Thursday, May 31, 2007

hello public

guess who's birthday party i went to?


of course, she looks way better than that in real life.

of all days, she had to celebrate her 21st on a friday night in the deep dark corner of singapore. i was released from camp like 7pm+, so it was like a major rush taking a cab home, showering and changing and taking a cab there.

so when i took this cab from my house. i asked the uncle whether he knew where aloha loyang (the venue) was. confidently, he gave me a resounding yes. he told me it was at downtown east and asked me which way i want to go by.

what is it with taxi drivers and asking us which way we want to go by.

''so u wan go by which way ar? cte, pie, aye or tpe? cause hor, if you go by cte, this hour sure jam one. then if you go by pie ar, must pay erp lei. then hor aye the journey abit far lah but then very little traffic light. but aiya, go by tpe better la.''

erm . ok.

sometimes i think the only reason they ask is because it makes them look road-efficient.

anyways, so the uncle drove me at the speed of a lorry filled with bangladeshi workers and when i asked him whether he can drive me in to the bungalow that maddie was having the party. he said cannot.

he said he didnt know where the bungalow is (neither did i) and it will be too troublesome. i pay him money to drive me there and he says he its too troublesome. so in the end, i told him just to leave me at the reception counter.

so when we reached. he stopped at the entrance, and i saw this huge signboard that says ''costa sands resort''. i asked him, again, whether this was aloha loyang. and he said, ''yah, inside lor''. so i paid and made my way to the counter and i asked them, 'is this aloha loyang'?

''oh, no, this is costa sands resort. aloha is slightly further down the road.''


so i walked outside and i asked the security guard on duty, where's aloha loyang. he told me to just follow the path, and i'll see a signboard.

couldnt be that far right?


i walked and i walked and i walked somemore. the path was narrow, dark and filled with huge trees. and trust me, my faith in god grew stronger every second i walked.

finally after 15minutes, i reach a signboard that says aloha loyang, and i saw quite a distant to the entrance. and i walked and i walked.

by the time i reached the guardroom, i've sweated out my moisturiser and concealer altogather. whoopee.

i asked the security where bungalow 13 was and told me that i have to follow the number of bungalows, and in his words, 'it was arranged in order''.

and i looked at the nearest bungalow and i saw a nice number 5.

8 more bungalows ali. cmon, you've walked half of pasir ris to get here. just a bit more.

thank god i had my blotter with me. and it always help to carry a miniature bottle of moisturiser for those terrible situations. like this one.

finally i reached and everyone was already there. and i looked like i just sweated an entire marathon. luckily it was a themed party and i brought my attire to change into.

when i entered the toilet to change, i nearly leaped out of my hush puppies tighties when i saw this horrifying sweaty rape victim staring at me right in the mirror.

oh, it was just me.

time for touch ups. and out i came, looking gorgeous again decked in my Sec 2 PE attire paired with knee high socks.

and firstly a foto with the birthday girl was a must.

and so the party began. the food was good, i drank a ridiculous amount of vile tasting vodka kurrant and i caught up with all the friends i havent seen for a long time.

maddie was dressed in her brother's st gabriel's uniform.
kathleen dressed as a junior college girl.
huiming as the SIA girl, complete with the blue eye shadow and bright red nails.
angela as sailormoon.
there were more of course, there was a nurse, mad scientist, convent girls, construction workers, a hot policeman(wink!), a very cute cheerleader(lol!!) alot of schoolboys. hahahaha!!!

well, let the pictures do the talking.

YUP. it was as fun as it looks!!

alright. till next time.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

hello public

this weekend has been ultra hectic. i haven had a proper time to sit down and blog. i know some of you have already been nagging me to do the Maddie's 21st birthday party entry but seriously, i need like at least 2hours to sit down in front of my com to blog as well as edit the fotos. and trust me, there's at least 50 photos from that event.

furthermore, there's also like other stuff to update about. so i have like ard 85 fotos to edit and blog about.

O M G!!

i need like god knows how long for that.

no time!! no time!!

anyway, i got no time to blog now cause like in ard less that 2hours time, i need to be back in camp.

so i guess, u guys just have to wait a wee bit longer and expect a reallllllllllllllllllly long entry next weekend. alright?

for now, let me leave you with one picture from the party.


