Sunday, April 22, 2007

hello public

the twentyfirst.

such a significant number in the in the age of mankind. it marks the next step. where so the journey into adulthood begins.

and for my friend and neighbour, fara, a ceremony was a must to mark this transition.

venue: civil service club

and no it wasnt like a clubbing kind of club. lol. it was more like a really cool community centre with a jackpot room and this really cool looking huge swimming pool.

i can just imagine myself on a lazy sunday morning, lounging on a deck chair, wearing a '2 sizes too small' stripey speedo, reading a copy of men folio while lathering myself in tanning oil.

a chilled thermos of birds nest would be lovely too.

well, all i need to do is lose 20kilos. maybe i just shouldnt eat. does water even have calories?

for the time being, i can just imagine.


so i brought sharif along to this party cause i didnt want to be a lonely loser and anyway, there was bound to be food there. hahaha!!

when we reached the venue the whole place was crawling with relatives. it felt like i attended a wrong wedding. hahaha! but after a while, fara came out to say hi to all the guests and that was the cue for us to pass her the present.

she then decided to grab people to join in the games. well, here comes my perfect timing to dissapear into the crowd of people at the buffet area. apparently, my camouflaging abilities are not that excellent enough. probably i'm just a natural stand-out u see. so she came in and dragged me out. literally.

and so there i was propelled into the centre of the room for the cackling mockery of the crowd, especially a certain giggling friend of mine who flipped out his camera to record down the whole ordeal.

contrary to popular belief, i dont enjoy the attention.

although i might not have won the game of charades they call Taboo, i did have fun. hahaha!

then they was of course the speech between the birthday girl and her parents.

and we did manage to snap a picture with the birthday girl who was really busy shaking hands with everybody.

well then, i had to rush off soon after as i had less than 2 hours to book into camp. but knowing me, i did manage to squeeze in a little time for just one foto.

once a camwhore, forever one.

alright la. thats it for this entry.

note to everyone: i love parties!!! invite me to yours! but if you dont, its okay. i know i have the tendency to steal the spotlight. i understand.



Saturday, April 21, 2007

hello public

let me start my entry this time with a few mushy words for that special someone in my life.

"i'm glad when i'm making love to you
i'm glad for the way you make me feel
i love it cause you seem to blow my mind, every time
i'm glad when you walk you hold my hand
i'm happy that you are also my best friend
i'm glad that you came into my life
i'm so glad"

okay, you can go puke now. LOL!


Sunday, April 15, 2007

hello public

you see, i dont really know what to blog about. i dont like have a gazillion ideas running through my mind all the time about blogworthy topics. heck, i dont even bring my cam along anymore when i go out. so when it comes to blogging time every week, i'm stumped.

well, lets talk about my camp life.

the previous couple of weeks has been a rather busy one. there's been a lot of training to gear us towards the fitness test that was conducted a few days ago.

i'm actually quite happy with the results. visible improvements have been seen in my physical fitness standards. but of course, i've yet to reach my ultimate goal that i've set for myself. so that still means that i have to continue training even harder to meet the standards.

also in the coming weeks, there'll be loads of jungle training to overcome.

knowing me, i simply abhor the rural life. being tarzan has never been one of my ambitions. but then, its not like i have a choice.


well, at least i make up for my sucky weekdays by having wonderful weekends.

like last week where i caught up with my favouritest girls on the planet over dinner at chomp chomp. the food was a delightful gastronomical experience and i'm definitely sure to be back there some time soon.

following that, we decided to continue the night simply lounging underneath the stars exchanging details of our lives over a glass of sauvignon blanc for me while the ladies sipped on chardonnay and carbernet sauvignon.

it was simply a wonderful evening.

and then to make up for my previous weekday, i simply went all out this weekend shaking wad my momma gave me at zouk.

trust me, daddy would have been proud. LOL!

i met up with some of my camp mates for a boys night out and we partied till dawn. and by the amount i drank that night, i'd be pissing vodka the entire of the next day.

from jugs of vodka ribena, vodka cranberry, vodka lime, vodka redbull, bourbon coke and to all the times i astonishingly vanished and made my way to the bar for my own secret little drinks. loved it.

phuture was abit boring in the beginning but turned fantastic after 1am. but boy was the place packed as hell. i felt like a drunk dancing sardine. zouk was of course great as usual and there was quite a lot of angmohs there.

met a few familiar faces that night. and you should have seen the shock on my face when i saw my platoon commander(pc) there. hahaha!!

made our way to boat quay later around 4am for prata. the guys decided to continue with some club called Rave at boat quay. but then my legs were begging for mercy and the effects of waking up that day at 545am was starting to sink in.

so i cab my way home.

well, its good to know that even though my weekdays are fucked up, i manage to totally forget all about it and enjoy my weekends.

after all, thats all i have to look forward to.

well then, i gotta go get ready for a friend's birthday party. till next time.


