Sunday, July 30, 2006

Of Life & Mixed Feelings

hello public

this will be a short blog entry cause i'm kinda rushing for time. in approximately less than 3 hours from now, i'll be on a bus back to the ferry terminal where i will be shipped back to national safari.

hows life been this week?

well, i got to fire a real weapon and i ridiculously sucked at it. apart from that, nothing much has been the highlight for the week.

i also wont be blogging for the next nine days as i'll be somewhere out in the unknown jungle living life without proper sanitation.

truth be told, i'm having mixed feelings.

a part of me is really excited about living the wild life. about getting down and dirty. but then a part of me is scared. scared about living a life in the wild. scared that i cannot adapt to this new environment. i'm scared that i'm gonna die. scared that i'm gonna see a ghost. scared that i'll be stung or bitten by creepy crawlies. scared that i'll contract some fungal infection cause i cant bathe for 7 days. scared i'll miss my mummy cause i cant call her cause we're arent allowed to bring our hp.

pray for me guys.

alright. i haven been doing any foto entries for a while due to a busy schedule. will do one when i get back. which will be the day before national day. that is, if i'm not dead tired.

i really miss having a shopping spree. all my clothes and pants and starting to get a tad loose. and this gives me a wonderful reason to get a new wadrobe. hohoho.

oh yah. happy 7th month to all my chinese readers who are celebrating!!!


Saturday, July 29, 2006

Of A Revamp

hello public

changed the layout to my blog. been receiving feedback from the public that my previous layout was a tad dull. so i hope this retro looking one pleases.

do feedback.

my hug machine is on the right , so i guess u kinda have to scroll. i aint got a clue on how to make the width smaller though.

for now,

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Of Readership and Boycotting Israel

hello public

if u're expecting a pictorial entry then sad to say, you'll be dissapointed this time round. i've got a million fotos still left un-uploaded from my digicam but i dont have that mood to upload the pics and blog about them.

"why no mood mr writer?'' and so the public asks.

well firstly, there's been a lacking in readership on my blog.

''how do gauge readership mr writer,'' the public chorused.

well, i base it on three factors. my sitemeter which counts how many times people visit my blog.

secondly, my hug machine. it seems that hugs i've been receiving has been on the extreme low lately and sometimes a staggering stagnant. i once said that if u people like me and love wad u read on my blog, do give me as many hugs as you want. therefore, the cold response to my hug machine only means that people are not enjoying what they read here. it cant be that people dont like me right. i'm like so waaaay loveable. so it must be that my blog is getting boring.

thirdly, i gauge readership on my blog though the comments received. comments can be divided into 2. which is good and bad comments. but apparently, i have received neither.

so, sitemeter dropped in number, hug machine has been on the low lately and comments recieved has been on an occasional once in a blue moon basis. all three factors point to only one thing. LOW READERSHIP.

''so u blog for attention mr writer?'' asks the public quizzically.

i'll be lying if i say i dont somewhat enjoy the attention. but its not really all about the attention. i blog because its therepeutic. i blog because one day i can look back and read about my life. its my online journal.

''but then, if its about your life, why does it matter if other people read it? do you want people to read about your life and know everything?'' the public ask again.

i have no idea why either. i would dare say that i'm quite a private person at certain matters. so why then does readership matters to me when i only blog for myself. am i blogging for people to read? somewhat yes. dont ask me why cause i cant explain it myself.

ah fuck it. i feel so selfish. i blog about me me me. evcerything is me me me me.

have you guys read or seen the news lately. its about israel's invasion in lebanon. for those of you out there who only watch mtv or read only the entertainment section of the news, this is wad happened. 2 israeli soldiers were found in lebanon and kidnapped. what they were doin in lebanon in the first place i have no clue of. and so israel felt unhappy and decided to wage war againt lebanon using the kidnapping of their 2 soldiers as reason. and so with their tanks and high tech military equipments, they invaded this nation. killing more than 300 innocents with one third being children. they bombed the tv station, the power station and affected water suplies. not forgeting also that in that process they demolished homes.

and the israelis are STILL in lebanon furthering their destruction.

and what is the world doin about this. nothing. moreover, america are close allies with israel and thus saying that this invasion are to free the people living their lives under terrorism. and so it supports israel's evil doing. what the fuck is wrong with the united states. they have a terrorist paranoia or smthing.

look at all the 'good' that US has done. attacking afghanistan? the place is like worst than hell now. invading iraq and freeing them from the clutches of saddam hussein? the country is like fucked up now and there has been no progress. now, supporting the demolition of lebanon?

not forgeting also that israel has been smashing palestine non stop for the past decade and more. now lebanon?

who made them god to decide who dies and who lives?

dear readers, i'm looking into a petition to boycott israel products till this war stops. i have done boycotts over denmark products due to their insensitivity to religion for what they call freedom of speech. so when u're buying smthing, take 10 seconds to look at the tag of where its made from. if it says israel. dump it!

i hope u guys take into consideration this boycott. its the least we can do.

thats it for now. gotta prepare stuff to go back to National Safari later.

with love,

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Of Lemonmint and Heaven

hello public,

Baby you're all that I want
When you're lying here in my arms,
I'm finding it hard to believe
We're in heaven

And love is all that I need,
And I found it there in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven

went out today with lemonmint. i had a great time. will blog more tmr cause i'm like really tired now. goodnight!