Saturday, May 26, 2007


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Sunday, May 20, 2007

hello public

well, since the fotos from maddie's party are taking quite a while to gather, i'll blog about smthing else.

hmm. how bout celebrities? local ones.

singapore is like so small that almost everyone is bound to meet one up close in real life. well, yesterday i had this amazing opportunity to meet a celebrity touted as the next big thing.

i saw felicia chin. she was like super friendly and agreed to take a foto with me and sheryl. you know how good she looks on tv. well, she looks exactly the same in real life. she looks very girl next door. those 'girl next door in bishan' kind, not 'girl next door in a condo in orchard road' kind. to tell you the truth, i dont really know who this felicia chin is. so i've seen her on magazine covers, endorsement deals and tv of course but then, that as far as it gets.

and they say first impressions always matter. well, she definitely scores. not only did she willingly pose for the picture, she complimented on my star necklace thingy that i was wearing and she shook my hands. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! you cant believe how happy i was after that encounter.

if only it was fiona xie, i would have cummed on the spot.

but still, i was one damn happy mofo.

anyways, so me and sheryl met up for lunch at sushi tei raffles city. fantastic i tell.

have i told you how much i love sushi tei?


anyways, wad was supposed to be a journey to arab street became a wonderful catch up session in city hall amidst gobbling down an entire box of Dove's Amicellis and Haagen Daaz as dessert and sushi tei for lunch. and i still remembered telling her on my phone that i only wanted to have a light lunch. talk about being an oxymoron.

but whatever it is. we had fun and enjoyed ourselves. thats what it should be all about.


till next time then. take care.

hello public

this week felt reaaaaally long. it was so physically demanding that whatever opportunity i had, sleep was my main priority. the coming week is also gonna be another tiring week. with so many activities packed back to back, the weekends are the only thing i look forward to.

so this week, as soon as i was freed from the evil clutches of remedial training, i cabbed my way home and twofivezeroed my way to Aloha Loyang.

Maddie was celebrating her 21st and a Uniform themed party was erected for this affair.

i'm still waiting for the rest of the fotos to do an update proper. meanwhile, entice yourself with this foto of kath, me and angela hamming it up for the event.

okay. till soon.


Monday, May 14, 2007

hello public

i think i'm gonna start a new segment in my blog called the Fashion Police.

the life of celebrities are constantly scrutinized. so its a wonder to me how they can afford that $45 000 gucci handbag but not even able to get decent stylist. since big events and premieres are necessity to the celebrities' exposure, they come out dress to the nines. so lets see in this event whether they make it to my Best Dressed list or will they be jailed for their criminal murder of fashion.

i'll also be providing ratings to the overall picture. it's gonna be upon 100% and it'll based on 5 things; hair, make up, the outfit, accessories and posture.

EVENT : Costume Institute Gala

first on my list is cameron diaz. i love how the magenta looks fabulous for her skin tone. the frills at the bottom give her this nice flirtatious femininity to the dress. what's not working for me is that Wilma Flinstone turquoise necklace. hair and make up looks good.

verdict: 78%


okay, secondly, jessica simpson. the hair's okay but the make up just sucked for me. well i'm not really a fan of the outfit. maybe she was trying to achieve old hollywood glam. but all that it turned out to be was a cabaret drag look. honey, you should just leave the sequins to beyonce.

verdict : 47%


jennifer lopez looks really good in this metallic boat neck dress. to me, she always manages to achieve that elegant glam look. brava!

verdict : 86%


here with jennifer garner, our Alias girl. her shoulders looks too broad for the outfit. probably, a diamond necklace would have balanced it more and also provide a touch of contrast. the whole outfit to me is just too safe and too much red.

verdict: 63%


OH MY GOD! kirsten dunst, what were you thinking? isnt it abit early for the circus recruitment drive?

verdict : 5% for sympathy.


finally, at least somebody here knows how to dress up. black could be a terribly safe outfit, so you have to variate it with textures. and these dress looks gorgeous. notice also how she adds 'color' to the entire black ensemble by using a metallic bracelet. the pose looks nice too.

verdict : 89%


lucy liu. this color is such a hard one to pull off, especially with it beside the synonymous color to the purple dinosaur. but then the color works well for lucy's skin color. one thing i hate though are those ugly frills on her train.

verdict : 71%


to think that she's one of the top supermodels and this is the pose she gives to the camera. seriously, kate moss, you can do so much better!!! hair and make up also could be better. the dress just looks frumpy on her. you're kate moss damn, people look up to u. bad bad bad!!

