Monday, July 07, 2008

they say the only thing constant is change.

i've moved on.

click the link below for my new blog address.

do update your links, thanks.

and THANK YOU for being there for me all this while.

i'll miss you realitee.

ali joe

Sunday, July 06, 2008

hey everybody

the new song i have playing on my blog right now is a cover of David Tao's Just Friends done by my NS friend, Leon. some of you people might recognise him from Project Superstar. i'm a big fan of this song and after hearing Leon's incessant singing non stop throughout my 1yr plus in Guards camp (and 1 month of sleeping next to him in Brunei) , i'm sure he'll do a fantastic job for this song.

so before i ORD, i made a special request for him to sing for me this song. and he DID! and sent me the mp3 of it.


i damn happy la!

thanks Leon!!!!

for those with insatiable appetite to listen to more of his songs, you can visit his blog.

Click here for Leon's Blog.

please click on my advertisement link. thanks.


ali joe

Friday, July 04, 2008

Mariah Carey debuted the video to her latest single 'I'll Be Loving You Long Time' and trust me it seems to be dedicated to all the boobs loving people out there. She's practically in 3 different bikinis 90% of the video. But hey, i'm not complaining, i don't think you will either. She worked hard for the body and she deserves to flaunt it.

i don't know about you. but after watching the video, i sure am thirsty. i could definitely use a jug of lemonade. wait, make that TWO JUGS.

xoxo-ali joe

Thursday, July 03, 2008

for those of you itching for a pictorial entry by me.

nothing much though. dont worry, i have not decided to changed my blog. just trying to dabble into the world of fashion blogging.

if you want me to blog more, do click on my advertisements.



Monday, June 30, 2008

u know how some little thing could bring back memories for you. like a receipt, movie tickets, neoprints, cards, letters etc.

well i used to keep these in a nice tin box. but as i grew older, this tin box became a whole drawer. and now this drawer is over flowing, so i've decided to clear stuff up.

so now, 2 hrs later, here i am. sitting with all the stuff around me. in tears. and still an empty dustbin.

how do you choose which memories to go in the trash? how can i?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

damnit, i'm slowly falling deeper and deeper for you.

how ali, how?

Friday, June 27, 2008

hello public

its weird when people call me a social butterfly. it only means they dont really know me.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

hello public

there seems to be a little bit of confusion.

word is going round that is shutting down. well, don't get your knickers in a bunch. the truth is i'm merely adapting a different style and degree of blogging.

i could never put a cork into my blog that i've had for 5 years. it's had an overflow of memories, good, bad and even ugly. like i've mentioned before in one of my archaic entries, "if i could, i would print and bind all my posts into a hard cover book and title it 'Ali Joe Chronicles 2003-200?' when i'm thoroughly done with the world of blogging".

and as to prove that i'm seriously not shutting down this blog, here's one one of those questionnaires that i oh-so-love to do.

3 Schools I went to:
montfort school - where i did my primary and secondary education in an all boys catholic sch.
singapore polytechnic - where i studied business.
basic military school 2 - where i found everything i studied redundant.

3 things i put inside my bag:
creative zen vision m - i cant survive long journeys without music.
nintendo ds - to keep me entertained when i'm bored.
wallet - to get around, to eat and to shop.

3 things I do When I'm stressed:
watch cartoons - spongebob or the magic schoolbus.
shop - retail therapy ALWAYS help.
run/long walks - depending on my level of fitness, hahah.

3 places i go on DailyBasis:
amk mrt station - this is like my main mode of transportation.
amk hub - need to pass by to reach my house.
my room - where i escape to.

3 Favourite Fruits:
seedless grapes - i STRONGLY DETEST the ones with seeds.
rose apples - they're not exactly apples, its a kind of guava i think.

3 Favourite Food Of Mine:
pastas, i love all types but especially the creamy ones.
japanese food - i'm a big unagi fan.
anything sweet - some people might say i got a sweet tooth but i dissent, i have sweet TEETH.

3 names I go by:
Ali - to all my friends.
Ali Joe - is like my professional name. i even have it on my cards.
eh - to those who dont really know me.

3 things i'm wearin now:
plain white tee.


Who's In The House With Me:

Who Am I thinkin Of Right Now:
jason mraz - cause he's playing on my desktop.

Who's the last person whom i talk to on phone.
nicholas - regarding our meet up tmr.

