Monday, February 27, 2006

Of Getting Blowed & Fiona Xie

hello public,

i knew it!!! i knew it all along!!! you guys love me!!! as usual i go online and the first thing i do is visit my blog. and this time, i aint jumping of my boxers baby! i'm creaming on the spot!!!

who needs sex when u can virtual hugs!

not 1.

not 10.

not 100.

not 1000.

its 1209 hugs today honey!!!

thats a fucking 457.1428571% increase!!!


c'mon now? who is the person who did it? who clicked my hug machine till their fingers sore because they couldnt control their undying love for me!! identify yourself!!! man, woman, straight, lesbian or queer, i'm gonna give you the best thank you u'd ever get in your entire life. and its gonna start with giving you the best blow you ever had. its gonna be really mindblowing. after that really great blow, i'm gonna spread my cream all over. erm, but that depends. if u prefer, wax or clay or probably styling lotion. its really up to u. then i'm gonna make ur hair look really massive. if u want curls, no problems. i'm good with curlers. trust me yall, i curled my hair before. if you want spikes. i can rub it into ur hair till it erects and never wanna come down. gravity defying spikes if u wanna call it. or if u want just a good blow, thats fine with me too.

in other words. THANK YOU! i love you!!! i can now sleep with a smile. hahaha.

and yes, once again to those duku dummies who dont give me hugS after visiting my blog. well, MAY YOUR CONSCIENCE BUG YOU!!!!!

today has been an okay day. quite productive. manage to finish reading thru my finance and e-commerce notes. but that doesnt mean i've memorised it. since my e-commerce paper is at 2pm, i'm gonna wake up extra early to start memorising for the paper.

after e-commerce paper aint gonna be a hurray hurray. i've to practice my tutorials for finance paper. urgh!!!!! the only time i can relax tmr is at 8pm to watch Coffee Talks Hawker Woks. for half and hour i can drool over fiona xie!!! =X i think fiona xie is really hot!! and no, not just because she has really big doing-doings. but she has this really effervescence kind of personality. really bubbly and cheerful. like the girl next door type if only the next door was THAT HOT!

haha. anyways, i better go and sleep right now. wish me luck for my paper tmr and the day after. i pray i wont get any distractions during the exams. i hope those who are taking exams will have all the luck they need too. spread the love, the joy and the peace.


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Of Orgasms & Tight Rubber Suits

hello public,

as usual the first i do whenever i come online would be to visit my blog. and i spotted something really jarring that made me jump out of my boxers. i looked at my hug machine and to my disbelief i've received a total of 301 hugs!!! goddamnit, people must really love me!!! hahahaha. yesterday's total hugs was 84. that means i got like erm.. god know how many hugs today!!! i dont even have enough fingers to count them. wait lemme get me calculator.
217 hugs today!!!
thats a marthafarking 985% increase in hugs as compared to yesterday!!!
yup!!! ninehundredandeightyfive percent increase!!!!

oooo. i hope you guys (those who gave me hugs) are contented at how esctatic i am over this!!! whoah man!!! this feeling feels even way better than an orgasm. erm, well, jus one orgasm. nothing beats the feeling of orgasm. well, maybe this, for now. hahahaha!!

i wanna thank every and single one of you who gave me hugs today. especially the one/s who gave the most. i love you guys so much. identify yourself and i'll give you a kiss!

oh yah. to those who didnt gave me hugs, well, I DONT LIKE YOU!

anyway, lets move on to my day.

ohblessedbethevirginmary, was supposed to revise for my finance paper today. well i did. was suppose to wake up at 10am today. well i didnt. was suppose to finish reading thru lecture by 5 today. well i didnt. was suppose to practice my tutorials at night. well, yeah, you know the answer. now, i still have like 3 more chapters to read thru. i haven even finish reading through. damnit. tmr is suppose to be study e-commerce day. but i guess i hafta squeeze finance in in the morning. oooo. terrible terrible me. gonna drown my morning in brands essence of chicken and study the whole day long.