verdict : 2%, the fashion police is issuing you a summon!


mischa barton. our favourite The OC girl. nice and stunning in this back and white number. i love how beautiful yet so simple this dress looks.

verdict : 84%


ever wondered how a yeti looked if it was black? well mary kate brings our imagination alive. i do really loove the cutting of this dress. but its just way too much fur. its like wearing a carpet. but i donno why but it works. it would be nice if there was some color though.

verdict: 88%


finally we have rihanna. nice hair, nice dress. i HATE those black gloves. terrible. she should be shot for murdering the outfit with those ridiculous gloves.

verdict : 55%


so now lets see.

on my best dress is Lindsay Lohan while the Fashion Murderer is Kate Moss.

you guys can vote too who you think is bst or worst dress. just tag it in my tag board. alright. till next week.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

hello public

met up with polymates, maddie and yasi, today for a lunch buffet at suki sushi.

i feel so bad now thinking of all the gorging i've done with all that japanese cuisine. gluttony was wrong but boy was it yummy. its been a while since i've visited a japanese restaurant due to my conflicting schedules. and now since i'm here, i might as well claim revenge.

isnt it funny how most of us have such an endearing attachment to all things japanese. like the geishas, ayumi hamasaki, ikebana arrangement, electronics, sushi and definitely not forgetting the porn industry. japan has set itself out for global domination. they did once with their military prowess and now, by a totally different approach but with the same objective, they do it through globalisation.

well, first in line as ambassadors of asia to the world, japan stands undefeated as of yet next to its rival china. who is followed by india spreading its wings of culture, food and music.

so there's the japanese, the chinese and the indians setting out on their global dominations but then where's the malays. it cant be possible that everyone of us is standing behind every counter of Katrina's Nasi Padang or barbecuing chicken satay at Lau Pa Sat. right?

or are we?


this is turning into some dull political blog. bleah!!!!

back to my normal bimbotic entries!

so after lunch we took a walk to toys'r'us where we let our inner kid run free. kids these days are totally spoilt for choice. especially with an array of toys for boys and girls, there wont seem to be a dull moment. in my time, everyone seemed to have either a tamagotchi or a digimon or even both. but now, PSPs are like so the 'in' thing.

going through toys'r'us was like a walk back in memory lane. i remembered playing with play doh, lego, power rangers, remote control cars and game boys.

when i was young i never owned a board game or any card games. i had game boys, remote control cars and even those motorbikes that you pay $2 on to ride around for 30minutes, well, i owned one. and i remembered that after our exams, we were allowed to bring games to class. and when my friends asked me what board games i was bringing to class, i said i didnt have any. so the next day i sat at my desk playing my gameboy alone. and when anybody asked me to join in a board game, i was the odd one out. i had no clue how to play any board games or card games. not monopoly, not snakes and ladders, heck, not even old maid.

but when i did manage to learn how to play, i had so much fun. and when i got home, i begged my mum to buy me some board games like snakes and ladders. and she said to me, "who are you gonna play the board games with?"

and i thought. "oh yah ar" and i went back to my lego.

abit pathetic ar?

a n y w a y s ,

so we snapped a few pictures in the toy store.

i still felt so full and guilty from the buffet lunch that dinner was onethird of a plate of salad. hahaha!!!

later we just sat down at TCC plaza singapura and chatted the hours away while i happily sipped on my minty mocha.

todays been such a happy leisurely time i tell you.

i liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike!!!

ps: saw my eye candy today. yep. still cute!




Sunday, May 06, 2007

hello public

somethings wrong with blogger!!!

the whole layout thingy has become retarded and its like so frustrating to blog like this.


i've been gone for 2 weeks, which felt like 2 months actually, but now that i'm back, its time to have some fun!!

since i was released on a thursday night at 11pm. that doesnt really gimme much of an opportunity to enjoy the rest of my thursday. well, then i guess, i should just tuck in early so i go out the whole day tmr.

the feeling of sleeping in my own bed is waaaaaaaaay better as compared to the one in camp. i love pillows and in camp, i only get one but then at home i get to enjoy the comfort of all my 6 pillows while sleeping under my 400 threadcount quilt.

soooooooo nice!!!

anyways, so the next day i met up with sharif who needed to do a 'back-to-school' shopping spree. and you know what, his grandmother complained to his mom that sharif has nothing to wear and always wears the same things. and so his mum passed him a huge lump sum of money for him to get clothes for school. can u imagine that?!

