work without teaching us how. and then ask us to present it to the class. later she scrutinise. i think she gets a kick by demoralising students. had lecture later. nothing much happened.

after school, it was time to do my SM project. we had to decide on a retailer and suggest a new location for them. we also have to give the pros and cons and reasons why we chose the new site. so me, bubbles and buttercup(dont even try to guess wad i'm called) went down to our chosen retailer. we decided upon a high end retailer called latte and we've decided to open a new site at the mandarin hotel shopping arcade. took pictures and noticed the traffic at both location. looks like a great new site.

went to cineleisure to have dinner at pastamania. chatted and joked over dinner. shopped afterwards and took many mor e fotos around town. left soon after.


met up with patrick at 8.30 at ang mo kio mrt station. she wanted to go to the police post to report her lost ic. i was slightly late and by the time i reached, she was done with it. so all we did is we took the train to bishan to have breakfast. i had big breakfast. its been quite a long time since i had a big breakfast.yummy.

we met up with lobster in school later to piece our SM project. pieced stuff down and we got majority of the important stuff done. we jus need to add the minor details like editing, content page, reference page and stuff la and everything should be done.

had lecture. learnt that in yr 3 i have to form a group of 5 with from the 3 different options. basically it means i have to form groups with people i don really know. scary but fun. i hope. lecture ended and went for etiquette class. learnt about dining manners and table setting. fun fun. although they showed this superbly boring video of this woman eating with proper ettiquette. looks like forever for her to finsih her food. haha. it was like. take one small bite of the corn and put it down. smile and chew without ur mouth open. repeat process until corn is fully eaten. so boring. was damn sleepy.

went home later. met up with patrick and JAY to take the train later. (someone commented in the tagboard that i never mention her, so i re-edited the entry) they were going my way so we took the train together.

watched a malay music awards show. two of my favourite malay artistes performed. siti nurhaliza from malaysia and kris dayanti from indonesia. both superior divas with phenomenal pipes. enjoyed only the part where they duetted.apart from that the rest of the show was too draggy.

and now i'm on my computer.


life's been rather great lately. its been all fun and stuff. i wont deny that there've been some down moments i've been experiencing. but overally, the pros outweighs the cons. when we learn to be happy with simple things in life, we stay happy longer.

i have a family gathering tmr. but i've already made plans. hmm. i dont feel like going for the family gathering though. see how first.

life is a bed of roses, beautiful yet filled with thorns.

ur writer,
alvin hilton

Thursday, February 17, 2005

heloo public.

a little smthing i thought was interesting which i found in friendster.


This is based on a true story.

He was not handsome. But he had feelings. One day, he felt in love with a woman. A woman he really had a crush on. But he realized that he was not handsome. So he kept it deep inside his heart. He was not handsome. Knowing this, he still approached the girl he admired. Upon approaching her, he asked her name and asked for her number. They came into contact with each other. The guy was happy and he felt nice talking to the lady. He was not handsome. He had to remember this all the time. He knew he couldnt say out his wish to the lady.

However, one day, he took up the strength to call that lady. When he was about to pick up the reciever, the phone rang. It was her. His crush. His lady of his dreams. She asked him out on that night. There was no reason for him to say NO. That night, they went to a restaurant for dinner. He was not handsome. This was proven to him at that night. When the lady told him that she had a crush on a guy. He was crushed into pieces by his own crush. but he didnt say a word. He knew it. He was not handsome.

He was not handsome and he knew he wont get his girl of his dream. So he intended to help the lady out. He took the lady to the guy whom she had a crush on. After a week, he saw the lady dating with the guy. He knew that there is no more hope for him. He was not handsome and this made him loose his love. He just kept his feelings deep inside his heart. But it was okay for him as his love was happy with the guy she loved. He was not handsome but maybe his powerful love brought his lady back to him.

