Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jewel - Chime Bells (Encore - Live)

Jewel - Chime Bells

O M G!!!

i was in awe watching this. her voice is so pure and when she starts yodelling towards the end of the song, i was blown away.

you have got to watch this talent!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

hello public

dont give me that look. yes, THAT look. the one that says 'you bloody made me wait 2 weeks for another entry'. obviously, i know that a video of nicole scherzinger's sexay writhing body while shaking her ka-doink-doinks will not count as a proper entry. although probably a picture of high school musical's vanessa hudgen's va-jay-jay might sprout out a nice entry.

still. i was busy alright. with a teeny weeny bit of lazy too. FINE! a whole lot of lazy then since you had to roll your eyes. i do still have camp to keep me mostly occupied and then also an event that i'm planning and a website that i'm doing up.

busy busy. so you know, whenever i get that little free time, i'd like to spend my special bonding moments with my tub of ben&jerrys in front of the telly.

i do have to maintain my plus-size figure mind you.

you know, after watching america's next top model on channel 5. i BELIEVE that its okay to be obese. all you need to do is call yourself nicer names. like P L U S S I Z E .

exactly like the words on the box says, one is DEFINITELY not enough.

no more donuts?! noooooooooooo!

talking about maintaining my voluptuous silhouette, it isnt that hard when you have a love affair with donuts. especially with a Munchy Donut store right smack next to your camp.

the yummilicious donuts!!

i love especially the strawberry one and the white chocolate cinnamon.

and the oreo one too!! but they were all sold out when i was there. =(

so everytime i have 'nights out', which is a national safari term for like freedom from camp for around 6hours on week night, i'd always pop by the store like an eager prick next to a cha cha.

step 1: enjoy how yummy they all look together.

step 2: think real deeply which donut will be your next choice.

"hmm, decisions decisions''

step 3: enjoy the orgasmic donut with your most shiok face.

note: that isnt my orgasm face btw. i look waaaaaaay better when i'm having my orgasm. just so you know.

and after that me, and my nights out buddies Ahza, Izwan and Bul will then make our way to somewhere else to shop around and have dinner.

with Ahza while waiting for the rest.

this time around we went to city hall and dined at this, which i dont think i'll be paying a visit anytime soon unless i really have to, sakura thai restaurant.

the food was kinda sucky, service was non existent and ambience felt like being at a roadside stall with the luxury of aircon.

do you see the poster beside me?

"customers patronised sakura restaurants every year? WHY?"

my answer is on the poster itself, the bold "WHY?"

but nevertheless, i thought of the poor kids in africa and gulp down my plate of seafood crispy noodles. isnt it just sad how they have yet to see the light of dolce gabbana.

anyways, and so we walked ard and soon later, which felt like really really soon, we had to make our way back to national safari camp.

i hate camp.

so yeah. thats kinda it for this entry right now. gotta go help my mum make onde-onde to bring to our family gathering later. y'all take care. till then,


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nicole Scherzinger - Whatever U Like

Nicole Scherzinger - Whatever U Like

yep, thats the lead singer of pussycat dolls and she has gone solo. and now this song is stuck in my head.

the chorus is amazingly hard to forget. and the video is sexaaay!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

hello public

i know daahlings, its been like eons since i last updated this blog with something worthy of your precious 10minutes. but the luxury of offs and leaves during my ever taxing while in the national safari only begs me to lull till oblivion.

these 2 weeks of pure liberation from conformity only leads to my hedonism. as such, days are either spent frolicking with friends or just simply in torpidity.

do pardon my use of grandiose phrases as it has been so blardy long since i've used my brain and i just need a little stretching of my vocabulary.

well, i've decided to put off or presumably take a little break from my constant blogging to enjoy my holiday away from work, which in fact, this blogging thingy is starting to feel just a bit like work, just that i'm not getting paid. so here i am back to post of the few random pictures hanging around in my "to blog" folder.

firstly there was my little walkabout in town with my tekongmate wilson. as usual, as most of you who shop with me knows, i highly scrutinize every single thing i buy. i'll go into a shop, complain of the lack thereof of merchandise to purchase. then go into another shop, see something nice, try it on, and whine about the color, the cutting, the design and how it makes me look o b e s e and then pass it back to the sales staff and continue whining about having nothing to buy and that everything looks horrid while proceeding on to the next store.

yep, and you know what, i'd always end up instead at an eating place packing on those pounds that i minutes ago was complaining about. and this time was no different. me and wilson ended up most of our time in Vi'lage at heerens.