you guys might be wondering why i manage to study only so little today. well, truth be told, i spent most of my time watching the winter olympics. wah!! me watching olympics? hahaha. yeah man. i was watching this event where 2 people ice skate and perform dance moves or gymnastics or something. haha. i watched it and i didnt even know what its called. i have to say the couple from china were quite good. then after that was like ice racing. its like guys wearing this tight rubber suit racing on ice ard the rink. the rubber suit was such an eye sore at the crotch area. i wasnt staring but it was jus like smack right in ur face to see. one racer even took his own sweet time to adjust his package on national tv. gosh. i raced back to my room to hit my notes.


its been ages since i've been shopping and dear god i need a haircut!

okay thats it for now, wanna sleep early cause tmr's gonna be one busy busy day.


Of Funerals & Slacking

hello public,

yesterday night before i went to bed, i set my alarm clock for 9am. the plan was to wake up and start studying ard for my finance paper. i planned that i'm gonna study till 1pm. then i'm gonna practice the tutorials will 5pm. after 5 pm would be my leisure time. this means i can go online and watch tv and stuff. the plan sounds good right? so do u guys think it happened according to plan?

of course NOT.

hahaha. instead i woke up at 1pm. hahaha. omigosh. 4 hrs later than schedule. then i switch on tv and watched "groom my room' on kids central. after that i watch rajaratnam funeral procession. so coool. transported from parliament house to esplanade. by the way ar, who is this guy man? he wasnt a president or anything. jus some normal minister right? then how come he got such a huge funeral procession? i tell u, if a certain old minister (*ahem* you know who la) dies, i wonder how it'd be like sia. i think all channel on tv will show the funeral. we'd have an official public holiday. and a monument will be erected. for all u know maybe he'd be frozen and placed in the explanade. you never know. he is after all the father of singapore. it wont be huge, its be massive. we aeroplanes, fireworks and even a full scale orchestra and choir. damnit. the luck some people have.

anyway, after the funeral i watched a malay film on RTM1, malaysia channel. quite nice. then after that i went online and am still online. my whole day wasted!! the highlight of my day has got to be chatting on the fone with horsey. it lasted for 40minutes. she said that i should blog about her. but hey, where's the interesting part in that? hahaha. not that my life is so interesting anyway. hahaha. maybe i'd blog about you another time. hahaha.

anyway, i was looking at my old blog entries then i chanced on this quiz. you answer some questions and then the quiz will tell u what age u're suppose to be. last yr i did it, and they guessed my age as 18. that correct. and i did it today , one year later and guess wad i got.

i wanted to attach the html but somehow, i donno why cannot. it didnt come out. so i guess i jus tell u.

they guessed i was 19. wah so cool ar. hahaha. so accurate some more. and the thing is its a one year increase. even more accurate. ubercoolness.

so its time to count my blessings. my hug machine says i got a total of 84 hugs. yesterday i had a total of 64 hugs. that means today i only got 20. as compared to yesterday, hugs received today plunged by 39%. omigosh!!! u people dont loove me anymore? but thats ok. maybe u're busy, or maybe u forgot. 20 hugs is still good and i should be happy about it. to all who gave hugs, THANX!!! to those who didnt, I DONT LIKE YOU!!!

okay, i have to cut short my entry today cause i wanna sleep early so that i can study for my finance paper tmr. i really really need too!!!! please god, motivate me!!!!


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Of NYP and Clicks

hello public,

oh my godd!! oh my godd!! have u guys heard of that NYP girl. godd bless her man!! hahaha. she's touted the paris hilton of singapore. hahaha!!!! this is such a blogable news. i must blog about this. muaahaahahahahahahahahahaa!!!

for the benefit of those who are living in the dark ages. hahaha. recently, it has been rather hot news regarding a girl from nyp. what did she do? no. she didnt discover a new biomolecular formula. nope, she didnt win some lee kuan yew achievers award. what she did was hotter than egg prata, spicier than fish head curry and jucier than mushroom with cheese prata. and no, it has got nothing to do with prata.