One day, the lady came all the way crying to him. She said to him that she lost her virginity and the guy dumped him. She was all in tears and didnt know where to go. He was not handsome but he loved her. He wiped the tears off the lady and gave a warm hug. The lady felt the warm feel gush through her nerves and touch her heart deep inside. She realized that this is her true love. He was not handsome but he found his love finally and he was happy.


well, this love story is touching. but such love story only happens in movies. although we all say looks arent important. how much do we really mean it?

urs truly,
alvin hilton

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

heloo public,

my tag board hasnt been moving much. tag more yah. say hi or give comments or jus write whatever crap you wish k.

updates bout today,

school started at 9am with a quantitative analysis class that i had no idea what was happening in class. i didn come for the previous lecture as i had the SP open house duty. so i was totally lost in what the teacher was talking about. yah. so i jus copied blindly and smiled sheepishly at the teacher throughout the entire tutorial. the lab at least i could do somewad. but i didnt manage to complete the last question cause suddenly the teacher for the next class and her entire class came gushing into the com lab and mind you, it wasnt even 11 yet(lesson ends at 11). the teacher had this fuck face and the students somehow got influences by her and they too look pissed. i had to rush logout everything and pack my bag. i'm pissed bout their attitude. next week, i'm gonna take my time and ignore this people, i'll slowly pack my bag and leave. annoying assholes only deserve clear retribution.

anyway, saw a notice outside our business law tutorial that was to be held later. the notice said that class is cancelled as teacvher is absent. so that means our day jus ended at 11am. so we jus sat around in the canteen and had lunch. later, most of the class decided to go home while only a grp decided to start on the project due next monday. for me, patrick and maggi man, we decided to go town instead. patrick wanted to pluck her eyebrows.

our business law teacher called patrick(class montiress) when we were at the train station. she told her that there was actually tutorial today. the date on the notice was supposed to be yesterday but instead they wrote it today. but she said it wasnt our fault. =)

so we went to paragon. she got her eyebrows threaded. went heeren afterwards. patrick bought a lovely shirt from newurbanmale for her bf. laer we went to cineleisure. played para para at the arcade. doraemon, hockey gal and zipophobic joined us later. jus played at the arcade and hockey gal and zipophobic left afterwards as they had other plans.

i decided to proceed to orchard library. i jus wanted to chill and relax reading the magazines. i was accompanied by doraemon, maggi man, and patrick. jus sat around for a while. shortly later, doraemon and maggi man left for home. only me and patrick were left. so we jus sat there for like 2hrs + reading magazines. it felt nice. jus sitting down and reading magzines and not having any cares in my mind. it was really relaxing to idle my time away.

later, we left ard 6 at patrick needed to go bishan and pass her bag to some guy. she sold off her newly bought crumpler bag to a guy from yahoo auctions. cool. she raked in $110 for the bag which she bought for $149. quite a good price for a second hand bag la. so this fat guy in business wear trotted up and checked the bag and paid her shortly after he was done with the inspection. so we walked around junction 8. testing nail colors and eye shadows. haha. bought my hair dye later from guardian.

today i ate a total of 4 squid wraps from old chang kee and many other fried stuff. bad bad ali.

today i saw pierre png(andrea d cruz's husband). he's fucking ugly. looks like a bloody thai construction worker.

today i saw felicia chin (the girl from champion-chn8). this girl is pretty and quite skinny.

today i dyed my hair and it still looks the same. i shouldnt do it d.i.y. anymore.

thats all.

come pop my cherry,
Alvin Hilton

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

heloo public,

i think reading my blog is really idiot proof. that means any dummy or cheeenafiedperson can understand what i'm talking about in here. i've read other's blog and found their better written than mine. i'm sarcastic yet my blog doesnt show it. if u jus read my blog, u'll think i'm some nice sweet little dweeb. well, as unintelligent or unwitty my blog already is, i still have to cater it to the masses. today i walked out of my house smelling like an orange. i like. i love my new shower gel. ;)

anyway. day started with puffy eyes. had to put the spoon in the freezer again. they say if u're eyes are puffy, press a cold spoon on ur eye area and it'll be better. it works by the way.

anyway, reached sch nice and on time. had shop duty and at last they was an actual sale happening in that place. yay!! we're selling oysters with pearl in them. they're real oysters with real pearl. the catch here is that u wouldnt know wad color the pearl is. but diffrent colors have different meaning. and it comes with a necklace that u can put the pearl in and wear it. nice. i like it a lot though. anyway. squirrel thought me how to make hearts today and i kept making them and paste them all over the retail place. nice.

had a 3hr break later as business law lecture is cancelled. all my frens went home. so i went to town and got my hair cut instead. jus walked ard abit and then it was time to go back to sch. saw canoe gal and t-rex and the were the only classmates of mine at the lecture. there were so many zeros in the attendance.