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Of Ribenas and Friends

hello public

woke up today with a terrible pounding in my head. damn those ribenas. i still managed to do a couple of sun salutions though. drank some hot water and did 20 minutes of meditation in the tree position after that. started to feel better after that.

well i've finally managed to settle down my thoughts after yesterday's stupid mistake. i dont wanna talk about it cause u'll think i'm just fucking dumb. but its true, i'm retarded. anyways, so i was going thru the fotos in my digicam, figuring out which ones to upload and blog about. and i've found smthing perfect to blog bout.

its called friends. friends are people who you can go out and have fun with and also be there for you in times of need. so when a fren of mine, horsey, called me down for a chat at ard 10pm saying that she has contracted a disease, i definitely was shocked and worried. she even asked me to bring down a lighter cause she felt depressed and wanted to smoke.

i thought to myself, 'all right, i gotta remain strong and tell her that everything is gonna be alright' on the way down the lift i was like really worried and wondered how to actually talk about it with her. then as i reached first floor, i saw her face, smiling w i d e l y . then from the corner of my eye, i saw squirrel and hello kitty coming from the back. they were carrying a cake.

O M G !!!!!!!!!!!!!

this bunch of gals decided to have a little gathering at my void deck to celebrate my going off to army which was the happenning the next day. they brought tidbits, a cheesecake frm bread talk, a card and a nice little keychain with the words TLLM on it.

truth be told, i was fucking shocked when i saw it all happen. i never expected anything like this to crop up. hahaha. but it was definitely a nice suprise. we sat down and chatted till it was time for them to catch their last bus home.

i love you guys lots. erm, like how a brother loves his sisters that is. ahhahahahaa.

so the first i thing i did after being stuck in tekong for 2 weeks was to meet up with them. its was realy fun. we had dinner at Breeks and drinks at TCC later in the night.

i definitely enjoyed myself. its never about the food or what we do, having fun is all about the company.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Of Emo & Life Overseas

hello public

oooh dinky dank. i made a stupid mistake today.

sooooooooooooooooooo stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm like a fucking retard or something!!!!!! i have no idea why i did it but the damage is done and i'm gonna cry over spilt milk. i'm gonna be crying till the milk turns to cheese.

somebody fuck me please!!!!!!

anyways, apart from that emo little intro which i hope u guys try to ignore, life has been fairly well in the land of greens. this week has been a very shagedelic week with countless strenuous activities taking place. but as a soldier u just have to take it in and not complain that much.

i have trillions of fotos to upload but the thing is i really donno where to start. i guess i should go figure it out now. will blog again soon when i've settled everything.

for now,

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Of Graduation

hello public

As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lifes change come whatever
We will still be freinds forever

(Quote taken of lyrics from Graduation by Vitamin C)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

oh my oh my. it felt like only yesterday that i first attended Singapore polytechnic. oh how time flies like a cheetah on steroids. all those memories i had, good and bad came from this instituition. so thus, i have decided to compile a list of stuff i will miss from sp.

1. the lectures. sneaking in fries and nuggets to munch in the lecture while chatting with whoever is beside me. all this while being totally oblivious to the lecture ongoing.

2. tutorials. where we'd make a of noise and pass around sweets to kep each other awake. and if it were tutorials in the computer labs, we'll be surfing frenster, playing online games and blogging.

3. foodcourt 6. where most of my meals took place. where i had my cooking show with my leftovers after every meal. where we would jus sit ard and talk in between breaks. 'so what should i have today? malay, indian or mediterranean?' from nuggets, tea eggs, grass jelly, lemon tea, sandwiches, fries and cheese wedges. i love them all.

4. BizIT library. i spent like almost half of my time in sp in this place. from rushing projects, surfing the net, blogging and jus filling in time in between breaks. the library was one of my favourite hangouts in sp. chilling on the sofa reading a magazine or at the tables copying tutorials. i'm missing the library already.

5. the hill. everytime to get to business block i'd dread climbing that stoopid slope up. it was like the most exercise i will get in the whole week. haha.

6. the long train ride to school. every morning i'd have to squeeze in the train with all those office workers for 40minutes to reach school. i spent most of my time on the train stoning or trying to do my tutorials.