Saturday, April 07, 2007

hello public

its that time again!! where i answer one of those questionnaires from friendster. yes, i know, i still use friendster. its like so last year right. but whatever. i like it.

since i'm never gonna be interviewed by any print media or television programme, this questionnaire is the closest thing i can get to achieve one of my dreams.

yes, i know i'm shallow.

people dream to end world hunger and find a cure for cancer. well, mine is much more simpler. i just wanna be popular.

like seriously, oh my god.

for now lets just imagine and play along that probably ugly betty is interviewing me for Mode. *rofl*

1. Where is your dad right now?
* in the living room watching television. some stupid soccer program. i hate it when he watches soccer. cause it means he's in total control of the remote.

2. Last time you missed someone?
* today. but i msged him and he replied. weee!

3. Name five things you did today.
* watched Mr Bean movie, ate at an indonesian restaurant for lunch, shopped, bought cakes home from Rive Gauche, provided expert advice in event planning to a friend in need. i'm really good with event planning by the way. just in case anybody wanna hire an event planner. *winks*

4. what color is your watch?
* its either a metallic silver casio or a black donnakaran. to me wearing a watch is necessary cause i'm someone who likes to know the time. i'm starting to learn to live without wearing a watch though.

5. what kind of phone do you have?
* i love my motorola v3. it fits perfectly into my skinny jeans without the embarrassing bulge.

7. Where does your best friend work?
* my best friend doesnt work. he lazes ard at home.

8. What are you listening to right now?
* right now its the Dreamgirls soundtrack. i'm in love with it right now. i heart the movie.

9. What do you smell like?
* right now? a papaya. cause i just used my papaya shower gel from body shop.

10. what color are your eyes?
* black. but then when i'm having my blonde moments, its blue.

11. Have you ever done a fire drill?
* yeah. quite a few time in the national safari. i would love though if the place actually caught fire. muhahaha.

12. What color is your bedroom floor?
* multiple shades of brown. darling, its parquet.

13. Do you have a chair in your room?
* yes. i might like sushi but that doesnt mean i enjoy the japanese concept of living.

14. What are you doing tomorrow?
* shopping in bugis with the ever beautiful sheryl. cough.

15. Do you know anyone who is engaged?
* yeah. i know this guy from my camp who's already engaged. oh lord. thats just waaaaaaaaay too young. can you imagine being a grandfather at 45?

16. What's your favorite number?
* single digit odd numbers. i like odd numbers but i donno why. haha.

17. Do you know someone named Betsy?
* not at all. i donno why but the name betsy reminds me of a girl milking a cow. wtf?!

18. What color is your mom's hair?
* shades of brown.

19. Do you have a pet? Name?
* i've been wanting to get a goldfish and name it elizabeth since forever. but i never can find the time to take care of it. maybe i should get a stingray instead. cause when it dies, i can barbeque it and put sambal on top.

20. Do you remember singing any songs
as a kid?
* i was a barney freak. i memorised everything like a stalker.

21. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
* i dont like talking about my personal life. i prefer keeping it private. but i would like to have both. just in case you're wondering.

22. When was the last time you talked
to one of your siblings?
* i never had the chance.

23. Did you ever go to camp as a kid?
* i hated camp. i wasnt the sociable sort and camp was all about mixing around. and i just hated to get down and dirty. but boy, has everything changed now.

24. Do you play an instrument?
* i can play the recorder really well. i'm trying to pick up guitar though. but my fingers are just too retarded.

25. Do you like fire?
* yes. especially if it burn down my camp.

26. Are you allergic to anything?
* bad manners. i cant stand people who have bad manners. it might just be a stereotype but i feel that such people come from a low class family that inculcate pathetic beliefs and behaviours.

28. Best friend?
* yeah, britney is fine.

29. Hve you ever been to a spa?
* yeah a few times overseas for massages. i've never done one in singapore though.

30. Did you take science all five years
of high school?
* secondary sch was only 4 years and yes all 4 yrs i did sciences.

31. Do you like butterflies?
* yeah but its not like i have an infatuation for it. do they bite?

32. Do you miss someone right now?
* haha. of course. i've got so many eye candies and crushes you know.

33. Do you think he/she miss you too?
* i can dream so. =P

34. Have you ever seen your school
* nah. underneath this blonde exterior, i'm actually quite sane. most of the time that is.