went chn class later. only 6 people attended. its poor attendance day. lol. hmm. then ended early. took train home alone as architect gal's bf came to fetch her home. took the train home and wrote stuff in my black book. smtimes time alone is nice. shopping alone is nice. taking the train home alone and writing in my black book is nice. i like it. very therepeutic. i wan buy norah jones cd. her music is really therepeutic.

i came home today and asked my mum to guess wads different with me today. she nagged at me for buying more clothes. in fact i didnt. i told her i cut my hair. and she said. 'u did?'


i am alvin hilton

Monday, February 14, 2005

heloo public,

first & foremost, happy valentines day to those who are happily celebrating it. to those who arent, like me, well, life goes on.

school happened fine. reach school on time and in no rush. gave chupa chups to my classmates and people i'm close to whom i happen to meet along the way in school. anyway, during the marketing research lesson patrick n esprit gal passed me my belated birthday present. haha. i told them i wanted them to pass to me my present on valentines day cause at least i'll get smthing on v day. haha. so they passed me a sum of money in a ribena box. i had told thme i wanted to buy this neckermann sandals. and they got me enough money to buy them cause they didnt know my size and wad color i liked so they ask me to buy it on my own. haha. thanks guys. i love you blondes too.

joy passed me a customised cd. on the cd is printed 'ali alvin hilton'. so cool. i like!! oh yah. she gave me a lollipop too. well the day passed by happily. during the 3hr break i rushed to city link to get jay a gift for valentines day. we made promise beforehand to exchange gift on valentines day. so went to body shop and got her a strawberry shower gel cause she like strawberry and i remembered that she wanted it when we passed by body shop. got it wrapped there as well. went to Prints and bought a card for someone else. hmm. anyway. rushed back to school.

came to class, joy passed me jay's v day present cause she wont be attending the lecture later. haha. opened it later and coincidentally we bought each other the same thing. jus that i bought her a strawberry scented one and she bought me an orange scented one. call it telepathy. haha. yay.

me, hockey gal, maggi man, patrick(previously known as bob) and jay met up at town later after sch. it was a singles night out. haha. we decided to have dinner at the american club. the food was nice but i think my serving was too huge for me. it was like a chicken salad. passed jay her present. went to the arcade later. played smthing like daytona. then i learned how to play snooker. haha. and mind u i was good for a first timer. hahaha. later played table tennis with maggi man. i like to play table tennis. yay. although poor maggi man had to pick up the ball everytime it fell. sorry. haha. was leaving for home after that. when we reached popular, joy noticed her wallet was missing. so we walked back to the club but the search was to no avail. hmm. damn those people if u stole it. if u wanna steal oso jus steal the money and leave the wallet behind cause got like the ic and stuff. hmmph. i felt sad for her and all i can do was to be there to cheer her up somehow.

note to patrick : dont frustrated k. u must relax la. look on the bright side. maybe u'll find it. or if not maybe the guy who took it would die. lol. sadist. haha. well. jus smile. no use crying over spilt milk. i know it sounds cliche but then its true la. don fret for small matters. its replaceable. =)

to emo matters.
was in town today and noticed soo many couples holding hands and so many roses sold by the roadside. no doubt i feel a certain sadness and void inside of me when i see this people. but hey, i gotta live with it ya. i still have many more years of lonely valentines day to come. must brace myself.
i listened to the songs on the cd that patrick gave me and somewad i feel super ultra sad. its a love songs compilation for the love deprived guy. hmm. its nice and sweet. but i jus cant help feeling really really sad and depressed. hmmph. i'm really sad.

i pray to god to give me strength to carry on my life as usual.


today i message someone that the only thing i wan for v day is to see her smile. and she didnt reply. and that means no. is a smile so hard? i miss u greatly. and a smile wont affect anything so why is it so hard?

depressed. =(

urs truly,
ali alvin hilton

Sunday, February 13, 2005

heloo public,

sch reopens tmr.

i didnt even have an enjoyable holiday. well, life goes on.

life goes on, life moves on.
ali alvin lee

Saturday, February 12, 2005

heloo public,

i was surfing on friendster when i chanced upon a sec sch classmate's page, he jus got attached. hmm. well, more than 3/4 of my classmates in sec sch are attached now and most of my close friends are attached too. well, they all are too busy with their girlfren and other stuff lately for us to actually catch up with each other. hmm.