7. the lecturers. thank you for imparting your knowledge to me. i'm gonna miss Ms Patricia Moreira who'd always smile and say hi to me and use my name as examples for her law lectures.

8. my crushes. japanese girl, ms yahyah hippie, lemonmint, adidas, hazelnut and exotica(aka red bottle). it was a time where i had so many crushes and eye candies. but this was what that made life more fun.

9. my freshmen orientation class people whom were also called the Ali Fan Club by my friends. they are this bunch of accountancy students whom i was in charge of during the freshmen orientation. everytime they see me in school they would scream my name or shout hi!!!!!!!!!! hahaha. they were really a fun bunch of people and i hope we'll see each other ard.

10. last but not least, my friends. all of my classmates and those friends i made that were not from my class. i treasure u guys a lot. i will miss the ease of frequency of seeing everyone ard in the school. we should meet up and catch up. we should have a reunion of smthing after 10 years and see how everyone turned out. but i'm not sad cause i know we will all definitely meet up and catch up in times to come. i miss everyone..

and so this is it huh. reality of me no longer being in poly has set in. everyone has moved on, furthering their studies, working and of course for the guys, joining national service. graduation brings about a mix of feelings. happy that u've clinched a diploma yet scared of what life out there holds for you.

well, here are fotos from the graduation ceremony that was held on thursday, 6 july 2006. apart from the girl who gave the graduation speech in a wierd accent and calling the teachers farmers, the ceremony itself was quite a solemn one. and oh yah, does anybody even know that singapore poly has its own song. neither did i. haha.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

okie dokie, thats it then for now.
you know you love me so gimme hugs and leave comments okay.



Thursday, July 06, 2006

Of Rain & Graduation

hello public

i've been praying for heavy rain all this while, while back in the land of greens and for the past few days, the sun god has been extra generous, filling our land with golden rays from the heavens.

so, while i packed to leave the island today, the clouds turned a darker shade of grey.

oh lame saint, o draconian devil, oh the treachery, o how u see the gods mock me!

drenched from head to toe, i hailed a cab and shivered my way home.

a couple of hours more before i head off to attend my graduation ceremony at singapore polytechnic. amazing isnt it how 3 years have flown past at the blink of an eye. i've made so many friends, had so many crushes and gone through numerous style changes. my poly life has truly been a memorable one.

my constant search for my purpose in life has been a never ending journey. with bumps, sharp turns and smooth sailing amidst, i built a ship of experience. what i learnt from life is that i will never stop learning as long as i live.

i might do a little entry later tonight regarding the ceremony. no promises though.

thats all for now,

Monday, July 03, 2006

Interview With The Straight's Time

hello public

in less than 5 hours time i'll be zip zip zipping off back to the land of greens. so i'd like to take this opportunity to do smthing i like to do. those friendster questionaires!!! i'm a sucker for them. hahaha.

if u're hoping for some pictorial updates. i'm sorry to dissapoint u that there'll be none this week. i've got shitloads of fotos to update and sooooo little time. trust me y'all there's soooooooooo many fotos that has yet to be uploaded to my computer. i dont even know where or how to begin. so until i find a proper time to figure it out, u'll jus have to read and let ur imagination run wild. hahaha.


well, this time round, a local newspaper, The Straight's Time have decided to interview an unpopular and untalked about local blogger, Ali Joe whom is the writer for 'Revelations Of A Himbo' of

the newspaper will interview him with 25questions regarding random facts of his life as an understated and unappreciated blogger unlike the highly popular

1.what did you do last night before you sleep?
=> release some pent up 'energy 'that has been stored for the past 5 days in the green island. some might choose to call it an orgasm. i, on the other hand, prefer to call it art.

2. what did you do this morning when you wakeup?
=> 5 basic exercises and then i marched to the kitchen for a cup of milo. after that i proceeded to do some area cleaning in my room. where afterwhich, i started on my laundry.

3. what song do you recently hear in your room?
=> i've been putting Unfaithful by Rihanna on repeat mode on my windows media player. i'm in ello vee ee with that song at the moment.

4. did you sleep in your room last night?
=>of course i did. there's is no other place better... well of course there is, like a nice suite in the ritz or by the beach in bali.

5. what's your room like yesterday?
=>air conditioned twentyfourseven. while i was visiting some entertainment websites while sipping my nice hot cup of homemade barley.

6. do you enjoy being alone?
=> sometimes i do. alone time is quite therepeutic if u know how to handle it. but of course i do enjoy the company of my closest frens.

7. are you a daydreamer?
=> yes. for those of us who can never achieve what we hope for, we can only dream.

8. where's your favorite place to daydream?
=> anywhere that i wont be disturbed.

9. what kind of songs do you like?
=> i'm very into r&b and pop.

10. if you were a shirt, what would you look like?
=> a rainbow cause i'm a very flamboyant and colorful person.

11. describe your favorite moment?
=> when i'm busting my credit limit on a must have.

