Saturday, October 30, 2004

Do you ever think about me?
Do you ever cry yourself to sleep?
In the middle of the night when you're awake,
Are you calling out for me?

Do you ever reminisce?
I can't believe in nothing like this
I know it's crazy
How I still can feel your kiss

It's been six months, eight days, twelve hours
Since you went away
I miss you so much and I don't know what to say
I should be over you
I should know better but it's just not the case
It's been six months, eight days, twelve hours
Since you went away

Do you ever ask about me?
Do your friends still tell you what to do?
Every time the phone rings,
Do you wish it was me calling you?

Do you still feel the same?
Or has time put out the flame?
I miss you
Is everything okay?

It's hard enough just passing the time
When I can't seem to get you off my mind
And where is the good in goodbye?
Tell me why, tell me why

hmm.. most of my friends say i have changed.. they say i m not as happy and jovial as i used to be.. they say i've toned down a whole lot.. a whole whole lot.. have i changed? i think i have.. but is it for the better or worse? they say a person's personality changes as he deals with crisis and past experiences.. has life changed me? i've yet to know.. i've yet to know who i am.. changes are bound to occur in life.. do we accept it, embrace it or jus run away from it? do we face to reality or do we hide in our own dream world and hope that everything's gonna be ok.. but the fact is that reality is harsh and cruel and we choose to be in our comfort zone.. but this dream world of ours will perish one day when reality takes over... any moment anything can change..

i had a chat with a friend yesterday.. a good serious chat.. and its not easy to have a serious conversation with me because i m the type that bottles up and only a few people are capable of opening the tight cover.. we chated about life.. he says i've changed.. he missed the old me.. i missed the old me too.. anyway, but chatting with him made me feel better.. i've found reasons and solutions.. i was confused and now i've straightened things out.. most of it that is..

my clairvoyance is interfering in my life.. i can sense auras.. and when i look around me, i see a lot of fake smiles.. it brings me down.. but i've got to learn to control it.. if i see fake smiles, i choose not to surround myself in them in fear of getting that disease.. life is short.. i should learn to embrace it and be happy.. simple pleasure in life is wad i choose to obtain from now on..

any moment anything can change

Friday, October 29, 2004


thanx to all those ppl who sent their well wishes.. i love you too.. =)

but i m still waiting for one more... ms yah yah hippie.. =(

went out with sharif today... play arcade.. won a wallet with bear designs on it at a game.. watched a movie called yesterday once more.. lovely romance show.. had food at sakae sushi.. had ice cream at crepes and creme.. went home.. nice day

I'm an angel, I'm a devil
I am sometimes in between
I'm as bad it can get
And good as it can be

Sometimes I'm a million colors
Sometimes I'm black and white
I am all extremes
Try figure me out, you never can

There's so many things I am
I am special
I am beautiful
I am wonderful
I'm powerful
Sometimes I'm miserable
Sometimes I'm pitiful
But that's so typical of all the things I am

I'm someone filled with self-belief
I'm haunted by self-doubt
I've got all the answers
I've got nothing figured out

I like to be by myself
I hate to be alone
I'm up and I am down
But that's part of the thrill

Part of the plan
Part of all of the things I am
I'm a million contradictions
Sometimes I make no sense
Sometimes I'm perfect
Sometimes I'm a mess
Sometimes I'm not sure who I am

i am ali

Tuesday, October 26, 2004



for the lovely early birthday presents.. love you guys lots..

anyways.. i haven been doing proper updates lately due to stress over 'studying' my accounts paper.. and finally i had the paper today.. hmm.. well i soo look forward to planning my timetable as a forward module student next semester.. lol...

i m looking forward to going out on thursday after my CB exam with sharif.. we gonna go many places and take lots of fotos.. haha.. yay.. but i was really hoping my other two frens could make it too.. but apparently they are busy with exams too.. haiz.. nvm la.. but they promise after exams will go out with me.. so i m waiting for then too.. haha..

i saw my japanese gerl n her bf, toro hugging today.. i didnt feel any emotions though... hmm.. maybe i've gotten over her... or maybe i jus got numb.. lol.. nvm la.. i've moved on.. i think..


only got one day to study for my consumer behaviour paper this thursday.. hope i can pass this..


Sunday, October 24, 2004


A Singaporean was on holiday in Malaysia. He was having his coffee, croissants, bread, butter & jam at the hotel's coffee house. A Malaysian man who was chewing gum, sat down next to him & started a casual conversation.