me alone left on the shelf while i watch everyone slowly being taken up. i feel like a rotten mango at ntuc that nobody wans to buy.

hmmph. =(

well. i've learnt that life doesnt always go the way we want it. and i've learnt to remain happy and positive in life so that we'll lead a better life. be happy with wad we have and all the simple pleasures in life.

all this hype about valentines day is kinda affecting my mood. hmmph.

anyway, bout today.

watched mtv asia awards 2005 on channel 5. didnt hear or see an advertisement bout it showing on tv. luckily i checked out the tv schedule listings and noticed it. was a great show. they say christina aguilera is supposed to be hosting it but then alicia keys was hosting it instead. my favourite singer, siti nurhaliza performed. i'd have to say that she had the most powerful performance vocally amongst other performances. siti will be performing at the royal albert hall in london in weeks to come. anyway, jay chou performed too. it wasnt that bad but a bit boring cause he jus sat at piano and sing a rather slow song.

dats it for today


Friday, February 11, 2005

heloo public.

today was the only day of my term break that i was looking forward to. i was visiting anime gal's house for cny. was supposed to visit moschino house after that but smthing else cropped up. anyway. met moschino at amk mrt and took bus to anime gal's house. moschino passed me oranges to give to anime gal's parent cause i don have mandarin oranges. when we reach there, a classmate of anime gal was there too. so we chatted and watched 30 seconds of fame marathon on scv and ate the chinese new year goodies.

sat ard for like 2hrs and then we decided to go town. walked ard. i've to say the service in tiffany&co is excellent. my father jus gave me my monthly shopping money and i wanted to get smthing from armani exchange. i saw this red sweater which was really bright but was super nice. but after much contemplating didnt get it. went to hugo boss. well, one conclusion, high end stores make really dull designs clothes but of good quality. but like i rather have nice design lor. hmm. well. walked ard more. had dessert at gelare cafe. its ok ok only la. nothing superb and the ambience wasnt even nice. walked ard far east then anime gal's shoes suddenly broke. so went to find a new pair. and after much searching, we found smthing that little ms fussy actually fancied. and never underestimate the price. cause smtimes great things are also cheap. the expensive ones were uglier but the cheap one were the nicer looking.

walked ard somemore. today i smell wierd. when u mix chanel, with burberry brit and salvatore ferragamo's incanto, the smell is jus very wierd. but in a way nice. haha. smelt the new perfume by britney spears called curious. it smelt wierd but not nice wierd. took neoprints. hmm. had dinner later at thai express at paragon. u had the green laksa and it was damn yummy. went home ard 10.30pm.

had a great day with great ppl. hmm. i donno wad to get jay for valentines sia. btw, jay is my gay partner. hahaha. hmm. donno la. see how? lalala.

note to my blonde musketeers: valentines day is coming, u owe me smthign since last yr. i'm waiting. =P

note to horsey n squirrel : chn new year jus ended. u know what u need to do. i've been waiting for it for thge past 2yrs. =P

to ms yahyah hippie : do u want a valentines day gift? msg me if u want or dont. pls hint.


to everybody else : do u want a valentines day present? wait long long la. lol.

ali's emancipation,

Thursday, February 10, 2005

heloo public.

you simply cant imagine how bored i am these days. i wake up at 1pm. watch whatever's on tv. eat. play computer. and then i sleep ard 2am. the routine is the same for the past few days. i don like holidays cause i get really bored. and this dislike turns to hate when the holidays fall on a chinese new year. its either most of my friends are not free or most of the shops are closed. pissed. since its a public holiday, the library is closed. so there's totally nothing to do.

i'm freaking bored. did i mention that yet?

well. apparently this post isnt the most entertaining one at all. so lets blog about smthing. smthing apart from my daily life. maybe i'll discuss my plans for next week.

i donno. well, next week on monday morning at 9am cause the life telecast of the annual grammy award. i'm contemplating whether to skip my first class. cause my next class is at 2. so i'd probably make it for the second class if i leave after the show ends. hmm. theres a repeat telecast for it though. at the same night at 11pm. hmm. maybe i'll go school and watch the repeated one at night instead.