12. what do you like most about being alone?
=> the tranquility.

13. can you hangout with anyone?
=> nope. i'm no social butterfly. i prefer to hangout with those i find comforting.

14. what's your hair like today?
=> extremely short and black.

15. have you taken a bath today?
=> nope. i dont take baths. i shower.

16. if you were alone in a cafe what will you be doing?
=> sipping a hot cup of soy latte while flipping thru a magazine.

17. would you rather having a cup of tea or coffee?
=> tea. i prefer tea to coffee. preferably earl grey.

18. do you believe in wishing star?
=>thats a retarded piece of cheesy crap that people made up for the sake of hope.

19. which do you believe the most, fairy or wishingstar?
=> neither. all of this are crap and would only sound nice on a perfume bottle.

20. do you like chocolate?
=> i'm not a huge fan but i do get cravings one in a while.

21. do you like to read?
=>i love to read. it keeps me occupied when i'm bored. i'm currently very into sophie kinsella books.

22. right now, would you rather be in your roomwith a good book/movie or somewhere else withyour friends?
=> i'd love to be in my room with a funny vcd to watch with my friends.

23. what's your favorite phrase today?
=>hey mr dj. dun even ask why.

24. do you have a bf/gf?
=> u're gonna hear this often from me. 'my personal life is private'.

25. what's the most thing you expect in 2006?
=> 2006 does not hold anything momentus for me. yet.


alright yall send ur love to me. gimme me hugs and leave comments. i apologise if i haven been repying comments lately due to my hectic schedule. will try my best next time.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Of Endorphins & Smoking Ban

hello public

damn the army system. its 5.15am on a sunday morning and i'm fully awake. bloody nonok!

anyways, since i am already bright eyed at this time of the morning, i might as well blog something right.

to all those people who are regular visitors to my blog, no matter whether i know u or not, thank you for continuing the support. since my weekdays has been, still is and will be fully taken up serving the nation in camo prints, i'll only be able to blog on weekends. once in a while i'll invite guest bloggers to blog on my behalf during the weekdays.

one such blogger, or a livejournalist, to be more politically correct, is maddie who has blog on my behalf before. but then if you are looking forward to entries proper then do patronise my blog on sunday nights or monday because by then i'll have had ample time to blog.

alrights. if you're wondering how the past week has been for me in the land of the greens, well, i'd have to say its been quite fun. haha. i must be the only person of sanity to ever regard ns as fun. of course, i wouldnt lie saying that it isnt tiring. it is definitely tiring. you sweat and you sweat and then u get time to cool down and before your sweat dries up, you sweat again. but then again, i read somewhere that when you exercise u release a certain hormone called endorphin. endorphins are happy hormones. they make u happy, like duh!

well probably thats why i'm finding it fun huh. haha. well jus add some fun bunkmates whom you can talk cock with and play retarded games. i tell you, my bunk mates are really a kooky bunch of guys. we like to sing and when we have slack time and nothing to do we invent up games and losers have to pay a forfeit of a pre-specified amount of push ups. we even sat in a circle to play murderer and do yoga. lol!!!

i love the fact that almost everyone will motivate each other to complete tasks. for like yesterday, we had to run non stop for 20minutes and knowing myself, i am someone who cant run cause my stamina is like damn fucked up. but there are people around you who keep motivating you to not give up when you almost want to. even if we dont know each other, we'll just motivate each other cause we all know that we're in the same boat and we have to pull through this. du lan.

also at one time, few days ago, we had a 4 kilometre route march wearing our full battle order. meaning we have to wear a helmut, carry our green backpacks and sbo weighing a total of at least 10kg. carry a rifle weighing 4kg, wear big heavy boots and march through the jungle. its really fucking draining. cause you have all the weights on shoulder pulling you down but u still have to continue moving on. but my bunkmates were really nice motivating me to carry on when i felt so much like i wanna put everydown and give up. a couple even helped to carry my rifle for a while. thanks guys.

alright enough about life in camo prints already.

so yesterday i went out for a late lunch with my parents and i noticed something that made me gleam. its the first of july and then ban of smoking in most public places has been erected. places like kopitiams and foodcourts are gonna be smoke free(except for their specified smoking area). hoho. happy! i detest the pungent odour of ciggs smoke and finally having lunch in a kopitiam wont increase your risk of lung cancer just by passive smoking.

but then thinking in a business point of view. wont it affect the economy? the tobacco industry is quite a huge and profitable one. and with such a ban in tow, it will definitely cause a stir. i feel that the government is slowly trying to ban smoking in our country. i mean, if they can do it to chewing gum, what makes you think they cant do it to smoking. haha. for us non smokers, let us take this time to enjoy a somewhat slightly fresher air. and for those smokers, my heart goes out to you.

alright, thats it for now, will update more when i find the time.