Sunday, November 26, 2006

hello public

how are you guys? i hope you are happy and well whereever you are and with whatever you're doing.

i can only hope likewise for myself.


well, there quite a number of fotos for this entry. as much as you will enjoy the fotos, dont forgot i enjoyed taking the fotos more!!!

i seriously think i should start a book titled 'Bimbotic Quotes From A Camwhore'.

*roll eyes*


time flies really fast aint it. it felt like only last week that i first step foot into bedok camp filled with so much dread and remorse and all possible negativity in the world after receiving my posting into the elite forces of the Guardsman.

that morning, on the cab from home to camp, reality finally sunk in. I'm going to be a guardman. images of dreaded torture floated in my mind like flies around a african kid.

it felt like i've gotten aids.

furthermore, being the only one from my bmt company there out of the unlucky 24 and not knowing anyone else made me feel ostracised. like a leper cast away onto an island awaiting my fate.

then they told me, we're going to brunei in one month's time. and i never guessed that brunei would be my final destination. the place where i'd be buried, eaten alive by wild animals or reptiles, fall off a clift or any other possible gruesome way of dying.

but guess wad,

i'm still here.

like i've said before, i am amaze at what i've never felt i am capable of but have finally achieve it.

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and of course i couldnt have done it with the help and encouragement of my platoon 10 mates and commanders.

from 24 it became 21.

all 21 of us who never knew each other have bonded so close over just 1 mth and made it through together.

but then of course we couldnt have done it without the guidance of our commanders. having a sword of honour officer as our Platoon Commander, Ulysees company's ex-2IC as our Platoon Commander 2, best commander award recepient as our Platoon Sergeant, hero commander award recepient as our section commander and one of the most efficient admin specialist as our sergeant.

guided by the best, we became the best.

and now, after we've bonded, its time to separate into the different company lines.

i'm gonna miss all the memorable times we had.

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and last week to comemorate our last day together, we had a lunch together at Vila'ge at Heerens. the place used to be Marche and nothing much has changed except for the signboard.



yesterday, met up with sharif as we decided to catch up over lunch. i was having a wasabe craving and so we headed to sakae suntec.

i love japanese food!!!

walked around marina later on as i wanted to check out the Creative store. have been having my eye set on this creative zen neoon 2. gorgeous little black mp4. christmas ornaments were already up and so wad else could we do but snap some pics.

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walked around for little bit and decided to have cakes and coffee at Secret Recipe. i've heard quite abit about their famous cheesecakes and how great the place is.

so i had the vanilla latte with the classic cheesecake. while sharif had the chocolate banana cake with green apple juice. after ranking the food and the service, my verdict for Secret Recipe Marina Square is ....

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nobody sat us to our seats. the menus had to be asked for. ambience wasnt great. service was without a smile. the cakes tasted blah and un-rich, a letdown especially for a cafe that raked in numerous awards. my latte was beyond bitter. the whole experience was just a letdown.

anyways, proceeded to gramaphone later on. was initially looking for a Cd by Dixie Chicks but in the end bought Fergie's The Dutchess and Rihanna's A Girl Like Me album instead cause the Dixie Chicks CD i want wasnt there.

i've been addicted to this song called Fergalicious by Fergie. its like soooooooooo catchy!!!!!!!

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met some GV frens later along the way and said hi and took some fotos.

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decided to meet up with my tekong sectionmates later on for dinner at nydc.

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it was really nice to catch up and then we had desserts at cafe cartel till late.


need to go off already. bye bye!!!

till next time,


Saturday, November 18, 2006

hello public

guess where i went again?

oh my god, i cant believe how smart you guys are getting.

so me and the girls met up for dinner at vivocity. while waiting for sheryl's arrival, i ran wild in candy empire and bought myself almost $20 worth of candy.

when i was browsing through the candy section, i heard this father telling his daughter,

"girl, these are candies, they make your teeth rot"

omigosh!! what is this dad doing? he is robbing his child out of one of the joys of childhood. didnt he watch charlie and the chocolate factory? when willy wonka was young, his father didnt allow him to eat any chocolate or candy in fear of cavities. see what he's grown up to be?

a freak!

you dont want that happening to your daughter dont you?


sheryl came(physically not erotically) and all 4 of us went trigger happy with my olympus.

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then we went to have dinner at Thai Express where i had these yummy Thai fried noodle that tasted rather sweet. the aircon there was like beyond cold and i know why. 75% of the food there is like fiery chilli padi hot hot so the aircon is there to act like the 'yin' to counter the 'yang' of the super spicy food. so the yin and yang counter off each other to create a harmony and balance.

ming bai ma?

i think me and zhang ziyi or ziyi zhang as she prefers to be called now, shares smthing in common.

i speak terrible chinese and she speaks terrible english!