Malaysian : "You Singaporeans eat the whole bread?"
Singaporean : "Of course."
Malaysian : "We don't. In Malaysia, we only eat what's inside. The crusts we collect in a container, recycle it, transform them into croissants & sell them across to Singapore.."

The Malaysian then had a smirk on his face while the Singaporean listened in silence.

Malaysian : "Do you eat the jam with the bread?"
Singaporean : "Of course."
Malaysian (chuckling) : "We don't.. In Malaysia, we eat fresh fruit for breakfast, then we put all the peels, seeds & other left-overs in a container, recycle them, transform them into jam, before we sell it across to Singapore.."

This time, the Singaporean retorted: "Do you have sex in Malaysia?"
Malaysian : "Why, of course we do"
Singaporean : "Do you wear protection"
Malaysian : "Of course! We wear condoms."
Singaporean : "And what do you do with the condoms once you've used them?"
Malaysian : "We throw them away, of course."
Singaporean : "We don't. In Singapore, the government secretly puts them in a container, recycle them, melt them down into chewing gum & sell them across to Malaysia, & that's the real reason why we banned chewing gum in Singapore."

Saturday, October 23, 2004

i had my chinese semester one exam today.. the teacher obviously is mad setting half the paper in chinese characters.. my favourite part of the exam was the comprehension which was in full chinese characters and we have to answer questions which was also in chinese characters... it was fun except for two parts.. one, i have no idea wad the passage was about.. and two, i have no idea wad the questions were saying.. the next fun part was the multiple choice.. they gave us words.. it was either find the chn characters for the hanyu pinyin or find the hanyu pinyin for the chn character.. well.. obviously i couldnt have had more fun playing eenie meenie minie mo.. well, i dont wan to mention about the rest of wad was inside the paper cause they were jus crap..

after the chinese paper, i went to town to return my library books, buy some stationeries and also get my hair dye.. why do they have to position macdonalds and bread talk together jus beside the mrt.. it smells heavenly.. but apparently it doesnt if u're fasting.. so i jus walked past.. i hate going into watsons.. surely one of their sales person will come up to me and ask whether i m looking for facial wash... -_____-""".. its that the only thing they sell.. sheesh.. how sensitive can they be.. i remember last time when i was at watsons with my friend who was kinda big boned a.k.a. fat, i was browsing thru the slimming products and guess who they approached.. nope.. not the one browsing thru the products [ me] but intead my fren.. how insensitive can they be..

anyway.. i find it ironic when they get old people with saggy wrinkly skin to sell O LAY face revitalising products..

bought my stuff and i left.. went back to the train station and have to brave thru the smells of food.. haha.. ooh.. guess who i saw at orchard train station??.. this guy called haizad from singapore idol.. he was the extremely handsome malay guy [this part sounds gay] who only made it till the wild card round.. u noe wad.. he didnt look that extremely handsome in real life.. must be make up on tv or smthing.. haha... andhis friends were good looking too.. haha.. okok.. anyway.. in the train i saw this couple publicly displaying their affection on the train.. i dont actually like it.. cause i find it kinda disturbing for some ppl to have to bear it.. its like imagine standing next to a person kissing.. it jus feels awkward.. anyway.. wad made the situation a puking worth while was that this couple was an oversized couple in other words fat la.. this wasnt the worst part yet.. here comes the next gross part.. they were very terrible dressed.. wad i meant was dat the girl was wearing a spaggeti top and super tight black leather skirt [wonder how she gets blood circulation through] and the guy was wearing a sleeveless top accessorized with an extremely bushy armpit and shorts.. and here comes thw worst part.. amidst all the wobbly parts of their bodies.. they were necking and the girl was whinily giggling.. tian ar!!! pass the bucket quick i need to puke..

thank god they left after the third stop..

reached home and now on my computer.. gonna dye my hair maybe later.. wonder how it turns out.. must start studying my accounts tonight.. i fear failing and repeating one whole semester for it.. sigh.. but for now.. i'll go play the sims.. haaha...

ps : my birthday is in 5 more day.. 28 oct.. so start saving money yah...


