Sunday, August 27, 2006

Of Ms A, Maddie, Duckie, Tyler & Pineapple

hello public

Those days of love are gone
Our time is through
Still I burn on and on
All of my life only for you

From now
Until forever
And ever, my darling
You will always be the only one

As long as I shall live
I'll hold you dear
And I will reminisce
Of our love all through the years

If you should ever need me
Unfailingly, I will return to your arms
And unburden your heart
And if you should remember

That we belong together
Never be ashamed
Call my name
Tell me I'm the one you treasure

And ever, my darling
You will always be the only one


went to watch Click today. its been eons since i've last been to a cinema. i'm not really a fan of going to the big screens. firstly, i think that paying close to $10 for a ticket is a tad exorbitant. furthermore, with the prices of knick knacks sold being highy elevated, a simple trip to the cinema for 2 with food and drinks included might easily reach $40. also, i dont enjoy the fact that i'm watching a movie while squeezing next to strangers.

however, i received a couple of complimentary passes from golden village and decided to ask my neighbour, Ms Architect, along for a movie. she wanted to watch click so i went along with it since i've heard good reviews from my friends. the show is abit like Bruce Almighty which starred jim carrey which is about being able to control our life and destiny. in bruce almighty, jim carrey took a taste of how it felt to be god and being able to control his life and circumstances. in Click, adam sandler had a remote control that could control his life. towards the ending of the movie it was really touching. Ms A. who was sitting beside me kept sobbing non stop. lol!!! the message the movie was trying to put across was that 'always put family first'.

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yesterday, i met up with maddie for a little shopping trip. its been a while since i've met up with maddie cause she's working and i'm serving the nation. thus, our schedules keep clashing. but we managed to slot in a few hours for us to have lunch and shop. in the end i bought..
# synthetic woven leather belt
# Paris Hilton's debut album
# Jewel's This Way album
# Jewel's Goodbye Alice In Wonderland album
# Neil Humphreys's Final Notes From A Great Island
# top from Zara
# lunch at Yoshinoya
# peach smoothie from Cafe Galilee

maddie had to leave slightly before dinner as she was meeting up with her frens to watch Womad at Fort Canning. sounds cool.

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walked around town by myself for a while as i was waiting for Duckie for dinner. caught bits of the beatbox competition that was held in front Wisma Atria. one of the judges was xiaxue and she looked really hot. but then, she had piles of makeup on and her fake eyelashes were simply overwhelming.

anyways, duckie came later and we proceeded to shaw towers for our dinner at a restaurant called The Ship. along the way, saw our fren Tyler and since her fren abandoned her last minute for dinner, we asked her along to join us.

the service was great, the ambience fantastic and the food was good. i will definitely make a return visit. so after dinner, we walked around town for a while till somewhere around 10pm where i had another fren to meet up with. and so i bade farewell and made my move first.

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met up with Pineapple and we updated each other about our lives over frappucinnos topped with whipped cream at starbucks. it was way past my bedtime and decided to head for home as i was getting a tad tired. on the way home, my fren, Spikey gave me a call and asked me along to Zouk. as tempting as Cosmic Gate sounded. i was way tired and the thought of my bed was more appealing to me as compared to shaking my thang on the dancefloor.

that'll be it this time. take care guys.


Saturday, August 26, 2006

Of Leadership Camp

hello public

its been a while since i did a proper entree. 2 weeks to be exact. truth is, yours truly hasnt been in his best of moods lately. some have noticed my lacklustre and questioned. i'll just smile and tell you everything's fine when it isnt. i'm just hoping i can get through this depressing phase. i'll keep telling myself that everything's alright. nothing last forever. i shall be fine. afterall, am i not Mr Happy, oui?

anyway, emo matters aside. i shall blog about my life in the little island of tekong. had a little stint in the jungle for 3 days and 2 nights. it was some sort of a leadership camp where we are allocated in groups of 15 with people we dont really know. and then, assigned roles which mine coincidentally happened to be a medic. which means that i have to walk around with a strecher and bandages in my backpack.