never. and i highlight this boldly, NEVER in my life has my mum ever told me or complained in anyway that i had a lack thereof of apparels. and NEVER has she suggested or implied giving me a huge lump sum of money to be spent on clothes.

and i donno why?

and so when i reached home the next day. i related the story to my mum and hinted that probably me too could be happier from such a benefit.

and she gave me that look. you know, that 'yah-right!' look. and said, "your 2 wadrobes are already almost bursting at the hinges and you tell me that you dont have anything to wear''



oh wells. maybe i should try this question on my dad when he gets home instead.


so we went to peninsular plaza to do the shopping. peninsular plaza is like sharif's shopping haven cause he's abit fleshy and the clothes there are for catered to full figured people.

and so the shopping begins and you know what, within 1 hour, his shopping there is done. and he spent up to $200.

and i spent at least 3hrs looking for one shirt. lol!

anyways, so we just walked ard city hall area and i showed him the wallet i wanted to get from Guess. he says its nice, but i still have my reservations. hmm.


then we shopped ard somemore and i saw this back that i've been eyeing and sharif likes it as well. but thank god he likes the brown leather one while i simply jadore the the jet black leather carryall. and so we each got one for ourselves. Yippie!! lets say i get bored with my black bag, i can always suggest a little swap with sharif. hahah!!

after all that walking we got tired and decided to have a late tea session at swensens where i gobbled down the ultra blissful yet sinful apple crumble.

bliss on the lips only goes to the hips!!

met up with 3SGT wilson who was my bunkmate in tekong, shortly after sharif left. i was forced to watch spiderman 3. oh the horror!! i'm not really a fan of the nerd in tights spitting out cumshots from his wrist. but then after sitting through 2 hours of it. it wasnt that bad afterall.

3/5 stars for spiderman 3. i just felt that it was retarded of him to say 'i forgive you' to the sandman and let him free instead of smacking his head into smithereens. and the show had a lot of 'trying to be nice' to the villains. omg! like who wrote the script? gandhi?

that was it for friday.

on saturday,

(this is starting to sound like a day to day journal but then i really have nothing to blog about so endure with me okay)

went to the library in the afternoon. the whole place was crawling with kids having the blast of their life playing catch. there were also numerous teenagers littered everywhere studying for exams. so unconducive for my quiet library time lor.

so i manage a quick one and was out with some books to entertain me in camp in the coming week.

in the evening, met up with my favourite poly projectmate, winnie for a catch up session. we had dinner at this nice cafe located in a florist at vivocity. i had one of the best tasting lasagna ever. the overflowing cheese was so gooood!!!

shopped for a while later and bought two tops. one from River Island and another cute one from Pull and Bear.

decided to have a nice walk afterwards at clarke quay. i love walks especially after meals cause it aids digestion and its always therepeutic for me. like very stress relieve. hahaha!!

after a lot of walking, we decided to chill out at Fashion Bar at The Cannery for a drink. the place looks really gorgeous. i love the cushion walls. so we chatted about our lives while sipping on 'Sex on the runway' for me and a 'Virgin Madras' for she. mine was abit strong but that was goood. i like!!!

so after alot of chatting and fotosnapping we decided to call it a day since it was getting abit late.

a friend of mine called and ask me to join him for a wonderful night clubbing at Play but unfortunately i already had plans for the night/morning. i would soooooooo love to go!!! if only you informed me earlier!!

nvm, next time that.

well on to sunday,

nothing much happened. i went to cut my hair and my hairstylist is so cute!! droolz!!!


okay guys. thats it for this entry. abit wordy and very longwinded. i'll try harder next time.

ps: paris hilton might be going to jail for 45 days. so exciting!!


Friday, May 04, 2007

hello public

"I don't know why you love me
You catch me when I fall
Accept me flaws and all
And that's why I love you"

i'm back from my 2 long weeks of being caged up in the national safari and finally i get to see the face of the one i missed.

i'm so happy!


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

hello public

its feels like forever since i last updated. but in actual fact, its been only slightly more than a week.

due to a certain unmentionable activity, i'm stuck in my godforsaken national safari.

oh blimey!

but i did manage to sneak into the computer lab for a little update. just for you guys!!

(cue the 'Aww!!')

alright i gotta run, just in case someone notices i'm missing.