Thursday, October 21, 2004

i m PMSing.. woke up today with a bad bad dream.. dreamt that i was at my japanese girl's wedding ceremony.. she looked pretty and happy.. hmmph.. cant i have nicer dreams.. woke up at one.. studied CB for 2hrs.. watched tv all the way till 7.. broke fast.. watch singapore idol.. i have lost all hope for any of the contestant... its a show no longer worth watching.. its jus a mockery of Singapore's musical talents.. i dare say we have better talents than wad is on stage.. and those supporters are recklessly blind.. the top 12 should be casted for tv shows auditions instead of singing.. cause they look good only.. i cant stand the judges's useless and mindless comments that lack lustre.. i cringe when most of the singers go out of pitch and choose the worse songs ever.. who cares about olinda wearing a dress.. who cares about sylvester being suck a 'rock' person that he cant even carry an aerosmith song.. who cares about christopher lee's smile, daphne too cute voice, maia screaming 'i m a whore cum slut' on stage, who cares about leandra weak voice and who cares if taufik is malay.. apparently a whole lot of dumb singaporeans do.. these dumb singaporeans who waste their 50cents voting.. its retarded.. i jus watched the champion on channel 8.. i wan a body like qi yuwu.. i wan a face like toro.. lol.. where are my plastic surgeons.. tsk tsk..


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

today i woke up at 12.30.. jus lazed ard till 1.30... got ready and left home at 2.. was to meet sharif at plaza singapura cinema... decided to watch 2046... this chinese show that had zhang ziyi and takuya kimura in it.. heard good reviews from a fren, gary phua.. so we watched.. i loved the costumes and the acting in the show... BUT.. the show was like hardcore literature.. i had no idea wad was going on..

basically the show had two major parts to it... the first part was alot of sex... humping and creaking of the bed was everywhere.. ppl kissed each other like they were sucking the life out of the person... second part was deja vu irony... stuff repeated many time like over the years and it was ironic in most scenes.. i would say the show was nice if only i understood it better..

the show lasted for 2 hrs.. after that i was freaking bored.. so we went down to x zone.. played some samurai game.. then we played a daiko drum game.. bishi bashi... and lastly, my favourite game of all.. para para 2nd mix.. hahaha.. fun.. its been so long since i played and i still haven loose my touch after all this while.. haha.. so went little india to break fast later..

found this lovely chappati stall which i see everybody is eating from.. so bought two chapatis and a keema(ground mutton curry) while sharif bought 3 chapati.. happily eat.. yummy.. very nice.. then we went walk walk.. got the deepavali lights and bazaar... bought some indian sweets... yummy.. except for one.. its called a halwa.. taste like lard which is sweet.. with bits of nuts in it.. gross...

so walk ard.. went mustafa centre.. was looking for a belt.. but couldnt find one... but i spotted a nice bow tie.. haha.. but never buy.. haha.. in the end.. some ppl wanted to rush home early.. so left for home at 9.40... reached home and now enjoying my lovely indian sweets.. yummy.. and drinkin grass jelly that mummy made..

in the olden days if someone had a secret, they would climb up a mountain.. carve a hole in a tree and tell their secret in that hole.. after that.. cover the hole with mud.. then nobody would noe of the secret.. this was smthing i learned from the story 2046..

Why does the rain fall from the sky?
How can a sugar pill take this pain away?
I should have known that you would break my heart.
You've ended something that didn't have a chance to start.

Put out the stars. Rub out the sky.
Look to the future. Wipe the teardrop from my eye.
Shut out the sun. Put out the light.
Want you to tell me how you're gonna make it right.


Monday, October 18, 2004

a whole day wasted.. i woke up at 2pm.. haha.. watched tv.. went to supermarket with mumzie to look for stuff to cook for break-fast later.. reach home.. watched tv and played the sims till break fast.. mumzie cooked fish and chips with loads of salad.. yummz.. i love salad.. haha.. then now on com again.. haiz.. i donno when i gonna start studying sia..

tmr, i m going out with sharif... going watch 2046.. its a chinese show.. watching it at PS.. it will be like 2 hungry souls watching a movie without popcorn and nachos.. sucky.. but never mind.. after the show, we go little india to break-fast.. they got the deepavali bazaar now on.. so maybe got nice food there oso... haha.. sounds like a fun filled day... okok.. i got to go.. america next top model starting.. haha..

kk.. good luck to those doing the presentation tmr.. i will be there.. mentally in my dreams.. haha.. nitez..

