Sunday, February 25, 2007

hello public

its a sunday and my one week chinese new year holiday is coming to an end. i wont drag about how fucked up it feels to know that within 12hours, i'd have to book in. cause everyone knows how i much i hate going back to camp and well, talking about it here would just feed the pain.

so instead lets talk about bliss.

what makes you happy? as in what creates your perfect day?

Details of my perfect day:
- waking up without an alarm clock.
- having a warmed bottle of New Moon's Birds Nest for breakfast.
- being able to skip rope 100times without stopping and doing it for 5 sets.
- having a warm shower with my body shop products.
- watching re-runs of Friends, Oprah and Ellen Degeneres on my bed in my air con room or/and
- visiting hollywood gossip websites and checking blogs
- meeting up with friends for lunch.
- shopping.
- taking a break from shopping by nibbling on cakes and gelatos.
- continue shopping.
- go back home to have dinner with family.
- have an exfoliating shower with my mango body scrub.
- have dinner with family.
- watch all those lame-ass local productions on tv with family while snacking on cold fruits.
- say goodnight to mummy and daddy while i change to my clubbing attire.
- club till late with friends.
note to self: being wasted isnt a pretty sight. drink and smoke in moderation thankyouverymuch.
- supper with friends and head home after that.
- warm shower.
- sip a cup of chamomile tea to calm myself to sleep. (you never know how powerful those redbull vodkas can be eh)
- sweet dreams.

ladies and gentlemen, this is my perfect day.
obviously, perfect days cant happen everyday or else it'll just get a teeny weeny bit dull and regimental. well, 3 perfect days in a month, considering that i'm still in national safari, would mean a great deal to me.

please god. preetypleasewithcherryontop!

anyways, people have been asking me which celebrity i find as a fashion icon. well, i dont just have one. i have many. but for this entry let me give a holler to one of my favourites, Ms Ashley Olsen.

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Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend

i looooooooove this new song by Avril Lavigne. she sounds really pop-ish but boy does she looks hot.

she reminds me of a punk paris hilton that can sing.

omigosh!!! this song is like freaking stuck in my head right now!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

hello public

the main reason why i started blogging was not to be the next xiaxue or bryanboy. i wont be debating on my blog on whether ZA or Loreal makes better mascaras. i would though however love to get a nose job done by singapore's best plastic surgeon sponsored by a tv program.

instead i started a blog because i felt that it was a good medium for me to write down my thoughts and details of my life. it was like a diary. putting my thoughts pen to paper was just so tiring. so what better way but to type it down. i thought to myself that probably one day when i really decide to quite this world of blogging, which hopefully wouldnt be anytime soon, i could compile all of my almost 500 entries from year 2003 till now and print it out into a book.

The Autobiography of Ali Joe

and no, i wouldnt market it. i dont think it would have any sale value. unless of course i do a paris hilton and spark a public rash. where everyone simply itches to know everything about me. i would put my thesis on how i find paris hilton to be a marketing guru aside for another entry.

Heiress to Hilton Hotel empire
Has a perfume line

and all these under the well known brand name:

well, a young singaporean did manage to cause a spark of interest amongst the public, especially all the pubescent boys. she propelled herself, unwantingly that is, into the public's eye, the same way miss hilton started out. nicely putting it, as an aspiring actress.

this student generated such a huge public interest that searches for her on yahoo in a day would have probably have exceeded what patricia mok would have gotten over her entire career at mediacorp.

but unfortunately for tammy, she didnt use her instant popularity to her advantage. she could have sold a few magazine covers, created merchandise or even be a real mediacorp actress. instead she chose to dissapear and hope the public forgets all about the incident. but like the infamous hello kitty incident, soon, the interest faded. probably becoming a case study few years down the road.


see how easily it is for me to get sidetrack. tsk tsk.


as i was saying, the opportunity of being able to read about my past, lets say in 10yrs time, would be a real sweet one. everything that we have experienced in the past is what that shapes us into who we are now.

from the past we learn how to live the present.
in the present, we learn how to plan for the future.
and in the future, we look back and laugh.

so if you're like wondering what the hell was the point of this entire post, simple.

i blog for me.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

hello public

first and foremost, wishing all my chinese readers a prosperous lunar new year!

it has been quite a while since i last did a proper update. you know those glitterati types, with photoshopped pictures of my camwhoric escapades and himbotic quotes sprinkled like confetti all over my entry.

well, there hasnt been any violent or aggressive objections so far. furthermore, its not like i'm getting paid for all the efforts i put into creating one of those entries.

from lugging my digicam with me everywhere i go, to always making sure i got an extra set of batteries just in case it goes flat in between capturing that perfect picture. and spending hours later picking the best pictures amidst the pile and photoshopping them to picture perfect.

maybe my muse left me or somebody stifled my passion but i no longer feel obliged or keen.

Monday, February 12, 2007

like a ship
sailing in the sea of life
its fate bounded to the erratic weather
navigation uncertain
on which star is key
only his heart can be the anchor

Sunday, February 11, 2007