Who was the Last Person I told that I love you?
andrew - but i tell 'i love you' to everyone.

Who do I wish I am with right now?
jason mraz - so i can sip pina coladas at the beach while he sings 'Life Is Wonderful' to me. with somebody of course, preferably my masseuse.

Who gets on my nerves In School?
school has yet to start, so that position is still up for grabs.

The Where's:

Where is my phone?
on my table, charging.

Where do i sleep?
on my uber comfy bed with 3 pillows and my comforter.

Where is the place tht i took A ride to?
the last ride i had was so dirrty that it should never be disclosed.


What was the Last Dish I ate?
i made a little extra virgin fussili olio with pan grilled chicken breast in salt pepper marinade for dinner.

What Color Shirt Am I wearing?
right now, its a plain white tee.

What do i wear often? Jeans or shorts?
used to be jeans. but right now, i'm very into shorts. feels cooler, ventilation wise. haha.

What was the Last Movie I've watched?
you dont mess with the zohan. quite funny actually but a tad slapstick.

The Whens

When Did i Start Skool?
kindergarten. 5 yrs old if i'm not wrong.

When did i Last go to the Mall?
this afternoon, was kinda bored at home. so i met up with danny.

When did i last burn somethin?
yesterday. it was suppose to be calories being burnt but the friction between my thighs as i ran made my running shorts burst out in flames.

When was the last time u received a shockin news about urself?
when a rather large amount of people questioned my decision to shutdown tsk tsk.

well, till whenever. take care.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

hello public

it's nice:
not having to constantly think of what to blog.
not having to take a pic at every opportunity so i can have enough fotos to blog.
not having to go nice new places just to have something interesting to take a pic of.
not having to spend hours going through all fotos to choose which to pick and edit.
not having to think of nice captions to put together with the fotos.
not having to exaggerate my himboticness.
not having to worry about readership.
not having to worry about blogging.

it's been so nice that i guess it's gonna stay that way.

the memorial service for the death of's readership will be held shortly.

but it doesnt matter.

probably, its just another one of my phases. but you know what? all these weeks of not blogging made me feel free. like my legs weren't chained. not having that little naggy voice in the back of my head that says ''i should blog this down" everytime something interesting happens.

whatever happens happens. i'm mr fickle and i'm bound to change my mind.

but for the time being, do take of yourself.


Friday, June 20, 2008

hello public

bloody hangover!

whatever happened last night after shaiful left was all blurry. my last recollection was me puking into a big green dustbin.

so whatever happened after that, hopefully doesnt get on youtube.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

hello public

last night was all that i needed, not the car accident, but what happened afterwards.

finally my rainbow meter is on the rise again. it was number 5, then 6 (thanks andrew) and now 8.

it's been a while.



Saturday, June 14, 2008

hello public

the lack of updates is because i'm tired.
tired of everything.
so i'm taking a break.


Saturday, June 07, 2008

hello public

i've put off clearing my room for the longest time. and i dont mean clearing the table or making my bed. there are a million stuff in my room that i can never bear to let go. stuff that can bring back a flood of memories, good or bad, happy or sad.

but i guess its time to stop holding on and start moving on.

goodbye memories, hello big black trashbag.

hello public

finally, the 2 years of torment has come to a closure.
the day that i've longed for has finally arrived.
shouldnt i be jumping in jubilation?
then, why is there a spot of bitter in my sugar?

what now?

in other news, i've finally decided to commemorate the change of phase in my life with a new look to my blog.

will resume proper updates soon. but not so soon.


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sunday, June 01, 2008

hello public

DSC08680-1.jpg picture by alvinhilton

i know its sunday and the week's post is due.
but what if i don't feel like it?

in a world filled with naysayers,
i try my best to absorb the positivity.
but standing facing the sun,
does not guarantee you the light.

i'm just tired,
tired of trying.
tired of being pushed around.
tired of smiling.
tired of finding the light.
tired of being tired.

just give me a moment,
to lament in the shadows.
i will be back,
but when,
is another matter.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i got fired.

apparently, they said i no longer fit the role.

applications for the position of 'Mr Happy' is now up for grabs.