Saturday, October 16, 2004

my birthday is in 12 days time as of today.. jus gonna have a little gathering with my closest of the most closest frens.. maybe a seoul garden, fish n co, breeks or a stella artois.. smthing simple makes me happy.. will then have a gathering with my relatives at grandmama's house on the weekends.. must remind ppl there never to buy me a durian cake like last yr... btw.. if u didnt noe, i HATE durians!! so smelly.. anyway.. so the enitre family happily eat my birthday cake while i jus sit far away from the smell and eat fish balls and chicken wings.. retarded..

all i want for my birthdae is a shopping spree at burberry.. spot some nice stuff there.. haha.. wont happen one lor.. i ask my parents for a laptop... they say no need waste money cause i got com liao.. sian..

went out with my cousin's fren, danial that day... we noe each other thru my cousin.. like duh.. and we kinda click.. so we go out more lor.. haha.. and he got drunk.. how does someone even get drunk on cocktails.. lol.. i told him to mind his limits liao.. but nobody listens to ali... and then he goes about vomiting everywhere.. eeek... those poor cleaners.. then we went to get some fresh air.. and he vomit again.. lol... bougth him a lemonade (without alcohol of course) and at least he felt better..

the best way to get skinny.. drink alcohol, get drunk and vomit.. and vomit.. and vomit..

haha.. anyway... exam is in 1 week time.. i keep saying this but nothing is happening..

my aunt jus came back from the states and she bought a pair of jimmy choo's and also a manolo blahnik.. they look like normal heels to me.. haha... and they cost her a bomb.. haha.. anyway she says the gucci there is cheap.. and no one wears ralph lauren except for boring fogeys.. haha.. she is cool..

i wanna loose weight.. i'm wishin on this fasting month to bring down my weight and after that i'm gonna gym like siao.. i wanna get muscles and abs.. hoho.. when i get the perfect lean body i want, i'm gonna go sentosa in the skimppiest white swimming trunks.. hohoho.. anyway.. and before sch starts i m gonna go perm my hair.. i think i m wierd... haha.. but i like being wierd..

everyone thinks i am gay, i kinda like this misconception thats going on.. haha..

dats all for now

everybody's talking all this stuff about me, why cant they jus let me live
i dont need permissions, make my own decisions, that is my prerogative

Friday, October 15, 2004

first and foremost i have to thank two people who have been a major help for my RWPS report..

- DENISE TAY for creating my wonderfully looking graphs and pie charts(i still owe her a chocolate bar)

- MADELEINE LOH for doing my page numbers and also for her printing services(i dont owe u a chocolate bar anymore)

i love my friends!!!

this past few days have been very very hectic indeed.. rushing the rwps report for todays' dateline and also trying to study for my TQM exam today.. i've been staying back in sch till like seven almost everyday to finish stuff.. sometimes i wonder oso why i take so long.. haha..

fasting month have begun.. pls stop tempting me with food.. it has totally no effect on me.. if u've been fasting for like more than 10yrs, this is becoming nothing..

i made xuechun say 4 swear words today in a game of chinese charades... haha.. she did enjoy my magic tricks though.. she even show me one.. haha.. and we were doing this when we were suppose to study for tqm 1 hr before the exam.. haha

somewad i feel a certain weight lifted off my shoulders as tqm is done.. now i have to focus straight on 4 more subjects approaching in 1 week's time..

hocus pocus
please make me focus

nothing much to say liao...

it pains me inside to see the one i love holding the hands of someone else but mine

Thursday, October 14, 2004

28 interesting facts

1. Cocacola was green

2. In English, all continents' name are started and ended with the same vocal sound

3. The strongest muscle in our body is tongue

4. Everyman in USA has 2 credit cards!

5. TYPEWRITER is the longest word that you can type in one row in your keyboard

6. Women blink twice as much as men

7. Holding your breath won't make you die

8. All human beings can't lick their own elbows

9. If there is people say 'bless you' every time you sniff that because your heart stop pumping in one milisecond

10. Physically, all pigs can't see to the sky

11. Say "sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep'ssick" several times. Later, you'll be good at English!

12. Sniff too hard can break your rib, break blood arteries in neck or head and can lead to death

13. Every king in the card symbolizesbig kings long time ago:spade king - King Davidcurly king - King Alexanderheart king - King Charlemagnediamond king - Julius Caesar

14. 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 =12,345,678,987,654,321

15. If there is a statue of a man riding a horse and two feet of the horse are lifted up, it means that the person died in a war

16. If the horse's foot lifted is only one that means the person is only injured in the war

17. If all the feet step on the ground, that means the person died because of illness

18. What is the similarity between bulletproof jacket, laser printer, emergency stairways and car wiper?Answer: All are invented by women! HA!