hmm. i'm going anime gal's house tmr with moschino. it'll be cool. have to go to ntuc tmr morning to buy mandarin oranges. the oranges i have at home at those sunkist ones. hmm. i'm avoiding going out this weekends to avoid the valentines day crowd. haha. i think i'm jus gonna hide out and wear smthing really dull on monday to not attract any attention. or i might simply do the opposite jus for the sake of it.

hmm. i wanna cut my hair. i wanna get streaks of purple too. i wanted to do it. then theres this thing called chinese new year charge. like they charge u extra. isnt that illegal or smthing? hmm. well maybe they have val day charge. so i'm gonna cut only after that. i'll maybe schedule hair cut to wednesday. hmm. should i go to klear cut? its this place at far east. i like the place a lot. but the hairstylist abit annoying la. maybe i'd go there but request for any other hairstylist but her. haha. hmm. ok set then. after sch on wed, i go. hmm. should i highlight my hair though. i'm really poor. i wan save money to highlight my hair. ok

note to self : save money to highlight hair purple.

i wan go clubbing. hmm. but my parents would kill me if they found out. the last time i went i hate to fake a chalet stayover. lol. hmm. chalets anybody?

hmm dats it for now then.

wishing all chinese a happy chinese new year. its the year of cock. lets erect to a better year. lolx.

wishing all muslims a great new year as well. for those who didnt know. the muslim new year this time falls on the second day of CNY. its the year 1426 hijrah if i'm not wrong.

its the new year,
its time to party,
lets pop open the bacardi.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

heloo public.

i did a survey. they say i act like i'm 18. how coincidental. i am 18. *rolls eyes*

You Are 18 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.
13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.
20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.
30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!
40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

the teen,

heloo public.

lets recap on my days

stoned at home.

rotted at home.

still rotting and stoning.


hmm. i think i'm starting to see a trend. *rolls eyes*

well my life has been rather boring. i hate holidays. i have nothing to do. i don feel like going shopping either cause i have no money and nothing to buy. if i go out, i'll surely spend money one. hmm. well, i wanna go to the library. but its close. shit la. totally nothing to do. its chinese new year and most shops are closed. all i can is jus it at home and play the sims. build houses, demolish them, set the people on fire, drown them in the pool, make them fight with one another. i sound like a sadist. haha. but thats the fun thing about the sims. haha. nothing else to do sia. even minesweeper became an interesting game.

hmm. i think i should take this time to clean up my room. hmm. should i arrange my CD in alphabetical order or by color. hmm. i think color look nicer. but alphabetical more practical. this is such a hard decision. i should rearrange my closet as well. hmm. yeah.

things to do
- arrange CDs alphabetically or by color (whichever looks better)
- arrange clothes in cabinet by color
- arrange clothes in drawers by color
- dust all shelves
- mop my room
- get rid of all old magazines

i think dats it for now.

i'm free on valentines day. anybody needs a date?

somebody owes me a hug,

Monday, February 07, 2005

heloo public.

life is great when you're happy. even when u're not happy. jus look at the brighter side of things and everything will eventually turn out fine. there's his quote : if u stand facing the sun, ur shadows will be behind you. a simple quote yet so deep. apparently, for quite some time, my life has been at one of its lowest points ever. i used to be happier. life was much more simpler. evrything came out fine. as i looked to my past, my life was much harder then, yet i somehow managed to remain happier. happier than what i've been feeling lately. why? well, maybe then i was much more occupied academically and i used to be more optimistic bout everything. in secondary school, my friends used to wonder where i got so much energy to be so bubbly and cheery bout everything and i do it everyday. well, i never had the answer then. but i do now.

back to my normal entries.


woke up at 10. watched my weekly Selamat Pagi Singapura. its the malay version of good morning singapore. so had prata for breakfast. my mum made them and they were uber yummy. hmm. watched cartoons later and washed up and got ready to meet anime gal at ang mo kio mrt station. plan was to meet anime gal at amk station and meet moschino (who wants to be called anna sui instead, but i'll still call her moschino. lol.) at city hall station later.

minutes later. all three of us are at suntec. and we headed to a place called crosstalk for lunch. had spaghetti bolognese. rather nice. hmm. later we went to the fountain of wealth to make wishes for the upcoming lunar new year. and also to wash our hands. hahaha. well anyway, today was one of the rare days that i brought out my digicam. i used to love to bring my digicam everywhere and take fotos of almost everything. somehow for quite some time, i went thru a phase of being camera shy. yes, its true. you all can stop laughing now. haha. well, now i'm back to my normal narcisistic self. haha. anyway. so we took fotos at the fountain and everything.