wilson was fiddling with my phone and found out i had this sephia function on my camera. i know, i'm like such a technology dummy. anyways, so exciting! i took like a lot of shots but i'll reduce it to one so you dont feel a stronger sensation to puke.

i'm a cowboy! YEE HA!

then there was this other time where i told my good friend sharif, lets be courageous. lets brave through the humidity, the young ah bengs and ah lians and the mats and minahs and try to find the jem amongst the rubbish of a place i call Bugis Village.

just looking at the place makes me sweaty.

guess what happened again since i couldnt find anything to buy?

lets eat.

since i was craving japanese, we decided to pop by sakae sushi.

once again, all i got out of from this place was just sweat. which i hope contributed to a significant calorie loss. i can only hope. but then i spoil it all with sushi. but sushi is healthy right?uhmm.

and then another time, i decided to just say fuck it to shopping. this time around lets try something different. and since the movie Hairspray was recently released and this cajoled my undying love for musicals and zac efron (lets ignore this little passing phase of mine), i decided to catch the movie with my neighbour fara.

i know i have this tendency to have that 'act cute' face. but i swear to god, i wasnt even acting. i DO look that 'act cute' in real life. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! >.<"'

well then, lets call it a day for now, i still have a couple hundred more photos in my ''to blog'' folder but then lets just save it for another time.

till then, take care and remember, alijoelovesyouifloveshimtoo!!


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Amy Winehouse Back to Black

Amy Winehouse - BAck to Black

i love this song to death. its been on repeat on my creative zen. and the video is so old hollywood chic.

yes yes, i know i've been posting only videos lately. but i'll do a proper update soon,either tonight or tmr okays.

until then, you guys take care.

and wishing all my muslim friends and readers a fruitful fasting month.


Monday, September 10, 2007

hell public

yes yes. i know i haven been blogging. do bear with it for a while. i wanna enjoy my little break first. but dont worry, i'll blog something down by the end of this week.

till then, i'm fine and i hope so are you.


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Britney Spears - Gimme More (EXCLUSIVE) New single w/lyrics

Britney Spears - Gimme More

i am so addicted to her latest single and i cant stop playin it on youtube.

i know she's gonna rock the performance at the VMAs tonight.

or i just seriously pray she does. i'm like a closeted britney fan and i really really hope that she pulls this off.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

hello public

i'm soooooooooooooooooooooo relieved. FINALLY, the mother of all jungle training is over and done with. the whole 3days and nights of excruciating mental and mostly physical torture has definitely drained me and i've spent my entire weekend sleeping. i sleep the whole day and only wake up to eat and use the toilet. its amazing how rejuvenating sleep is to the mind and body.


some of you, as in those who reads my blog on a regular basis, probably like 2 people, might be complaining of the lack of updates. well, i've been a very lazy lazy boy. its not like there's nothing to blog about. i have folders and folders of pictures to begin with but once i open the blogger webpage, i'm stumped.

so i go back to just slacking ard again. if any of you'll have the privilege of spotting me in these 2 weeks of leave i'm having, u'll notice a considerable amount of baby fat on me. in other words, i'm like motherfucking OBESE. thats the problem with me, if i put on abit of weight, it'll first show on my face and it'll be so damn obvious.

i swear i blame it on 3tubs of ben&jerrys, the seoul garden lunches, the macdonalds breakfasts, the pizza hut dinners, not forgetting the satays and the indian rojaks. and an especially big round cheesecake i bought from coffee bean.

and you know what my mum asked? ''who's birthday?''
then i told her, ''nobody's birthday mum, i just had a little craving''.
and she replied, ''you sure u can finish the whole cake anot?''

well, lo and behold, i devoured the whole thing down within 24hours. well my parents did help with 1 slice for each of them.

and so if you see me and you think you're seeing double. well, be confirmed it definitely not a size double zero walking past. i am a lump of lard with a head, hands and legs sticking out.

so this morning, i told myself, i'm going to run. i'm gonna jog all the calories away. so some push ups and crunches. but everything was like so against me. first i couldnt decide what to wear, and then, i realised that i dont own a pair of running shoes. damn!

so i decided that i'm just gonna take a long walk instead and help my mum get some groceries from the market.

so i walked there. not bad, its like a 15 minute walk. and guess what hit me when i reached the market. there was a lot of people eating. and so i bought some tau huay, warm soya bean, nasi lemak, curry puff and chee cheong fun. hahahahahaha!!!!!

more foood!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am officially obese.

i need therapy.