35. Have you ever wanted to be a
* oh yes and i still do. i love young boys in uniform!!!

36. What is one thing you've learned
about life?
* that you never get what you want but always get what you need.

37. Do you like tacos?
* erm. they're alright.

38. Is anyone jealous of you?
* of course. but i cant help being gorgeous 24seven.

40. What does your mom call you?
* sayang. LOL.

41.What do your friends call you?
* ali. i did ask them to refrain from calling me gorgeous or handsome.

42. What does your hair look like right
* wierd. cause i never style it. it looks like hay.

43. Has a friend ever used you?
* nope. but i hope someone uses me as tool for their lust release.

44. Has anyone told you that they like
you more than a friend?
* yes. but i dont mix sex with friendship. unless of course you're fiona xie. then sex anytime is fine.

45. What have you eaten today?
* alot of stuff that will just turn to shit which i'll flush down tmr.

46. Is your hair naturally curly or
* straight unlike the owner. *wink*

48. Who was the last person you had a ride from?
* i'd love to say orlando bloom. but i can always settle with beckham.

49. What are you looking forward to?
* next week when i rock zouk's podium. LOL. yes boys, hold on to your horses.

50. How are you today?
* great.

well then.

the interviews over.

i'd like to thank my manager, me, for getting me this interview.
i'd like to thank my make up artiste, me, for making me look gorgeous for the photoshoot.
i'd like to thank my hairstylist, me, for always making sure i dont have a bad hair day.
i'd like to thank my fans, me me me, for your continuous support. you know i love you too!

go on, get your copy now.

ps: Mode is not a gay porn magazine.


Friday, April 06, 2007

hello public

last weekend i met up with my fren, sharif for a little tete a tete.

this time, i was on a mission though. my search for the perfect 300thread count bedsheets and a fabulous fine bone china teacup set.

bedsheets for camp.

teacup set for mum's birthday present.

however, my unfortunate search for all things in perfection is an incurable habit.

for me, my life is on a constant search for perfection. i desire to believe that such a thing exist not only in mind and spirit but in body as well.

but this near impossible search contradicts my longing to reality.

in the end, i settle for less than perfect.

but this is the truth.

there is only one perfection that exist, and that is god.

well, trying to steer away from sounding like your city harvest's preacher, instead let me tell you bout what happened during my search for the perfect bedsheets.

i made my way to aussino plaza singapura. over here was where i met the salesperson who definitely had never heard of the GEMS campaign.

lets call her aunty popiah. cause she looks like a popiah seller.

everytime i looked through the bedsheets, aunty popiah would start rearranging them back in place right in front of me. she asked me what i was looking for in a poor command of the english language. when i told her it was bedsheets while i browsing through the towel section, she kept pushing us to the bedsheet section. and bellowing in her loud irritating voice that all the cheap bedsheet were on the other racks and that the ones we've been looking at were new arrivals that had no discounts.

to be polite, we made our way there to check it out just in case we might find a few rare gems. on our way there, she stuck like scum in a dirty fishtank. constantly reminding us loudly, just in case we're deaf and forgetful, that these racks we were looking at had all the cheap discounted bedsheets.

oh boy, trust me, all those bedsheets she directed us to were beyond tacky. sharif seemed to be rather peeved at this woman. at times, releasing lashes of sarcasm whenever the woman carried on with her rude demeanor. but of course me being the "long service award" shopper have seen many of this woman's kind and thus i can just mentally ignore her and carry on shopping.

i think i've mellowed down. last time, if i saw such an atrocious act, that woman would have feasted on my verbal diarrhea. i remembered once, there was this salesperson who kept bringing clothes that she thought looks nice on me and suggested that i tried it on.

well, i'm fine with one or two but that is if you actually pick those i fancy. but what she presented me with was ridiculously dowdy. it was those hard selling kind. pushing more clothes to me that SHE thought looked nice on me.

apparently yours truly was a little bit irritated that this woman was hard selling ugly clothes to him. and so i told her nicely,

"gosh, these shirts are so ugly. dont you have any taste?''

i was very polite, with the manner of speaking not the choice of words.

but thankfully that work.

anyways, in the aussino case. i simply ignored the old hag and made do with the purchase and left.

and so made our way to vivocity later where we dined at fig & olive for dinner. not bad i say.

vivocity looks like a nice place to just chill out.

so i decided to sit down to chill as well.

but unfortunately, my peace didnt last long.

damn those paparazzis!

yeah right.