the whole idea of this leadership camp is to see how you can work under pressure and see whether ur brain can still function when u're really tired. and luckily for me, i did. what we had to do was walk into the jungle and there would be stations set up. we had to complete 6 missions in day. a mission would be like lets say theres a bridge and the middle part has been blown off and u got a few pieces of wood thats not long enough. at one side of the bridge is a victim that got shot in the chest. so the task is to get some men accross the bridge, bandage the victim up and put him on the strecher, then cross back to the other side of the bridge and then propell everybody down the bridge(ard 2 stories high) using ropes.

as a medic i had to save victims, bandage them up, put them on the stretcher. i found it to be really fun. my group name was alpha and for two days in a row we completed all the missions fast and was the first to reach back to the starting point. i thoroughly had an enjoyable time. but it was really hot and when u look up, there's like no clouds in the sky. so its was extremely fucking hot.

alright. i think i shall stop here for now. i really need to sleep. i'll leave u with a picture of me and my bunkmates, meaning those sharing the same room as me.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Of La Bella Vitta

hello public

i'd like to believe
that someone's watching over me
and i'd like to believe
that god's listening to me

i'll get through each day
digging through the bad ones
to get to the good ones
not that i'm keeping score anyway

and this is my
la bella vita
the beautiful life
the only thing certain is that everything changes
the lows and the highs
and all the goodbyes
as hard as it gets
i know i can still be glad
to be alive
its a beautiful life

i tell myself things
dont walk in the shadows
there's always tommorow
and i'm right where i wanna be


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Of Singapore & Friends

hello public

i hope its not too late to wish my beloved sunny island a...

Happy 41st Birthday!!!!!

i'd use this opportunity and time to blog about what i love about Singapore.

i love how safe and secure Singapore is. it's great knowing that you wont get mugged or robbed when walking in a quiet road or get raped while walking alone in the middle of the night. singapore is one of the country in the world with the lowest crime rates. but then, according to all those posters you find at your void deck noticebboards, low crime doesnt mean no crime. so technically you'd have to be sibeh suay to meet with such an unfortunate situation.

i love the myriad variety of food available in singapore. from the readily and easily available local fanfare to exotic foreign delicasies. there's never a need to travel to japan for sushi, thailand for tom yam or france for escargo. singapore would be the last place on earth to die of starvation.

i love singlish. if the french and the japanese are so anal about using their language, why must we be embarassed by a language that represents harmony. to me singlish represents unity and harmony. its a common language understood by locals which contains a mixture of every race's dialect and mother tongue. singaporeans of diffrent race, language and religion can all unite harmoniously in one language they can understand. one people, one nation, one singapore, one language, singlish.

i love how singapore is a garden city. its really great how fast we are advancing and sometimes leaders in technology. ours is a vibrant city that keeps up with times. but when u think of a city and technology, all that comes to mind would be metallic architechture and dull grey buildings. but singapore has managed to infused flora and fauna into this tiny IT island. not only is it pleasing to the eyes but these plants also help to make our air fresher.

i love education system in singapore. i know a lot may complain about how the education system here is extremely rigid and deters creativity. but thats a price we have to pay for ordeliness and structure. also, nowadays the government is trying to make the education system more practical based rather than theory which i feel is really good. to me i feel that our education system is almost reaching world class.

talking about world class. another thing i love about singapore is that we have a world class government. of course our government is rigid and strict. of course there might be little freedom of speech and actions. the singapore system is a highly systematic one. but then this is what is necessary for singapore to continuously improve economically and socially.

and last but not least. i love how singapore is a home to me, my family and my friends. singapore is like rojak. every different person is like those different type of stuff in the rojak, the cucumber, the you char kway. and we are all bounded together by the black sauce which to me represents stuff unique to singapore like singlish or the food and so on. once all those char kways and stuff are covered by black sauce, everything looks the same. everyone is rojak, nobody is jus char kway alone or cucumber alone. everyone is one.

talking about freinds. i met up with some of the bestest friends anyone can have in the wor .and of course we had a great time. undoubtedly. i shall end it here with pictures i took that day. i have to make a move now. need to prepare to book in camp soon.

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thats it for now, take care.