she had sex with her bf and recorded it on her phone. and you know what's the worst part of this, her fone kanna stolen. OMFG!!!!!! and guess what happened? the person who found the fone send the video to a whole bunch of people. later, the video got posted online on forums where people can download them easily. and now almost everyone i know has seen the video.

being a curious little teenager, i saw the video too. hahaha. if i ever meet this girl, the first thing i'm gonna ask her is... "excuse me, what phone u use ar? damn good quality lei ur video. picture quality la. but then the sound quality abit off." it really is. haha. okay, if u wanna know what the video has in store, basically there are it starts off with some foreplay and then it moves on to the guy tongueing the girl's down there, then the girl orals the guy, then they do a doggie style and finally, i donno what this position is called la. its this guy sit down, then the girl sits on his willie and moves up and down. both the guy and the girl looks okay okay la. abit ahbeng and ahlian-ish. they both looks like professionals who've been doing it all the time. haha.

and you know there's one thing in the entire video that irks me. i kept seeing this thing a few times. its was this blue pillow with tweety birds on it. it then dawned on me that they should get nicer pillow covers. i mean, if you're gonna record it, decorate the place up la. like u must create a nice ambience. my viewing pleasure was disrupted by that ugly blue tweety bird pillow. tsk tsk.

alright, enough about this. today i had my services marketing (SM) paper. it was oklah. i manage to answer most of the questions. this is a good thing for me. yay. 2 down, 2 more papers to go. electronic commerce management paper on tuesday at 2pm followed by investment analysis and finance paper the next day at 9am. ooooooookay. its gonna be a busy busy next few days. i need to practice my finance shit cause i suck at this. sian.

okay, its that time to count my blessings again. as of now, my hug machine says that i have 64hugs accumulated. at last count i had 31 hugs. oooooo. i have 33 hugs today. YAY!!!!!!!!!! i love all of you who loves me!!!! thank you so much for all the hugs u people give. i really really appreciate it a lot. its like looking at all this hugs really brightens up my day. todays hugs increased by 103.13%.. woooohoooooooooo!!!!!!

now, thanx also to those people who left comments, i'll answer them as soon as possible k. and to those people who jus visit, read my blog and leave. I DON LIKE YOU! at least give me hugs!!! you want me to like u? u know what to do. jus click click click click click click click click click click click. the more clicks, the happier i become. hahaha.

alright thats it for now, i wanna go sleep. toodles.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Of Sleep & Camo Paint

hello public,

its now 12.30am. my Services Marketing paper will be on later today at 6pm. and i've yet to study 2 more chapters. i have two full days to study but i spend the entire of yesterday slacking in front of my computer and flipping through magazines. then today, is supposedly my real day to study but i end up watching tv abit, playing computer abit and sleeping ALOT!! omigosh. yesterday night i slept ard 2+am and i woke up at 12.45pm. thats makes it erm.. wait, i go get my calculator...

whoah! thats like 10hours plus plus. and then when i woke up i watch tv. went online and then ard 3+ sleep till nearly 7pm. plus like 4 hours. so thats like 14 hours of sleep today. its like more than half my day was wasted. so that makmeans i had ard 10hours of awake time. i was online for 3hours, i watched tv a total of 4 hours. and this means i had like 3 hours of study time today. hahaha. i'm like a full time slacker. gonna sleep soon later and probably finish my 2 chapters in the late morning.

oh yah. time to count my blessings. haha!! looking at the hug machine, as of now i have a fucking great 31 hugs. wooo weeeeee!!! wait. i have to minus yesterday's hugs cause its cummulative. 31 minus 18 means.. erm. .. 13 hugs. hugs received today plunged by 16% as compared to yesterday over overall hugs. maybe today people didnt feel the mood to hug. but thanx anyway to everyone who made the effort to give me hugs. i love yall!!! now, what are u still waiting for? show me u love me and give me hugs!!! hahahhaha.