Friday, May 23, 2008

hello public

seriously, do you know how much effort it takes to actually create a blog entry. everyone thinks i just sit in front of my computer wearing my sequinned jimmy choos, twirling my hair, typing out random things that come to my bimbotic mind and splashing photoshopped fotos here and there. all this while buffing my nails.

well listen here sister, its so much more different than that. sometimes, yeah, sometimes, i wear the non-glitter jimmy choos instead. i know right, i'm such a rebel.

now take a look at this picture. what does it look like to you? a window right?

IMG_0065.jpg picture by alvinhilton

well to me, its not. to me, it looks like a camwhoring backdrop.

IMG_0063.jpg picture by alvinhiltonIMG_0066.jpg picture by alvinhilton

IMG_0068.jpg picture by alvinhiltonIMG_0067.jpg picture by alvinhilton

and so you probably think, like how many pictures can i possibly do with just that "window"? lets find out.

IMG_0069.jpg picture by alvinhiltonIMG_0071.jpg picture by alvinhilton

IMG_0070.jpg picture by alvinhiltonIMG_0074.jpg picture by alvinhilton

not quite done yet.

IMG_0072.jpg picture by alvinhiltonIMG_0076.jpg picture by alvinhilton

IMG_0078.jpg picture by alvinhiltonIMG_0037.jpg picture by alvinhilton

some people called with obsessive. i call it versatile.

and so i felt bored. and decide to move on to other items that i can camwhore with. oh by the way, i went out with sharif this week, or better known a Barney to this blog.

IMG_0059.jpg picture by alvinhilton

oh you know, the few pictures i took next to the window, Barney wanted a shot too. and since he's mostly camera shy, like me, ahem, there's only one foto.

IMG_0030.jpg picture by alvinhilton

so i found other interesting spots that i could camwhore at.

IMG_0050.jpg picture by alvinhilton

next to a lamp and in front of a persian rug.

IMG_0051.jpg picture by alvinhiltonIMG_0054.jpg picture by alvinhilton

random corners, with fake plants and whatnots.

after being bored of random shots, we tried setting the camera on timer mode.

IMG_0060.jpg picture by alvinhilton

IMG_0062.jpg picture by alvinhilton

IMG_0061.jpg picture by alvinhilton

doesnt it make you wonder where this place that i've camwhoring is at?

IMG_0080.jpg picture by alvinhilton

its this quaint little turkish cafe situated at Haji Lane called Cafe Le Claire @ Al Majlis.

the thing is, i've already started on surveying possible locations for my 22nd birthday this year. i know that my birthday is in october and its still a long long way to go. but if they can start the NDP rehearsals now, why cant i start my birthday prep now right?

i read some reviews online about this place being a nice & cosy location to gather with a nice turkish vibe.

IMG_0047.jpg picture by alvinhilton

IMG_0046.jpg picture by alvinhilton

looks very cosy right the place? so obviously if i were to create a function, i wouldnt let the guest go hungry. so i decided to sample some of their food and desserts.

IMG_0040.jpg picture by alvinhilton

firstly the drink came after 10mins,

IMG_0045.jpg picture by alvinhilton

according to the menu, its some special turkish blend of tea or smthing. but to me it tasted like 100% Lipton tea.

IMG_0041.jpg picture by alvinhilton

as you can tell, the portion of the tea is like fucking small can. its like drinking from those 'masak masak' cups that i used to play tea party with my barbies when i was young.

IMG_0044.jpg picture by alvinhilton

this was how small it was. i paid $3 for this 3 tablespoon of lukewarm lipton tea.

anyway, so i waited and waited for the food to come. and if you've noticed from the amount of pictures taken, i did wait quite a while.

and the thing is i hate waiting. i wouldnt say that i am an impatient person. its just that i dont like to wait. i dont like to wait for buses, i dont like to wait in queues, i dont like to wait for toilets and worst of all, i dont like to wait for food. to me, time spent waiting is like having a part of my life wasted.

and mind you, after waiting for bloody 1hr and 15minutes, i was beyond pissed. BEYOND.

nobody messes with Malibu Barbie.

the first waiter that came up got a piece of my mind and while he was getting verbal bitchslaps from me, another waiter came up with the food finally. after like 1hr 25minutes then the food come ar. the place is not even crowded okay. it was like fucking 4pm for god's sake. bloody koko crunch murtabak!!!

so the second waiter too got a verbal bitchslap from me. and both of them just stood there, stunned. i saw the food that the second waiter had on his tray and boy did the food look pathetic.

i realise that all that verbal bitchslapping makes me even hungrier. so i just left like a few bucks on the table for the drinks we drank. and stormed out that looserish place. and you know what pisses me off throughout the whole thing, they didnt even apologise. fuckers!

i told you nobody messes with Malibu Barbie.