went to carefour later and tried all the food samples and the cny goodies. haha. yummy. they were giving out mandarin oranges. technically. and we took two. haha. went to the suntec sky garden later to take more fotos. after that we decided to have dessert at crepes and creams. my mango set had rather sour mangoes. yuck. but apart from that everything else was fine.

later we took the train to chinatown. i've been dyeing to suck in the cny atmosphere at chinatown so i was ready to rub shoulders and have a great time. we reached there ard 8 and it really crowded. mai dong xi chi dong xi. yay. took more fotos. haha. ended the day at 11.30pm while resting our feet and enjoying the aircon at coffee bean at chinatown point. it was a great day spent with great people.

reached home around past midnight. and went msn till 3am.

o happy day.


nothing much happened today. except for a lot of tv and the sims. dats all.


here's the link to the fotos taken on sunday.

facing the sun,

heloo public,

heres mariah carey on the march issue of blender US magazine. droolz!


anyways, had a wonderful time on sunday. will update bout that soon. inclusive of fotos. wait ya!!

mr mariah carey,

Saturday, February 05, 2005

heloo public.

i was overly tired to blog yesterday. so since i'm totally free now, i'll blog.


day started at 10 for me. got ready and left for school at 11am. reached school nicely on time. and went for my lecture. lecture was fine. although i understood nuts again cause i was stoning yet again. haha. after lecture, they was a class outing. we were going to suki sushi at cineleisure. yummy. its been quite some time since we had a class outing. the previous one was at marina south for steamboat and bbq. haha. all is food related.

anyway so we went there by bus. and we starving souls quickly ordered for the buffet. we ate soooo much. its been quite sometime since i've eaten sooo much. haha. yummy. ate and ate and ate. then was too full to eat. so we took breaks. since the place was located beside the arcade, we decided to leave in groups to go to the arcade. haha. haha. i played ddr. haha. then later i played para para. ahahahaha. i even got the whole class started on para para. blur blur was my best student. after a few lessons, she danced like a pro although she'd never done it before. haha. it was soo cool. my whole class was standing around the machine and cheering each other while dancing along. haha. so happening sia. the funniest dancer was bob. her dance move was called 'butterfly catching'. it serious looked like it. hahahaha. she ended with 0% cause her hands didnt touch any of the sensors at all. hahaha. okkok.

then later we walked around and jus sat around. the weather was lovely. later, esprit gal, the knees and doraemon need to go off cause they had smthing to do later on. so the rest of walked ard at heeren. bought a wristband and new shoelaces. yay. now i dont look like Dr Seus anymore. haha. i have green showlaces. yay. haha. i love green. haha. so jus walked ard. went to see whether Ours Gal was there. she works at Ours. its the shop beside havainnas in the annex. anyway, she wasnt there. then later. more ppl wanted to leave cause it was like nearly seven. so hockey gal, maggi man, zip-o-phobic, bob and blur blur left. so now left me, snowpure and bottle. we were all bored of the normal places in orchard. and decided to walk to Tanglin Mall. so we walked. shopped at zara. we sat across the road facing Passion. i was hopping to see david gan or maybe fann wong or christopher lee or smthing. haha. no luck. haha. so we walked and walked. had nice food at tanglin mall.

all in all, i had a super dee duper great day yesterday. i had so much fun. and was really happy. its nice to be happy.

i have an uber cool class.


nothing to do. so i stone at home playing the sims.


to other matters.

going to chinatown to check out the chinese new year atmosphere this sunday night. going there with moschino and anime gal. yay.

going to visit anime gals house during CNY. yay. hong bao!!! please invite me to ur house if ur parents are giving hongbao. thank you. $$$$


i wanna do smthing to my hair. i cant take it anymore. i wan cut my hair. i wana dye it purple. dark purple la. not those bright purple. hmm. i think i'll do it this week.

hmm. so now begins the one week term break. i'll be stoning at home. gonna visit the game stall and buy some games to play at home. and maybe go out and chill. and do some shopping. i hope my holiday turns out great.

thats it then. ciaoz.

who needs to pretend, when i can get the real thing.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

heloo public.

