Sunday, July 06, 2008

hey everybody

the new song i have playing on my blog right now is a cover of David Tao's Just Friends done by my NS friend, Leon. some of you people might recognise him from Project Superstar. i'm a big fan of this song and after hearing Leon's incessant singing non stop throughout my 1yr plus in Guards camp (and 1 month of sleeping next to him in Brunei) , i'm sure he'll do a fantastic job for this song.

so before i ORD, i made a special request for him to sing for me this song. and he DID! and sent me the mp3 of it.


i damn happy la!

thanks Leon!!!!

for those with insatiable appetite to listen to more of his songs, you can visit his blog.

Click here for Leon's Blog.

please click on my advertisement link. thanks.


ali joe

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