19. The only food that won't be rotten? Answer: Honey

20. Crocodile can't curl its tongue

21. Snail can sleep for 3 years

22. All polar bears are left-handed!

23. American Airlines saved $40,000in 1987 by reducing 1 olive fruit from every salad plates they serve for class-1 passangers

24. Touching sense of butterfly located in its feet

25. Elephant is the only animal that can't jump

26. For these 4000 years, the type of pets, being cared by human beings, are the same

27. In average, human beings scare more of spider than death!

28. Shakespeare invented words: "assassination" and "bump"

29. By using ten-fingers typing method, STEWARDESSES is the longest word that can be typed using the left hand.

30. Ant always falls to the right everytime spayed by the pesticides

31. Electric chair was invented by a dentist

32. Human's heart can pump the blood for 30 feet

33. Within 18 months, a pair of mice can bear more than a million mice

34. Using handphone for 1 hour can stimulate bacteria's growth in the ear for 700 times!

35. Lighter was invented before matches

36. Every lipstick contains fish's scales

37. Like fingerprint, Human's tongue also has different contours (outline)

38. And finally, 90% of people who read this article are trying to lick their own elbows.Cannot, rite?

yours truly

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

i reach sch at 10 today.. wanted to do my rwps report.. i have the presentation this afternoon and my report's not even done yet.. not even half finished.. haha.. so did my report till joy came at 11 (supposed meeting time) and angela came slightly later.. filled in our points into the powerpoint slides.. joy saw her eye candy while i was typing my points.. haha.. i think we're kinda seeing him too many times liao.. and then guess who i saw?? LB!!!!!!!.. wooohooooo!!! always makes me happy to see her..

btw... if u havent heard, since everybody has an eye candy, i decided to scout for one too.. my friends tell me i got too high expectation.. haha.. so anyway.. finally i find this girl.. i've been doing my projects in the library most of this few days... and i kinda see this girl in the com lab most of the time.. she has this unique look and a cool aura around her.. and most importantly, she looks sexy even though she doesnt dress scantily.. nice nice.. she sooooooo pretty.. haha..

anyway... so i was happy.. but then i saw ms yah yah hippie... this person, see me jus ignore.. as if im invisible or smthing.. we used to be good frens but now, i dont even exist to her...

came for tqm for like 30minutes.. we were jus suppose to sign our marks.. then the teacher made us stay back and talk bout singapore idol.. bla bla bla.. or i mean oink oink oink.. u noe wad?.. i dont think she looks like a pig.. she looks like a guinea pig.. oso got pig inside... same same.. haha..

rwps started and our presentation was due to start in 30 minutes time.. so we did the animation and all.. and i got all dressed up with a tie and all.. haha.. and this everything went basically smoothly.. good comments from teacher..

yay.. wanted to book com and do project but then when i book the com, got ppl using.. i booked another com oso still got ppl used... the librarian say got some problem lor.. donno how.. so i left... went home and sleep..

anyway.. i got a rwps report must die die finish it tmr... tqm exam this friday that i should start studying.. and after that.. my one month starving diet aka fasting month begins.. and then got exams in 2 weeks time.. hectic life..

kk.. think im done for this entry...

Wad used to be warm,
has become so cold.
Is my existence,
to you invisible?


Monday, October 11, 2004

i passed my accounts!!!

suprising indeed.. hahaha.. i think god have been pouring truck loads of luck for me to pass this.. and i think its running out.. so i better start studying for accounts for the final exam due in 2 weeks.. and Mr Krishna (accts teacher) gave a wonderful tip for the exam today.. he said " my tip for u for the exam is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!"... dickhead!!!

well.. today i found out smthing.. my eye candy is in the same lecture as me.. my consumer behaviour lecture.. she is in a dmc(media communication) class.. and u noe whats the bad part.. this is the last lecture for consumer behaviour.. but nevermind.. she evertime go library one.. so i give her the code name "LB" aka Library Babe.. haha.. so the more i stay in library, the higher probability to see her.. and then i happy.. haha.. yummy yummy.. haha... she's gorgeous.. but in my heart only got that 'jap girl'.. even though she's attached i'm still head over heels with her.. though i noe she told me that it can never happen.. but i dont care.. haha..

anyway.. was doin my chn homework today in cb lecture.. who the hell inveted chn characters.. i wan to shoot that person i tell u.. why cant they jus make chn in hanyu pinyin.. all will be easier.. i spent an entire hour to write three lines of chn characters for my summary.. how shitty is that..