Of Going Out With Girls

hello public

a lot of people have been wondering how come most of my friends are of the fairer sex. everytime i do up a pictorial update, most of the fotos will include a female, either in groups or individuals. if you have a misconception that i am a p.i.m.p. then thats just plain funny.

so why do i have so many female friends? well, thats because i came from the school of business with a ratio of 1guy: 4girls. furthermore in my class of 13 people, only 2 were guys, inclusive of me. so technically most of my friends are female.

also i feel that girls make better going out buddies that guys do. cause most guys dont really like to go out and shop. they rather sit at home and play some retarded computer game than be walking around orchard road. to add on, most guys make really boring shopping buddies. if you suggest shoping, the only places they'd think about are adidas and nike or probably some IT gadget store.

for the record, i am definitely no IT geek. in fact, i am almost IT incompetent. i only use my computer for 3 things, namely, blog, msn and reading up hollywood entertainment sites. in fact the most high tech thing i own would be my digicam. i still remember that time when i wanted to get this wire thingy that u attach to your house phone so that when somebody uses the fone, you wont get disconnected from internet. i went to the shops and sounded probably like a moronic bimbo to the sales personnel cause i had no clue how to explain what it was since i didnt know what it was called. in the end i left funan empty handed cause nobody understood wad i wanted to get and i got irritated having to explain what it was.

so you see public, i'm not a very IT person. and if you've noticed as well, i rarely wear anything sporty or anything that came from a sport shop . you see all these guys wearing jerseys and all those whatnots that adidas and nike creates. its like so common. totally lacking the individuality factor.

girls on the other hands, knows where the bargains are and knows what looks good on guys. and the best thing is they enjoy shopping. and it makes it more fun. girls are also more animated characters as compared to all those dull guys who try to maintain their cool factor. thats like so, whatever. thus, i find it more fun to go out with girls as compared to guys. but this doesnt apply to all guys of course. there are some friends of mine and i'm sure many guys out there who are not the clones of the stereotypical guy.

anyways, lets get back to normal entries. some time back, i met up with a friend of mine whom i shall adress as Miss Architect(ms a.). i got to know ms a. back in my poly days during my chinese classes. she was the first person in the class who initiated a conversation with me and we soon later became friends. found out also that ms a. lives jus a few blocks away from me. and to think i've never seen her before in my small tomato town. tsk tsk.

and so we decided to meet up to hang out in town. of course, it was fun. there was never a dull moment around. especially with yours truly around. muahaha!

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thats it for this entry. might do another entry tmr if i find the time. till then, you guys take care.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Of Field Camp

hello public

i now have a high respect for those contestants on Survivor. i used to think that these people were really stupid and dumb to put themselves through such torture for the sake of one million dollars. well, i still do think so.

then what respect am i talking about if i think that these people are out of their minds?

well, having been through my own 7 day Survivor. i know how uncomfortable life must have been for these contestants.

if you're wondering what i'm talking about, it's field camp. for 7 days, you learn how to be the modern age tarzan. u get up, close andpersonal with nature. as in being 2centimetres away at most from the nearest insect.

personally i'm impressed with myself at how well i managed to cope with survival in the jungle. for someone who cringes at the sight of spiders and rather die than use that filthy koptiam toilet, i took to field camp suprisingly well.

aside from not having a proper shower for 7 days, not brushing my teeth for 7 days and having to dig a hole before i shit in the open, field camp had many beautiful memories too.

for the first time in my life i saw fireflies. i was beyond euphoria when i had my first encounter. it was really beautiful. they looked like flies on fire.

also, being in a forest, there's like extremely low light polution unlike mainland singapore. and visibility rate of seeing stars are really high.i'm talking about those stars in the skies not those on caldecott by the way. and so there i was lying on the hard clay-ey ground while staring into the dark night sky filled with stars. it was truly an awe experience for me which left me speechless.

foodwise, we survived on mostly disgusting rations that has been pre packed. for the first time too i learnt to eat maggie mee without cooking it. it desnt taste that bad straight from the packet. and how do you drink 3in1 packet drinks when u dont have a cup or hot water? well, jus pour some of the powder in ur mouth and pour some water from ur bottle in ur mouth and gargle to mix. wierd but edible.

well well. field camp was definitely a memorable time. of course there were goods and bads but we treasure the good and learn from the bad. and so life goes on.

thats it for now. might do a short pictorial update later before i leave back for camp at 7pm.