''the soup is too salty!'' is the only thing she knows how to say in english.

and i only know '' ni de nenepok hen da, wo yao ni gen cuo ai ke yi ma?''
//translation : what a lovely day, care for some flowers?''


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there was this nice wading pool at the top of vivo and if only i were in slippers or sandals, i'd be running ard happily in the water. but sadly i was in shoes, so mahfan. u have to untie shoelace, take out socks, put one side where wont get wet then can go in water. after being in the water for a while, must wait for feet to dry, find a place to sit down to put on shoe, put on socks, put on shoe, tie shoelace.

wah peh! so bloody tedious!

the girls who were in slippers did went in and wiggled their toes in the stagnant water contaminated with everyone's dirty, smelly, fungal infected feet.

seeing the pool of water reminded me of brunei. whenever we pass by a stream, we'd stop to refill our bottle with stream water then we'd add this tablet that kills bacteria. then the water starts to taste like swimming pool water, not salty because everyone pees in the water taste, but that chlorine taste. urgh. i found out that the water taste nicer without the anti bacteria tablet. lol. heheX. and you know what, it was naturally cold. yay!

ppl added the anti bacterial tablet to their water, me?, i added a packet of peach tea mix! yummilicious!

oh yah, i wouldnt be giving away much about my trip to brunei with national safari due to confidentiality issues. so if you'd like to know more, and trust me, there's a whole lot of ineteresting shit, then feel free to chat me up on msn.

in case, u dont have my msn or wadever, the email add is available on my sidebar on the right column under the heading Contact Me. you can add me in friendster too!!

a little smthing on brunei. it was the first time i got to ride on a helicopter. usually i watch Apprentice and see donald trump leaving on a heli and it looks really cool!!! and so i was bloody esctatic when i founf out that we'll be heli inserted to our next location. like damn cool w0Rz!!

so we waited like 3hours for the heli. upon arrival we rushed in cause the propellor was really strong. i managed a window seat. YAY!! sure got nice view!!!

cheebye. all i saw were trees. the whole thing felt like a bus ride with a view of trees. trees here, trees there, trees everywhere. sian bo lao sai. after like 2 minutes i got soooooo bored. there werent any inflight entertainment either.


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maddie and some other peeps has asked me to compile a list of what i want for my birthday. belated birthday that is. but not to worry, i do accept belated birthday presents.

it sucks to celebrate ur birthday on the second day upon arrival brunei.

so here goes:

1) The Golden Girls vcd collection available at Gramaphone. if you guys havent watch this comedy sitcom, you simply must. its humour at its best. the show is flooded with intellectual humour, sarcasm and wit. my kind of comedy.

2) Jewel's Pieces of You album or any Dixie Chicks album. for CDs please pass them to me before end of november, if not, i'll just go and buy them myself.

3) any bodyshop products.

4) any shirt from Zara or Guess in size M. Ralph Lauren Polos would be much appreciated as well.

5) any cardigans in size S. those from Topman or Garcon are quite nice.

6) board shorts in size 32.

7) 2007 anual planner. those 1 week to 2pages kind. i dont like those 1 day to 1 page. i dont really have THAT much to write.

8) a bright green color mouse. the one for computers not those rodents.

9) sims 2 pc game.

10) decorative items i can put on my computer table.

Things to avoid:

1) i HATE soft toys.

2) never get me photo frames. i'll just give them to other people during christmas.

3) dont treat me solely to food. it only means u couldnt be bothered to make an effort to pick a present.

4) sportswear. as most of you know, the only sport i do is golf, online.

5) fragrance or scents. i'm extremely picky when it comes to parfums.

that should be a good enough list right? any further clarifications will be entertained. contact me through my message board, email, msn, or friendster.

okay. its like 2am now. sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep time.


hello public

i guess its time to at least blog something. my viewership counter has been increasing the past few days and its wierd but i feel a little oblige to provide the supply. blogging has started to feel like work instead of something i used to find therepeutic or enjoyable.

probably just another phase i'm going through.

the nearing 3 weeks in brunei has made me reflect much on life. my life. not yours or those poor starving kids in africa's.

when i look back and reminisce all i see is a big void. all i feel is a big void. all i am is a big void.

urgh. fuck it.

the readers dont want to read my emo stories. shut the fuck up ali joe and move on with your bimbotic blog entries!


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

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just like the dove
i spread my wings
and fly away

what happens then?