Friday, June 30, 2006

Ali told me to blogged for him tonight.

He wants me to let you all know that he is coming back tomorrow.
So look out for his new entry soon yada yada yada.

ANYWAYS! I asked him if he's seen anything freaky in tekong yet. He said YES!
Ladies and Gentlemen, its naked bunk mates.


-Ali's bitch

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Of The First Book Out

hello public

i'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anybody out there misses me at least a teeny weeny bit? lol.

i survived my first 2 weeks in tekong. in fact, i found it rather fun. most might think i'm mad but i love learning new stuff everyday. ns reminds me of secondary sch where everyone are guys. my bunk mates are mostly a fun lot. and i love my room the most. it faces the sea and i have a lovely view of the coast and changi airport in the distant. its really a breathtaking view. as much as i'd love to blog alot. i'm fucking sleepy and its way way waaaaaaaaaaaay past my bedtime of 10pm. will have to book back into tekong tmr night. so i hope i can manage to blog some more before i take off for the week.

meanwhile, i bet most of you are itching to see my botak head. well, here's a pic i took today.

not bad if i may say so myself. lol. ironically, i'm enjoying this hairstyle. i love the fact that it doesnt take forever to wash my hair. i dont have to use conditioner. i dont have to spend money and time styling my hair with clay, mousse, hairspray or wadever. and of course i dont have to worry about my hair being messy. hahaha!!!

raven raven all the way!!!


Saturday, June 17, 2006


A little update on Ali's life. He says that NS is quite fun. Feels like a resort he says. Eat exercise sleep. And his room has a gorgeous view of the sea, jetty and changi airport.

Well I hope it gets tougher as the days go by. Retribution for all the times he make fun of me =)))))))

Ok i'll update again if i rem his username and password.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Of A Day With A Drum Major

hello public

you might notice a sudden gush in updates these few day. now, let me give you a little advice. dont read them all in one day. read one every two days or smthing cause you wont be seeing anymore updates for the next 2 weeks.

why you may ask??

you ever loveable writer will be off to a nearby island serving and protecting the nation. heck not even i and a can of shieldtox can save myself from a cockroach and they're expecting me to save the nation. i suggest you all get a gun or build bomb shelters instead if you want protection rather than expecting it from me or a bunch of other amateur testorone-filled (read: horny) teenage guys.

anyways, so i'm gonna blog more this 2 days cause i'm leaving on friday. i hope everything goes well for me though.

will you miss me public?

oh, i do hope so cause i definitely will miss blogging for you. =D

since i'm gonna be enslaving myself to the nation i guess i gotta get myself those nerdy black plastic framed glasses that most recruits don. i got mine from Yes! at suntec. its this super huge spectacles store in suntec that has probably thousands of spectacle frames to choose from. and the great thing about it. just choose a frame. pay at the counter. go have an ice cream or smthing. come back one hour later and your glasses done. superduper eh?

Yours truly with his new frames.

(dont u think i look like a librarian?)

alright then . hope that big ass foto of my face didnt make you gag out ur dinner though.

anyways. its been ages since i've met drum major and decided to meet up in town for a little walkabout. me and drum major have known each other since primary school. we went to the same primary school of course and was in the same class for a couple of years. went to the same secondary school where we were classmates for 4 years. and now in poly where we're in the same course for 3 years. haha. but the thing is nobody in poly knows he's my fren cause we dont look close in school. hahaha. but of course, we are extremely close. hahahahahahaa. *winks*

we had lunch at my favourite thai express at paragon. and later went to shop for presents for his fren. haha. i love shopping for presents. so i called out my inner fashion consultant and yours truly managed a gorgeous Guess purse and a chic Armani Exchange top. all this within the given budget. of course i did burst the budget by a mile but at least the presents i chose were fabulous.

walked around town later and met Lancelot and Jelly, whom are silvercity colleagues, who were shopping too. snapped a few fotos and decided to call it a day.

do send me some hugs or leave behind a few comments. i would be nice you know. =)


(blogspot sucks hardcore, i cant update more fotos to this entry. the managemment should reallylook into the matter. its irritating the fuck out of me. so you guys , jus scroll down to the next entry below to see the one more picture that i cannot upload into this entry.)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Of A Continuation of The Previous Entry

hey public


this fotos arer continuation of part of the previous entry. i have no idea why i cant seem to upload them there. i tried it for 2 days and now i give up and cant be bothered.
well here it is. and so we camwhored once again hahahha. wads new eh?


Saturday, June 03, 2006

Of A Day Out With Barney

hello public

its been one hell of a busy week. working on monday, tuesday, had terrible stomach cramps on wednesday, suppose to work on thursday but had to get an mc cause the stomach pain got more unbearable. its like those pain that comes and go. its like fucking annoying. the doctor diagnose me with mild food poisoning. friday was my last day of work. its was a nice last day but i'll blog about that another time.

anyways, a few days ago, i met up with barney and we scoured my used-to-be favourite hang out, city hall. i'm starting to find the place a tad boring nowadays.

one of my favourite hangout last time used to be at the old marina square. that place was like kinda quiet and not much people. there also used to be this really cool deserted arcade somewhere at the back where i can while hours away para para-ing. haha. i miss that place alot.

anyways, now, marina square has went through a mega revamp with big name stores like masimo duti, zara and lacoste.the place has gone bigger. but somehow, its no longer as fun as it used to be.

even with the gloss and glitter, i found it totally boring. there are however some nice food outlets and one of such has got to be the sakae sushi there. i simply j'adore that sakae outlet. its looks nicer and somehow the sushi taste better. most of my frens would probably notice that i always have craving for sushi. i love sushi but that doesnt mean i like the raw stuff. for one, i hate salmon sashimi. i do love of course tempuras and have a tender spot for handrolls which i think i kinda had 6 at this particular time.

the food was undoubtedly yummy and obviously i'll be back but sad to say nothing else in marina square tantalized me. it was all jus a blah. and so what do i do when i get bored.


as usual of course.

(damnit, i donno why but i've been trying for the past 2 days to upload more pics but i cant. suckanenepok!)