sch started at 12 today. had csb. the teacher is such a dick. better with a stroke. her i mean, not the dick. hmm. well after that had the SP open house shop duty. it was 3hr shift. since it was the sp open house, we retail student have to mend the shop during our allocated shift. so basically jus stand there and entertain the people who come in. the principal of SP came in with the school of business director. wah. first time i see the principal in person. usually we all jus see him thru some pre recorded message. haha. anyway. so day jus ended like that. went home after shop duty.

well to emo matters,
i read my previous entries and i noticed that my days were better and i was happier on days that i wasnt pmsing. my days went better and life was much more funner. hmm. i think i should conceal my pmsing. even if i'm pmsing i shall jus pretend like i'm not. smtimes i feel bad when i pms and i see my frens asking me why. i feel somehow i brought the mood down. hmm. we all live in a world of pretence. i should play my part.

sometime when we are unhappy we should jus smile and ignore the unhappiness. if we pretend we're happy, sooner or later, somehow, we'll believe it and we will be happy. right?

hmm. bye papaya, bye lemon mint, bye ms yahyah hippie. i'm moving on.

i heard a lovely lovely song on Gold 90.5fm jus now. its by nat king cole titled smile. i find it really inspiring. i hope it inspires u too.

here's the lyrics.

Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll see the sun come shining through for you

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worth while
If you just smile

i'm moving on and leaving it all behind,

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

heloo public.

this morning somehow my mum forgot to wake me up or maybe i jus fell asleep after she thought i woke up and left for work. hmm. anyways. so i was awaken at 8.05am by my ringtone. bob called and asked me whether i meeting her at bishan now. in case some ppl dont know, i meet bob 1hr before sch starts at bishan to take the train together to sch. anyways, when she asked whther i was meeting her, i looked at the clock and noticed i was late. OMG. thank you bob for calling. or else i would have woken up around 12. haha. well, so i washed up and got ready.

took cab to school. there was an irritating traffic congestion at lornie road. hmmph. reached school. since i already missed part of tutorial might as well skip it. and go for the practical instead. so i had breakfast. jus the mini vegetable pizza and a herbal tea. went for class. got back my QA paper. the marks i scored was better than i expected. yay. so later had fruits for lunch. after lunch, i saw exotica. and i was playing 'chop-chilli-chop'. how embarassing. anyway. so while waiting for our business law teacher, my whole class sat on the floor outside the class and played 'chop-chilli-chop'. lol. quite fun.

business law class was okok. after class. bob, hockey gal, zip-o-phobic and tyler decided to go watch Finding Neverland at plaza singapura. hmm. the show was very touching. but it was spoken in a heavy british accent and u'd really have to understand the show well to feel it. its really touching. hmm. nice. went to have dinner at scotts picnic later. i had tau suan. yummy. did some light shopping and went home later.

anyway. today. i was pmsing. because of some stuff i dont wanna mention. hmm. jus wanna say sorry to bob, tyler, hockey gal and zip-o-phobic if somehow my pmsing affected anybody's mood today. hmm.

well to slightly emo matters.
lemon mint and papaya were merely crushes. and after a while crushes jus simply fade away. and in my case, they fade away too. too much papaya gives me diarhoeaa and too much lemon mint will give me diabetes. hmmph. all of them have their side effects. well, its time to get over it.

i read somewhere, they said love isnt always having the person u love to yourself. sometimes, if that someone is happier with someone else. then so be it. her happiness is all that matters. who am i to expect love in return?

i think paris hilton makes me happy. when ever i see her fotos i light up. hehe.

i hope valentines day doesnt come. i went shopping today, there were so many valentines day promotion. how depressing. i think i'm jus gonna stay indoors these few days. and hide from the rest of the world.

nothing hurts like love,

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

heloo public,

today was another good day. i woke up with jay. tecnically. cause its like i jus woke up and had someone to talk to. hmm. i think it will feel great if i had a chance to wake up with someone. haha. anyway. sch started at 2pm. moschino didnt come for lecture today cause she's ill again. hmm. gotta send a get well card to her one of these days. well. dats it. lecture went ok. after school had my chinese oral. it went quite ok. not well, but ok. i forgot the names of some food utensils. damn it. apart from that, everyhing else was ok.

i saw lemon mint and papaya today. oh happy day.

dont wake me up from my wonderful dream,