ok. todays blog entry abit crappy with nothing much to talk about. well, i lead a boring life u see. maybe after the exams it'd be more happening. i cant wait for it to be over. i wonder when i'll be enlisted to NS. nope not Night Safari, although its kinda safari like there. and i'm so loving how the green we'd be wearing goes really well with my skin tone. i'd like naturally glow everyday. and i so cant wait to use those camo paint thingy u put on ur face. they come in two colors, black and green. i hope its water base or organic or smthing. i dont want it to ruin my skin or clog my pores. and its kinda sad it only comes in 2 shades. its be nice if they had abit of browns or reds. but hey, i can work with 2 colors. you jus need to know how to blend the colors really nicely against one another. maybe i'd go for a shadow kohl-eye look and blend the greens nicely along my apples of the cheek, and use the black to create the illusion of a sunken cheekbone. the look i'm trying to achieve is 'angsty-naturesque glam'. and i'd match it with a luois vuitton monogramme. the browns from the bag will so match the nature theme. omigosh. i'm gonna look stunning!!!

*roll eyes*

its way past my bedtime and i'm losing my sanity. tsk tsk. thats it then. toodles.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Of SM and Vespa

hello public,

people tell me to count my blessings. well, so i installed a 'hug machine' in my blog. people can click on it and by clicking it means i get one hug. cool huh. well, so now, everyday i'm gonna count my blessings. today, i got 18 hugs as of the time i'm blogging. wooo weee. 18 hugs!!! thanx y'all. i love u too.

haha. i dont really know what to blog bout. the supply chain paper on tuesday was okay. i wasnt totally happy with it but whats done is done. there were a few calculations questions and theory questions that i was totally clueless about. but apart from that, its okay. i like my seat for the day. it was the first row, first table. so cool. it wasnt too cold either. i hate it when exam hallls are freezing cold. it always makes me wanna go and pee. and i hate going out halfway during the exams cause firstly, its only means time wasted and secondly, when u stand to go the loo, everyone stares at u. then u feel awkward. haha. wierd.

my next paper is a Services Marketing(SM) one. its this coming friday at 6pm. this means the paper will end around 8-ish. i hate 6pm paper. its late. i rather be home having dinner or watching the telly. what makes this paper worst is the exam room location. its at T1A. for you guys who's not in SP, T1A is like the other side of the school. Singapore poly is like a mini singapore with macdonalds, kfc, pizza hut, our very own foto developing shop, a popular bookstore, a fashion retail outlet and hell, we even have a tour agency. inn other words i'm trying to say that sp is huge. the business blocks are in the east side which means like pasir ris. the mrt station is in central area that means ard city hall. well so where is T1A? well, its in the west side like erm... TUAS. bloody fuck thats far. walking there from 'city hall' takes like 10mins. i dread examination rooms in 'tuas' area.

after 3 yrs of poly, i'm getting tired of the 45minute ride to school all the time. its like u stand in the train with nothing to do. u stand there and stare blankly into space. and its jus so much time wasted. i'm considering taking bike license. why bike and not a car? well, i think a car in singapore is way way exorbitantly expensive. a bike is cheaper. and i like the fact that during traffic jams u can squeeze ur way through. haha. i wanna get a vespa.

dun u think its cute? i wonder how much does bike license cost? anyone?

tats it for now. its like 1.30am. i wanna go read my magazine and sleep. y'all do leave comments k.

ps: thanx to horsey for coming all the way to amk to let me photocopy the SM lecture notes.

ps: i forgot to mention this earlier. i wont be using any real names in my blog. =P

alright, toodles.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Of Msn and Facelifts

hello public,

i installed msn messenger version 7 into my computer. and they gave me an option to choose wad language i wanted, they had english(US), english(UK), english(singapore). so i chose english singapore obviously. and you know whats the wierdest thing that happened, everything in a webpage turned to chinese characters, there were no more english word at all. even stuff on blogspot like 'log in' is in chinese characters. this is retarded. how can singapore, a tiny little dot at the bottom of malaysia and on top of indonesia be assimilated with a chinese country. maybe this is a joke on msn's behalf, but hey, it isnt even april 1st yet. tsk tsk. but to most foreigners singapore is part of china. terrible misconception that people have.