today when i was walking home i saw an old couple holding hands.. thats very sweet.. so sweet.. always makes my day when i see old couples hold hands.. so romantic.. i wonder how the husband deals with saggy breasts and the wife deals with a limp wrinklede up penis.. haha.. its not looks that matters.. its love.. true love... haha.. kk

dats it for today.. toodles

loving u is never easy

Sunday, October 10, 2004

updates bout today

today i woke up at 12.30.. in time to catch 'she spies' on kids central.. haha.. after she spies, went back to my room and roll around for a little longer in my bed.. i kept listening to one song that i put on repeat on my CD player.. its called 'put ur head on my shoulder'... its a nice song.. anyway.. so went to bathe and got ready.. 2.45 left my house to go town.. was to meet jasmine at town supposedly at 3.. she msged saying she'll be late.. so i went to cd rama to meet melvin.. its been quite some time since i had a chat with him for more than 5minutes.. he's always busy with sch and stuff.. and he's even in the same sch as me.. same block and same course... jus that he's yr 1.. and everytime in sch its jus hi and bye..

jasmine came later.. and we were off shopping.. saw a nice long sleeve from FOX men... tried on like 4 different long sleeve shirts.. took my own sweet time when there was like 4 ppl queuing behind me cause like only one fitting room is available.. haha.. in the end just bought one.. the one that looked the nicest.. haha.. was hungry for some tidbits and went to taka basement for food.. they had this promotion.. spent $11 or more in a total of at most 3 combined receipts and get a chance at the lucky draw.. so we bought stuff la.. jasmine bought her fruit juice.. then we bought gelatos (ice cream) since they had an offer.. two scoops for 3 bucks.. total all up to $11 exactly and went to the counter to redeem our lucky draw..

we won a free popiah.. lol.. so we went to the shop which was also in the basement there and got our popiah.. it was rather nice if i said so myself.. so we happily went off.. had a little craving for ice cream agin and bought the hot fudge sundae at orange julius.. yumz.. jus walked walked around taka later.. then we went in to louis vuitton.. jasmine was looking for a purse.. and i found this lovely wallet that cost $325.. haha.. but i dont want to spend my money jus like dat on a wallet... she didnt find a nice purse.. so we left.. i told her to get a gucci purse so that can match very well to her gucci bag.. but then we starting to find too many ppl carrying LV and gucci liao.. not nice anymore..

then we walked to far east.. took neoprints.. nice nice.. in one scene of the neoprint i had long hair.. haha.. then we laugh laugh at the neoprint.. walked ard.. found a nice shop that jasmine quite like to get her hair rebonded.. they used shiseido and loreal products.. cost only 200++ for her hair lengh and would take 5hrs to get it donet.. i found a nice salon where i saw the hairstylist was doing this guys hair.. this guy had liked curled hair.. as in those jap type of curls.. not too curly and slightly wavy.. so nice.. i ask them how he do.. he said that it has to be permed.. then i ask him how much for my hair lenght.. he said like ard 70 like that.. nice nice... i m gonna do it soon.. maybe after hari raya as i dont want such a commotion when i meet up with my relatives..

anyway.. met puisan and her friend.. said hi and chatted for a while.. the fren quite nice to talk to oso.. haha.. and yeah.. thanx puisan for getting me the pimple cream from the skin centre.. that was really erm.. thoughtful of u.. haha!! so we went off.. jasmine left and i went to meet melvin again jus to chat and entertain him for a while.. haha... his job can be boring u noe.. and i like to entertain my frens.. haha.. close frens only la.. left ard eight.. reach home and then my com got like problem again.. s i had to do a 'time-machine'.. its a programme where i can bring back the computer's software and hardrive back to the time that it was in good working condition.. so now.. finally ok again..

ok la.. nothing else to say liao.. havent do my accounts tutorial and there is TQM exam this fri which i havent studied.. must start this week.. haha.. k la.. bye for now.. i leave u with the song that i've been listening on repeat since yesterday..

Artist: Michael Buble
Album: Michael Buble
Title: Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Put your head on my shoulder
Hold me in your arms, baby
Squeeze me oh so tight
Show me that you love me too

Put your lips next to mine, dear
Won't you kiss me once, baby
Just a kiss goodnight, may be
You and I will fall in love

Some people say that love's a game
A game you just can't win
If there's a way
I'll find it someday
And then this fool will rush in

Put your head on my shoulder
Whisper in my ear, baby
Words I want to hear
Tell me, tell me that you love me too.