IMG_0080-1.jpg picture by alvinhilton

everytime somebody googles for this place, i hope they read this BAD BAD review about the place. fucking waste my time.

the place looks nice, inside, yes.
the food looks pathetic.
the service is a major fucker.
location, not very accessible.

stupid sucky place that i will never bring anybody to.

ruin my stupid afternoon. so we went to some place at bugis to eat instead. took less than 5minutes for my mee pok to come. and the service came with a smile. and everything so cheap some more.

IMG_0081.jpg picture by alvinhiltonIMG_0082.jpg picture by alvinhilton

oh, anyway, congrats to David Cook for winning American Idol after perfoming so god damn bad on the finals. as fantastic as david archuleta was on the night of the finals, only continues to prove the fact that american idol is still and merely a popularity contest.

well then, thats it for this week's entry. blogged early again because i have to go tekong to oversee the the bmt Guards fieldcamp. but thats okay cause ali joe has only 14 days left in camo.

till next time, yall take care.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

hello public

you know how my updates are usually on sundays, and if you didnt most probably you've either been living under a rock or you could have just chanced upon this fantastic blog that will change your life. point to note, i welcome converts with open arms.

and if it probably crossed your mind why is it that i dont blog often enough. well, during the weekdays, i'm chained to the SAF to do menial slavery work. but all this will change soon enough, in exactly 3 weeks, like Mariah Carey's latest single, i will say Bye Bye to the dowdy camo prints and my khaki beret.

the only thing preventing me from screaming for joy right now would be the risk of having the neighbours calling the police regarding a possible rape case. i kinda have this tendency to scream like my balls were clasps together by an F clamp.

so this entry seems a little bit prematurely ejaculated, 2 days in advance that is. i'd be making a little overseas trip for a family gathering over this long weekend (thank you vesak), thus the reason for an earlier entry.

well this entry is a little bit outdated as it took me quite a while to receive the fotos.

you know how it feels like, if you have an off day and you spend all of it just slacking at home doing nothing. it kinda feels to me like i wasted my day. i'm not suggesting going outside and plant trees to save the environment if a situation like this happen. i'm already contributing my part by spitting out the watermelon seeds out my kitchen window (hopefully one day a watermelon tree will grow nice and tall). so wad i did was i call up a friend and suggest a hang out session.

and i met up with...

DSC08107.jpg picture by alvinhilton
DSC08106.jpg picture by alvinhilton
DSC08105.jpg picture by alvinhilton

over lunch at long john where i just sat there and absorbed all the cholesterols through my pores.

DSC08112.jpg picture by alvinhiltonDSC08114.jpg picture by alvinhilton
DSC08115.jpg picture by alvinhilton

but then draceana had to leave cause her lunch break was over and she had to get back to work. bummer. wished she was there longer.

anyways, so me and danny decided to head to The Cathay, not for a movie but just to look around. its been a few months back since i last visited the place and then, it was all still empty.

well guess wad?

it still is.

now, the whole building is mostly filled with pretentious shops conveying enticing facades but filled ironically with emptiness. in simple english, it means that the shops look nice but there's nothing much to buy actually. i assimilate The Cathay to a bimbo. statuesquely pretty but that's all to it. merely pretty.

so we got tired and decided to settle for a drink at some random taiwanese cafe at the basement.

DSC08118.jpg picture by alvinhilton
DSC08121.jpg picture by alvinhiltonDSC08120.jpg picture by alvinhilton

i had the milk tea and it was one of the best iced milk tea i've tasted. it was so yummy i wanted another one but i guess my jeans has been listening to Duffy and it started singing 'I'm begging you for mercy..." just as i was contemplating a second cup.

but nevertheless, i would have loved a really large cup of iced milk tea so that i needn't keep buying another cup. how large of a cup of milk tea i hear you question?

well, this large....

DSC08123.jpg picture by alvinhilton

and danny would like one iced peach tea in the same size cup too.

DSC08124.jpg picture by alvinhilton


as we walked around some more later, a slogan t shirt caught my eye.