anyway, nothing more exciting happened today. woke up at 12. watched debbie travis facelift. its my favourite renovation show. hahaha. its about a fren or a family member want to suprise their mum and dad, frens or whoever. they call debbie to come to do a facelift to their house. within 3-5 days. the whole house looks like something that came off a magazine. after that cooked myself some instant noodle and continued on my revision for tmr's supply chain management paper. i've read thru everything. now all i need is to memorise.

well, will do so after dinner which is coming shortly. my mum's in the kitchen right now cooking seafood kway teow in black sauce. yummy wummy. then back to revision. then, deperate housewifes. then study. then sleep.

my paper is tmr at 2pm. i hope everything turns well. i hope i reach the exam hall early. and i pray that i dun feel like peeing or or get stomach ache. haha. i wanted to be able to focus for my last rounds of exams in polytechnic. please god.

i've been listening to this song by mariah carey, its called dont forget about us. super nice. loving it to bits. u guys should have a listen to it too. my newest favourite song. for now.

well thts it for today then. till next time, toodles.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Of Bed of Roses & Whatnots.

hello public,

its been a while since i last made a proper update in this blog. around 3 months to be exact. i've migrated to livejournal simply because i wanted a new start and a different outlook to blogging. i've been blogging since december 2003 and with a record of 359 journal entries for this blog. and when u've been doing something for very long, its good that take time to breathe. a short hiatus or probably a new perspective. i've wanted smthing new, and i got it. livejournal has been great and all but nothing beats going back to your roots. i've been reading my through my archives and it's been nostalgic. reading bout all the significant events happening in my life. all the ups and downs.

as i moved to livejournal. i wanted a new outlook, so i made a choice to blog about only positive stuff and all the happy times i had. i told myself i didnt want to write anything negative, sad, pms-y or bad there. but as i read thru the journal. it didnt potray who i really am. behind this constantly jovial exterior is someone that also has a range of emotions. the choice i made didnt really potray me as a human being and as a teenager who faces many trials and tribulations of life. it potrayed a perfect life. but i aint no Barbie(or in my case, Ken).

To me life is a bed of roses. deceptively beautiful but filled with many thorns. i'm not someone who's cynical about life. i'm just being realistic. i'm not called realitee for nothing.


i have my supply chain management exam this coming tuesday. that means i'm left with one and a half days to study. how's progress? nil. zero. zilch. kosong. i've had sooo much free time to study but all i did was go online and waste my time. i better start soon yeah. this is my final year and i don wanna screw anything up. my understanding cross cultural diversity paper was already fucked up cause of my stomach ache. i'm praying that i'll feel fine throughout all the four papers so i can perform my best during the exams. i pray that i dont feel like peeing, shitting or have any discomfort or distractions during the course of the paper. its so annoying when u're trying to focus on a paper and the only thing in ur mind is the urge to pee but if u go, time awasted. such a dilemma. tsk tsk.

i better start stocking up on essence of chicken. my puny little brain needs all the help it can get.


i'm gonna blog wadever's on my mind and i'm gonna try to do it daily. unless of course i''m really busy or extremely tired. so whats gonna happen to my livejournal? i dont really know. i'm gonna turn it into a garage sale. i'm gonna find items and advertise it on my blog. how do u guys feel about that? i'll create a link to it so u guys can check out what i can savage from my house to sell. if it goes well, maybe i'll buy items from outside that i find unique and stuff and sell it thru livejournal. u guys tell me what type of stuff u like to buy and i see whether its marketable. you guys can help me also by publicising it to ur frens and aunties and whoever. if its really successful and all. i might allow people to sell their stuff on my livejournal. it could be cool.

so exciting!!!

thats it for now y'all. toodles.
alvin hilton

Friday, February 10, 2006

like a white wing dove
i shall return
to where i begun
and spread my wings

the writer is considering resurrecting this blog. *ponders*