Some people say that love's a game
A game you just can't win
If there's a way
I'll find it someday
And then this fool will rush in

Put your head on my shoulder
Whisper in my ear, baby
Words I want to hear, tell me
Put your head on my shoulder

yours truly


the last relative jus left like 10 minutes ago.. as of now i am dead tired.. tired of smiling throughout the entire family gatherin and physically tired as well..

update bout today.. had chn class in the morning.. i thinking i getting lost deeper in this class.. she talks entirely in chn and all our homework is to done in chinese character and no longer hanyu pinyin.. sucky.. i hate chn characters.. i still got 2 homework to be passed up by latest next week.. and in 2 weeks time, got semester exam for chn.. suckies..

anyway.. at least the only nice thing bout chn class is that i get to meet my only fren there, fara.. she's the only one who talks to me.. the rest didnt even bother.. anyway.. in chn class today, laoshi said smthing.. then she laugh hysterically.. we all looked puzzled and asked her wads the matter.. she then ask whether we got the joke... we replied... WAD JOKE??

note to Zhang Loashi : never try to create jokes in chinese ever again

anyway.. after chn class.. went to meet weiliat.. was a bit late cause there was like a mini train breakdown at redhill.. so like 15minutes delay.. sorry liatz.. so was damn hungry... then decided go sake sushi.. woooohooo!!! its like my first time at sake sushi.. haha.. so was a bit suaku.. so firstly the green tea they gave would taste better if they provided sugar for it.. haha.. the food was nice.. after a few plates i felt full liao... haha.. so jus decided to sit down and talk bout stuff.. i ordered a mocktail.. then we talked bout everything and anything.. then later we ate somemore.. then we sian liao.. so we took a bowl mixed wasabe, soy sauce, green tea, my mocktail and the preserved ginger... mixed well.. then we played scissors paper stone.. the loser had to take a sip of the concoction.. we continued by adding more wasabe to the concoction.. haha.. it tasted like wasabe in diluted soy sauce.. haha.. kk.. so we left afterwards.. cost us ard 40bucks for the entire meal..

decided to shop at seiyu.. i wanted to look for flip flops.. coudnt find any nice ones.. jus walked walked ard seiyu until sian.. then in the end we both end up buying boxers.. haha.. later we went to the hello singtel as wei liat wanna get a new phone.. didnt find an attractive buy then.. btw.. they were giving out free samples of german beer at the fountain there.. so many ppl were drinking beer then.. haha.. so in the end decided to leave for AMK.. needed to get home by 6 cause got family gathering for dinner later mah.. so irritatingly sian.. dont care la.. so at amk central, walked ard a bit.. he found a good shop and bopught his hp.. cant remember the model.. but its a new one by nokia...

so after that my father called... screamed at me for still not reaching home yet and it was like only 6.30pm.. so he called me back later again and said nicely to me to go buy ice cubes from 7eleven.. my wierd dad... haha... then, said bye to liatz and went home.. ard half of my entire relatives were there.. had to smile and entertain.. put on my best behaviour and was extra helpful.. haha.. a facade i have to put up in front of relatives.. lovely food.. and then everyone either watched tv, smoke or jus chatted bout anything under the sun.. the maids were cleaning all the cutleries used.. so all ended till like 12.30.. now my room is in a mess... have to clean it up.. mop the floor, vaccum the rug.. and also disinfect the entire place with dettol.. haha..

k la.. i wanna clean up and sleep liao.. so till my next update good night!!!

love ya

Friday, October 08, 2004

i hate family gatherings.. i have nobody to talk to at them..except for relatives who keep asking me the same question about which sch i am in and wad course.. its the same question forever.. irritating ppl.. anyway... the family gathering is gonna happen at my house tmr for dinner.. lets hope its ends early.. but knowing its a saturday night, i noe it will end like 1am +++.. sianz..

tmr going out with weiliat.. gonna go sakae sushi.. wanted to go out with him till late nite.. but then must come home early for stupid family gathering.. darn.. so looking forward to that part..