DSC08127.jpg picture by alvinhilton

considered getting it, but my inner voice was flashing the words "TOO TACKY" in neon in my head.

danny suggested dinner at coffee bean as from his previous experience he found the food rather nice. honestly, the only thing i ate from coffee bean was a muffin. i didnt even know they had a dinner menu.

so i had the mushroom chicken cream spaghetti and it was suprisingly quite good for a cafe mainly focusing on coffee.

DSC08135.jpg picture by alvinhiltonDSC08134.jpg picture by alvinhilton

sat and chatted over dinner while danny's friend, casey, joined us for cake. it was getting way past my bedtime, so i decided to head home for a tete a tete with my bed. =)


well, i guess thats it for this week's entry. gotta go pack my suntan lotion and my red speedos into my Ralph Lauren weekenders bag.

till next time, i love ya.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

hello public


i am damn sad.


jason-1.jpg picture by alvinhilton

Jason Castro got voted off American Idol. =(

now i see no purpose in watching american idol anymore. its either than boring choirboy or the wannabe moody rockstar gonna win this damn competition. i'm sorry syesha, but u just have to accept the fact that you're black.

2438362159_b20618b00e.jpg picture by alvinhilton2438283963_33401ef1c1.jpg picture by alvinhilton

and if you all dont know by now, he's the one singing the background song on this blog.

i know there's a lot of Castro haters out there, so just keep your castro-hating comment to yourselves. -___-

but not to worry, i have found a new love.

Blair Waldorf

2269329385_a3df319a69.jpg picture by alvinhilton2192961777_18c39b2c58.jpg picture by alvinhilton


you're the reason why i'm addicted to watching Gossip Girl. and if you all have not heard of this show, you sad sad losers, nows a good time to start.

so this week, guess where i went...


03052008598.jpg picture by alvinhilton

its been a loooooong while since i've been to the cinema. the last movie i watched was 27 Dresses. the thing with me is that i rather buy a dvd and watch it at home in my boxers with a tub of ben&jerrys in hand.

but since some friends of mine wanted to catch Harold & Kumar and i did quite like the first movie, we decided to head out to Vivocity.

03052008600.jpg picture by alvinhilton

when we got there, there was a really long queue and i bet everyone wanted to get tickets to Iron Man. it was so bad that the 9.30pm show only had the first 3 rows available. and we were there at ard 2pm mind you.

but thank god we already booked tickets online a few days before. i'm not the type that likes to queue, even though i'm singaporean.

03052008601.jpg picture by alvinhilton03052008602.jpg picture by alvinhilton

a must have when you go to the movies are the
popcorn, the jumbo hotdog and the nachos. so yummy!!! but i seriously think the prices of the food is soooooooooooo overpriced. $2.20 for a mineral water is like daylight robbery.

03052008606.jpg picture by alvinhilton

looking at some of the new movies coming up. i cant wait for Kungfu Panda. LOL!

03052008604.jpg picture by alvinhilton

the thing with GV cinemas is that it has that 15 minutes commercial before the movie starts and i dont like to sit there expecting the movie to start after the current commercial just to find another commercial after that. sianz.

03052008608.jpg picture by alvinhilton

and we came in like 10 minutes later and it was still commercial time but it was already packed with people munching noisily to snacks.

03052008609.jpg picture by alvinhilton

can't wait to dig in but one thing you should never forget to bring to the cinema is a jacket. cause after like 1hr i'll just turn to ice on my chair. brr!!!

03052008610.jpg picture by alvinhilton

after the movie which is damn funny la. we decided to head down to sushi tei for a steaming japanese seafood hotpot.

03052008614.jpg picture by alvinhilton03052008612.jpg picture by alvinhilton
03052008613.jpg picture by alvinhilton

the people i went out with. my bmt bunkmates.

so we walked around for a while after the food but like all the shops were either closed or closing. and it was only 9.30pm on a saturday night.

so boring. nothing to do. go home lo.


alright. thats it for this week's entry. somewhere around this coming weekend or next, i might post up a my very first video entry, so look out for that alright. so exciting!!!

anyways, you all take care. know that i love you and appreciate you.

ps: say it with me "25 MORE DAYS TO ORD! 25 MORE DAYS TO ORD!"

ps: PLEASE click on the nuffnang advertisement on the right column. THANKS!!!

till next time,