update bout recent life...
very fun week.. i love projects and its thrilling doing last minute stuff.. cause u get to rush and its really fun to do it when u rushing and u're pressed for time.. haha... i m wierd.. haha.. but too much thrill isnt good of course.. haha.. got only one more project left.. after that chiong for exams..haha.. i m so gonna be nerdy.. i don wan fail anything and have to repeat any module.. anyway.. courts presentation went well.. very rushed.. in the end they didnt choose any of our idea.. cause they say our ideas too complicvated to implement.. they want somehting more seasonal like hari raya and chn new year.. sian.. dun call students do then.. jus get those chn or malay aunty working at courts.. ask them arrange the furniture so that it looks likes their house.. seee! hari raya and chn new year displays liao.. haha

anyway... singapore idol results out.. david yeo (the ah beng) got voted out.. not suprised.. but not really expected to be so soon.. expected jerry lor.. but the entire of city harvest (he's an avid christian and city harvest is his church) will vote for him.. in the name of god.. haha.. i think the judges are stupid and useless.. florence lian is stupid.. dougless o is useless.. dick lee comes up with funny tag lines smtimes.. and the only reliable judge is ken lim.. so how bout next season they do a change yar.. and oso reduce voting prices of sms from 50cents to like 20cents.. its too expensive to vote.. haha... i support daphne (the micky mouse club girl).. haha..

ok.. no more to say liao..

Twinkle twinkle little star
Why do my dreams seem so far
Up above the world so high
Won't somebody tell me why
Can you help me out
Can you tell me what love is all about
Cause I never known it for myself
That's why I don't believe in fairy tales no more

yours truly

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


well, nothing much happened lately that i wanna talk about.. so, i'll leave you all with a little something..

My heart was once just like a home
With many rooms and open doors
And i always let love in
It would change the rooms around and then
Leave them empty

'til one by one i locked each door
And soon forgot what love was for
But i never gave up hopin'
So i left just one door open
In case you found me

So there's a room in my heart for you
If your trust has been stolen too
If you walk softly on this worn out wooden floor
And leave behind you the hurt you've had before
There's a room in my heart for you

We'll paint the walls from blue to white
And set the mood by candlelight
Together we'll keep out the cold
And i'll still be there when we're old
If you'll let me

There's a room in my heart for you

yours truly,

Saturday, October 02, 2004

-An adult male human.
-A human regardless of sex or age; a person.
-A human or an adult male human belonging to a specific occupation, group, nationality, or other category. Often used in combination: a milkman; a congressman; a freeman.
-The human race; mankind: man's quest for peace.
-Zoology. A member of the genus Homo, family Hominidae, order Primates, class Mammalia, characterized by erect posture and an opposable thumb, especially a member of the only extant species, Homo sapiens, distinguished by a highly developed brain, the capacity for abstract reasoning, and the ability to communicate by means of organized speech and record information in a variety of symbolic systems.
-A male human endowed with qualities, such as strength, considered characteristic of manhood.
-A husband.
-A male lover or sweetheart.
-Enlisted personnel of the armed forces: officers and men.
-A male representative, as of a country or company: our man in Tokyo.

That above was the definition of MAN. no-where in that definition did i found the word slave. so, dont treat me like one or call me unmanly jus because i refuse to be ur servant. it jus irritates the hell out of me. bitches..

anyway.. updates on life..

i stopped on thursday, so lets continue with friday.. friday was the day i had to do my Human Resource Managemnt(HRM) skit.. i had to act out as a new employee who was shy.. and we wanted to make this skit funny.. so i joy dressed as a male chauvanistic manager and i dressed as a shy new female employee.. i am florence.. hi!!! *giggles giggles*... the skit was corny.. i had to wear a sarong cause we kannot find anyone that has a skirt in my size.. so in the end jus wear the sarong and tie it high up.. i had a floral colorful scarf on my head... i was carrying a maybelline bag... so all in all.. i look more like a malay auntie.. with hairy legs.. lol.. haha.. i had to talk in a high pitch voice.. and keep giggling.. haha.. my classmates say that i looked and acted slutty rather than shy.. haha... must be the winking.. haha.. the skit went well with everybody having a good laugh and goosebumps whenever i giggles in a high pitch voice.. haha..

so had visual merchandising class later.. i'm beginning to hate this courts project.. we have a direction yet too many visions and nothings happening.. well dats in my point of view.. tell u the truth, i have no idea wads happening apart from the themes and foto taken.. somebody pls explain.. i feel that i am not giving my best in this project.. i love these kind of things.. i exhibitions and displays for the library and i enjoyed it like siao.. now.. the passion is jus dissapearing.. i miss decorating my noticeboards..

i having therapy playing the sims..

why do ppl avoid me.. hazelnut, why?